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  1. I think for this to work all providers will have to switch to that type of policy.
  2. i absolutely believe all of his tracks could be made in soundforge, and i don't understand why you think it's absurd to think so
  3. im sorry if i have actually upset you ward. sucks that your friend died.
  4. Just got Yours Truly, The Commuter and I am really enjoying it so far. Had no idea it existed until this thread.
  5. it did for everyone here but you
  6. you pity me because i found something humorous that you didnt? i pity you for taking internets seriously and being a humorless bastard
  7. I suppose, but if it hit someone else, and had the time to get up to 40mph, I imagine it would cause quite a bit of commotion. i really dont see why anyone cares that i think its a dumb way to die
  8. well, i do think it's the dead persons fault for not moving out of the way of a moving vehicle
  9. faggots getting hit by a runaway van is funny, and seems like something reserved for old women.
  10. oh right, im sorry, how rude of me
  11. christ heaven forbid i read someones stupid fucking story and give my opinion youre all a bunch of little girls
  12. I'm sorry you guys are so easily offended, but getting hit by a rolling parked car seems like a fucking retarded way to die.
  13. I've been re watching Curb Your Enthusiasm lately and I love Larry David, but after Matchpoint I have sworn off Woody Allen movies.
  14. I guess he never tried looking both ways before crossing the street, eh? I'm sorry but it seems like getting his by a rolling vehicle is probably almost always your own fault.
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