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  1. I just do this all day at work
  2. I just set this as my ringtone. Don't know why as nobody ever calls my phone unless it's lost somewhere in the house.
  3. Hmmm. You make a fascinating point.
  4. These are all deep lush. Schteenmetz has some strong zinking vibes which is 100% a good thing. If the rest of this is as good as the previews this might be best phax album to date imho tbqh ffs m9
  5. Dialling tone on telephax is inspired
  6. Previews sound mega.
  7. I love thiis show so much. It terrorised me as a child. Rude Awakenings is an excellent episode though not one I remember from my childhood. The house that bled really fucked me when i was like 8 or 9 And the episode where there's a bunch of satanists in the house and an old lady has a 6 6 6 haircut is super lol
  8. 1 week ban for no ceephax or bogdan
  9. I don't know if that would be fun even if you were his mate and in the room skinning uo and drinking
  10. Just listened to Pod all the way through for the first time in years. Certainly the first time since discovering that Britt Walford was Shannon Doughton. Then listened to it two more times. What a fuckibg brilliant record. 9.5
  11. I've been wanting to rewatch this for about 35 yrs. Loved it as a kid. All i can remember is the scene with lots of doors and the quote "lady, you ain't seen nothing....... yet" which I have regularly used as a phrase here and there for most of my life. (Which may or may not be from this film. I hope it is)
  12. I was under the impression that all rights were handed back to the individual artists when rephlex ceased to operate
  13. I don't really get this kind of music. What is it? It's all a bit hands in the air euphoric 90s evian trance superclub sounding. I'm sure it's technically great and well produced but it seems to lack all of the elements that make something good imho. Kind of sounds like it could soundtrack an advert for something i don't want to buy.
  14. My vinyl just arrived Prety lush tbqh
  15. I have them. And 2 bonus tracks. Pretty lush tbqh.
  16. Has anybody done anything with it yet that isn't dismal?
  17. There's a lot of talk about game of thrones and tolkein shit in here. Are you all retarded? Do you not have any quality control mechanisms. I expect a lot more than this from a so called idm forum... How low are your standards? It's bad enough with all the infantile superhero nonsense in the film thread. Jesus.
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