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  1. I have this. It's lush
  2. As was this 7.1% 24 month barrel aged Raspberry sour.
  3. Found a really nice bar/bottle shop in Aveiro, Portugal last night. This Portuguese 8.8% berry sour was superb.
  4. The shivering truth is a work of genius. Vernon Chatman is a genius.
  5. Yeah, there is no way that sex change patient lived / was alive.
  6. My sweet baby Peugeot
  7. I think there is something in the vortex
  8. Which means it's technically the best season in PL history for all other football fans.
  9. I actually spent those 4 minutes trying to crowbar bukakke into a film title. Almost ran with Dude Where's My Bukkake
  10. It's obviously telephasic workshop or sixtyten. Any other answer is wrong and/or stupid. These are the facts. It's science guys.
  11. Inside No 9 is hit and miss but there are some really great episodes. Reece Shearsmith is generally amazing in everything though I never really liked League of Gentlemen. Maybe I should try that again. Psychoville also seems good though I've only ever seen 2 episodes out of order as I assumed they were standalone stories like No 9.
  12. Though it would have been pretty sweet to go up as they went down...
  13. Excellent. Is there a draw or is it predetermined as in 3rd v 5th, 4th v 6th or something?
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