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  1. Anyone have trouble with the download code? Mine is invalid/used too may times.
  2. I think there were only 60 copies of this. Looks as if they're all gone now. Bleep only announced it six hours ago.
  3. Back in the 1980s, British occultists in the know strove to get their hands on the releases from a series entitled Cornucopia - A Compendium Of Practical Occultism. A collection of private-press cassettes, these tapes were sound art compilations which oscillated between tales of magick, instructional spoken word, drone music and blissful ambiences that could have been described as new-age if they weren’t so intimately linked with the dark arts. This stuff comes off as woozy, often beautiful, rather than black-hearted. The Cornucopia releases are some of those records which could easily have been lost to history. They are almost impossible to track down, even through internet search engines, and hardly any of the original copies are still in circulation. What a boon, then, that Folklore Tapes boss David Chatton Barker has managed to procure the audio of one Cornucopia volume for a new cassette release. Over two lengthy sides of tape, this record delivers a sort of hallucinatory, curious sound collage that serves as the missing link between Nurse With Wound and Hype Williams. Christmas, as we all know, is a magical time of year. As part of Bleep’s 2019 Advent Calendar, Folklore Tapes have got into the holiday spirit with a new release of occult electronics and spoken word from their Art Of Magic series. https://bleep.com/release/158011-various-artists-cornucopia-a-compendium-of-practical-occultism
  4. Fucking hell. Has anyone heard this at the end of this week's episode? Sublime and haunting reimagining version of the old classic.
  5. https://plutonicrainbows.com/2019/12/01/Albums-2019/
  6. He always does that. Previews one song and doesn't offer the albums anywhere else except Bandcamp. I used to buy everything of his but I can't afford to blind-buy nowadays.
  7. These are shipping now from the store. Vinyl looks nice. I've loved the music from the show so far so this was an instant buy. https://birthmoviesdeath.com/2019/11/04/a-look-inside-trent-reznor-and-atticus-ross-watchmen-soundtrack https://store.nin.com/products/watchmen-soundtrack
  8. Yeah, I know the Boomkat blurb is a bit over-the-top but this is a lovely four-track EP. I totally recommend WATMM to check it out. Enchanted UK synth alchemist XVARR blesses Good Morning Tapes’ vinyl series with a gorgeous suite of ambient electronics certain to resonate with disciples of 0PN, Eno, Zoviet France, Colin Potter. An eldritch beauty ripe with autumnal tone and mushied lushness, ‘She Healed Him In Her Sleep’ follows in the creeping vein of XVARR’s acclaimed 2018 tape ‘Serpent Power’ to bloom his sound with an organic, elemental quality and energy that binds Sufi trance to original kosmische and the kind of quietly humming, pastoral vibe typical of early British synth music. In four tracks XVARR paints rolling sinewave vistas that unfurl with a timelessly slow-burning and romantic vision, ranging from cinematic sentiments that Eno would be proud of, to passages of amniotic ambient atavism and dream sequence arps that seduce listeners to the sweetest soporific states of mind and distract from everyday reality. The gently elegiac synth-brass fanfare and strings of the title song unmistakably owe as much to 0PN as Eno’s stately early work, while the plangent jangle of ‘Past Masters’ surely recalls the hiraeth and pull of the sea and land found in Zoviet France’s enigmatic rituals. The pulsing ‘Echoes of Time’ most poignantly brims with the Eastern-oriented optimism of ‘60s and ‘70s electronics, channelling Harmonia via JD Emmanuel, and ‘Terminal Manoeuvre’ instinctively dowses a bout of BoC-like nostalgia in 3 minutes of lilting melody and elliptical oscillator wooze. We could hardly imagine a lovelier fanfare for the change of the seasons. Time it all with sunset, fleeces and freaky fungi for optimal immersion (and possible optical side-effects). https://boomkat.com/products/echoes-of-time
  9. When Deller and Abrahams delivered their film, Mute Records supremo Daniel Miller loved it but Depeche Mode didn’t seem too interested. The film has been left unloved and “lost” ever since only rarely being screened at festivals.
  10. That Plaid set is the first time any of those four tracks have seen an official release.
  11. Also still listening to this quite a bit. It's probably my favourite thing of the year. I discovered so many new artists thanks to this eclectic mix. Kudos to BOC - they have immaculate taste.
  12. Ah, I didn't think of that. Love that section of the tape.
  13. How was Interlude (The Elegants - Little Star) (1:48:00) identified as that? They were a doo-wop band from the 50s. Looking that song up on YouTube doesn't sound remotely like the Societas X piece.
  14. ? (strings) (1:54:51) - that's a sensational piece. Sounds a little like Tomita. Heavenly.
  15. 'Bataglia' is immense. Everything on this EP has the old 808 State vibe - amazing considering how long they've been going and the considerable time since their last album. Solid work.
  16. Track listing and cover art. https://bleep.com/release/139672-808-state-transmission-suite
  17. First new album in 17 years. October 11th.
  18. One of the many versions of For All Mankind included an otherwise unreleased track by Brian called "Black Sedan". I've never been able to find out why it got cut.
  19. Arrived yesterday. The original still stands as a landmark of ambient electronic music. Listening to the new mastering, I still got that feeling I had when I first bought this as a teenager in 1987. I'm not sure the new material adds much and it's only really on the last two or three pieces closing the second disc that I think they capture the haunting mystery of the original. Still good to have a reissue but the original album was so immaculately engineered and produced that I couldn't really see the pint of the 2004 remaster, let alone this one. If you've never heard this album, then maybe now is a good time - especially as it ties in nicely with the 50th anniversary celebrations.
  20. @joshuatxuk Kindly hooked me up with Dreamers Cloth as they appeared on the Societas X tape. Bumping this thread because much of this is in the same vein with some BOC Old Tapes vibes on some tracks - and it was maybe an album that quickly faded before people on here had time to hear it.
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