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  1. Sad to see there's apparently a lot of drama around these Tresor reissues, mostly between Abdul Haqq and Stinsons widow. Iircs, she got him to stop with the comics (he's used the Drexciya world for his comics, taking their intellectual property, but with the approval of Gerald Donald), while he is saying how she made Tresor stop sell Drexciya as punishment for helping him with the novel. Now Tresor changed the artwork, which may or may not be approved by Donald, the only living member of Drexciya? I can see both points, and both posted on facebook (underneath posts from Research Lab), but obviously no one benefits from this shit, most of all the Drexciya legacy. Glad I have all the records already anyway, will maybe pick up the Shifted Phases reissue though, only have that one on CD (with that wrong track on it).
  2. There's a Legowelt 'fanclub' server on discord now, Danny has just popped in there now too answering questions for everyone that wants to ask something. Click here to join and ask away! https://discord.gg/3hJxhZYas4
  3. Maybe you should have.
  4. Yup, that was me. I merged both threads now 🙂
  5. Same. Poster is by Mira Calix, sold some years ago.
  6. Gutted. This one hits hard. Was finally going to see her live in 2 weeks and really looking forward to it. R.I.P. ❤️
  7. Just listened to it, really pleasantly suprised by it. Totally buying this one 🙂 Now I have to revisit Banans EP, because I kind of overlooked that together with the other reissue and mixtape stuff going on at the time.
  8. https://wemerecords.com/shop/photodementia-img000-2lp-clear-vinyl-pre-order/
  9. And we are eternally grateful 🙏 chatmm meetup is in the works! Never thought I'd see ZF too, very chuffed now.
  10. Patiently awaiting a gig near me, just realized the last one is almost 6 years ago already
  11. Only seeing this now, yes please. The list has never been completed (almost twenty years after the fact, ffs) so any help on those last few tracks would be great. Listening to this for the first time in years again, still holds up. 10/10
  12. I hope this at least means when you click a bandcamp link on your phone, it takes you to the app instead of the in-browser bandcamp app. And be able to make playlists. And I hope Squee is right too. So, a lot of hoping. BAN FOR LIFE
  13. First track on this mix from last year is B1 - Cetacean Nation on Wavejumpers. https://www.nts.live/shows/nts-10-dopplereffekt/episodes/nomadico-20th-april-2021 Was hoping it would get released, and nice to see it's from Tyree Stinson and crew. More unreleased / upcoming UR stuff in the mix too btw. I can see your point, especially after the whole Abdul Qadim Haqq debacle (where James Stinsons wife had to get involved to stop him from using the Drexciya concept -which admittedly got a bit silly with him in his Drexciya costume on YouTube- while Gerald Donald is fine with him doing all that). Then again, Tyree has been doing this with the Aquanauts in the early 00's, which are some really good watery electro releases. Not on par with Drexciya but a nice addition to the world. I don't really mind his brother using the connection, but I am glad UR is back releasing music again (first release in like 5 years?).
  14. Damn, the original is already ten years ago?! I wonder if he cut out the Alex Jones sample at the start since he denounced him not long after releasing this iirc. Also, I definitely prefer the original artwork, glad I got that one 'back in the day' but this really deserves a repress, one of his best.
  15. I'm against manufactured exclusivity, and for sharing music with anyone who wants to hear it. At the same time I like buying and supporting as much music as I can. Letting your exclusive limited to 50 copies record catching dust in the elite shelves without anyone being able to listen to it is a travesty. The value is in the music. I also own pretty much everything in those photos too except for that Performative Utterances record which I missed when it was sold, and I didn't want some discogs shark get way too much money without any of it going to the artist. Glad I found it on slsk after all those years wanting to be able to just hear it. Caved in into buying this 2CD even though all the exclusity bore to it, which meant I had to buy from boomkat, which came down to paying 40+ euros for a 2CD (import tax and forced to pay for tracking), with some tracks I already have from other records I own. No way to just buy the digitals (which are already in circulation now anyway) is a shame and I am really wondering why I still bought this because I don't agree with everything about Sprinkles' way of business (which probably means I am not even allowed to listen to it) and I already heard it without getting the CD in. I still like supporting the artists though, unfortunately in this case that means spending money on trivial stuff like shipping and import taxes. Anyway, the music on it is really great, love it.
  16. Totally forgot to include Senga Ferreira - Take The Evil Spirit Away, which definitely deserves to be in there somewhere. Top tip.
  17. Top fav's Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt - Made Out Of Sound Arp Frique - The Seed Space Afrika - Honest Labour Dean Blunt - Black Metal 2 (+ the dubs) Loraine James - Reflection Work Money Death - The Space In Which The Uncontrollable Unknown Resides, Can Be The Place From Which Creation Arises Danny Wolfers - Song of Moss Lugubrum - Bruyne Kroon Mark Fell & Rian Treanor - Last Exit To Chickenley Terrence Dixon - Reporting From Detroit DJ Manny - Signals In My Head Honourable mentions Aleksi perala's 2021 output Amhain's 2021 output Hieroglyphic Beings 2021 output Mushroom Hour Half Hour - On Our Own Clock Nala Sinephro - Space 1.8 Cylob - Placeholder De Schuurman - Bubbling Inside Salvatorin - BRICKWORKS/RANDOM ANCIENT SALVS MEMBERS ONLY - The Worst Edits vol. 2 Darkthrone - Eternal Hails...... RP Boo - Established! The New Boyfriends - The New Boyfriends 3 Pamela Z - A Secret Code Madlib - Sound Ancestors EP's SDEM - SYNCAV Sophie – Bipp (Autechre Mx) Omar - S - Still Fucking Resident Advisor + What's Good for the Goose Rian Treanor - Obstacle Scattering Theo Parrish - In Motion Billy Lo – It's The Life DJ Stingray 313 - Molecular Level Solutions NWAQ – Above EP Humanoid - sT8818r Humanoid Dollkraut - Vuile Leugenaar DMX Krew - Peripheral Visions + Overseer Various - Private Party (030303) Caramel Chameleon - Solitario Capsule Network – Colundi Interception 3 Compilations Sounds Of Pamoja Swave Villi Us Club Coco Essiebons Special 1973-1984 Onderwereld - SCHENK1 Shadow Wolf Cyberzine Cover Tape 1 The album best encapsulating the pandemic in 2021 https://fakeestates.bandcamp.com/album/a-mechanical-joey
  18. Indeed, after Syro we had insane amounts of music, Fieldday and DFN 12"s, the soundcloud dump, the Bleepstore, etc. After Collapse we had the London 12" with two? new tracks, and don't forget all the new tracks played in his liveshows (that were also recorded in HQ), and a couple of new tracks on his soundcloud a year ago. There's quite a lot of those new tracks recorded at gigs: I'm still digesting all of the output from the last couple of years tbh. It's nothing compared to the post-Tuss draught tbh :^) Still very keen for this one to get released myself:
  19. https://workmoneydeath.bandcamp.com/ https://amhain.bandcamp.com/album/bc-nov-21
  20. https://workmoneydeath.bandcamp.com/ Best jazz album of the year?
  21. Went to a techno boat party in Amsterdam where my brother had to DJ, and there was an outbreak of covid there. Me, my brother and a few other people I knew from there all got it. Been vaccinated (Pfizer, 2x), still got fever, headaches, loss of smell and taste, etc. One week since I started getting symptoms now. Today was supposed to be the last day of quaraintine if I didn't have anymore symptoms, but alas. Yesterday was the first day I tried being active inside, clean up and stuff, and I was dead tired afterwards. Headaches since. Upside: I can smell peanut butter a tiny bit again, after a week of not being able to smell or taste anything. Downside: coffee also smells like peanut butter a bit now.
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