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  1. Surely by now, even the most ardent fans must have realised that tool are, have always been, and forever will be total dogshit and that all of their music is dogshit and that anybody who enjoys it is some kind of weird semi sentient dogshit who loves listening to and eating other dog's shit I mean.. surely that's a given. No?
  2. Hola Tim y markedone. estoy en venezuela mi amigos
  3. It appears Andrew Weatherall has died. Although I can't see anything about this on the internet
  4. What was the thing about not having pillows in europe?
  5. I'm sure it was every bit as good as your legendary squarepusher "mash ups"
  6. So the best album of 2014 successfully became the best album of the entire decade.
  7. Still my favourite Ae release
  8. That's what i was thinking.... Phudoshin pls
  9. I was only really commenting on the lucozade/blackpool combo. Not the album.
  10. Well this thread is embarrassing
  11. Yeah based on that comparison I'd say this is definitely not good.
  12. Even if that were true I would still support because rephlex
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