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  1. How did I not know about this. From the creator of XRA!
  2. This new online "braindance" "scene" reminds of the 90s "nu school breaks" thing. Or Big Beat, to some extent. Just lots of pointless Lo Com Denom music. Just really watered down to the point that it's almost entirely water.
  3. All this "braindance". I can't get through 10 seconds of a track these days. It's just all so.. nothingy
  4. I haven't got the time or inclination to reply to this
  5. Strongly agree with that last bit
  6. Actually... strong Solomon vibes on this. Cold AF emotional flipwerk.
  7. What the heck? How did I miss that track? (Reminds me a bit of me weirdly.) But that could be early onset Alzheimers I suppose.
  8. Stopped buying after SYOTOS. Yerself is Steam sleeve is framed on wall in lounge so absent from pic.
  9. I think See You On The Other Side is kind of a masterpiece in it's own right and would be most other bands' "career high". The fact that it's not in the same league as the first two only goes to show how good those records were. When SYOTOS came out it still somehow sounded exactly like a Mercury Rev album should sound to me (albeit without Dave Baker). Holes is a great track but Deserters Songs is where they really nosedived for me. Never really listened to anything after that record. They went too far over the rainbow with that one.
  10. Apart from pretty much all of the albums that preceded it?
  11. Doesn't look like he's slowing down https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/album/cycles-2
  12. A beaufiful 13% bourbon/mead barrel aged Imperial Stout from Mikkeller in collab with 7 other brewers/distillers. (Hence the name "the ocho". Was almost £40 a bottle. (Stole someone else's photo off untappd as the only pic i had was a quite blurry dark photo of my almost empty glass.)
  13. Probably the best beer I had in 2021.
  14. This was really, really, really good.
  15. Track 6 is pretty lush. Probably won't ever listen to it again though.
  16. Flol. Tottenham disqualified from Europa League.
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