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  1. That's weird. I checked out Bleep again today and they've pulled all the clips. I did get a chance to listen yesterday. My main memory was of how varied the tracks all sounded. Should be a good album.
  2. Instantly pre-ordered off the samples. Sounds really promising. Bleep has clips of all tracks, by the way.
  3. Took a few listens to this today. Great album. It's got a pleasant mix of all his styles, all used to create some truly memorable tracks.
  4. Maurice Jarre - Enemy Mine OST (1985) The keyboard comes in at around 14:53. Probably one for vintage synth fans.
  5. Isabelle Adjani in Werner herzog's Nosferatu the Vampire (1979)
  6. Guys, I just watched The Eternals. Absolutely fucking abysmal. This will test the patience of even the most hardcore comic nerd. Everyone else will probably just leave the theatre long before the ending. I wish I had...
  7. What sounds (to me) like new material is currently streaming below. https://www.amks.live
  8. I played this a couple of times today. Been a fan since Lemurian - somebody on here recommended it back in the day. Not totally blown away by this - lots of tracks just sound so similar to one another. Only the last track has any real, emotional resonance for me. Good to see he's still releasing stuff though.
  9. Hans Zimmer The Art and Soul of Dune: Companion Book Music A much more ethereal affair with lots of choirs and heavy on the ambience.
  10. None of this stuff does it for me. The best piece of music and the best Halloween movie opening. It's not even a question at this point. It's just a fact.
  11. Now settled on the New Mexican Stargazers moniker after jaunts as c², Penthouse Suite and Reversed Reference, they work very much in a vein of Skaters-esque hypnagogia with ribboning leads and soggy drums in a pleasingly worn out lo-fi fashion. It’s one for the fantasy road trip, clunk-clicking and cruising past cliche roadside sights and signposting, but with a wry smirk and a wink in effect.
  12. Palmbomen II's new album 'Make A Film' can be viewed as a faux crash course in film making plus the soundtrack to score your first movie. This beautiful double vinyl album comes with an extended step-by-step course on writing, directing and shooting your first film. To make it easy, Palmbomen II included twenty four tracks that set the right mood for different scenes, from "Medium Melancholy" to "Slightly Dark". Everybody could 'Make A Film'.
  13. I saw Dune yesterday during a stopover in Paris. Came away with very mixed feelings. The set design and visuals are incredible - you can see where the money was spent. The cast is stellar and it's a quite detailed and comprehensive telling of the book. But it didn't do it for me the same way the David Lynch movie did. Lynch's Dune remains, well truly alien. The new version doesn't have that. It's still a must-see movie but it felt a little hollow and pedestrian. Maybe I've just the 80s version too many times. Of course, it's only half the story and if it does well, there is the second half.
  14. Lovely stuff. Would fit easily onto Ghostbox / Pre-Cert. Downloads seem a bit pricey for a new artist but for me, the quality is definitely there.
  15. fumi


    This will do less well than even BladeRunner 2049. I think it will be loved by critics and hardcore fans but everyone else will like meh. I’m still looking forward to it but part 2 will depend on the cash tills ringing big time - I can’t see that happening. It’s niche, cult sci-fi and that didn’t work out so well for the director last time.
  16. Don't know why this somehow blocked. All the tracks can be streamed below. https://www.youtube.com/user/WaterTowerWB/videos
  17. Enjoyed The Green Knight. That last twenty minutes when he has the vision of what his decision will mean. As already said, lush and beautiful cinematography.
  18. Holy God. Fucking epic sounds. And these are presumably the pieces that won't make the film. Main soundtrack is due later this month. https://lnk.to/DuneSketchbookID
  19. Stupid question but where is the Download Manager?
  20. Just picked this up as I enjoyed the EP a few months back. Sounds promising and the mixes are interesting.
  21. Okay, unashamed Mallsoft, Vapourware or whatever you want to call it. Pure 80s vibes. Have a great weekend, Guys.
  22. This is still my favourite thing so far this year.
  23. @Nebraska @joshuatxuk New from Pre-cert. Something much greater than the sum of its parts here, using a antique hand cranked Reginaphone - an archaic machine that plays both music box discs and 78s - to transport us into a crumbling, cassette dubbed wonderland. The pair explore the various anachronisms of the 100 year old family heirloom with results that are part sound art/sound poetry and part mechanical musical curio, delving into its cogs and wires with wonderfully time-out-of-joint effect springing fractured melodies and a drowsy oneiric ambience that gets under the skin. In five parts of fragmented melodic thought, plus a tremulous 13 minute coda, ‘Movements For Reginaphone’ modestly enchants to the horizontal, casting its magick in fairy dust sprinkles of music box melody and workshop detritus, with a rustling airiness that beautifully complements quieter listening spaces and mindsets, achieving a hazily nostalgic wooze that throws back to a barely plugged-in era, when one had to physically crank up their kit to get it working. https://boomkat.com/products/movements-for-reginaphone-cassette
  24. He dropped this yesterday for Bandcamp Friday. Twenty minute ambient piece from 1998.
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