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  1. So I burned a YouTube premium trial to watch a lil show called "Wayne" (I think it's was on prime too, oh well..), I liked it plenty, but it suffers from the 'lets end this in a shitty way so possibilities are open for a second season' syndrome. I recommend it but skip the ending and make up you own.
  2. So I just saw everything everywhere all at once. Left me with some deep thoughts like: Is the phenomenon where a good chunk of the theater feels like everything they see on screen is hilarious even if it's clearly not meant to be a joke, universal? Or does it only happen where I reside? Please someone confirm. Also, why does it ruin my experience? Why do I care if people around me find something hilarious when I don't, aside from the fact that it takes me away from the 'experience', why does it irritate me? Am I that much of a bitter asshat? Otherwise great film, gave me Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind vibes, wish I could see it again for the first time.
  3. Season 2 of Westworld goes downhill fast. I'd watch it with low expectations if only to get some resolution on a couple things. Don't get near season 3 tho.
  4. HBO dropping raised by wolves is a pity, I hope someone else picks it up like how amazon rescued the expanse. Anyway: Moon Knight. Like Wanda vision, starts with an interesting premise then progressively devolves into generic bleh. Severance: pretty cool, but dat cliff hanger ending is a F.U. move and I'm certain it will pull a Westworld and completely cheapen the concept in future seasons cus it's got nowhere interesting to go from here, we'll see. Stranger things: meh. Can't care for most of the plot points save for the main one in hawkings, doesn't resolve anything, whole season feels like an ad for the next one. the boys: so far I'm uninterested, feels like how the walking dead turned into a soap opera. Better call Saul: fantastic. Can't wait for next half of the season.
  5. Changing the topic slightly I'm curious on wether there has been any noise in the anglophone socials or news media about the racist appreciation on Ukrainian refugees. Over this side of the world there's been some calling out of reporting saying literally that this refugee crisis is way more serious and sad than others because it's mostly people with blonde hair and blue eyes coming in and leaving their homes.
  6. It's really hard to make sense of the world these days, information is heavily politicized and filtered, it's interpretation and analysis moderated through less than rigorous and very biased meta commentary. It's quite clear to me that the US have been advancing heavily on anti Russian propaganda for some time from the thoroughly debunked Steele dossier to the initial dismissal of the Hunter Biden story. Both these events cemented the American liberal mindset on Russia. I wouldn't dare tell an Ukrainian how to interpret the events happening right now both because I can't possibly imagine what they're going through right now but also because it would be impossible to have an objective intellectual conversation. When I first read about the de-nazification demand from Russia of course I thought it sounded ridiculous but as you look into it a little bit more you learn about Odessa, about the Azov battalion and a bunch of fully documented pieces of western journalism calling this out years previous to the conflict. I would very much like for someone to put the video I'm attaching into context. Is he parodying conspiracy theorist? Is he making light of actual events? Is it just manipulated with a made up translation? Save for the last one, this shows to me that the subject has been at least relevant enough as a mainstream topic of discussion for quite some time in the Ukrainian public conversation and not just some fringe idea. We can all agree I that the best outcome would be if all violence ceased but also I think all 3 major actors in the conflicts could end it in an instant by yielding their interests. Russia could cease the aggression immediately. Ukraine could surrender. US and their NATO allies could bring in Russia into the table. which one is more fair? Who cares? It's a freaking ego battle at this point, I certainly don't give Zelensky any brownie points for "putting up a fight" the longer this goes on the more likely that Ukraine will cease to exist as a nation. q1ebfy.mp4
  7. GORDO


    Yeah i checked after making the post, I remembered the value in dollars somehow but not the actual fractional amount.
  8. GORDO


    So I wonder how many people in this convo is disgustingly rich now. My wallet from that time is lost, probably have it on a hard drive somewhere, crazy to think ppl were giving away BTC for no reason (I got 0.001 from someone in the thread)
  9. Raised by wolves season 2 Not as cools as S1 but still a solid wtf is this i like it / 10
  10. The Batman Unnecessarily slow and way to long, I think a good hour could be cut from this. Emo Batman is kinda cringe, moves so slow sometimes he looks more like Slothman amrite will wink Catwoman hot AF tho.
  11. Don't get me wrong the show is highly entertaining and captivating with good production value, but: Logan quickly recovers from being mentally disabled just like that. Kendall misses being present in a board vote (unable to force Roy out of the room and pressuring the other members) because weather. A takeover loses Kendall's support because of a car accident. A legal case that was supposedly a big threat is suddenly meaningless. Everything that's built up and the source of tension throughout ends up being diffused by a chance event. I keep thinking about that Pixar rule list for storytelling, one of them is "coincidences to get characters in trouble are great; coincidences to get them out of it are cheating. dunno, maybe that's the point, that some people are just lucky and powerful but never do we see Roy being actually clever.
  12. I don't get the high praise succession gets. Everything seems resolved through an accidental incident of some sort.
  13. It just didn't grab my attention in the first episode, slow paced with no indication on where it's going, and the fact that I couldn't relate much of what was going on with the original story (of which I'm a huge fan) didn't help, I'm sure if I were more patient I could get into it, but it may not be worth it
  14. Anyone into foundation? I tried watching the first episode but the combination of it being boring AF and not immediately relatable to the books made me quit it, is it worth powering through?
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