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  1. man this shit is ridiculous... i'm fucking addicted to this whimsical lifestyle where i wake up, thats even if i went to sleep at all cuz so many nights lately i have much better things to do than sleep... and like, man, i'm dancing through the world like "hahahahahahh you white peasants suck at this" and like i'm moving so fast and for-once-in-my-life-not-trying-to-be-anything-other-than-what-the-fuck-i-actually-am that it's fucking fantastic. i find myself truly becoming more and more like the doctor, the kind of comments i make... they come naturally and brilliantly i might add. i'm literally texting myself ~15 one-liners/song-ideas per day and like, man, i dont even have to try... but when i do.. wow. i'm seriously like unstoppable right now. maybe if redman showed up and we got combative he could put me in my place, but right now thats about it... and if i met redman, holy fuck, it'd be the best adventures in rapping thread ever cuz i know me and the funk doc are gonna get along just fine. so tonight like a few bitches of note out of the usual ~10-15 or so i approach, spit game at, and circle around her so fast the bitch has a halo over her head when i'm done... 1) at rainbo this fine piece of faux-hipster walks in. i've seen the type, she's like the coolest girl from incest, indiana and she made it to the big city so SHE'S THE SHIT and like, you know how society and the telescreens condition women into becoming vain materialistic cunts in order to make them so materialistic that their suitors end up having to be materialistic cuz thats all they want... they oversexualize them so now by like 12-13 they're thinking shag shag shag shag summore, it is the shag times after all, and like, man... this girl started flirting with me at the bar. like she sits down and goes "is this seat taken?" im thinking "bitch, there's a seat next to me that nobody's sitting in and then you're sitting 2 seats next to me?!@ i'll take "excuses to talk to me" for $500, alex. so she did and i does and like, this girl starts off with potential liek she's saying some clever shit, but it's all a front, once i really unleash the hellacious amount of otherworldly information stored in my infinite database, i can see it in her eyes like the second that it hits her that THIS BITCH IS AFRAID OF ME NOW. seriously, she's used to being the queen of her little universe, whereas i am THE doctor of any and all universes, let alone her piddly little autistic finger-induced-wet-dream. so within 30 seconds i start talking symbolism mysticism and purposely drown her out cuz she fell off faster than slug did after modern man's hustle, she ends up switching seats with this big burly fuck, no doubt a "good friend" cuz unless shes a str8up cockfiend theres no way in hell this guy is getting pussy... i've been that dude before. the one who drives, the one who makes sure other guys dont rape them, the guy who has 75 signaturss in his yearbook "you're so sweet, jim" cuz basically i'm too pudgy for you to seriously consider fucking me and like, im actually a pretty darn good looking dude and like, wow yeah, we've covered that girls arent usually creative or original or especially interesdting and due to their societal pwnage they're shallow as shit and requiring us to change who and/or what we are to accomodate their world of bullshit.,.. and all of you girlfriend-having motherfuckers i know your girl is purportedly the exception to the rule, but dont deny it, there's some inherent bullshit you put up with cuz you're a pussyfiend and/or afraid of being alone. dont lie. this is why we listen to idm songs named cock version 10 and secretly wanna fuck essines: IDM: THE "MANHOLE"-TYPE-BAR OF THE ELECTRONIC NUSIC WORLD. so like, this bitch sees me later outside of flatiron and goes "YOU'RE THAT CRAZY COKED UP GUY FROM RAINBO WHO CREEPED ME THE FUCK OUT" so i've had enough of this bitch really i mean i'm in such rare form i'm instant-fire retorts like example some girl comes up to me in the bar and goes "dude, do you know you're a guy on a laptop in a bar?!@" and i'm like "your powers of spatial recognition are off the charts, miss, and that's quite impressive: now please get the fuck away from me please" so i mean its all like IS WAYNE BRADY GONNA HAVE TO CHOKE A BITCH?@!#$@! oh yeah, wayne brady had to choke a bitch. i let it rip. deconstructing her as a faux-hipster really-a-yuppie who moved out here from the suburbs or cousinfucker, nebraska and i mean obviusly you're hot so it's stunted your ability to see life for what it really is cuz you have this easy ass life where everyone worships you like you're interesting, intelligent, worthwhile, or about 17 different things that you're really not. it's really quite sad, actually, cuz you seem liek you could be a fairly decent human being if you werent so in love with being the girl that's dodging incoming cock a midget in a lockerroom and actually stopped to consider that there's more to this life of yours than getting ripped off on your little faux-artsy boots and having your tits hanging out of your dress like HEY SOMEONE I CAN RULE WITH MY AESTHETICS, BUY ME A BEER PLEASE. she interjects: "i'm wearing a dress" to my immediate retort of: "so? think about this one, if i was wearing a dress right now i'd be getting 5 times the attention you're getting and you'd hate me that much more. have an extra one actually i kind of love vexing the shit out of you" she tries the cocaine line again... seriously guys, this is like neo at the end of hte matrix time for me... i look down and see the shots people always have fired at me in my life, and i spent nearly all of my life getting not getting shot in clever ways, or having to hide from it outright and sit in the corner or something... but now i realize something... i let the bullets hit me. then i look down and touch the wounds and look at the blood all surreal cut to morpheus "now he believes" and then it's time to go serve a few agents. like, man, i move faster than human beings. honestly, when i'm in the zone, whcih i have been for 3 weeks str8 god bless, these bitches have no chance. honestly, as much as i wanna fuck these hot ones, i'm quite let down that they're not brilliant cuz like, whats a brilliant girl doing out in a bar on monday night?!@ its like posting your brilliant shit in genbanter and having some rectally-gifted kid from ohio show up and be like "sini, u know i work in a mental institution and no disrespect man i love you those songs are dope but... you need help" yeah i know. i rake through the muck because someone has to, dammi. so i keep doing my thing... met a girl named dice, that's an odd name, i'm like "dice, eh?!@ nice name, tho i gotta ask: do guys throw you on the ground and hope for the best?!@" eh actually she was on the tip like, seriously, do you have any idea how much PDA i induce when i'm walking around being the fly guy with the force like luke sky/redman?!@ seriously man the area arounding me is like a softcore porno sometimes, which cracks me the fuck up... you'd better hold on tight, dude, cuz i'm the boyfriend gentrification station like WHAT WHAT?@#43 so to end my night, there's erin. oh yes there's erin. erin is awesome nad like, someday my double entendres ar egoing to have an exhibit at the smithsonian, cuz like, i had two... one on the train, talkin to a houstonian in a pimpin 80s nolan ryan jersey about baseball and i go "dah dah dah and i saw that game cuz i got the package like thats why all the girls love me... erm, wait, thats why they think i'm weird. sorry i always get my packages mixed up" and the lady behind me told the guy next to her what i said like immediately afterwards. a few nights back i had a girl whip out her phone and text herself one of my one-liners... i'm on that next shit like i just ate a double whopper, know what im sayin?!@ erin is like, yeah. just fucking yeah. i can tell immediately that out of all the girls i bumrushed she's into me, cuz like, she was just kind of there no bumrushery involved in fact i turned around and nearly ran into her like "damn i lvoe my life, i can literally trip and fall into a gorgeous chick like hi whats your name?" "erin" "do you like rap, erin?!@" she makes the thumb.forefinger "little bit" gesture and i'm like well then that's defcon 4 in my book, cuz trust me on this one, if you think rap is (her gesture) then you gotta hear mine cuz it's like * makes ~footlong gap between hands * cuz it was literally channeled down to earth to satisfy beautiful women like yourself. thats when she took off my hat and started rubbing my hair. i mean this girl is look in her eyes and start bonering up hot and like, she's on the tip. she starts running her hands over my back so i get the arm around her and pull her in tight to let her know theres flab but really i'm a strong dude and like, you know, that girl was put on earth to be in my arms, among other locales she wont have to buy a map to find, and like, i tell her imma make her a cd shes like im gonna smoke and she puts her forefinger to my lips and says promise. so i lick the tip of her finger and said "do you think i'm gay or something?!2 we need to get this out of the way foreal" she laughs and follows her finger in close and kind of goes over the side of my face to my shoulder and rubs that and then leaves. GUESS WHAT GIRL YOU'RE GETTING THE DISCO MIX TOO WOOOOHSDLFGJSDLJVSLI so literally it pops out i tat it up with the chiseltip turn around there she is, i give it to her, as she's flanked by two dudes. not a boyfriend... arrrgh, your name is ricky, right?!@ i see one of the guys pop thge cd out of her hand and give it the once over as they walk away and im like... oh shit i'm busted, cuz in the booklet i signed it "just in case of the approximately 1% chance i dont get your phone number tonight, here's the request like at WSCZ radio blah blah blah" i also wrote her name on the cd with a "baked hot fresh in the oven just for you, an equally hot an fresh source of heat that has been known to cause ovens to go to support groups and cry about their lack of purpose in life" BAM. so like, i mull over it have a smoke and she sees me and walks over and i go "your boyfriend didn't just hijack your cd, did he?!@" she goes "oh hell no i've got that, and that's not my boyfriend that's my brother...." so i ask the obvious "what kind of rocker athlete mathlete or elephantitis-of-the-penis savant is your boyfriend!"?@ "i don't have a boyfriend" "girl, that is like the greatest phrase the human race has ever come up with so allow me to hug you for that" hug ensues. "so hey lemme get your number cuz like, i wanna show you the unvierse.. if you're ready that is, i'll take you on the wildest trip of your life and i cant say you'll come home the same woman, but you'll be much much better for it in the end. trust me on this one" she's enthralled and her one hand like walled on the inside of us standing there goes back to touching me and i just put my fucking arm around her i mean i'll be her brother's best friend if i have to. "dude that's my OLDER brother (sigh. so close yet so far, right?) so im like aha, "well you have my phone number... call me when you're ready, and i swear to god that if you actgually call me up i'm going to youtube myself dancing in pure joy and amazement that you hti me up cuz with a girl liek you us hunter-gatherer men have to get taht # cuz we'll never hear from you, thats how it works, it's a courtesy thi...." at this point she has my right hand and she pulls it up to her mouth and kisses it like 7 times and nearly slips and starts sucking a finger. now like, ordinarily i'd dismiss this girl as a whore, but i dont get much str8up whore love, and like, man, if this girl is a whore THANK YOU JESUS you know what i mean?!@ my name is jim, you know how i roll, ask boogie down productions... but i dont think so, she like, i think she just thought i was hot and my game is so sickening its like, she looked at me and said "yeah i wanna hit that" and im not used to it so its whoaoaflkjflsdjfajsdlfjasd;fgjas';lgmslih bousngouseahymt[pnhvo[hkohnysrobzud YES YES YES so like, she then made me kiss her hand, and she kissed mine, and then shes like "my brother's going to kill me, i gotta go, i'll see you soon" and she left. now look man that redhead on teh L who got the song by me was stupid fly like she's addicted to swatters and she was omfg on my rap , but like, that came and went like, i got a song out of it. woemn come and go, songs are forever, and i get songs out of everything now. so leaving nothing to chance, and like i'd start bonering up when i thoguth about this girl and how this went down, i heard a beat i was like ZOMFG on the way home and then i went home and made this track. i hope y'all enjoy it. its how i roll, pillsbury. and of course i'll keep you posted as to what happens with this one, cuz doing what ive been doing i do have the hopes of nailing one of these chicks in a backalley dumpster smae night i meeif i t her, but like, with this one... man, i dont think shes a whore, i think she just gets how fucking awesome i am was blown away and like "come here big boi" and hey man i'll be damned if i aint got a southernplayaisticadillacmuzik cd cover as part of my wall montage, nah'mean?!@ anyways enjoy the song. it's a labor of love... and lovemaking =D i wanna fuck you back to the dawn of time.mp3
  2. yeah cuz im a retarded guy literally sitting in a L station in chicago playing my savant genius songs... ever heard KMFDM by wesley?!2 love that one. i cant find the picture i got with him in an L station. dude... guys... the mix needs 15 mins to finish but to show you my true power (plus i wanna spin @ this bar... the bitches here are so fine i need that authoritarian position as selecta to help my pussy parade which, hey guess what, it's coming like the bitches will be 2 hours after they decide to take the plunge and find out =) im sitting @ rainbo club in chicago, a bar with many bitches well worthy of a quality deep dicking from yours truly, and like, they play mp3s off of an ipod on shuffle. DJ TIM OSMAN ON THE SCENE LIKE THE ASSET THAT I AM. but i had to shed my osama bin laden most hated dj in america shit and do another mix... one i made in ~1hr while sitting here drinking scotch sippin pbr and being the coolest motherfucker in the place. i want to cut my teeth here cuz this is my favorite bar in the city, so while most people talk about their job or try to shove their dick in something, i made.... http://sinicalypse.kaen.org/djtimosman/dj%20allstate%20-%20you're%20in%20good%20hands.mp3 give it 15 mins from the time of this posting, cuz it's still uploading. again, kaen, dude, when i get to england cyborg/human hybrids 10000 years later will still tell the tales of how hard we're gonna party, dude. i cant wait to like, figure out that my irrational hardon for british bitches (i think britian is at least 2x as smart as america. proof: where are aphex squarepusher and ceefax from!?@ right. plus i bet y'all british bitches will jock my intelligence more than american girls who get scared and offended and find some schmuck who will worship them as opposed to taking a ride with me in my tardis, cuz i am the doctor in case you havent heard my rap song yet. so like, yeah, i need to know them to get some healthy disdain going and btw jimmy disdain is my punk rock name, and even facebook doesnt make me change it to my real one cuz i'd be like "i'm french, asshole" seriously http://www.facebook/*guesswhattheurlisidontneedtotellyounowreallydoi?* again, i'm sitting at a bar and like, there's 4 copies of this made.. one guy asked me for it, but he saw my expos gear and said OMFG THE WORST TRADE IN BASEBALL HISTORY WAS GRADY SIZEMORE BRANDON PHILLIPS AND CLIFF LEE FOR A 1/2 SEASON OF BARTOLO COLON. hint, guys, and take it cuz you're gonna need it when i meet y'all someday... study up on your expos. it will get you free beer, weed, cds, whatever i've got to give. that flatters me like, you know, it's like knowing who the timelords are like "bitch i'd fuck you even tho you're a tree" also, the finest girl in the bar gets the only copy of this mix i'm giving out to a chick and she gets a compliemntary copy of my debut ep, which will get me on the coolest record label in the world, ask NME, and like, if not quannum hiero project blowed come and get me. i aint gonna stop doing what im doign and im making more and betterer songs than even my vaunted heroes right now... and once i get into real studios and get a chance to play this music i'm making 24/7/365 in front of people, i'm only going to get better. seriously, did you ever think i was gonna be anything but the best?!@ and if you think im an egotistical fuck you're jealous, cuz my life is a party and you're lucky i'm inviting you in to rock out with me cuz for 28 years i didnt, so for the next 27-37 years i will. maybe i'll retire after 37 years: i am that number like rose is the bad wolf, nah'mean?!@ i create myself. btw like aphex twin i plan to have many aliases. right now i've got sinicalypse emessiah dj tim osman dj allstate mack rapalicious and the modelfucker. now wait til you find out my next one, like, you dont know how real i roll.. i'mma blow y'all feeble peasant minds. keep the insults/inverted-jockriding/compliments/tryin'ta-be-my-friend coming cuz ask yourself this: what does aphex twin do when he just rips a mix that he's going to play at a liveshow and 75% masterfully fake playing live?!@ i mean look at his 97 USA tour he hates us americans cuz we're, well, americans... and all he did was remix a bunch of songs and play mp3s off of a powerbook like "fuck you i'm aphex twin and you're not" --- i wont do that to you if you pay to see me live, i will innovate like only i can do, but like... i'm here. i aint going nowhere. i'll be here to take all of your shit and shove it right back in your face cuz vegata dont back down... vegeta's the realest motherfucker in the galaxy like i cant wait til im powerful enough to give him the proper rap song tribute... and hey i gotta do i need vegeta samples for tracks and http://www.vidtomp3.com is MY FUCKING SHIT DUDE OMFG IT'S MAKING MY RAP CAREER EVEN PIMPER.
  3. btw one more thing before as the guy said i get manic and dont show up for a couple'a weeks: if you think this is like sini shot his wad... dude, i'm like a bitches' wet dream: there's always 3-4 in the chamber with me. i've finally got unlimited/unproxied bandwith and lets just say my sample army and the direction of my first LP, not THE sinicalypse LP but i've got a theme and... you guys. i cant wait to rock your fucking world... you have no idea what im gonna do, but i do, and i'm from the future: i know you're going to love it. FOREVER YOUR HUMBLE SERVANT AND DIVINE VESSEL LIKE CHECKOV SAID NOOOOO-CLEAR WESSELS # james, like lebron or richard dee btw billy dee williams, intergalactic pimp, real name = william december williams junior. THAT'S HOW YOU NAME A FUCKING CHILD.
  4. ok since obviously i'm the don of talking and you guys are speechless in my magnanimous stead like they gotta invent new psychoses to figure out just what the fuck is RIGHT with me, like, i wanna say thank you watmm. you're as much as part of this whole thing i'm doing as i am. i love coming here and sharing what i do with you, and like, i'm gonna step back and stop running up with here with every new song i make... you guys know i make songs now, and soon i'm going to have the audacity to ask you for moeny for what i do, but rest assured i'm putting every ounce of my heart spirit mind body and soul into my work, and my work is on the block like your friendly neighborhood drug dealer. i'm ridiculous like devin hester on some real chicago shit. anyone see that punt return last night?!@ GOOD THINGS HAPPEN WHEN YOU DON'T RUN BACKWARDS DEVIN. i'm that fantasy diesel this year like greg olson, speaking of the bears. i'm snapping on life dude. i met a little hot as shit redhead schoolgirl named charlotte. highschool chick like, most soon to be 29 year old guys dont step, but thank you jesus i aint most guys. i'mma be playing shows within a few monhts, and from then until they get that vaudeville hook and drag me off of the stage.. so i'll be playing in 1 2 3 5 10 years, whatever it takes dear little charlotte to come up to me. i told her that *when* i see her at one of my shows i'mma stop the show and shout her out. thats just how i roll, pillsbury. so i go up to her like "hi my name is james and i'm from teh future and hey i knew you look familiar... you're my seventh ex-wife. btw where do you go to school and where do i send the thankyoucard cuz man i'm a sucker for a proper sakura. by the way do you like eminem?!@' she's attracted and smiling already as she belts out "OH I LOOOOOOOVEEEE HIM" retort: "then prepare to fuck me in the alley next to the dumpster in five minutes cuz i'm gonna play you a song... you ever heard of doctor who?!@" somehow, this presumably slugfan-aged-girl says "yes" i play her the song. the smile on her face could only be beaten if my phallus was all up in that. and like, i tell her i'm making her a special bootleg edition of my first EP just for her what's her name?!@ charlotte. SPIDA!#@$ bust on some charlottes web game, hit her up with i kick raps like witchcraft on glitchcraft while i watch her mind get blown and then start expanding to make room for all the shit i'm stuffing in there, and like, i get the cd. tat it up with my # (now guys i know.. i know. but hey 17 year old chick meet awesome ass rapper. if my giving her my # and her loving my shit gives her confidence to live her life to the fullest of her abilities, then i'm literally the doctor: i'm here to help" not to mention i'll be playing shows when shes 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 and so on and so forth i tat up the cd sinicalypse supreme pizza special edition made fresh just for you charlotte: feel free to spin me all up in your web anyway. digits ensue. i give it to her and give her a high five and i'm like "i know you're going to have a fun life... look at you, i dont know you but if i said i was gonna marry you out of principle i mean, dude, i'd have the hottest wife in the bar by default... i can't wait to see how brilliant you are at 30, cuz look at you now, you radiate like sunlight providing life to everything around you... like, hey, you get hit on by guys a lot right?!@" yep "has anyone ever done it as amazingly as i have just done it?!@" "hell naw! * another high five ensues * " "what do you think of my music?!@" "i like it" "i like you =D =D =D" * shoot her a buddy christ... explain my diabolical plans for that pose * "then know this, like, i used to be a wack motherfucker. on drugs overweight masturbating and like, even at my worst i never let anyone else tell me that what resided in the existential void in the pit of my soul was anything but exactly what the universe has been waiting for it's whole entire existence. you say you know doctor who, and like, that show is a brilliant message of empowerment to brilliant people like us. and you know what?!2 obviously i'd have rabid monkey sex with you that you'd tell your grandkids about it, i mean, comeon you're worth the jail risk, but like, i'm doing all of this just to let you know that i'm amazing and a bold fresh piece of humanity like just you wait and see what o'reilly's gonna get from me when my powers are approaching super saiyajin 3... oh fuck i'm going to turn into a monkey, and its like, quoteth redman, if you're gonna be a monkey be a guerilla. but what im getting at is like, i want you to know one thing: if i can do this (explains pizza to supreme pizza story to her) then you can do this, and no matter what life gives you dont let anything knock you off of your true passions, what you love, what you thank god for when you wake up in the morning... that's what i'm here to do, gentrify the world one person at a time, one song at a time, one best-live-show-experience-of-your-life-at-a-time and thank you for being your fine self, cuz like, you keep me going. and that's the lord's work, literally" we hug and i proceed to fuck off and call up my rappin friend robust and drop the voicemail like... yeah. my friend jeremy actual fact just hit me up on some ol "dont cut on people as you come up" but like he just acknowledged my raps. i log on here sneaksta303 wants to do a track and heroin too i think.... whatever. i know i'm dope like fuck with me you're gonna need detox. and now i'm so looking forward to ascending from my basement, aka siniapolis: thee thirtyseven caustic defenestration station, and seeing what crazy ass funky as fuck path god has for me to walk, and i wont just walk it, i'll bob and weave and dance down it in giant headphones with my fist in the air like "i dare you to try and knock the smile off of my face. your failure will make it grow like my dick when a fine bitch is in the presence" and literally, charlotte woke up ol majestic and like, yeah. my life is gonna be fun. i cant wait to invite you all in to enjoy it with me... sorry im gonna have to charge you to do it soon, but like, trust me... i'm worth your money, cuz i quote my own freestyles like "i treat my fans like the gods they are, not as money seething objects" if/when you think i suck or you need to tell me what one thing i need to make my music better, i'll always be around here. tell me to my virtual face. just remember: i'm vegeta like i'm intergalactic royalty =D =D =D
  5. ok so like i manage to fall asleep by 6am... snap out of bed at 10:22am like this song is playing in my walkman and god all i ever ask you to do is show me the path AND YOU AINT BEEN LETTIN ME DOWN LATELY, HOMEY *HIGH FIVE * you showed me the path. supreme pizza needed to end with a bang... well i'ev got a beat thats so badass there's literally gun-clicking sounds worked into the beat.... http://sinicalypse.kaen.org/rapsteez/07%20-%20i%20kick%20raps%20like%20witchcraft%20on%20top%20of....mp3 oh and still aint finished it but here's a proper host of that doctor cut --- http://sinicalypse.kaen.org/rapsteez/doctor%20me.mp3 ok so i gotta go hit up grandpa for $300 so i can make some real fucking demos and pick out my record labels... i'm going to hit up a bunch... project blowed, quannum, hiero, you fucking name it i fucking deserve it. but there's one label i'm seriously asking god to have a chance with... i gotta get the fuck out of here. i've followed the 37 from this place so i think it's divine fucking providence that i do something to help the coolest record label in the world get even cooler. enjoy guys... my life is now a labor of love like i'm in the zone like you play laser tag?!@ MEET MY MUZAPPER BLASTER MOTHERFUCKER!#@$#@ GOOD. stay scared... that's why i'm a phenomenon and you're some dude jocking me in my thread, bitchmade!@#$ btw on my next shit for my next EP/LP/whatever im working on i just make songs and then its like oh shit i have an EP or LP or two sitting around... hahahhfajlfaskl;d YES * points skyward * i can't lose like i'm sinicalypse thee sin ov thee sinical apocalypsE: you gotta believe otherwise the apocalypse is coming. and that aint happening on my watch. promise... i owe the world for the rest of my life for sucking so much that i'm so diabolically awesome in comparison... I AM THE DOCTOR, after all, i'm here to help. thats what i say when i bumrush a bum and give them the rest of my money and turn around the walk away... i'm the doctor, i'm here to help.
  6. sorry going over my little shitstorm i forgot to address this b4: miss winner winner chicken dinner looked like this... like im bad with eye contact but learning cuz i gave her such good eye contact i started getting a hardon, no joke. you know, with how ill my life has been lately, that might have been megan fox and maybe i'm even more infamous like... who knows?!@ the doctor travels, nah'mena?!@ you know, i asked her if she gets megan fox a lot and she didnt answer, mean glare. so that means either its "duh i get that" or "duh, i'm her" and uhh... fuck if i know!!@ the telepathy's on the fritz. i'm gonna get it fixed after i fix that bloody chameleon drive =D my life is so cool i think up odd ways like i missed some of the coolness on the first pass through =D
  7. man if i tighten up any more people are going to think i'm an 8 year old vagina... 8 year olds, dude, 8 year olds. * high five * when does the grey ghost wanna get down on a cut?!@ i live to build like the architect of the matrix that i am. btw god bless you n00bs everyone COME AND GET ME i forgot how much fun putting you dumb little hamsters in your place is MWAHAHHAHAHAH evil cacke. before i pass out tonight, cuz honest guys im so geeked with this song i cant sleep for prolly another 20 hours, imma do up the george carlin tribute song. in fact while i have battery left here i'm going to get carlin quotes up the wazoo and load up. it's going to be amazing, cuz guess what, so am i?!2 wanna see how real i am guys?!2 read this shit: http://twitpic.com/fyak2 if that doesnt work and on the back it says "that's right: ADMIRAL FUCKING AWESOME. and i spelled out sinicalypse real nice like cuz my momma raised a good boy. i put that on top of a cd case and literally divebomb a bitch and put it right in her wheelhouse, wait for her to turn and look, flash her a buddy christ, aka then turn the fuck around and walk away like i'm way too cool to mack you, bitch, and then move on to find my next prey... erm, future sinicalypse fan. i tried to get as many bars as i could get in... a total of 8 bars for $28 dollars on a saturday night in chicago. my baseball acumen earned me a total of 4 free beers at 3 bars, cuz when you roll up expos massive with vlad on the back, true baseball fans recognize and evidently intoxicate the originality =D "girl, i'm like the wyld stallyns of rapping: my music saves the future" =D =D =D
  8. BTW I'M also gearing up my shit-talking insult comedy routine to the max cuz i'm meeting one of its, gods, thee legendary maddox, as in http://maddox.xmission.com maddox @ a book signing on thursday. there's tremors in teh force when two asskicking savants like ourselves are within 37 feet of each otehr, let alone getting a picture together and he's getting a done up printed up full-sleeved-album of my debut EP called supreme pizza (this little shit ken frazier was on my fantasy baseball team... well i was a pudgeball at 1B and when i took a grounder once the coach encouraged me to "move that pizza, schaefer" ken was always the little redheaded shit you wanted to kick in the nuts, so true to himself he decided to start calling me "pizza" and he didnt just call me pizza, he said it like a little faggy "peeesa" and got like all of his dumbass fake-zeppelin-stoner/honors-student friends (the kids who bought weed off of me and apologized 60 times over once they figured out i was like, on the next level liek the bitch is in another castle: no doubt a recurring theme in my life :) and i had to hear PEEEESA for so many fucking years like i'm strong man everyone always comes at me in life man, like, this is what i do nah'mean?!@ but like, now... i'm going to find that motherfucker. maybe even tie up a copy of supreme pizza to a brick and i'm not saying i'm going to do it echelon/officers/CIA-agent-on-my-case, but like, i'll be damned if special brickhouse edition of supreme pizza aint going through his front window someday =D =D =D btw i'll have the internet version of supreme pizza up for y'all tomorrow once i can put the finishing touches on this doctor who cut, i'mm a few samples short. but like, fuck it i'll also say i'm done with morton grove's finest a freestyle history i mean i've got cuts out the kazoo like don't stop don't you know i'm never gonna let you go DON'T GOOOOO doot doot doot dit dit dit dit doot doot doot doot dit dit dit dit doot. i'm in the zone like PASS ME THE BALL, MOTHERFUCKER@#$@
  9. oh and hey shit for brains, i'm rapping in a $25 best buy mic on a laptop in soundforge 9 like fuckall you just need to hear the words. put me in a studio with professionals and i'll excel. duh. can't you figure that out?!@ where are all the old guard in ehre, they're oddly quiet... it's just you n00bs fronting like your thoughts on the fidelity of music matter to me, nevermind the quote on my myspace page "strictly the hardcore dirty street level hits god's on my side so watch what the devil gets positivity rolling 50 levels deep comin out the comin out the comin out the woofers in my jeep" - masta ace put on my doctor who song and if you're listening for any sort of audio fidelity, you're a self-loathing cunt who can't enjoy a good tune cuz you're so worried about details like didnt boc name a song about that to warn you oh wait you werent paying attention, im sure you were looking for a forum on music70.com to give boc your much-needed advice on how to be all they can be. i mean, hey stonecutters you bitch about this place.. i'm a certifiable loon, but i'm in the muck with a big ol mop like [email protected]
  10. you know what that is?!2 it's the onramp to my jock. please for the love of god stop trying to act like some caring shithead who has the miracle cure like OH MY GOD YOU'D BE GREAT IF YOU TOOK SOME ASPECT OF MY PERSONALITY AND APPLIED IT TO YOURSELF, CRAZY GUY. you know my ex-girlfriend in massapequa long island (1.25 girlfriends in life, .25 of one was in san diego in 2000, and the other 1 was in massapequa long island. i'm a lifelong chicago guy. you see like, yeah, i get around, tupac. anyways, my ex in long island who btw lemme break this to you, i could FUCK her, you know, she thought her vagina was like the fucking magical skeleton key to my abilities and she could hitch a wagon to the stars with me. she went a bit mental about it in the end, trying to tell me to essentially do what i'm doing now, but i waited til i was ready. this is a 13 year investment. if you wanna suck this bad, you damn well better have 10+ years of omnipresent sucktitude to be a practictioner of the fine art of suck like i am. but yeah man, she failed and i mean she was cool she was banging a dude out there the whole time and she still paid ~$2500 to come out here twice and hotel it up and pay for everything cuz ya bw0y's super secret secret superhero identity, nigga rich, treated her to the full extent of my powers for the 7-23 days they lasted on the 4 trips i made out there in 10 months. i had to hustle, but man, i had to hit that. and i did. and she didnt fix me... so like, you think some asshat on this forum in the wake of me dropping the most brilliant thing i've ever created in my life in a 12 year window of creating brilliant shit that, quite frankily, nobody cared about ME enough to ever care to listen to unless i forced it on them like prisonsex... man... whatever. look at the world around you: go to wal-mart. spend an hour in a supermarket... THIS PLACE IS PROPER FUCKED UP, MATEY-O (tm that someone i need to make that my 2nd cereal, after Phar-Os in honour of thee one thee only pharoahe monch i mean like you're going down the cereal aisle and you see all these cartoony motherfuckers and then like you see this mofo on a cereal box: HOW ARE YOU NOT BUYING THAT FUCKING CEREAL!?@ HE'S GWANNA SHOOT YOU IF YOU DONT LIKE MAN THIS DUDE AINT PLAY and then the cereal's slogan is "get on your morning grizzly" and there's a little silhouette logo of an arrow pointing down to a grizzly bear i mean foreal what teh fuck i need to be running corporations. thank god i'm never going to dilute whatever it is that makes me with the pieces of you you're almost as desperately forcing your "answer" for my "problem" on me. OFF THE NUTS, SQUIRREL cuz i'm the super secret secret squirrel on some ol shhh. here, you're surely a force of unrequited benevolence in the universe. go to another one of the FINE QUALITY THREADS on genbanter --- http://forum.watmm.com/topic/43385-a-few-films-recently-watched/ --- and tell the overlook overcast or whatever the fuck his name is your no doubt brilliant psychological observations based off of a longtime history of weird-to-you posts on watmm (see like, if i'm a joke i'm that joke you remember and tell your friends the next morning pretending like you came up with it--- proof @ http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=6&url=http%3A%2F%2Fdreamchimney.com%2Ftracks%2F24000&ei=DHabSqruEpXunQfUjYWWCA&rct=j&q=sinicalypse&usg=AFQjCNEJxDlWulqqHuBLe_0UO0b8h__mfQ ) i mean seriously you're no doubt valedictorian of the mental health field, and i'm sure the world at large is just cumming in its collective pants dreaming of your no doubt monumental contributions to the field. don't waste time with rap boy, i mean, GO SAVE THE WORLD FRIEND. I AM A MAN YOU CAN NOT SHANT NOT AND RASHARD MCCANTS NOT FIX. go be all you can be in the army: the people's army of omnipresent mediocrity.
  11. they're going to show up eventually... i've really only been doing this like gung ho "if you're gonna be a monkey, be a guerilla" style sicne two mondays ago. i mean lyrically i've got something for anyone in the world. like babe ruth, i wish to call my shot. remember a thread called "i'm going to kick the flashbulb's ass all across the galaxy" or something to that effect?!@ i'm waiting til i'm signed. oh man i've gotta hustle up to send out the demo of all demos... i've got a wicked idea. but like, once people know and care who i am by virtue fo the fact that i am who i am, you know, when i wake up in the morning stretch out and its like OH SHIT THE FORCE LIGHTNING and i accidentally cook a bird like "who wants indian delicatessen?!@" that's when... and listen up harky or whatever the fuck you are, cuz like, let's break this down. you called my favorite musician poor in the wake of your self-made millionaire shit. i liked red extensions of squarepusher it was fun and more, if not COMPLETELY FUCKING UNORIGINAL LIKE ARRRGH WHY THE FUCK DO YOU MAKE MUSIC?!@ OH YEAH SO STUPID GIRLS FUCK YOU AND DUMB GUYS PRETEND TO RESPECT YOU. ahhh, got it. anyways, you dissed my guy, musically, and i dont stand for that shit. on a freestyle i called the attack of mackrapalicious i say "i fly above the archangel and imma let you know i ain't criss, i ain't steal aphex twin's logo like a bitch / i'm not a failed industrial musician (go look it up) i'm a successful rapper" now y'all be the judge here: remember he's a FAILED INDUSTRIAL MUSICIAN and having been to 2 of the last 3 wax trax! nights here in chicago, aka old crusty goth emeritus night, there's a lot of aphex twin love to be had there. thats why i rock *one of* my aphex twin *shirts* to be the coolest motherfucker in the place by default. and like, no doubt he had to reinvent himself and he's like no doubt like whoa when he hears actual musical genius cuz he cant make a decent track worth shit in fact someday imma mash up and 37blast his fucking music to hell and back just so i can send it back to hell again and again and again like the rough prison sex i admittedly do wish upon him (tho banging that playmate after hef was in that... god's got my back, dude) so like, he just stole a logo and left it alone. you told me that my guy can't afford to live in london so he raises a family in rural scotland whilst you're a self-made millionaire?!@ quoteth jay-z "i'm a motherfucking problem: is this what you want?!@" well you answered it when you said it disrespecting me like i'm some average tool. you know how biggie smalls ended kwame's career with one one-liner "ya played out like kwame with them polka dots"?!@ think about that. read up on it. i'm going to blow that out of the water when i end your fucking sick joke of a so-called career in one fell swoop that people in the netherlands are gonna see and it's gonna be like "whoa a shooting star" in whatever the fuck language they speak. i'm from the future, and that's your fate buddy. dismiss me as a loon and pray to god i get hit by a bus next week or somehow become mentally retarded from prologned headphone abuse and lose my burgeoning-literally-by-the-day powers, cuz like, you're what the spanglish call EL FUCKEDO@#$@!#@ whilst i profess to be not as much of a true artiste as much as the graffitiae pipeline to teh emessiah complex, i do have one other unique purpose on earth that has earned me the nickname "the hammer of god" on this very bulletin board: i dispense justice. and yours is coming shitface. head for the hills, captain made up name and his imaginary army of supporters fans and people who need to STOP TELLING HIM HOW TO GET BETTER AT WHST HE'S DOING is seriously gonna fuck your little world up so when you have to mvoe to rural indiana and play tag team shows with your dog like you need a gimmick cuz you're a fucking masterful hack, i'll give you that, a talented hack but a hack nonetheless and guess what?!2 whack. your face is having nightmares about the rap/beatmashing excalibur that was put on earth to strike it down. my bad, i'm feeling myself like i'm masturbating cuz i know how good that cut is, and if y'all dont say its as good as i think it is, welp, thats why i make music: to amuse myself. i can listen to any one of my tracks all day long like fuck you and fuck the world, and thats why my shit works like it's selling drugs.
  12. ok like you dumbasses challenged my underground cred like i'm just some shit-talking punchline rapper. unless you want me to be a 42 year old fat guy playing "underground" shows at some lameass bar for 10 people (such is theocide's future if he even still makes music... THEME TO MANHUNTER ROCKED DUDE. I THINK IM READY TO RAP FOR YOUR RECORD LABEL, YOU CLOSETED FUCKING HOMO *TRYIN'TA GET MY ADDRESS LIKE LET YOU SEND ME WEED?!@ DO YOU THINK IM DAFT, YOU WANNABE PUNK?!@*) someday in some parallel universe i'll sooner bring to an end than allow to exist, let me do my "fuck the world" whiteman-is-to-redman-thing to build up some OMFG amongst str8forward cats, and when you need some real shit from a real dude... welp, then all's you gotta do is stick your ears to this one. keep in mind i accidentally taped over my 2nd half of season 1 so it's short a few samples from its final for-the-world version... i just wanna give this to you now.... cuz like, i know who i am and what i'm capable of even if the rest of the world is 10 times slower than me (the truth is it's 37 times slower than me) OH YEAH as for my tape, dude, i know but it's for the 100 greatest rap music videos of all time.. i gotta watch that and study the shit, you know, market research... i am my own r&d dept. i'm also my own intergalactic asskicking department. thank you jesus. seriously guys i aim to please and people like cma comin at me like i'm really a dickhead dumbass rapper feeling himself like he's masturbating?!@ i am claiming modelfucker before i've technically fucked a model, tho my ex could model if she lost some weight and got a titty reduction... no bs. still tho JESUS HORATIO CHRIST IMPALED ON MY MIGHTY MAJESTIC RAPPING PHALLUS, do you even know who i really truly am!?@ i'm making mighty big claims about kopyright liberation fronts being revived through me, and like, did you ever for even a microsecond think i wasnt going to live up to my claims?!@ or maybe y'all just trying to antagonize me to motivate me... either way, thanks for doing your part in the creation of this... keep putting your textual asses out there, cuz i need to keep my foot in gameready condition with some practice swats here and there =P oh yeah as a subtext i had to tell off a girl today... i played her the legend of the modelfucker (SERIOUSLY I NEED A OG NES 8-BIT ZELDA BEAT FOR THE REMIX. where the fuck is saskrotch when you need him?!@ * gets on aim * anyways like, this girl hears it and says "well first of all the beat sucks" ok, i know she sucks... you can't diss my life with the thrill kill kult. here i am protecting chicago from bigtime wankstaz like kanye on a fucking thrill kill kult beat like whats crustier and oldschool FOREAL fucking chicago than the thrill kill kult?!@ i've been making beats as emessiah for ~12-13 years... like, this bitch tells me that i said nothing in that track and like, i even interject "but i'm so fucking clever, thats the point, i dont wanna bore the str8forward audience.. i wanna be general like my banter" ok i didnt say that but you know im a chameleon forever adapting to my situation... like, she said "well who are you going to sell this to?!@" i retort "why the fuck do you think i make music, you insolent peasant?!@" and thats when i realized... holy fucking shit i'm turning into squarepusher =D =D =D doctor me.mp3
  13. dude, you know i respect you. i'll say it bluntly: this will be my front, much like tupac faked being a thug to brand thug life cuz he was making black empowerment records and sees all these thugs selling millions rapping like shit and he goes "THUG LIFE" and all of a sudden, seeing as tupac is brilliant, he kicked those motherfuckers in the nuts. find some of those undergroundish tupac documentaries... find the bitches he rolled with. tupac was a generous man, not a player, a true lover instead of a player he had like 3-4 girls around the country and he bought em benzes and houses and fucked the shit out of them and never disrespected them. i'm the same way. i'll tell you god aphex anyone im the shit like you better not be out of toilet paper, but hang out and have a beer with me on a one-on-one level and dude, i'm the realest motherfucker ever. i'm like that, but i ain't like that, feel me?!@ i have to do this man. what do you think about redman?!@ thats what im trying to do. my style is so sick random people nod their heads and me and put the fist in the air sometimes when i walk down the street. imma be pure arrogance on a bulletin board cuz i predate the internet i used to call dialup bbses to the tune of a $150/month phonebill when i was 14. the art of shit-talking is ingrained in me and i do it better than anyone else... and didnt you read any of my posts where i said "hey im gonna come off liek the biggest dick ever but trust me it's me this is part of hte plan dont trip on me i'm just working on my legend?!@" i'm mossman massive. i shout you and start off my new mix with you. if you really think that i think i'm god, even tho i am indeed the electric messiah the ac/dc god, then you never really knew me, mister smojphace. oh wait i'm starting to look like the phantom of the opera FUCK #%$$!#@$%@!$@!# * puts on his mask * FUCK ALL Y'ALL BITCHMADE MARK ASS APHEX DICKSUCKERS WHO WANTS SOME I'M GOIN OUT LIKE TONY MONTANA SAY HELLO TO MY BIG LARGE FRIEND, MY MIGHTY MAJESTIC RAPPING PHALLUS TELL ME HOW IT TASTES MWAHAHAHHSFDA#@%!@$$! (all part of the plan. forgive me, i'm doing exactly what i need to be doing in my life right now. i've got 10 thousand of bills coming on my birthday, sept 8th, so i've gotta say fuck the world get on my pimpgame. when i say fuck the world, it doesnt include my homies, and if you didnt knwo that, then i guess you wasnt ever my homey) * mask on now. dont talk to me, TALK TO SINICALYPSE MY EVIL CREATION MWAHAHHSFLKSDJHF;LIADF;LS *
  14. dude i claim newschool KLF, right?!@ well myspace has put the kabosh on me uploading to http://www.myspace.com/sinicalypticalcunt they have SOFTWARE that automatically determines if the first howevermany bars of a song are identical to a copywritten/major-label/we-pay-to-say-FUCKYOU-cuz-we-rule-the-music-world song and if it is, they shut you down and threaten deletion i've taken that copyright quiz 6 times and now they wont let me take it no more. SEE?!@ THE CORPORATE MASTERS ARE FIGHTING BACK. thank god i'm a justified ancient of mu mu sworn to fight those corporatist fascists from the inside, outside, and from outer space in my star destroyer if need be. really, i've got one under a tarp in my garage in case some gelled hair douchebag in a new mustang with rims rolls by its like BLAM MOTHERFUCKER, HOW YOU ROLLIN NOW?!@# "it's all about game, nothing else" - redman "if i was nice, motherfucker, i wouldn't be here" - redman i find myself turning to redman's brilliant 2nd LP "dare iz a darkside" more and more as the walls of my word come crashing down thanks to products-of-society trying to keep me from making them look bad so they can salvage some sort of self-respect in the wake of my magnanimous stead. seriously, when i walk down the street i often dont stop evne if it's like red light i'm jaywalking (what, are you gonna arrest me like tupac?!@ i didnt need to antangonize cops bsing him for jaywalking to go to jail for my cred, i done got mine already) and when i dont even break my stride and in fact accelerate at cars whizzing by me cuz my timing is like, dude i make electronic music betterer than you, like, i scream out "SYNCHRONICITY BOWS IN MY MAGNANIMOUS STEAD" and people look at me like wtf?!@ but i live for that. it keeps me going, and suffice to say it flows so naturally from me i'mma be amused for the rest of my life. NEW SHIT. i upgraded my seminal freestyle classic from the currently-being-assembled "morton grove's finest: a freestyle history 2009 (vol 2) -- btw rip big L you really got a wigga jacked up on his rap game like "hey i can do that and shout out one of the most brilliant unknown rappers at the same time?!@ score" i wanted to upgrade the version on my myspace, for all i know thats what they busted me for... it'd be fitting, cuz i mean, slug needs lawyers to stop me. he cant do it rapping producing or out-cooling. he fell the fuck off of after modern man's hustle?!@ need proof?!@ attachment time. btw imma mail a cdr of this to rhymesayers as batshit mental yet the distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success (watch me enjoy the success phase of my life, bitches) as i can go, and like, it's win win for me. lsug says nothing like goes "man that guy is nuts" and continues making wack music for wack 17 year old white bitches, file him under AWN. ain't want none. SINI WINS: BABALITY. if he tries to respond, first of all he gives me instant credibility, second of all... "you're entering a world of pain, smokey. A WORLD OF PAIN. THIS ISN'T NAM, THERE ARE RULES HERE" in this scenario?!@ SINI WINS: FLAWLESS VICTORY... FATALITY@##@!$ =D =D =D lyrics born signs his tweets still the funkiest... ha, i lvoe dude but he aint met me yet. the shit will stop like canibus' rap career when he does. i sign mine "forever the realest" forever the realest # jimmy (as in you cant have safe sex without me. TAKE YOUR BEST SHOT, BITCHES) p.s. i made this when i was penniless (i pay it forward, i only had $1.50 of change and my weekendpass left, and i saw one of the neighborhood bag ladies... she needs the money more than i do, foreal) and on a metra train driving home like "how can i make the world a better place?!@" you can\'t imagine how much fun i\'m having not being atmosphere.mp3
  15. fuck you, asswipe. i make tracks like http://sinicalypse.kaen.org/rapsteez/legend%20of%20the%20modelfucker.mp3 like its noon on sunday what are you doing?!2 oh yeah busting off mixes like http://sinicalypse.kaen.org/djtimosman/dj%20tim%20osman%20-%20there%20is%20no%20such%20thing%20as%20intelligent%20dance%20music.mp3 HAPPY SUNDAY WORLD I COME WITH GIFTS FOR YOU... and the fine bitches on the L. they're getting cds that they can sell on ebay for $100+ in a few years if they're hardup for loot. what am i supposed to do?!@ wait for underground chicago rapper cats to embrace me and go up through the underground slow like i'm not the shit i'm just paying my dues?!@ wtf?!@ they'll fucking abhor me cuz i'm 10 times more talented than them, and my musical tastes roll so deep i aint just a hiphop head, i'm a superhumanhiphophead, aceyalone. going back to like, 4th grade when i put on weight, i've been beaten up randomly ridiculed and lambasted and made to think i'm this piece of shit when in reality it's just that i'm so brilliant everyone wants to step on me to feel better about themselves. i took it like a bitch for ~28 years of my life... WELL NOT NO MORE. i dont have regular watmm havits cuz i dont have regular habits cuz i'm not regular, decaf, and that's why i'm gonna make it. hell, that's why i'm making it like EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY. my life is a super techno party / rap show 24/7/365 and i'm sick of y'all product-of-society motherfuckers telling me what to do. i'm the fucking brilliant one here, not you, and this plan has been slowly marinating for 12-13 fucking years, technically since late 94 when i first heard ab4 and found the number 37. all i went through with blows and failure was readying me for this moment... i walk down the street with a cd-r of mny album on every finger with my right hand and literally throw them in gorgeous girls' faces. that's the legend... little kids come up to me and they're like, "omfg ur that crazy rapping dude" yes i am imma be dat redman like if redman is redman HIIII MEET WHITEMAN. i'm better than eminem and i'm never selling out cuz i'm justified and futuristic like the newschool KLF that i am. i'm the next aphex twin like my grandfather is alfred schaefer, my dad is scott alfred schaefer, and i'm james scott schaefer. guess what i'm gonna name my kid, i wont even say it cuz i dont hyave to i can lead you like my last name in german means "northern highlands shepherd" i'm here to lead you, flock. now look, i have to be egotistical as shit to make it in the entertainment world. sorry, y'all are aphex twin jockriders get used to it. just cuz you knew me as sini regular joe schmoe watmmer means you're going to trip on me and unwillingly enact the societal defense mechanism to knock me down call me crazy "put me in my place" and tell me what i need to do to be more like you. say whatever you want, your subconscious doesnt lie and i know how society works. just wait til i film rap/techyes music videos outside of the bilderberg group meetings someday. you have no idea where i'm going, adn i do cuz i'm last expo last timelord massive represent OH WAIT IM THE ONLY ONE, TIGGER, MWAHAHHSDFHAS call me crazy, you're damn right. http://www.myspace.com/sinicalypse --- peep the redman video under the "who i'd like to meet" section, read: who i'm going to meet. talking to me is like talking to him. i'm crazy in a good way, i believe liek the etmyology of the word sinicalyse means the sin ov thee sinical apocalypse, meaning YOU GOTTA BELIEVE OTHERWISE THE APOCALYPSE IS COMING. sleep easy friends, the apocalypse has to go through me like i'm sinicalypse, a more advanced version of you. i truly am the doctor... i live a whimsical life of fancy and of course you're going to hate me for it on some level cuz you wish you were living my life. that's going to be made painfully obvious to you over the next few years. get over it, and i'll entertain your nuts off.. mmmmmk?!@ sorry i gotta be such a dick, but we have to knock off all haterade as i make my ascension, whether that's to the top of the fo'real music world, or to the top floor penthouse suite of the mental clinic cuz the corporate masters will try to strike me down someday. thats why i point skyward and know god's got my back: strictly the dirty hardcore street level hits god's on my side so watch what the devil gets posivitiy rollin 50 levels deep comin out the comin out the comin out the woofers in my jeep --- masta ace, from born to roll. available on my next rap mix which will be churned out for tomorrow. i cant reveal the trade secrets, but this is an exciting time to be a fan of mine. trust me on this one
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