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  1. if by that you mean that i'mma get on the soup, sure, give me a talk show. otherwise like.. yeah. my idm date stood me up. prolly cuz he got smart and realized like, what does he have to gain by hanging out with [email protected] i'm way more idm than him, and someday he's going to be buying my records and wearing my clothes and shit... really, alls im gonna do is make him feel bad that he's not as OG/foreal as me and i think he looked at his girlfriend in his apartment and said "i have a nice life, i don't need that craziness" not realizing that craziness is what makes aphex twin aphex twin and squarepusher squarepusher (seriously, have you met the [email protected] he's not like you) and you know what?!2 stay at home, look at your gf, enjoy her, cuz hanging out with me is only going to let you know that you have a long ways to go to get to where i am. sorry but my alphamale competitiveness has been stimulated by rap and trained by redman. i do apologize, i wanna be nie but eventually it's like nahhhhh fuck all y'all "if i was a nice guy, motherfucker, i wouldn't be here" - redman OH AND BTW THIS GUY INITIATED THE "LET ME GIVE YOU MY NUMBER" SHIT CUZ HE SAID HE HAD TO SEND ME A LINK TO SOMETHING. IT WAS ON HIM. HE GOT A TASTE FOR HOW DEEP THE RABBITHOLE GOES, AND LIKE, HE'S NOT HERE. THAT IS ALL I NEED TO SAY, I AM NOT A GOOD GUY TO HANG OUT WITH UNLESS YOU ARE 100.0% SURE OF YOURSELF. THAT IS ALL. END OF LINE i mean seriously, i was going to play this guy an aphex twin song that fewer than 1000 people in the world have heard... oh well, seriously, his loss.
  2. * holds this post up in front of the class * this is how you talk on a bulletin board, people. if we don't know that the sex is amazing, we're just gonna have to assume that you're not getting laid. i've got cats on my irc chill channel telling me "you're at a bar with hot girls in chicago and you're on [email protected]" and its like "yeah my rapping homies are 1-2 hours off and i'm working on cuts called 'legend of the modelfucker' so what part of banging hipster (read: thinkthey'reartistic yuppie) chicks appeals to a guy who wants to have "modelfucker" as one of his [email protected]
  3. pabst blue ribbon. johnnie walker black label. incredibly dank marijuana. bullshit indierock juxtaposed by bar conversation by a hotspot filling up like "you know if i had a real sex drive i'd put the laptop away" incidentally, if i learned one thing in manhattan at some of those well-to-do bars, you can make teh women come up to you if you're good looking and it looks liek you could really give a shit about them. then they go "what are you [email protected]" you say "writing raps" they go "you [email protected]" i go "you ask stupid [email protected]" they go "rap for me" you go rap. digits ensue.
  4. why does anything pitchfork/richdork media says does or even so much as infers matter to [email protected]!# give me an honest answer, plz.
  5. [email protected] [email protected] LB = lyrics born, the only man worthy of LB like he too had to do that one designer bag tile logo thing... shit who is it... i wanna say dolce gabbana but its not them.. it's brown it has diamonds and two letters interlocked not too indifferent from a baseball cap. but limp bizkit isn't even worth an iota of my brainpower to discuss... if you dont know who lyrics born is click here i heartily reccomend tracks 13 and 14
  6. UPDATE FROM THE FRONT: the idm nerd is still standing me up, even tho i was fashionably late when i told him i'd be here... thank god i picked a place where i could trip and stumble into like 4 hot hipster girls, [email protected] =D
  7. btw word association... i want you to take in these two words and give me the first thoughts that come to your head: vladimir guerrero. as for afx shirts, i own two, and like... i get questions and people who seriously ask me "HAVE U EVER HEARD THE [email protected]" but then again, montreal is the artsiest city in canada and chicago is a meat-n-potatoes lunch pail to work blue collar DA BEARS DA FIRE AND DA PASSION DA COACHHHHHHHHHH city that is the only city that has to be shamed to admit that, yes, it literally invented cubs fans.
  8. who are you?!2 i'm crusty like i've been around here forever, but i recognize your user name but know nothing about you like you're rank and file and i'm the weird eccentric friend of the owner who shows up and looks at you funny and just goes "umm... ok, you go girl" and it's just like mm-hmm. trust me dude, within let's say two years to be 100.0% sure, you'll never make a stupid post like this in a sinicalypse thread because that word i made up sinicalypse is going to mean something special... and because watmm is a place that i love, i'mma hook all y'all watmmers up with the whole celebrity experience deconstruction so like, bear with me right now cuz "i'm getting ahead of myself by the way i can rap" (- jay-z, off of december 4th on the black album") but yeah man, who else has a chance to show up on genban one morning at 5am like "i need to make a thread about the way rosario dawson's pussy made my dick smell" and actually make the post like "i'm always going to be me"?!QW actually, you, super lurker version something. i reckon you're on a proper trajectory to earn the nickname shakirafucker
  9. funny you mention that, cuz i'm wearing my springtraining-game-worn expos #69 jersey, with a 1983 pinwheel expos throwback cap, and of course my just-bought sega shirt and jordans and like, why i say that is being expos massive since 2001, whenever the expos were in town it's like hey so am i. i've done every expos game in chicago since the 2001 season, la stade olypmique in 2002, and like, every time i came across one of the 1-4 other expos fans in the building, they were liek OMFG UR AMERICAN NO WAY * shows them the id * OMFG DUDE YOU'RE LIKE... WHOA. WHAT ARE YOU [email protected] HERE SMOKE THIS. whilst the band "of montreal" fucking blows, and "montreal" by autechre is a boring song, brenda, i had a blast in 02 and montreal is a fucking proper city i wish i could remember more cuz i was a notorious motherfucker and like, just for 2 games being up in la stade olympique amongst the other people who wear my team's jersey, it was an honor. i cant wait to play shows in montreal like dude, what bitch isnt gonna want to fuck me when i'm rockin expos massive and i'm me and i'm unequivocally ill and hey its like, 5 expos jertseys deep now i just got he camo vermont expos grady sizemore jersey last week =D
  10. just listen to the albums in full over and over again until you get it. It will happen eventually ok go download redman's second LP "dare iz a darkside" listen to that. redman was so brilliant he didnt have to deconstruct reality and tell you some secret about life, he could make fun of everyone and everything like he was the shit. listen to that. love that. quoteth aceyalone "i love it learn it live it then give you my exhibit" and like, once you understand why i love that album so much, you can go back and listen to newschool autechre and after 5 minutes you'll be like "dude, taht shit sounds like an electronic bowel movement" incidentally, i have a copy of chiastic slide on vinyl put aside for me for $25. i don't fuck around with quality shit. trust me man, i'm no hater... i mean for fuck's sake i'm at one of the best bars in chicago jacking laptop charge, cellphone charge, and internet from some god-bless-you schmuck who doesnt secure his network. that's love. "the network you connect to is unprotected, third parties may be able to view any information sent to or from your computer" oh [email protected] anyone who tells me what a packet sniffer is, well, they have a chance to do it. and even if they do it, first of all if they do it cool cuz they have no chances with the bitches i'mma try to fuck tonight, secondly, if you wanna jack my information and get watmm posts and me flirting with bitches on myspace/facebook and uploads of my new raps to myspace, welp, gods bless. so far my idm date is standing me up. i have to turn off my celly to charge it, we'll see. see like, this guy seems to be cool and stuff, but like, i'm purebred idm. i don't like aphex twin because i love music and i came across aphex twin eventually, i got into music as a whole because i heard cuckoo by afx and he redefined my parameters for music and literally god found me through analogue bubblebath iv. purebred idm. i predate the great late 90s - early 2000s NIN 2 AFX pipeline that brought a lot of the early-mid 2000s watmmers here, even our brazen hero mcgriff, and like, as such this guy is cool and he's this and he's that, but maybe just maybe he knows like, the rabbithole never ends over here. he prolly thinks he knows a lot about the music like he tells most people who aphex twin is whilst i have c:\projects\stolen from the bank vault on this laptop. hey actually yeah if you wanna jack me load your packet sniffer and nab everything in that folder... it's quite good =D
  11. you guys wouldn't make good girls. you're supposed to be catty and like "so what's he look [email protected] what's his favorite [email protected]" incidentally, the guy is true blue autechre like he likes post-electronicbowelmovement-sounding-shit, even quarisitice and stuff.. i liek the one house-sounding track on there it's like 13 or something but i mean for me draft 7.30 onwards is a bit pointless... i hope i'm proven wrong someday.
  12. ...amongst the other things i want you to have when you're 100% rallied behind me. OH STOP IT YOU'RE SUCH A FLIRT SINI. anyways man writers couldnt come up with this shit... last night im chillin @ the black beetle in chicago and as i'm outside smoking/sneaking-a-toke i see a dude walking down the street in an ae hoodie and i blurt out "now that's a fucking proper sweater, mate" and he just kind of PFFFTS and points at me cuz i'm rockin my squarepusher shirt (you know the squarepusher logo on [email protected] it's that with the font from that 12") and he's like man... just man and gives me the idm nerd hug and i notice he has two drumsticks and he's like "i'm going to go audition for a self-professed punk-prog band" and i said go forth man he said he needs the # so he can link me to something i'm like whatever. so i hit the dude up today. the message i left him is attached to this message. and he hit me back... we're doing up a proper bar night and he's bringing his laptop so i imagine hot laptop sex is in order, you know, where we each flex our musical phalluses and join together in a short-of-fucking-this-is-as-close-as-it-gets type conversation looking down upon the endless hordes of masses with inferior tastes in music. he's got a girlfriend and i'm trying to fuck your girlfriend, so i cant promise the type of action that would make snares' public persona even more infamous, but i can promise that if this guy can make a solid post-ae type rap-de/reconstruction song, i'll rap on it. so do you guys meet up random people you see on the streets wearing idm [email protected] i remember like 5 years ago i met a dude on the L with an aphex twin shirt... i feel bad for the guy, i think he prolly thought i was trying to rape him or something. it's not rape. it's intelligence dance mindfuck, dudes. here if it doesnt attach you can download a mp3 of that message @ http://sinicalypse.kaen.org/rapsteez/aehoodiedudedrop37.mp3 in fact i cant wait the arbitrary length for this attachment download it there
  13. ok man i'm oldschool how am i to remember there's now a seperate mixes [email protected] jesus. anyways these clowns had it coming... so yeah. fuckLMFAO.mp3
  14. bumpus maximus. sorry to be extra extra annoying guys, but i gotta mastermind ways to make like 10 grand in a few months so i'm going balls out alls i can do on every facet of the music i know love and propagate. quoteth aceyalone: "i love it learn it live it then give you my exhibit" welcome to the exhibition phase guys... *opens trenchcoat*
  15. take your best shot. i woke up this morning and extended my hand and whilst the force lightning isn't quite there yet, all of the cars driving by had their lights suddenly turn on as if paying tribute to my burgeoning powers. i reiterate, take your best shot.
  16. click on the text to download the mix... appx 80something MB, ~50min. so like last night i ended up at a suburban bar to meet up this girl i hadn't seen in 12 years (viva la facebook, eh?) and like, oh man, this place was some sort of "hip club" where some schmuck played tonnes and tonnes of techhouse crap off of a laptop with, presumably, traktor or some sort of software mixer (they had a bouncer-type standing there like seriously who the fuck is going to rush this [email protected] the only good thing he played was some tech-house remix of east flatbush project's "tried by 12" which i went up and gave him props for, with the bouncer taking a step or two at me like you know, the guy with the monitor headphones on merely for the aesthetic and who had been burnin people he met fresh CDs of his rapping prowess (i was there for ~3 hours waiting for ol girl to show up, and like, i had ~8 free drinks by my count cuz like, quoteth that outkast song "last call" off'a speakerboxxxx "i'm the coolest nigga in the club i don't even have to spend a dub" but yeah. so like, when i heard that LMFAO shit i'm in miami trick i'm like oh i know what im doing tomorrow, it's my foot in your ass TRICK cuz seriously that fucking pudgy gimmick ass no skill media darling cuz he's some sort of predatory nymphomaniac who, example, shows up on an episode of the real world to cross promote himself and show the world LMFAO IS FUCKING CRAZY. no you're not, you're schmucks with no skills who rap on top of electro, following a script handed to you by your record label. yeah, trick, i'm the real deal. you're a millionaire i bet and i'm nobody, but in a purely lyrical contest judged by high-IQ people you have no chance. go fall back on your legions of fans, you're going to need them cuz whenever you look my way it's like vacationing in baghdad: so not a good idea. anyways let's see if the wifi/httproxy gods will let me up ~70mb here cuz like, it's ~49 minutes of excellence. now like i doint have a mixer and i couldnt be arsed to install traktor. this isn't me stepping up in a world where andy c exists and being like HEY I'M A REAL DJ. no, i mean, if you go to a concert/venue specifically to see a DJ i mean even seeing a laptop is enh unless it's aphex twin. well i'm so down i'm going for that "unless it's aphex twin" credit on my shit before i'm even aphex twin in the first place cuz i know i'm going to be on the level of aphex twin exceedingly soon. like 1-2 years, altho he'll be better at electronic music, i'll be "quite good" and be able to rap. THAT SAID, lookeeee here idm nerds if you want to tell me "hey that 3 second transition between songs was wack" then you're a miserable cunt who is looking to find fault with this as opposed to enjoying my indelibly brilliant tastes in music.... seriously, imagine you're at some decent bar and all the middle class white girls are putting it out there like SURPRISE they havent met a "good" man read: a rich man who doesnt cheat on them like super fuckyou excessively... and you know these bland faceless pointless tasteless sets where, example, you have to hear some flo rida and britney spears and [email protected] well this is what i'd do if i was running the tables. and keep in mind, as my skills increase exponentially every day i'm only going to get better and better... i was so fucking sickened by what i experienced at this place i came home and sat up for ~2.5 hours setting this up and chunking around vinyldumps/mp3s and even figuring out how to use soundforge as a ghetto software compressor to make surfe the volume difference between cuts is minimal... and later today i'm going to remix whoomp there it is and kill LMFAO. that's my wednesday, people, how is [email protected] fuck it. i have to attach this after the library opens up at 9. but trust me, it's well worth it. I WILL RETURN, TRUE BELIEVERS.
  17. i dont have a photo editor handy, but if i did, i'd circle that chick's head to the lower right and write "INSERT MY FACE HERE"
  18. yeah dude, i love it when underground/white rappers/rap-types ask me "what do you rap [email protected]" and i say "monkey sex with katy perry" and they start trying to tell me the difference between rap and hiphop (rap is like bitches hoes clubs thugs and big stacks. hiphop is the artform. i retort "hey dipshit, what do you do into a microphone?! [email protected] Y0 LOOK AT THAT DUDE OVER THERE HE'S HIP HOPPING HIS NUTS [email protected]" i remind them that this is a device created by people who want to feel better about themselves by arbitrarily elevating themselves over the masses of rap fans by claiming that "their" flavor/brand of rap is more superior/worthwhile/divine/whatever tahn those rich motherfuckers you see on mtv cribs. ha. i mean, i dunno about you guys, i look at that picture and have to resist the urge to start the process of entering freelance-orgasm-dispenser mode and then that's why i go kill a free in the car on the ride home or work on my three point shot off of a left handed dribble for 2 hours in 93 degree heat: cuz someday, mark my words whattem, my face gonna be all up in those titties. all i gotta do is get a super hot body so my face can be 100% beautiful and then just serve the shit out of her little gym class hero travis whatever dude, cuz like, when my mind locks into the target these pop motherfuckers have no chance, short of claiming sales, but i aint out for sales so fuck you mwahaslfjaskl;df
  19. thus [email protected] dr dre, atmosphere/slug, the beastie boys... i mean they got cuts, tho the beastie boys one i could only diss them for ~30 seconds before showing off... here i've got the beastie boys one on me i'll attach it here. as for his royal bulbiness, it's coming dude. he lives around here. he's a douchebag. he desecrates the purity of my two favorite musicians by watering down their ideas and then claiming that he's worth more money than aphex twin or some sort of peer of squarepusher, and i'll give you there's like 3-4 bangers on red extensions of squarepusher, and the lawn wake IV off of the EP b4 red ext is fucking yeah. i love that song foreal. but like, still, the whole mc flashbulb thing... world reknown tales of his [email protected] i've had a girl from the LA breakcore scene (like if she shows up, her ex's new GFs will junk her and shit) tell me a story where big bad bennny bwoy showed up at a show and was like "do you guys know who i [email protected] let me play tonight" and they're like "dude, no" and he's like "but i'm the flashbulb" and then he threw a fit and made a scene and left. and then another time when he was actually scheduled to play there was something with the house tables or setup and let's just say that if you're at a place where the flashbulb is going to play and the shit doesn't go off that superiffic, well, it's not benn's fault. we'll just leave it at that. man i've met little chicago breakcore kids at snares shows who have more stories of benn being some sort of raging douchebag dickhead piece of shit, and i made them a pledge after my first snares show that like, i'd get taht cunt someday... for what's right. and yeah it's coming. harky snarky or whatever your proxy account name is, benn jordan, mc flashbulb better go listen to MC chris' albums on repeat all for about a week straight cuz sinicalypse is gaining power and like, really, i was put on this earth to dispense justice. and play with katy perry's tits... in no particular order. watch me do what i was born to do, nah'mean?!2 =D newfree3.mp3
  20. [email protected] pfft. ok i got you, sitting in a hotel room in like 2000 or 2001 (the usual ounec of weed some coke and a couple'a chicks routine) i get bored and had this book from my library about the history of electronic music (my guy joe plucked it and showed me cuz there was an OG picture of aphex twin in his logoed shirt) and in one chapter they get squarepusher talking about him and junglists and he says "there are people who innovate [(him) and there are people who form groups (junglists)] OH OH SK;DJGFASKL;DJFSL; fuck how can i forget the squarepusher quote i heard [email protected] 2004 show @ the metro in chicago... dj acucrack was there i've known him (fan/artist wise i mean) since he was in the str8up acumen industrial band before he settled down with a laptop and a table as dj?acucrack (he's also a soundman @ the house of blues) so he sees me after the >[] set and is like come back here, and like i do and there's tom backstage... now i'm like ZOMFGWTFBBQ;FJDS;JFASDJF like quite honestly, i have nothing to say to tom jenkinson in this situation. not even "quite good" or anything whatever i gave him a high five as he walked by and he looked at me as if i was the most visceral piss-beer drinking american slothralopithicus that he had seen since the last time his eyes scanned the crowd, and i'm like "yeah" so as he's walking away (he wasn't trying to hang and take pictures with people, let's be real) this tall black dreaded british junglist guy (i've recognized him @ weeklies and shit) is like "YO MATE THAT SET WAS PROPER MENTAL... WICKED SHIT, SELECTOR, TELL ME, HOW DO YOU MAKE THAT [email protected]" and tom, withdrawn, is like "...man i really don't want to talk about that right now" and was a little but muttering near the end and the junglist dude was insisting and insisting so tom kind of like snapped back a half of a step, looked around in a fit of mini-mentalism, and then looked the guy dead in the eyes and said "I FIND PROBLEMS AND I MAKE [email protected]#$" and he stormed off into the back-back-back stage or whatever. i was just like... whoa. i mean tommy boy was selling those mad-scientist equation shirts at the show, the ultravisitor tour proper in 04 (cuz the 03 show had some shit off of it too) but yeah, taht floored me, and i know why squarepusher is my 2nd favorite musician ever: he keeps it so real cuz he's unreal. that's my guy. keep on keepin on superjunglist tommy (i invented the term "superjungle" when i read that original quote from the e-music book before, cuz i had to describe him as such)
  21. you know i've actually put a bunch of thought into this and i'd still have to go with katy perry. deschanel is worse cuz, as is evidenced by that cognitive smackdown craig ferguson put on her last week, she's got that whole hipster "my opinion as an *artist* " rah rah rah too cute for the world shit, and that's like even worse than one of the planet's finest bitches gone wild... i mean you expect those people to be stupid and annoying and trite and superficial to the point of dating the schmoe from the gym class heroes... btw he better have a footlong cock and occasionally shit diamonds cuz as i keep gaining power i think he might get a nagging case of adidas to crotch syndrome... anyways, katy perry is flat out hotter than deschanel. much better rack... and the little hipster emogirl princess actress schtick would annoy the shit out of me cuz i literally have to deal with hipsters to have a shot with any chick who prolly knows who aphex twin is in chicago, so like, deschanel is the backup plan to perry, and i mean deschanel prolly dates a pussy so that's no problem, but like, it's kind of like keira knightley and natalie portman... i'm a keira guy through and through but if i have to i'll settle for natalie... for now. sage francis is after taht shit so i gotta be original as a white rapper =D
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljP48ScSD_Q "UHH... I'M GONNA BLOG ABOUT IT... AND.. SPREAD IT.... PREFE[indistinguishable]" seriously i think this bitch is one of the finest i've seen, like seriously i'd shove megan fox into traffic to get a piece of this, but like, whenever i see her interviewed, listen to "her" songs, or like, watch her get her titties plastered up for charity while some creepy dude videotapes it (you'll see him at the end) and she looks horrendously uncomfortable at first while this bulldyke is coppin feels and she's like "wtf i'm giving you my tits why are you taping [email protected]" and then she tries to talk and that's the problem with so many women, at least for me, is my eyes lead me to ground zero where i found out the twin towers of totaltarian omnipotence crashed long long ago and then it's "the game" which roughly translates to how adept you are at controlling the conversation without her knowing that you're controlling it (mwa ha ha) and rah rah rah. i dunno if there's a rabid discussion here, maybe like, anyone out there have some bitches who you wish would be stricken with a permanent case of the stuck mute [email protected] the world would be a better place, [email protected]# # captain misogynist: a recovering sinicalyptical cunt
  23. dude, i want to point out one thing... if the whole of your cognitive armada gets blowed up real good by the laborious task that is coming up with your dj name, then suffice to say, i never want to hear you dj. if this was an exercise in campy latent bbs homoerotism that brings us together to talk about the convention of dj names, well then it's ok, but if you really need a dj name i mean holy shit dude i shit dj names by accident... like i always wanted to be DJ bin laden: the most hated dj in america (you know, the vic acid 12" is like "sail away" from the crystal light commercials for me) but like i realized i need to go deeper so i came up with dj tim osman, aka the asset. go look it up, when bin laden, ex-cia-asset from the afghani/soviet wars, came to america his code name was tim osman. while i like my dj name, i like my emessiah name for electronic music, and hey sinicalypse is kind of ok and downright fun when you watch girls fuck up how to pronounce it, i can only sit here and gaze towards the heavens with nothing but wonder of what *could* have been, no, what *should* have been if i wasn't so selfish with my damn artistry when i came up with these names and had i gone on watmm and pleaded for ideas, well, i wouldnt be here right now. i'd be waking up next to shakira in manhattan ready to play the madison square garden tonight... IF ONLY I HAD LISTENED TO WHATEMM3%$!#@
  24. um dude, that song was done before. long ago. like 1998. edit: this was done on a cut chemist beat that gets faster and faster as the song goes on until it's damn near drum and bass at the end. Artist: Blackalicous Album: A2G EP Song: Alphabet Aerobics Typed by: [email protected] (Now it's time for our wrap up Let's give it everything we've got Ready? Begin) Artificial amateurs, aren't at all amazing Analytically, I assault, animate things Broken barriers bounded by the bomb beat Buildings are broken, basically I'm bombarding Casually create catastrophes, casualties Cancelling cats got their canopies collapsing Detonate a dime of dank daily doin dough Demonstrations, Don Dada on the down low Eatin other editors with each and every energetic Epileptic episode, elevated etiquette Furious fat fabulous fantastic Flurries of funk felt feeding the fanatics Gift got great global goods gone glorious Gettin godly in his game with the goriest Hit em high, hella height, historical Hey holocaust hints hear 'em holler at your homeboy Imitators idolize, I intimidate In a instant, I'll rise in a irate state Juiced on my jams like jheri curls jockin joints Justly, it's just me, writin my journals Kindly I'm kindling all kinds of ink on Karate kick type brits in my kingdom Let me live a long life, lyrically lessons is Learned lame louses just lose to my livery My mind makes marvelous moves, masses Marvel and move, many mock what I've mastered Niggas nap knowin I'm nice naturally Knack, never lack, make noise nationally Operation, opposition, off, not optional Out of sight, out of mind, wide beaming opticals Perfected poem, powerful punchlines Pummelling petty powder puffs in my prime Quite quaint quotes keep quiet it's Quannum Quarrelers ain't got a quarter of what we got uh Really raw raps, risin up rapidly Riding the rushing radioactivity Super scientifical sound search sought Silencing super fire saps that are soft Tales ten times talented, too tough Take that, challengers, get a tune up Universal, unique untouched Unadulterated, the raw uncut Verb vice lord victorious valid Violate vibes that are vain make em vanished ? well would a wise wordsmith just Weaving up words weeded up, I'm a workshift Xerox, my X-ray-diation holes extra large X-height letters, and xylophone tones Yellow back, yak mouth, young ones yaws Yesterday's lawn yards sell our (yawn?) Zig zag zombies, zoomin to the zenith Zero in zen thoughts, overzealous rhyme ZEA-LOTS!.... (good....can you say it faster?)
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