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  1. https://youtu.be/6jSrUh1FDxg
  2. How can a report not publish effect size? Isn't that like the main thing one wants to put out there? It's even secondary to the significance score. Anyway, one should be able to infer the effect size if you know all of the pvalue, sample size and variance (if applicable)
  3. So I don't have this game yet but some months ago I fell in a YouTube click hole of speedrunners that stream Mario Maker on Twitch and now I watch those videos regularly. Anyway, you get to see some cool levels and they make levels too. Some names to follow: ryukhar, grandpoobear, barbarian, carlsagan42
  4. It'd be cool to meet there if only to say hi long live xltronic. I'll be keeping an eye on the discord channel.
  5. Go dude. You also get massive attack playing mezzanine. There will surely be a lot of posers and what not but who cares. Last year when squarepusher played @ mutek I had the most fucking annoying "fan" that was "schooling" me on every single track that was played, yet the show was still amazing. The official massive attack fb also confirmed yesterday that they'll be there so... Nothing to fear yet imo
  6. Expect to pay about 100 peso (about 5 USD) for anything from a large beer to X food item.
  7. Toluca is ugly af and there's nothing to do there. But if you're not planning to do extra touristy things then it's alright. You'll have a good place for an after-party if that's your thing.
  8. From an american expat who lives in cdmx, Gordo definitely more correct than 'boss here. Uber is considered the safe / posh way to get around, and its certainly not some wild west. I imagine loads of people coming from usa will just take uber from cdmx to and from the festival. Im still waiting to see if there is an official ceremonia shuttle between cdmx centro (typically, roma/condesa neighborhoods, which are the hip areas gordo mentions) and the festival grounds. Many other festivals do that. Transportation section of the official website still says "more information soon" I was just in CDMX (on my way to SMA) earlier this year, and some friends (one of which is a Uber driver himself) told me and my wife this, and his friend who teaches English agreed. Sure, the posh areas like Condesa I would assume are safe®, but right outside the international airport it is like day and night. You also need to realize that unless you know what you're doing, it can be easy to get lost/misled, especially if your command of the language is not strong. Living somewhere is a lot different than visiting. I don't mean to strike fear into anyone, but keeping your wits about you is sensible. I stayed overnight at CityExpress, and yes - it's clean and a bit sterile, but for a few nights' stay it's cheap and fine. Perhaps @Gordo or @Marked x One could suggest as good or better places to stay? If you're just in transit City Express is ok. That's pretty much what they're made for; Express business trips (and unexpected sexy times). They're clean and discreet but you won't get anything else more from them. If you're planning to spend some time in the city tho I think an Airbnb is the best bet. I don't really know much about hotels tbh, well located ones are probably expensive. Re: Uber. Dunno man I've only been raped once and he was really nice, gave me a water bottle and everything after. Kidding aside I can't recall a single instance of something bad happening at an Uber Ride, at least in cdmx. Beats riding a taxi for sure. But I guess your point is good, be attentive and call out whatever you feel is shady.
  9. Joyrex Wtf? Uber is totally fine and safe. Cityexpress is an ugly hotel chain that look and feel like hospitals. Although if you're just spending a night or two I guess it's fine. I'd recommend spending the night (morning?) at Toluca after the event. If you're staying for longer I'd try air bnb and go for staying at some hip neighborhood not too far from downtown.
  10. I'll be attending his masterclass at the claustro sor juana
  11. https://imgur.com/gallery/M7JZLqE
  12. Maybe tom said nice things after his mutek gig last year
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