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  1. Ah, I didn't think of that. Love that section of the tape.
  2. How was Interlude (The Elegants - Little Star) (1:48:00) identified as that? They were a doo-wop band from the 50s. Looking that song up on YouTube doesn't sound remotely like the Societas X piece.
  3. ? (strings) (1:54:51) - that's a sensational piece. Sounds a little like Tomita. Heavenly.
  4. 'Bataglia' is immense. Everything on this EP has the old 808 State vibe - amazing considering how long they've been going and the considerable time since their last album. Solid work.
  5. Track listing and cover art. https://bleep.com/release/139672-808-state-transmission-suite
  6. First new album in 17 years. October 11th.
  7. One of the many versions of For All Mankind included an otherwise unreleased track by Brian called "Black Sedan". I've never been able to find out why it got cut.
  8. Arrived yesterday. The original still stands as a landmark of ambient electronic music. Listening to the new mastering, I still got that feeling I had when I first bought this as a teenager in 1987. I'm not sure the new material adds much and it's only really on the last two or three pieces closing the second disc that I think they capture the haunting mystery of the original. Still good to have a reissue but the original album was so immaculately engineered and produced that I couldn't really see the pint of the 2004 remaster, let alone this one. If you've never heard this album, then maybe now is a good time - especially as it ties in nicely with the 50th anniversary celebrations.
  9. @joshuatxuk Kindly hooked me up with Dreamers Cloth as they appeared on the Societas X tape. Bumping this thread because much of this is in the same vein with some BOC Old Tapes vibes on some tracks - and it was maybe an album that quickly faded before people on here had time to hear it.
  10. This is out on Friday. Sounds incredible from the samples. https://boomkat.com/products/anthology-resource-vol-ii-philosophy-of-beyond?utm_source=Boomkat+Production&utm_campaign=f36964f3b9-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_07_09_09_47&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f7c1f6eb34-f36964f3b9-130601057
  11. Yeah, I've seen that movie. Isn't there a bit around the 25 or 26 min mark where someone says 'I want that girl." Isn't that Jeremiah Sand from 'Mandy'? Maybe I need to go back and watch the movie again.
  12. I have a complete rip of the show recorded in FLAC with all Metadata Tags and artwork. Obviously it's still a 128kbps at heart but I made a FLAC recording for prosperity. I also edited out the four or five seconds of silence at around the 1hour 28min mark using Fission. Message me if you want a copy.
  13. Well I really enjoyed it. Apart from the Slave to the Rhythm remix, I hadn't heard any of this music before. I guess there might have been some interludes that were unreleased old material but who knows? They did bill it as a 'mysterious' mix.
  14. Wow. I really thought that was them. Sounds like 90s old tunes era stuff.
  15. This is excellent. Sounds like lots of old unreleased stuff mixed in with tracks by others.
  16. Same here. I have to be up around 4.30 tomorrow. Hope this will be worth it.
  17. For @beer badger and anyone else who won't make it live, just in case this doesn't get a re-run, I'll be making a FLAC recording of the two hour event in any case.
  18. fumi


    Does Warp have any plans with NTS to make all these performances as archives. I've practically missed everything so far due to work commitments. Gonna try and catch the BOC thing tonight but even that's not definite.
  19. Blissed-out and highly evocative widescreen layerings from Rafael Anton Irisarri on this beautiful new album for Room 40, an immaculately constructed series of apocalyptically angsty ambient dreamscapes that sound like a gauzy HDR composite of The Caretaker, Talk Talk, William Basinski and Slowdive. If you're into any of the above, this one will push all your buttons at once. https://boomkat.com/products/solastalgia-f5ee2c45-7898-465d-b005-cc90b9ae425f Just buy it. Fantastic album.
  20. I bought this from Boomkat. It's absolutely brilliant.
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