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  1. BCM hats off to you man that running just off batteries did the job.though i would prefer being able to run off the mains.will what logan five said about the ground loop DI thing enable me to do that.it certainly seems like it must be a mains related problem.
  2. i recently bought myself a powered mixer and i noticed a loud hum when i plug my external laptop soundcard into it.i tried different leads,etc into it but the hum never went away.i never got a hum from my non-powered mixer.i just got a new soundcard which had balanced outputs and i thought that this may be the cure for the hum as my old soundcard had unbalanced outputs.i still had the same problem. what the fuck can i do to cure this bitch.i'm pretty new to doing live stuff with a computer and i have a few more gigs lined up i got to sort this stuff out quick.do i need a DI box?learning abou
  3. I've got reason 2.5 amd i'm wondering whether it is really worth upgrading to 3.Is the combinator really worth it?I've heard sounds made with it but never had a crack at it myself.Also,is that mastering stuff really any good?Like good enough for a decent demo.
  4. and is it much fun? or have much scope for experimenting?
  5. ANd I hate that Hello MOto thing thats always on before the film starts and during the adverts. God I fucking hate that.
  6. I hate the general public for watching too much tv programs that I don't like.Such as X factor,Supernanny,I'm a celebrity get me out of here,etc....Not because of snobbery but because they put all the good crappy horror films on too late and i'm knackered when I have to go to work the next day.For instance tonight i'm going to watch Phantasm 3 tonight but i'll probably fall asleep.What I want is-Saturday night.ITV.7pm.Robocop 2. Don't even get me started on S4C.
  7. cd- incunabula bass cadet amber anti ep garbage anvil vapre tri repetae cichlisuite lp5 ep7 gantz graf gantz graf(cd and dvd version) draft 7.30 untilted gescom- iss:sa keynell mini disc vinyl- peel session 1 envane 1 envane 2 tortoise autechre tracks from compilations- artificial intelligence 2 artificial intelligence 1 skampler atp 1.0 atp 3.0 anthology of noise and electronic music vol.2 remixes- higher intelligence agency-reform
  8. What's that Words and Music thing in there Nacmat?
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