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  1. dude, if you were me from the future you'd be picking out which position you want to fuck shakira in for the third time that day. try again.
  2. At least the hipsters don't pretend to believe in anything Smelling bad/not showering, dressing like 80's rejects, listening to horrible trendy music, and being assholes are what they believe in...right? just as bad as any hippy..... perhaps worse.... hipsters are a front for yuppies who think they're artistic. i guarantee you that at the core of 95% of them is the vain judgmental status-before-all-else mentality not too unprevalent from, say, wrigleyville chicago or any other stuck up well-to-do area of a major metropolis. the hipsters exist... well i can't tell you. it's beyond my capacities for thought and/or logic.. i think it's a reponse to chicks, so these guys doll up in nuthuggers don't shave for a week like the rebels they are, don some chuck taylors, and then like, i dunno what hipsters do... talk about [email protected]
  3. are you retarded? where to start... Artist: Organized Konfusion Album: Organized Konfusion Song: Releasing Hypnotical Gases Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash [Pharoahe Monch] As you look from whenceforth I come; riding the wind thus eliminating competition from bird's-eye view, I'm descending in helicopters -- in a village raid Flesh will burn when exposed to the poetical germ grenade I'm highly intoxicating your mind -- when I'm operating on cell walls to membranes, cytoplasms to protoplasms Disintegrate em eliminate em now no one has em in battle I display a nuclear ray that'll, destroy bone marrow in cattle Thereby destroying the entire food supply that's crawling with AIDS, maggots, flies It's ironic, when a demonic, government utilizes bionics and a six million dollar man to capture me Clever, however; you could never ever begin to apprehend a hologram Who's determined to fight solely, to defend in wars a land of the holy I threw I-raq/a-rock and I-ran/I-ran cause I couldn't stand anymore within the depths of the sand So don't ask me Hu-ssein/who-sane cause the hypnotical gases are eating my brain {oxygen levels, check it, hydorogen levels, check it nitrogen levels.. check it} [Pharoahe Monch] I am one who is one with all things, thus the unorthodox I am The paradox I am, the equinox extending my hand into dimensions to unlock new doorways And so the light has revealed to me that there must be more ways And so I play with rhythms, for something more than a mere game enabling me to advance in wisdom Words will exist like vampires No need for sunlight, from concentrations camps I escape with my sanity -- in 2010 every man will be subject to global warming, formless oval Millions of locusts swarming Seek and you shall find the deliverer of a rhyme the intelligent one, utilizing the mind third vision Surrounded by a three-sided figure, containing the brain The triggering mechanism from which I strike sight beyond sight, sound beyond sound which comes from below the magma, the granite, the ground The surface will seperate, dispersing harmful ashes Your optics will not be able to detect the deadly hypnotical gases Damn it's hard to breathe!!! But if I got one breath left; I'll suck wind from the valley of death, here I come from the slums of earth to center I reveal myself as a beast within a, unbreakable shell Walkin through the doorways of Heaven -- or is this Hell? {The time is now.. right now.} {This is the hour, this is the new dawn! This is the new day.}
  4. I'm so sorry to hear that. The stigma surrounding mental health issues can often make the problem so much harder to cope with. I'm sure the whole of wattem is wishing you a speedy recovery. All the best, Lady kaka
  5. hi my name is tom mcgivafuck and i wanted to pop over and say that my day was not complete until i got my exhibitionistic peek into the linguistics of your in-laws, dude.
  6. don't sleep on miley cyrus. everytime you walk into a big-box retailer in america you're greeted by her scary fucking mug coming at you like 10 different ways: i shall flood that out of my synaptical receptors with a MGD and some plasma screen internet wii mario kart with the gamecube controllers love.
  7. whenever a commmercial asks me a rhetorical question i always answer it aloud. people look at me funny like it's weird to have an open dialogue with the ads tryin'ta permeate their innate consumer defense systems. it's so amazing to watch americans get groomed into little mindless consumer never-question-anything zombies... it kind of gives me a purpose, antithetically speaking.
  8. arched maid via rdj. /thread. this was the first aphex song i ever heard you know what the first aphex twin song i ever heard was?!2 cuckoo off'a ab4. and that changed my life. i nicked the number 37 from the back of it and it led me on a path to discovering the divine and unlocking my true potential. sigh. i wish i coulda came in on thee great nin 2 afx pipeline like everyone else =/
  9. off the top of my head hab1 is 5000 copies and hab2 is either 2000 or 1000 [email protected]
  10. incidentally, i forgot to say before that if this is your magna opus of pithy little idm puns for an album title, i'm fairly certain without ever hearing one of your songs that you suck at music =D
  11. 1. justin long 2. demetri martin 3. asher roth 4. "flo" from the progressive commercials 5. megan fox (and i'd sell the socks on e-bay to capitalize on her whilst we still know who she is) 6. dave matthews 7. jason mraz 8. john mayer (he's interchangable with mraz, tho i think mraz has the faggy hats look down better) 9. "cisco" from that mtv blip on the radar phenomenon "schwayze" pr whastever. you fucked kim stewart: god punishes thee 10. speaking of mtv, mainly because i kind of study it to see how they're infecting the kids minds, the lead singer of LMFAO. mark my words, friends, there will be a sinicalyptical foot flying at his emotional joystick the second i get a chance to. you see, i might not ever be a media darling or whatever, but i will always be that one guy you're pretty damn sure you don't want to fuck with.
  12. word, man, i really wanna kick that cunt from the progressive commercials in the cunt.
  13. god you people suck at the esoteria of thee so-called idm world. i mean like, vacuum [email protected] there aren't even decent songs on here. for the sake of whatever, i'm going to include records that were stolen from me, because i have to give whoever did it credit, they took like 10 records and had awesome taste in records. - squarepusher plays 12". ok i dont know how many were made but do you have the record? waits for a no. deep fried pizza is like yeah and having squarepusher plays almost makes up for not having feed me weird things on vinyl. - 3-2-1 records "connected" compilation. this record was stolen from me, but it's like a 1996-97ish record from a now-defunct chicago record label and the comp had lateef's "the wreckoning" on there and an exclusive blackalicious cut called "touch the stars" which is the fucking shit. ventolin 2x12" doesnt count cuz it's warp [email protected] i had the hangable autobulbs stolen from me. both of them. i was homeless, and if i ever found the fucker it's the only human being i might kill because arched maid via rdj is the greatest piece of music in the whole of human history. sighd;lskjfg;ad;sfkgodkfgkdsfg[kfadg ummmmmjmds;fjs;'dfgasd;f hmmmmmmmmmmmm i have this weird no-label-type jay-z record with this weird half-finished song about him selling drugs called "this morning" i'll toss it up cuz i think it's a premier beat and it's fucking dope. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmpkj;zkj'fjsd'fgjsp hmmm. solesides greatest bumps limited press 4xLP. hmmm idm-wise... bubble and squeak got repressed so that ain't rare/limited. my clear toasters 7" has the get smart theme song covered on there and that was like 100 copies. ummmmmm, i reckon my trouble funk "still smokin" 7" promo is pretty rare. and if i think up more that i've got i'll come back to win the thread all over again =D
  14. "thank god it's cold out otherwise you'd be missing an eye right now, girl"
  15. oh yeah he served that bitch... you can tell she's not really used to it. that's some real shit man props going out to craig for doing the lord's work. keep in mind we're in the middle of the 4 months where nobody should fuck megan fox to help shrink her ego.
  16. i can really give a shit i mean the whole thing wreeks of corporate manufacturism so i can't be arsed
  17. the whole movie makes you just fucking loathe billy mitchell. i mean take a look at the guy: oh wait a second... i take it back cuz that guy looks familiar... who does he remind me [email protected] fucking shit HE'S THE GREATEST MUSICIAN EVER YOU [email protected]#$%@#r$#@
  18. dear ritchie, you're boring: grow a pair. although i must confess i like the hair. tally [email protected]# # james
  19. this bitch is weak. her music is nothing more than the modern offshot of that crap you'd hear about when some european lookin "club kid" came up in some sort of an adidas tracksuit and be like "yo, are you into [email protected]#" and obviously she's a fucking gimmick and a half cuz her stylist and corporate creative team are constantly scanning thrift shops for more gimmicky shit to cut up and stick on her shoulder, face, etc. i've met lameass girls who go "i love her style" and then when i start talking about the merits of dadaism versus that of something more concrete in terms of having a set belief or opinion, they look at me funny and wanna start talking to standard issue societal-type guys in a polo shirt with a "i work in an office haircut" and the downright divine patience to stand there and listen to her blather long enough for her to be convinced that you're "sensitive" or "not a typical guy" or whatever your highway to gettinglaidville is. fret not, pop is fickle. the bitch will be gone before you know it.
  20. do your kid a favor right now and stop using "niggas and blunts" as some sort of motief or catchphrase to show that you're transcendentally superwhite and hyperaware of all ins and outs of comedically-gifted moderate racism. you don't exactly look like the kind of guy known to get blunted with a few niggaz, you know what i [email protected] don't do it for me, do it for your child [email protected]!#
  21. well the first thing i'd do is put in water slides. i have seriously yet to ehter the bar that could not be drastically improved by a couple'a water slides, especially the closer you are to the equator. secondly, i'd have badass music. i would say "if you're needing something popular to feel comfortable in my hedonistic wonderland then you're not the kind of person that really belongs here" at first your investors would be like FUCK YOU, but with the proper vision and artistry you'd kill in the middle to long term. you'd be a place with standards. maybe even put up a "fuck off lindsay, you sad hag" sign just to really let the world know where you stand in terms of where you're trying to take this place. deloreans would be involved. then again, once i get like enough beyond $25k to be able to breathe for a week i'm getting a fucking delorean. it's the key to the proper entrance of any sort of musically-endowed evening. i'd probably geek out on some european brews and make sure that i told my barentenders to lose a little in terms of overserving the top shelf shit, but let people know that if you toss down the money you'd better have a designated driver. the club is an archetype made legendary though countless years of shitty rap, people with boringass 9-5 jobs dream of that night where they show up with their wad of disposable cash and do whatever it is they gotta do to get with whoever they wanna fuck and i mean god bless them, it literally keeps the world turnin round. that said, my goal would be to establish this not necessarily as the hippest place ever, but a place where you know you're gonna get faded and hey maybe if you open up your ears some you'll learn something about the way music oughta be. i'd have to find a way to get away with a weed smoking dojo. i mean if you're a prominent enough member of the local community nobody will fuck with you for weed anyays, as long as you're not flagrantly "i rule the world" ;about it. and then.... hmm. i'm thinking i tie a bunch of electricity dispensers electrodes or whatever the fuck you need to install in the floor to the floor so i can give the dj the option of executing anyone who sucks at dancing. seriously, it'll make the true talent rise to the top =D
  22. i just family glued myself to my pants. wheeeeeeee
  23. pk i can't be arsed to read the whole thread and rah rah rah, but whenever i see the UFC i can't help but marvel over how ostentatiously gay it is. no matter where you are in this supposed masterstroke of all of the world's finest martial arts combined into one streamlined product that compels portly americans to piss our enough piss beer to support the big sanitation industries, i mean... ok, whenever i see the fucking sport there's two half-naked dudes on the ground in some sort of an intimate hold with red faces portraying the agony i'd imagine is not too unlike what i'd be feeling if someone tried to shove their majestic cum excalibur up my "do i need to steal another street sign?!" one way arse. and i mean... the people really hardcore into UFC... they're like the insane clown posse fans of sports. anyone who's had a modicum of rap experience in their life will know what i'm talking about... ARE YOU DOWN WITH THE [email protected] no, i'm down with redman you fucking homo now go paint your face fuck off and go see tech n9ne or something. yeesh. the UFC upholds a principle of mine: if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and if it gets its jollies off fucking hot lady ducks, it's obviously a cadillac devile light your newport longs we's fiddin'ta roll2#[email protected]!
  24. back in 5th grade my teacher miss johnson, a middle aged intellectual-type inherently dissatisfied with her life (which led to fun times for dad @ the parent/teacher meetings) being incredibly self-important one time took to heart this idea that she had read about where playing mozart in classrooms of students actually does some sort of mental-trigger-thingy that raises their overall aptitude levels. impressed, she decided to use us as her guinea pigs in her quest to find a higher purpose in educating 85% subservient suburban peasants in an anonymous midwest suburb: i mean could you possibly dream of a better lot to fuck [email protected] it was a literature/writing-about-literature class so i spose she was waxing artistic with some sort of naivete where we could unleash our true inner artist or something... fuck if i know. the bitch was and likely is now way way more nuts. for the record, i can tell you that listening to mozart whilst doing whatever i did managed to do absolutely nothing for me, well, other than annoying me, cuz i tend to find classical music to be underwhelming. i'm a child of the 80s: the OG mtv nintendo generation>> there are weird japanese 8-bit music composers who have brought tears to my eyes in such legendary titles like the guardian legend for fuck's [email protected] i love music that's so synthetic it shits out syntax errors, so i found her experiment to have failed miserably and i put the idea to rest for some time. amazingly enough, in the last year or so it has occurred to me a few times that this kind of thing might actually work if you had the proper type of music. i came to this realization whilst writing something while nodding my head intently to squarepusher's anstromm-feck-4, like, there i was in my writing zone doing what i do quite fucking well and without even so much as a foreground thought really devoted to the music. so there i was synced up to one of the most brilliant rhythms in the history of electronic music with the drums flying around my brain like buzzsaws like holy shit i swear those drums made perfect sense to me... it's why i worship at the altar of the greats, because for no matter how balls out mental it goes there's always that core pattern holding it together, rendering all of the variance to work as a veritable mechanism of creshendo that maybe-even-subconsciously wills you towards total unity with the track... it's like allstate, you're in good hands. it's not necessarily just aphex twin and squarepusher, however, i do think they're the best examples of this phenomenon seeing as i think they're the two best percussionists i've ever heard cuz seriously, human drummers don't really impress me. they're smelly wannabe lead-singers... i digress, before i ramble out 64 different directions, has anyone else noticed that they get in some sort of a hellaciously productive groove whilst they're jamming out to brilliant fast-n-mental electronic music and when you notice it you're like "whoa, i'm hardcore. most people get like this over sweet home alabama" and then you smile and promptly head home for your rounds of victory masturbation cuz clearly you are too nextschool to procreate with a females of a lower species =D
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