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  1. i will literally spend days getting rapeseed oil out of my chair
  2. Just because watmm no longer provides me with naked humans to arouse my sensibilities doesnt mean i cant use it as my personal internet fucktoy. Tonights gonna get fucking freaky.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzIeiyzRLCw
  4. needs more pix of yegg slaughtering cock
  5. Siegecow

    Portal 2

    are you sure? are you sure this delicious barbeque sauce had nothing to do with it?
  6. i'm a regular on TF2 add me on steam if you like I'd love to. I need a break from Minecraft. Add me. I'm gonna add both of you. Or both of you could add me, either way. My steam name is Thug Lyfe. THOG LOIIIIFEEEE
  7. Was playing lots of Shogun 2 total war but now i'm on vacation and all i want to do is play shogun 2.
  8. What song is that in "46 gallon planted tank?" Aim - Interview
  10. Siegecow


    pump up the jam!
  11. word. And if they happen to have dicks, it just makes it that much more exotic
  12. not to mention the rancid cunt odor
  13. who the fuck has time to cook pancakes on a tuesday morning
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