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  1. christopher eccleston is the shit. playing the doctor for even a season prepared him to go up in front of greenscreens and deliver some of the most balls out brilliant if not horribly corny (the jagrafess of the holy hadrojassic maxarodenfoe comes to mind) lines known to mankind, so to see him play a villian in a movie where all of hte other actors either suck or are there to be fuckable objects, my hat was off. and he didn't fuck around when it came to the blacked out sienna miller in leather toting rifles, of her one of his surrogates said "i'm under orders to kill anyone that touches you, especially your husband" - fucking pimp. the guy delivered the best performance of the movie hands down, and from here on i'll protect the lot of you.
  2. off the top of the head in my car stoned out of my gourd i had to let slug have it. and i know i'm right. and if you're really fucked up over my little rap reniassance, http://sinicalypse.kaen.org/inprogress/ they're all off the dome frees tho cuz i'm kind of just building up my overall life game before i really pop up like "niggaz i'm here" with my writtens. until then, enjoy the sporadic fun that is me kicking ass at rapping # james ok it didnt link on to the first post so hereyago you can\'t believe how much fun i\'m having not being atmosphere.mp3
  3. cigarettes and gatorade do wonders for hangovers... hell they've actually made me close to an actual human being on these mornings where i hit the bed at like 5:42am and i wake up and it's like 10:06 and my stomach is like some sort of chinese torture device.
  4. sitting on an internet bulletin boards glossing over pages of people bitching about iphones reminds me why i think the muslims have a good shot at world domination.
  5. this is offset only by the feeling of relief that the ladies feel once you've finally walked away. yin and yang man, life's gotta balance.
  6. methinks given the trajectory of this conversation this will come in handy later on =D
  7. i absolutely loathe that little bitch. she's done absolutely nothing of merit and yet she parades around like the hottest thing ever when really she's just a legal alternative to your underage girl fantasies given the way she's (not) developed
  8. you don't think allah is watching you for reposting this infidel [email protected] take a look at the replies/views part: DIVINE INTERVENTION
  9. so on sunday night i got to see one of the last "techno gods" i've yet to see in my day, thee venerable richie hawtin, aka plastikman. for those of you who don't know, i was ingratiated into the world of electronic music by aphex twin in late 1994 (i heard cuckoo off of ab4, prior to then my favorite stuff was by the KLF, go figure) and i never ever looked back, especially as the chicago "rave scene" grew to random-kids-at-highschool-wearing-giant-pants-and-spooging-over-paul-johnson between late 96 and 1998-99 / it's very very timely death, and i remember sitting in the corner @ raves bored tripping rolling you name it, the music didn't do shit for me... at one fo them there was this off little back room where a guy was spinning burningn'n tree tracks on their original spymania presses evidently (this was circa 1998-99, afterall, didnt burning'n' tree get re-released on warp in 01 i wanna say? maybe it was 98 or 99 tho) and i was like omfg and it was fun tryin'ta watch people dance whilst those of us with superior tastes in music just kind of stood there nodding our heads getting the fill of intelligent/going-places music that we knew we wouldn't hear elsewhere in the building. so yeah there i was at the smartbar in chicago in a rather packed room and i heard... techno. so primitive and boring, i had almost forgot just how much i despised it as i started getting mental images of socks in a dryer, masturbating unicorns (the best dance move ever cuz you end up banging yourself in the head to the beat) rectally-impaled string beans, and of course the random club kids half-shirtless in sunglasses with a fedora tryin'ta look too cool for school. i laughed when people would applaud a new track "dropping" cuz for the last 4-5 minutes they heard THE SAME FUCKING SOUND BEING CUTOFFED RESONATED DSP'D WHATEVERED it's the same same same same same same same same sound... i gained more appreciation for drum and bass, a genre of music that so-non-coincidentally just so happens to rhyme with "run in place" but like, at least if you're trying to dance drum and bass takes chances, and a good dj cuts out a good deal of the mandatory 1:30buildup to the drop, the ostentatious breakdown to near-ambience, and then teh pointless super-reiteration of the semi-modified hooks near the end, the result is that you actually get something tangible and interesting and dynamic and fast and badass, whereas techno is like fixating on one repetitive broken sound over and over and over and over and it's slow and it's so fucking retarded, i mean, it reminds me why i fell in love with aphex twin's permutations of the techno formats: HE TOOK THE MUSIC PLACES. as did/does squarepusher. the tracks have emotion to them, not monotonous robots marching/dancing to monotonous crap, it's like, there's actual song structure and typically an ace aphex/sp/disciples cut will reward your investment with creshendos and dots of variance so brilliant detractors can only hope to call it random seeing as they're technically right but then a philosophical argument ensues over the essence of what is truly random. you get none of that with techno. you get doot doot doot doot doot doot dit doot doot doot dit doot doot doot dit dit dit dit (crowd applauds maniacially, people step up their dance moves) thank god the girl i was with was actually cool so when we both got horrendously bored with hawtin's set after an hour and a half on the dancefloor, we both wished aloud we were at least at a jungle night and went to my long-favorite pastime of raves/techno-nights/whatever: making fun of white people dancing. all of the red stripe in the world couldn't help them. so yeah, after i dropped her off (it was 4am and she had to work at 9. that's keeping it real, esp when i found out she has a disdain for techno like i do yet *had* to see richie hawtin once. i can respect that) i happened to have the helston flora remix of baby ford's normal handy and all of a sudden my ears and brain were concurrently assaulted by dynamic evolving variant patterns that built up to a climix not too unlike good sex, but in convenient "bugging the shit out of drunken hipsters on ashland ave at 4am" format. god bless aphex twin and all he's done to gentrify my musical tastes and habits since late 1994. can i get an [email protected]
  10. how can you people like aesop rock?12 have you studied him? at least dose one gives you an easily-mockable voice (watch out for mc ten strip someday, as i've dosed one too many times =)
  11. you's fiddin'ta get bombed, ain't [email protected] how is the muslim population down in [email protected] * looks out across the street @ mosque *
  12. /thread on that one. really. you can just hear samuel l sayin "now go get my wallet...it's the one that says bad motherfucker on it"
  13. YES, fuck them too. every time i see a fucking UPS commercial i hear that oddly affeminate song, which i first heard on the ride to a homeless shelter in late 03 / early 04 and it was said "hey jim this kind of reminds me of your guy aphex twin" and true i did hear some influence in the percussion style of that song, but still, really, fuck the hipsterization of electronic music. it shall never stand as long as i'm here to fight [email protected]#
  14. so i'm reading this thread looking at the lists like "man these people don't know anything... where are some of the bonafide rap gods?!" and then i see my post, realize this is an old post, and the best [email protected] i killed any and all discussion with this list. obviously mc brains is a joke and i should put tupac in his place, but still, i am glad that nobody tried to step to my list seeing as it's correct. it's perfect. granted i'm going off of pure skill and talent, as opposed to putting why they're there... and rakim at 9 is a bit low, and i know redman's last LP is ehh... but still, the list abides.
  15. that's fucking proper. my dad was just showing everyone here all of their houses on that shit, and yet, i realize even now more than ever i live in the wrong country...
  16. just say the word, oh fearless leader, and i will invade afghanistan with only a musket. WHEREVER YOU LEAD, I [email protected]#[email protected]
  17. wait michael jackson is dead?! i just thought that he had a new album coming out and the media was promoting it... what the fuck is going [email protected]
  18. here's what comes close: leaving your house going out stumbling into a girl worthy of your penile instrusion and then spending many evenings investing in her infinitesimal world of bullshit just so you can be thought of as "one of those guys who cares" all the way to the wonderland known as the land of the nightly wet worm.
  19. i think they want her to be a reagan-type, aka a programmable actor who can go out and use their brazen looks to assuade the hopes and fears of the commoners whilst they follow orders to make this country even more of a corporate-owned-pseudo-democracy. oh and i wouldn't fuck her daughter with a stolen dick. yeeeesh.
  20. hi my name is katie and i'm not quite fucking the guys who i want to fuck when i go out to the bar, so i'm going to put this picture on the internets so you fap away until i build up enough confidence to mack that one guy i really want to fuck, so thank you for any and all attention, validation, and hey did you notice that i took this picture in a mirror?! yes. i'm artistically brilliant like that.
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