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  1. 05:38:xx Afro Rican Give It All You Got (doggy style) oh shit - how did i miss this nugget yesterday - grabbed this on import in ...87?
  2. *opens autechre in soundforge - deletes all rob's parts*
  3. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aMTijoJQOXrbPfS8z9pI94WA8hgK-pvA1JbCykdYRuM/htmlview#
  4. Wow rude. That was his actual voice.
  5. Sasu pls. I'm working on a duo album with a great guitar player from Norway, Eivind Aarset. It's a little bit more towards ambient/drone stuff for a change. I have tons of material that I might want to finish off, haven't really made up my mind about it yet. I also started vd5, a quintet with great musicians, a bassist Derek Shirley, Maria Bertel (trombone), Lucio Capece (sax) and Max Loderbauer (buchla). We are slowly working towards an album and playing some concerts. http://www.datawv.com/2020/03/interview-vladislav-delay_25.html
  6. Can't believe we got to hear Autechre"s singing voice earlier
  7. he looks like he needs to wash his hands
  8. he's like the pb606 of IDM
  9. yeah fuck that guy reposting my screenshot. who the fuck is he anyway ?
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