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  1. Currently grinding camos on MWII and playing a couple warzone solos sparingly.
  2. Pretentious, preachy and I don't think it'll age well either. Could've been fun if it got rid of all the fluff and made the mystery an actual mystery that made sense within what was observable.
  3. GORDO

    Now Reading

    Finished the three body problem trilogy, I felt it's the da Vinci code of SF.
  4. GORDO

    Now Reading

    Read the three body problem. Very disappoint, no idea what the hype is about. I'll of course continue on to read the next part of the trilogy.
  5. GORDO

    Avatar 2

    Better than 1 story-wise, felt the 3D was somehow worse than 1 but maybe I was expecting too much/not as easily impressed as before. The whale hunting scene is amazing and makes you hate people so much. Worth watching but as forgettable as the first.
  6. Saw avatar 2. The 3D was disappointing seems like it stepped down a notch from the first one, or maybe I had to high expectations. Did something get worse in the 3D projection tech since the first one? Story is bleh, too long. Has at least one fantastic scene. It's ok overall.
  7. Any technically folk that can shed some clue of Twitter is at an actual risk of going in flames. Appears to me quite a simple service, if anything the challenge is keeping it smooth at scale.
  8. It's honestly hilarious reading a bunch of people freak out about Twitter as if they're having an actual breakdown. Twitter's a toxic shit hole whenever people try to use it as other than a feed for stuff you might be interested in from people you wanna know about. I miss when it was described as 'microblogging' I always found it bizarre that Twitter became the default communication channel for orgs and brands alike (get a website ffs), and disgusting how people aimed to be influencers through it. Charge them $100 for a freaking blue tick for all I care. Clout chasing should have a cost. Elon is clearly not the genius he brands himself as being but if something, he seems to have a superhuman ability to acquire and capitalize leverage, all his success can be attributed to that. Owning Twitter is not much different than owning a tv station or a news paper, if you can influence the message that comes out that gives you leverage. Leverage to get more subsidies, get more government contracts for rockets, you name it.
  9. Inside man, suspenseful af but it would be a lot better if it didn't depend on the "let me explain" trope so heavily. Frustrating as it is suspenseful.
  10. House of the dragon was great, shame that it's gonna take that long to get a new season, hopefully Warner doesn't implode before that or someone buys HBO out of that stupid CEO's hands. Rings of power at least got me into watching Tolkien lore stuff but it's such a poor story. the peripheral looks promising but it could devolve fast into genericness.
  11. Everyone knows circles are not from earth, nother nature makes hexagons. Circles are shapes brought to our world by hyperdimensional beings. The US has a history of profiteering from war as doctrine. As long as it doesn't reach their land they're a-ok with war, selling weapons and financing reconstruction.
  12. Of course they do, they have an interest in removing any possible leverage Russia has over Europe. Of course they don't have an interest in starting a conflict with their arms dealers hence why this would be done covertly.
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