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  1. do you noticed the transformers sample in the new track?
  2. ohh man, I also had a great time meeting you!!! indeed, too bad I lost my wallet during Jon Hopkins, I lost some transport cards, credentials, few money and debit card (I cancelled it arriving home) but hey, it was an amazing Aphex show, his set really surpassed my expectations thanks for the cash, I bought a new metrobus card immediatly ohhh and thanks for the picture too!!!! long live to watmm!!
  3. Oh I just saw that, but I think I'm in their second shuttle, maybe you should ask if they still have available seats
  4. I found this service called ALENI, they will provide transportation, but I don't know what is the limit time they will accept passengers today, maybe you will want to use their WhatsApp contact https://www.aleni.com.mx/tuconcierto
  5. oh shat I didn't bought the transportation ticket, they were selling it until 12pm today, I'm looking for other services alike here are the scenarios, you will have 5 minutes after Massive Attack to reach the Corona stage (Aphex Twin) or you will have to be there before Massive Attack ends their show, indeed it will be a massive move of people from one to other stage
  6. guess what, I got an early bid ticket yesterday!! some boy sold it to me on facebook, it's a general entrance ticket, hope to get the chance to access the plus section some way maybe I'll use the official transport to get there, seems the easiest way to get there and later return to the city by the way, has you seen you will have to pay anything with their credit bracelet, be prepared
  7. if I want to go to the AFX bailazo I should get my ticket really soon, maybe I just should relax and forget about the people it's interesting you mention Ecatepec, it seems it always has been synonimous with bad people/a really dangerous place, nowadays maybe more than ever so I found so hysterically funny all the prank /fake dates that almost immediatly floated around when his name was revealed for the festival, it's so bizarre that just for a second, just for fun, actually some people put Aphex Twin and Ecatepec (and other places) in the same universe, indeed this is a small world
  8. I stil have my doubts about to go to this show. I love RDJ music but I don't want to be surrounded by some certain kind of people arrghh I wish I knew they would bring him since the early bird tickets
  9. Hey folks, Darrell Fitton aka Bola posted an image in my facebook wall I don't know what is it, have you seen it before?
  10. apparently this album will be released on the 18th February 2016 according to the skam soundcloud has you seen some info on the presale somewhere?
  11. is somebody from the US buying a shirt? I would like to get one L size, if there is one left yet, I can paypal for it
  12. why this video has disappeared from the web? I really liked it
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