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  1. congrats: you win the first annual sinicalyptical cunt award for the continued pussonification of the american male. may the golden vagina trophy in your living room serve as a reminder of your unequivocal achievement in the field of manhood
  2. yes, that's fucking it right there. i love to tell them that they just asked me a question and in fact, no, it is not alright that they asked me a question and i'm in fact very offended that they asked me any ol question in the first place. "do i look like an encyclopedia? am i at your disposal?!@" by this point, they start to realize that i'm more trouble than whatever their answer is worth =D
  3. i have just sworn off vagina as a whole and have decided that a little ass-pain for the rest of my life isn't the worst fate in the world =D best one in the thread, IMHO.
  4. dude, at least post the funny one if you're gonna do this [youtubehd]ILjJDcI2Em8[/youtubehd]
  5. i had a friend named fritz oteker. as you would imagine, i always called him fritz autechre. he actually loved autechre and tossed me a gram of dank because i gave him the gantz graf video when it first came out and he was so overwhelmed by it.
  6. i would say that's very likely... most of the hipsteresque people i know tend to cringe at fast/drilly/bass-driven/entertaining music and tehn they always want to put on some fucking whiny dude/bitch wailing about this and that over a twangy acoustic guitar and they tell me to listen it's so great it's so great but it's like fuckall. as i said in my original post, aphex twin is a fairly common name amongst people who *know music*, whether they're a cool person or the aforementioned indie rock pussies, hipsters, whatevers. in terms of the mainstream or average person per capita, especially in the USA and then also in the UK, i would say it's more than likely going to be the case that tehy don't know who aphex twin is, which is the way i reckon aphex twin wants it. he could have come a mainstream act in 1997-98 but he decided against it after windowlicker, properly fucking off for three years. most people would get their music videos winning mtv music-video-deathmatch shows and be like omfg here's my moment, thank god richard james is smarter than that
  7. seriously, has there ever been a notable remix of an aphex twin song that's really really good?!@ off the top of my head the only one i can think of is u-ziq's remix of on, i remember liking that one. otherwise, it's a pretty barren wasteland and most people have teh sensibility to not go there
  8. huh?!@ i dont know where you live, but out here in chicago i have the opposite effect. so many times out at bars i'll be bullshitting with someone who pronounces words properly and i'll mention aphex twin and 9 times out of 10 they always know who he is and have respect whether or not they like him. i've had people literally go WHOOAAAAA and grab their gf/friends and be like "now here's a man who knows real music" hell in fact whenever i wear one of my aphex twin shirts here in chicago i'll usually get at least 3 comments from people coming up to me unsolicited, and usually one of them has a proper accent. i think this is because the types of places i frequent feature types of music that aren't too far away from the aphex twin branch of the electronic music tree, and with that being the case, if you're into electronic music and you're british i reckon you know who aphex twin is, short of maybe like being 16 or 17 now, seeing as since 1997 aphex has drastically reduced his output of new music, however, anyone around my age (28) would clearly know who he is. from what i've gathered, aphex twin is a definite source of national pride amongst british electronic music enthusiasts and noticeably still ahead of squarepusher, as you go down to roughly 60-75% of the same people who know/love aphex are the same with squarepusher, but by and large aphex twin is a buzzword, especially here in america, that shows a british person that you've got civilized tastes in music.
  9. dude, famous idm is an oxymoron of colossal proportions... with the exception of aphex twin, though that's only with people into music... in terms of mainstream post/alternaschlubs (this indierock thing is continuing the pussifonication of the american male: fuck the world) they have no fucking idea who aphex twin is, allow me an example.... i have a t-shirt with "aphex twin" scrawled out in richard's handwriting from, i believe, drukqs or if not i care because you do or the RDJ EP... i went to this place the old oak tavern in wicker park and as i sat down and started flirting up the bartender as i ordered she's like "what's that notebook for?!" i'm like "i write rhymes when i get bored of people at bars" and she's like "are you some kind of gangster?!" and then this hipster-lookin-dude workin there grabs her and is like "hahaha girl don't you see this guy is wearing an aphex twin shirt and you're calling him a gangster?!@ you're such an idiot sometimes!!" naturally, if you're true to your idm roots you'll never ever be famous and you'll actually love it, because your music is too complicated for the average joe to appreciate. it takes a special breed of dork to understand exactly what you're going for, and so is the love affair with idm
  10. this would be an impossibility for me... now that i've left sedatives behind and went through my near-alcoholic and superstoner phases to initially cope with getting off the train, all i've got left is this raging libido that evidently wants me to become some sort of fucking sexual dynamo. i wanna invite this girl out on thursday night... there's a early-90s hiphop night, part of 40oz'er week (the most patriotic beverage ever, so it claims) and they're serving up st ides, and then later at night dieselboy is playing and it's like ergh he's pretty wank tho i havent seen him since 97 or 98 and about once a month a proper drum and bass night is fun as shit. the only problem is she's the friend of my friend's girlfriend and even tho i know her and i've sold her weed and shit, whenever i see her it's always through the friend and his GF, and solo i'm only in the myspace zone, where she's maybe a once a week person... arg. we'll see how it goes
  11. hey do you live in vancouver by chance?!@ one of my good friends moved out there, impregnated his post-internet girlfriend, married her, and now is a dual citizen so he can work decent jobs. y'all should hook up sometime, cuz if he's even 75% of the guy he was pre-family then he's a real motherfucker... out of all of my friends he has the best musical tastes (read: closest to mine)
  12. my all time thing is that i believe on "weapon of choice" fatboy slim ripped off mike and rich's "reg" methinks he heard that and thought "man that's a great song, and since richard isn't going to sell dick for records in terms of the mainstream, i'mma redo this shit and make something for the masses" and then christopher walken got involved and b00m, the heist was beyond successful. hell, fatboy even called his greatest hits LP "the greatest hits: why keep trying?!" the smarmy cunt. talk about overrated... sheeeeeez. tho i did like punk to funk and everybody needs a 303 off'a better living through chemistry.
  13. timeline 4:42pm CDT earth-322148 (per hodgman's multiversal directory of concurrent realities) - wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?!@ - somewhere in a dream last night i completely reconceptualized reality and made it far more enjoyable... first off, there was an unfortunate accident where everyone wearing flip-flops had a really bad day... like a banished from this plane of existence kind of bad day... it will forever go down in human lore as the "mcfuckup" as mcdonalds, thought to be the most powerful entity on earth by a benevolent alien race who in no way felt obligated to actually show up here and confront us with our mess of problems, was given a doomsday device as a means of this alien race communicating their respect for mcdonalds iron grip on that of this planet earth 322148. unfortunately, our aliens made an incorrect judgment on who the persons in charge of mcdonalds were and they ended up giving the doomsday device to a 22 year old shift manager in sheboygan, wisconsin who was like "whoa cool" and pressed the button and when the device began to whir up it immediately invaded his head and began to comb his innermost thoughts desires hopes and dreams and give an old college try to immanentize his eschaton, which at the time was kind of redirected by a thought he was having, checking out a rather shapely young specimen of human female walking by he was vibing with everything about her except her three dollar flip flops to which he thought "man i'd kill to see her rocking some oldschool adidas shelltoes... fucking flip flops... why the fuck do people wear them?!@" being that this doomsday device had daddy issues and therefore was hellbent on pleasing anyone whom it saw as a figure of respect, it went out of its way to make possible what it believed to be the purest random thought he had, that of the flip flops, and within a split second everyone on the planet who was wearing flip flops was duly exterminated in a multitude of ways that i shan't bore you with, suffice to say, let's just say that technologically omnipotent alien doomsday devices have a proper sense of humor, thank god. within a split second the world was completely bereft of people wearing flip flops, and boy how did the world change?!@ oh let me tell you. first of all, the chicago cubs franchise had to up and move to memphis TN because suddenly they had no fanbase outside of people with goatees in jean shorts. the collective IQ of the planet earth rose 6 points, which caused corporate boards around the world to groan and realize they've gotta spike the corn harvests again and cut some funding to schools and pollute the air a little more to even the score. fearing extinction, the makers of "crocs" were never heard from again. people would speculate as to their whereabouts, however, nobody cares about teh asshole(s) who made crocs. karma is indeed quite a bitch when it wants to be. shoemakers saw the opportunity to unite the world in a fit of quality footwear... adidas sales went up 66% and then everyone had something in common: they hated flip flops. nobody would dare ever wear a pair of flip flops again because everyone remembered what happened on the day of the mcfuckup (a term that wouldn't be coined for approximately 63 years until that once-shift-manager, on his deathbed, confessed to the greatest secret in the history of humanity) and with this fear omnipresent the world united, started listening to 1990s michael jackson music that advocated a one world selfless raceless utopian view, and then we all held hands coke made 6 commercials off of it the guinness record for the longest successful joint passing operation happened and then our alien friends saw this and said "the earth is a bunch of pussies, let's take them" which led to the imminent invasion of the talaxians, who underestimated our ability to be completely annoying and persistent and... hungry. yes, when tehy destroyed our food supplies and hoped to win a war of attrition the food network began airing programs on how to grill talaxians and all of a sudden our food problems were answered, and thanks to keanu reeves realizing he actually IS divine and not just playing it in movies, we were able to defeat the talaxians, hijack their technology, go back to their homeworld and take them over, where we now grow talaxian babies and harvest them for food, cuz the mctalaxian deluxe is the best selling burger in the history of the universe. the talaxians rued the day that they made such a horrific judgment error, as they thought they were going to find allies on earth in mcdonalds... instead, they found their antichrist, and to this very day seeing the golden arches anywhere in teh universe will cause any of the estimated 3 million free talaxians in hiding across the galaxy into tears, because of one little mistake in judging human social-power structure they went from the most majestic creatures in teh universe to burger-meat, all thanks to the mcfuckup... and the convient fact that god lived in earth in the form of keanu reeves. and so it goes... that is, until the walmartians decided to fight back against their banishment and invade earth in the year 4264, however, that is a story for another day.
  14. the monsanto corporation would like to remind you that they own you, along with 90-95% of the soy crop thanks to their genetic modification of the soybean... they were a chemical company who came up with a wonderful pesticide and had to genetically modify the soy, which they applied for a patent on and got, therefore now 90-95% of the market is their soy, and say your neighbor grows monsanto shit and you don't and some of their stuff blows over / crosspollenates/whatever they'll have their monsanto secret police show up and fuck with you before they sue the shit out of you, purposely drag it out, and then you have to settle because you can't afford to fight them and their legal team. i can't wait til genetically modified humans are copyrighted. that'll be the day
  15. allow me to say, likely 10 pages too late, that the forum looks excellent and has a very nice feel about it... the only thing i've got issue with is that it blows chunks on my 14.4k @home, but there's probably some way to scale down the graphics and whatnot which will help out... but yeah seeing as i'm probably one of a million stuck with 14.4k @home (it's part of comcast's evil plan to completely fuck up dialup internet users and be like "we don't know what's wrong... ask your ISP... hey did you know we sell *high speed* internet?!" the fuckers. but yeah propers bestowed
  16. Drexciya, man!!!!! Techno. Not enough DSP wankery. I want Richard D. James to die so his tearful wife can come on here and do a Courtney Love and start wailing, "Why couldn't it have been the Flashbulb?" i'll tell you why... because he's waiting for squarepusher to die in order to see how to do it proper, then he can grab his guitar and his sequencer and wank off to heaven in his luxurious casket, which is how self-made millionaires go off into the great abyss....
  17. When assessing Michael Jackson's role on his records, keep in mind that Quincy Jones did some shit music in with other artists in the '80s. quincy jones is by and large an overrated producer... now i know some are gonna be like "how can you say that?!@" and i do confess that as i type this the opening riff to beat it is in my head.... yeah he made anthemic pop synthhooks for the ages, but like, if you actually start to look at michael jackson's great great songs really analytically you can see that they're hackishly created and so vanilla as if they don't want to take a chance and lose even one potential album sale by trying to do something that hasn't been done before, so they just vanilla'd it up and like, with just about any of michael jackson's songs after about 2-2:30 in the song you can tell they're plum out of ideas and rely on the strength of that synth-hook and michael's voice and dancing to carry it out. oh yeah btw i forgot to mention this in all of my babbling b4... michael jackson had macualey culkin rapping in that black white video. in faux-thug-gear. that's when michael jackson jumped the shark for sure. edit: fuck fuck shit shit fuck i've gotta get up to milwaukee to see my guy frank snow, aka francisco nieve, take on the brewers.... free ticket, altho it's an ex heroin guy tryin'ta get me to bring shit up for him. thanks for helping me to burn enough time so i didnt succomb to doing that... peace!
  18. damn, you know actually that brooke shields thing reminded me of a story i heard on some old obscure-ish documentary that'll probably get played again soon. back during the jackson 5 days when michael was approximately 14 his older brothers, who used to get mad roadpussy back in the day so much so that even daddy joe got the leftovers, decided that it was time for them to get their lil brother michael laid. so they got a cute groupie girl who obviously wanted michael and they grabbed michael and they tossed them into a room, threw the door closed, and managed to lock them in the room/barricade the door shut, occasionally hooting and being like "go michael go michael" the girl, who was interviewed in her adulthood, said that even tho she was like OMFG michael started sweating and getting really creeped out and then began talking about jesus and essentially tried to convert her to whatever sect of christianity he's a part of (likely the first baptist church of 6th ave or something) and jesus this and that and yeah.... see either michael always was gay and then as time wore on he fancied kids because he saw a purity in kids / their lack of mental fortitude meant they couldnt scheme against him and it's probably a latent control issue... or well, the man got fucked up and burned out on pussy and gravitated towards kids. but like, if your endgame is 10 year old penises and assholes, you must not've been much of a fan of the pussy in the first place.
  19. agreed, but before 87 he was super relevant. i wasn't even 10 at the time so excuse me the childish notion of what the world was like, but back then he was the coolest guy in the world with the most wicked dance moves, the best shows, the best music, the best voice, he looked the coolest, had the best videos, the most fans, hell the most everything (ok, he only dated brooke shields for a while, so in the girl department he was lacking - but being a pre-teen, you don't care for chicks, at least hardly). he was like your coolest big brother who you looked up to. after '87 that coolest big brother went coco, i'll give you that. but still, that person who once was that super ultra cool guy doesn't walk this world anymore. the once coolest big brother (who became ultra uncool after 87) has died... i was born in september of 1980, and as such i grew up in the 80s. allow me to preface this by saying that i pray for reincarnation so i can have a chance to be born in 1960 so then i could really really live in the 80s, i mean, it's like that brilliant cylob song says "this is where we want to be... the future has arrived" etc. part of the reason i'm a self-described electric messiah is because going back to my childhood i absolutely loved the musical soundscape of synthpop... 80s music. the cheese the stuff that was supposed to be epic fail for the great jeans and flannel revolution of 1991, i totally embraced that cuz i'd hear so many of those songs like yaz's don't go or that one from the nintendo DS commercial and this and that and like it provides this ethereal backdrop for my life and consequent perspective on music... it's why i get goosebumps when i hear that press your luck song i did, cuz that theme song was arguably my favorite piece of music from the 80s, which even includes the nintendo realm... altho i dunno man anyone who knows the RBI baseball song knows htat one has to be fighting for the crown. i was never a musical kid, in fact i didn't really get into music til the age of 14 when a copy of analogue bubblebath 4 showed up, so i do confess to being an odd one... that said, the earliest memories i have of jackson was this VHS tape my mom had where she used to tape music videos back when they were omnipresent and like she used to be cool and have good taste in music before she gave up weed, and as time wears on... sihg. but that tape had the extended thriller billie jean some eurythmics this catchy george harrison song with a cool video called said on you and man a whole bunch of stuff like that.... i remember michael jackson being a larger than life figure, like, he was "it" when i was around 5-6-7 years old. i remember seeing that leave me alone video and liking the video and the song, hell i even knew the context of what it was... smooth criminal and stuff was what it was, and you know he was there and i never really put much thought into it, but like, he was already established as the thing... when my consciousness came into focus, michael jackson was there and at the top. and like, his music was genetically engineered to be vanilla and have massappeal and whatnot, i mean give quincy jones credit for coming up with anthemic pop hooks but after a verse chrorus verse when he'd try to change up and reprise into some sort of a modified articulation/climax of the thing, wow it was fucking elevator music quality. and then 1991 came and i remember this big deal with teh simpsons having an episode and then michael jackson's video debuted IN PRIMETIME ON NATIONAL TELEVISION and woooo... and that video was black or white. and it creeped me out as a kid cuz it's not like i'm racist but thats when he started to try and make some let's all hold hands and unite and sing songs and be one people shit, prolly cuz he got sick of making songs about wanting to fuck bitches when he clearly was interested in little boys, and this holier than thou ambassador-of-earth thing and i dunno... in the perspective of my lifetime he always was larger than life, and like, that wasn't a good thing for these last 18-19 years, i'll have you know. i reckon if i was teenaged or older when that first hit and became a phenomenon i'd have a different take, but it's like i always took thriller for granted cuz it was kind of always there and it always will be and as such it wasn't some radical status-quo busting change for me and my musical tastes
  20. dude your thoughtful edit (after the dr.277 for anyone else) fucked me up.... i was going to remark that i couldn't hear you because i had richard jamesian cock in my mouth =D you know there's some sort of thing written up by some old powerful coot in the 70s who spoke of looking at media going ahead and he basically spelled it out that the media needed to go from just reporting news to offering opinions so therefore they could not just tell the people what happened and hope it shaped how they thought, moreover, they could have people on "both sides" giving opinion so people by and large agree with those and those opinions become paramount. that's what your addendum makes me think of... but yeah srsly the venom of what i've got is directed at those people hanging outside the apollo for 12 hours a day or the house in gary indiana or hte hospital in LA, and i mean there's shit all over the world little things like that i reckon like i could see a day of it maybe and this and that, but really, think of it this way.... if aphex twin died would we be on television telling people how he inspired us and influenced us and changed our lives!?@ even tho that kind of did happen for me, still, most people don't have epiphanies based on album artwork
  21. no no no man i totally understand that it's a bit erga to read one of my ranty posts, but if you had you'd see that i said nothing that questioned the media coverage over it in and of itself. i mean i get that the guy from 79-94 was a force that did far more than just sell a shit-ton of records, as he got black people on MTV and the fact that the coolest guy on the planet was unquestionably a black guy, well for race relations that's htis and that... and selling 50something million odd copies of thriller will never happen again, namely because we've got more choices and our culture is that of one that regurgitates things from the past so quickly it'll turn you right round round round and etc... what i don't get is why people have to feign that they're shocked that this happened, or that "we lost a legend today" or "the world will never be the same" --- the michael jackson that we both speak of in high regards was effectively gone since 1991 in my eyes, 1993 in the world's. he fell the fuck off so precipitously and unequivocally that he was perhaps the biggest transformation from "coolest motherfucker in the world" circa 82-83 to "creepiest motherfucker in the world" and you know i really do have a shit-ton of empathy for the guy and i do feel that his tale is one of genuine tragedy and it speaks volumes for what his father did to him and the family and you can look at hte fame the whole family is rich nowadays even after his death they've got a "compound" like the kennedys do, afterall... but if you're joe jackson you basically had to have one of your kids give up his fucking soul and ultimately his humanity to do it, and there's a very powerful philosophical question in there if it's worth it or not and of course everyone's gonna remember thriller and say but it sold so much did so much as'lfk;daslf;asd but when you get down to it, part of me thinks that michael jackson woulda gladly traded his life for that of a completely normal person, probably sometime around 1990 or so when he had to know that he was going down a path from which, evidently, he's the only person who could ever come back because this reminiscing is for the guy who was who he was in 1982, not the guy we've had since then. who knows. the thing i'll always remember about michael jackson is the lesson that one can learn from him.... dream for the stars and become what you think you wanna be when you're nobody, but like, your humanity very well could be the price.
  22. i don't get all of this outpouring of "oh my god we've lost him" and cue a shot of the apollo theatre and some people standing there signing some wall and this and that, it's like... i just dont get it. you've had at least 18 fucking years to prepare for this. don't get me wrong with the state of 24/7 newscycles you could do a lot worse than hearing a bunch of that golden age music and hearing how the rest of the jacksonian freakshows are going about their things, but this whole thing where massmedia companies give us celeb after celeb after musician mixed in with 5000 random commoners talking about how this took them by surprise they dont know what to say it's a sad sad day for the world... huh?! what the fuck are you idiots talking about the writing has been on the wall for quite some time. if michael jackson died in 1986 or something then i get this whole giant big deal thing... hell pretty much any year before 1991, altho technically 1993 is the year where everyone realized he was weird, it's just for me 1991 with that dangerous LP is where i roundly checked out of the phenomenon... but i mean it's like YOU FUCKING IDIOTS THIS GUY HASN'T BEEN RELEVANT SINCE 1991 AND I'D LIKELY ARGUE 1987 IS MORE APROPOS. seriously HE WAS FUCKING BLEACHING HIMSELF SINGING A SONG SAYING IT DOESNT MATTER IF YOU'RE BLACK OR WHITE ***IN 1991***. am i the only fucking person capable of taking a hint here?!@ so yeah, he DID essinestially die approximately 18 years ago, altho many would have that at 16 and i get it... i mean the pederass stuff does what it does, but the motherfucker HAS been gone for a very long time and he was never going to be able to make a song that anyone would want to hear again. in the mid-late 90s he got all touchy feely singy hold hands unite love each other and being some sort of a goodwill ambassador to the world that children can look up to (that is, if they avoid his face) and rah... and then did you know he did a music video with chris tucker sometime in the 2000s?! no bullshit. it starts off like him and chris tucker are sitting on a street talking shit about this and that and they decide to bust a move on a bitch and michael's like "oh i got this one" and it's like NO YOU DON'T YOU FUCKING FREAK YOUR FACE IS MELTING DEVOLVING AND GOD KNOWS WHAT ELSE AND THE ONLY REASON THE WOMAN HERE IS GOING TO SUCCOMB TO YOUR TRADITIONALLY-RAPIST STYLE MOVES OF STALKING A WOMAN AND DANCING CIRCLES AROUND HER IS BECAUSE SHE'S HANDSOMELY PAID TO BE IN YOUR VIDEO. incidentally, have you seen his "the way you make me feel" video?!@ he's some sort of a prodigal rapist there going after ol girl... and obviously this is part of the artistic license society has with its media formats, as most protagonists in major movies are considered "smitten" and "in love" when they spend an hour or two forcing a hookup with the one protagonist-lite bitch who from the very first glance you can groan and go "ugh, so she's going to be the victim here" so like i find it so fucking amusing that in videos, especially those after the world found out that he got off to 8 year olds, dude, 8 year olds.... is that he can go back to videos and act like the insurmountably heterosexual wunkderkind who could get every bitch he wanted like back in 79-84 and it's so false and manufactured and like, it makes you wonder if michael jackson at the end would've traded his wealth celebrity fame and all of it just to be able to be your average suburban pedophile who gets away with it for like 25+ years without ever getting caught?!@ honestly tho i don't mean to give off the wrong vibe, michael jackson is a tragedy... how someone can go from being the norse god of pussy in 82-83 to a weird gangly old white facially-decaying dude who basically was in perma-clownface is a study in human behavior that justifies the media coverage of this, but like... accidentally, some network anchor made the most poignant and brilliant fucking diss of someone hanging outside of either the apollo or his childhood house in gary indiana (we get perpetual updates of that in chicago).... he asked some girl, and not in a dickish way tho it cracked me the fuck up and if i were asking it it would be quite dickish... "well.. i mean, why are you here?! what exactly are you getting out of being here going forward?!@" and i was like FUCKING A NAIL THE BITCH and she was like "uhhhh well michael jackson is a giant inspiration and influence on my life and...." no, bitch, michael jackson wasn't a giant influence on your life. you probably work in a fucking office doing boring shit and the only reason you love michael jackson is his golden age (79-84) is tied in so heavily with that era that it starts reminding you of life back then and you reminisce and think "wow, i used to have hopes and dreams and goals and said i'd be special this unique that awesome that and now i'm just some schmoe bitch who works in an office whose life is completely cookiecutter and thus hearing those songs takes you back mentally, but otherwise, michael jackson has in no way shape or form influenced you and your ability to open envelopes, type, or even make it to the burger king on the other side of town before your lunch break is up. maybe this is the price for reaching the upper echelon of being worshipped by people long past your prime, elvis devolved into a supereccentrically fat megauberdrugaddict that makes someone like me look like a sad peasant even with my years and money tossed in, and like, it seems that michael jackson was just going along on heroin/morphine/opiates/whatever and now that he's gone it can't be seen as all that surprising... i mean if you showed someone who had no idea who this guy was a picture of him in the 2000s and said "he's going to be dead by the end of the decade" you'd get laughed at and be like "no shit" so now that it happens i find it so very fucking disingenuous that everyone's pretending the glove-toting guy from that magical motown 25th anniversary special all of a sudden was ripped from us and leaving us with a giant loss... no, that guy's been gone for nearly two decades, and as such i can't wait for this story to go away so then i can go back to finding odd records of his... i passed on a copy of the thriller 12" like 2 weeks ago thinking "man it's thriller it'll always be around" and now they're all sold now cuz it's the kurt cobain tupac shakur bump and yeah.... people are idiots morons and always trying to take advantage of the moment to twist whatever happened into shining a light on them, and what influences and inspires them, and this whole thing has been a perfect fucking representation of that and i'll be glad when i can make a flip through tv channels and not be reminded by more peasants that michael jackson shaped their lives... ha!
  23. shit, this really fucks up my sporadic love of the pitchmen show... that had it going on. the best part was how his kid has the apprentice beard that's like half grown in cuz i think you have to earn that mighty majestic beard by rites of passage.... i think now he's going to half to grow it out to keep the legacy alive. it'd be nice if there was a worldwide moratorium on shaving for approximately 5 days to give this man the tribute he so richly deserves.
  24. » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « the whole movie redeemed itself when it killed the bitch. i mean they wouldn't kill justin long and i kept wishing him such a horrible death, i mean, has anyone else noticed that he's practically a savant at playing douchebags?!@ it's fucking amazing. dude deserved death and i thought the bitch might've gotten away with it but when she got hers i was like "yep. that redeemed the whole movie" MY NAME IS JAMES AND I LIKE TO PLAY WITH SQUIRRELS IN TRAFFIC.
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