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  1. Ignore the 80s New Age title. Remastered from 1982 tapes. Sonorous drift of trombones that are strangely alluring and comfortable.
  2. Still enjoy, (if that's the right word) this collection. It remains one of the most compelling, emotional and ground-breaking releases of the past decade - soothing and terrifying in equal measure. Breathtaking in scope and execution. An absolute masterpiece.
  3. I haven't heard this yet. I assumed it was just a compilation of back-catalogue stuff but turns out these are all new tracks.
  4. Never looked in there. I thought his passing deserved a thread of its own. For me, this is like it would be for WATMM if Aphex passed away.
  5. Surprised this hasn't been picked up on here. Kraftwerk co-founder died today at 73. For me, this band were more influential and important than even the Beatles. Every single electronic artist that followed owes a great debt to this band. No four middle-aged men will ever be able to stand on stage and be this cool. Ever again.
  6. fumi

    Red Moon Fake

    Someone kindly sorted me out. Thanks.
  7. Does anyone have that track from around 2005/2006? Back when that whole Red Moon trip/hype started. I know it 's a fake but it was a very lovely piece of music. Some kids and fireworks come in at the end. I used to have it on disk but can't find it.
  8. That Alva Noto Remix of the Cure slays everything else I've heard so far this year.
  9. This is my album of the week. Solid sounds and shit. Honestly, there's something for everyone on this album. Aspects of Japanese environmental music, melancholy Detroit harmonics and space cadet AI electronica perfuse the album’s 10 tracks, taking in the rising sun optimism of ‘The World Is New Again’, along with plush and supple breakbeat rolige in ‘Sense Inversion’, the Four Tet-like folkdancetronica whim of ‘Shadows In Blue’, and leading up to swingeing, febrile dancefloor hypnotism on ‘Lanes’, with some Pantha Du Prince-esque posh techno rush in ‘Cutie’ balanced by the late ‘90s break trance lift of ‘Ghost Of Akina’.
  10. Let's face it. Trump is so desperate to re-open again. His presidency depends on it. How can this even be on the table right now when the USA is still some way behind other countries regarding lockdown? I guess it's all numbers to him. As long as the death toll doesn't roll into hundreds of thousands then he considers that a good trade off in exchange for another four years in the White House. It's still all about him.
  11. Just heard it too. The two tracks you mentioned are indeed probably the best. It feels to me as if GhostBox are trying to shoehorn Plone into their label. I don't think it works as while this album is a fairly pedestrian selection of quirky (almost chip tune quality) tracks, it's a million miles away from the kind of creepy, haunting 70s nostalgia that the label once offered. That's more a reflection on GB than Plone. Also, if you're a fan of Beginner Piano, this will be disappointing - at least it was for me.
  12. This is just Trump facing huge criticism for totally inept handling of it. It's all political now. Deflecting blame on anyone but himself because it's election year. He doesn't care about the virus (doesn't have the attention span or the intellect to deal with it) and he doesn't care about people too. At the press conference yesterday, he didn't once mention the new death figures, just started focusing totally on how well he is doing and then parading out a bunch of stooges who echoed how brilliant Trump is. I don't know why anyone would watch this crap now. Every day is just basically an election campaign pitch - no humanity or sympathy for those Americans who have died. As someone else has already mentioned, The fact that the country has managed to hold itself together to the degree it has, despite being led by possibly the stupidest and most ridiculous world leader of a major nation in the history of humanity, is a credit to the overall structure of the USA.
  13. Great stuff. There's something I really like about this piece of media history. An episode of a 70's British Sci-Fi cult series being re-run on American TV ten years after it first aired, and then being hi-jacked by someone badly impersonating a fictitious computer-generated character from the mid 80s. It's got all the great creepy ingredients. Plus the interruption cutting out just as Tom Baker announces "As far as I can tell, a massive electric shock. He died instantly."
  14. Some good points there. Also, there is the idea of fake conspiracies actually made up by the government. Back in the 80s during the Reagan Administration, this was called 'Perception Management' - a blurring of fact and fiction. The aim was to tell dramatic stories that grabbed the public's imagination - The Middle East, Russia and even Central America. It didn't matter whether the stories were true or not, provided they distracted the public and politicians from having to deal with the intractable complexities of the real world.
  15. Anyone watching the current press briefing from the US? Trump has put up video monitors playing back media clips criticising his handling of the crisis. Can you imagine this happening with the British Government or most of the European ones. America is almost surreal to me. Train wreck. It's all about the election.
  16. BBC. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-51271037https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-51271037
  17. Watching some old Doctor Who on Britbox led me to a haunting episode I hadn't seen in decades. 'Horror of Fang Rock' Can you imagine living in America watching late night TV back in 1987, some ten years after the episode first aired. And then....
  18. 90s Orb is the pinnacle of their achievements. Like him or loath him, Kris Weston was vital on those early records. Same with Andy Hughes. The band would have finished long, long ago without the endless creativity of Thomas Fehlmann. He's been their saviour (and Alex's too).
  19. He owns the name. I think that's about it. He's coasted along for almost two decades while the talent actually does the work. Remember that video I posted way back of him recording the sounds of leaves and wind? That's about his level of input.
  20. https://twitter.com/VHS_Head/status/1247954656866820096?s=20
  21. https://bleep.com/release/180464-alva-noto-a-forest This remix is incredible. One of the best things I think I've ever heard. Digitals are available now.
  22. Had a first listen to this. Absolutely appalling. I can't stand this side of their work anyway.
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