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  1. this guy is basically some sort of dadaist wunderkind who is likely some sort of overweight guy who prolly is too smart for the world and, like me, walks around thinking "man i could do that, man i should be doing that, why the fuck am i not doing [email protected]" and goes arrrrgh and has the whole internet thing down and has found a niche going in supermegaexcessive bullshit detail about bullshit dreams and he's found a cult following cuz he's been doing it for years and has been true to the persona he created and he prolly hasn't broken character even once. maybe it's a lark of some sort of successful person or maybe even writer, like someone who writes technical journals for IBM or something and does this shit as a lark, and plays it off like he's the quintessential autistic internet superhero joe anonymous in his parents basement doing this for the love, which for that it is certain, however there's no way this is 100% legit, it's someone who's diabolically intelligent and likely quite undersuccessful having fun being an internet legend even tho there's probably no real tangible way to make big/cash off of it, he does it for the love the respect and the whole "status" that comes from BEING ulililililia
  2. i used to be member #3 or #4 on here. i was deleted for being "the hammer of god" / annoying-the-living-shit out of paying members like zelah, as i think people complained that they pay to use this place and i was being an excessive arse that made them question their patronage so i was swiftly deleted to "save a few headaches" or something. this isn't exactly so-called free humanity/country here. this is the undeniable state of joyrex, overlord of all that he decides to put on here. step correct otherwise face the wrath of a man and his soda.
  3. the powers that be are no doubt perfecting their next supervirus flu thingy in order to get the world population down to 500 mil (the georgia cornerstones don't lie, do they?!) as this one was a hybrid of avian flu and ye olde swine flu and even the spanish flu of 1918l it isn't deadly enough, so maybe they're tryin'ta show us that tehy mean business and let those of us with a third eye open to the real future of things know that we'd better step correct otherwise they're gonna get us by that deadline of 21 dec 2012.... =D
  4. could it be possible that this guy is doing my schtick, just like, 500 times [email protected] argh i'm xxx's fucking signature quote. now i have to come up with some quintessentially colloquial witticism that makes the plight that is my life seem humorous to others in order to get rid of that one.
  5. maybe his parents are just cool like my [email protected] =D
  6. i think he's gay idm. his songs make me wanna fuck 8 year olds.... EIGHT YEAR OLDS, DUDE.
  7. and what woudl content [email protected] do i have to go all nerdcore and start deconstructing society in big [email protected] obviously i've gotta flow better i'm just tossing shit up as i go along basically
  8. well if cal-gary succombs to the pressure of the mighty hawk and san jose fucking blows it, welp, you might get your wish. then we in chicago can get pissed and start calling him hib-ib-you-lin again and then thank the heavens we've got christopher fuckign huet
  9. never. i love constantly feeling like shit and pondering cold and lonely existentially athiest fates as i give all of my money to drug empires that treat me like i'm their money their property guaranteed and are afforded a luxurious lifestyle because of my weaknesses whilst i scrape to get by living as a parasitic sponge off of my family and society as a whole. it builds character, really.
  10. sinicalypse


    when the armageddon comes to destroy us all, jay-z and tupac are gonna share a condo in the caribbean
  12. this sounds like a combination of 2-3 anonymous tracks on an old artificial intelligence compilation that i'd honestly skip through.... maybe prehistoric aphex twin before his nutsack fully developed?! the influence shines through. is that a real 303 or an [email protected]
  13. sinicalypse


    shit dude, i went to laurie's planet of sound and i tell you what they're shit for anything but rock music in terms of buying records, but i did some mighty fine digging there... i was sitting on the floor going through all of the 25 cent records and annoying the shit out of all of the self important yuppie/hipster types who wanted to look for sea and the cake records, but i must've bought like $12-15 worth of 25 cent records and have been fucking around with them downstairs for quite a bit. thanks for the heads up on that. too bad mrx didn't wanna beet a real whattemmical legend cuz i coulda showed him the real chitown, as is evidenced by my fucking novel up there
  14. the chicago fans have started calling him patrick "candy" kane because of his disappearance in game three versus the flames. did you know that if the hawks can close out calgary and the ducks take out san jose that we're gonna get to take out the [email protected] oh that should be brilliant i mean i've got a friend who moved out to vancouver, even tho his dad is literally bosbruins16 on ebay, and knowing that with every hawks win essines is getting more and more errrga, that makes it more worthwhile. i dont know shit about the hawks tho... that bulls loss on monday night kicked my fucking ass tho, it tore my heart out argh
  15. true... i spose jega actually made this LP legendary one way or another by getting all photek on it. do you have any inside information as to why this took forever?! did he go perfectionist mental or what?
  16. it's never coming back. we're not htat stupid/shallow/whatever... we just take a little bit of this and that and that and this and enjoy what comes
  17. well that makes sense then, cuz maybe the music was a side project and life picked up for [email protected] dont get me wrong i hope its a good LP i always want more good music in my world, i just dont get why it seems to be such a big deal
  18. i dont think it has anything to do with society as a whole... it more has to do with teh individual cases of the most talented artists of the genre (aphex, squarepusher, autechre) and the state of pop music and the media. in 1995-96 you've got aphex twin dropping off i care because you do and then the richard james EP/girlboyEP and it was like omfg because short of the hangable autobulbs those rdj/GB eps sounded like nothing else and it was fresh and new and exciting and then with come to daddy in 1997, well while the EP as a whole wasn't as overall great as those other two EPs, you had come to daddy come out right after the prodigy's firestarter was big and the video was on mtv and commercials had that firestarter riff in it and it was like aphex twin kicked the prodigy's fucking ass and then he teamed up with chris cunningham to make a fabulous music video that won a week straight on that mtv show where these 12 angry viewers voted for their favorite video out of a bunch of them, and it seemed like aphex twin was poised to make a full-on assault on pop music and become some sort of a KLF-type phenomenon and then who knows what he'd do, maybe he'd make memorable legendary mockeries with much much better music than the klf could ever muster, maybe he'd just bring legitimate greatness to pop music... nobody knew, it's like, idm was on teh virge of blowing up. meanwhile squarepusher ripped off arguably the best electronic music LP of all-time in hard normal daddy, then by late 97 early 98 he dropped big loada with come on my selector and cunningham made another video and squarepusher's come on my selector was being used as the music to advertise either the 97 or 98 mtv video music awards and it was like all of a sudden here are aphex twin and squarepusher coming into the pop music sphere and it was like, whilst there's an elitist fundamentally inherent in the soul of any idmer, still it's exciting to wonder what might be if these brilliant blokes get money and fame and the world's biggest musical stages to go forth and do their things. it felt like we trainspotted the future of music, like someday aphex twin and squarepusher would be known by many to be some of the most brilliant and important musicians of our time... then 1998 came. windowlicker did its thing but the EP was short and pointless after the title song/video, and like, from there aphex went into hiding until 2001, squarepusher all of a sudden said "you know what i'm tired of pitchfork-type music critics lambasting me as a one-trick drill-n-bass pony so i'm gonna be a one man post-miles-davis jazzband" and all of a sudden he went from amazing to amazingly boring shite shite shite what happened to you and autechre, who id idnt mention b4 but they were in the midst of their 95-97 golden age with chiastic slide cichlisuite peel session 1 envane and like they mastered deconstructing dance music and hiphop and putting their spin on it, well they got lost in their own heads and started deconstructing themselves and the music quite frankily sounded like electronic bowel movements. all of a sudden all of that momentum just disappeared and everyone disappeared or went properly mental, taking years to recover (sqp and ae about the same time, in 2001, as autechre let loose peel sessions 2 before going back to electronic bowel movements, and squarepusher bitterly acknowledging he has to make drill and bass to appease his hardcore fanbase so he made the really pissy "go plastic" his bitter response to having spastic fans who loved his old brilliant works as opposed to his new artsy fartsy critic-spooge-inducing onemanjazzbandschtuick) and aphex came back by drukqs, but by that time it was clear that the big fantasy blowup was never going to happen. 1) aphex wants no part of being a megastar. he's very comfortable where he is in life and would rather be an underground music god than some sort of low-mid level pop star. 2) squarepusher is too mental to handle being a megastar as well. he has ups and downs and waves of excellence, and we rode out another one with the one man rock band thing with just a souvenir, forutnately, he's recovered more quickly than last time cuz numbers lucent was proper 3) autechre really likes electronic bowel movements and they're kind of lost in their own head. i think making a rap album would be really good for them and 4) we all know better. 1997 will never happen again cuz we're not that naive/non-jaded/hopeful that our music will be unilaterally recognized by many-to-all as the far-n-away best, and like, now it's just like we take what we can get and the cheap beer white trash sect of our peoples are diehard snares fans thanks for weeding them out funky bw0y THE END
  19. who honestly gives a fuck about [email protected] seriously when he was first around i thought he was.... [email protected] non-spectacular for sure. nothing that made me go "oh my god" and wet myself. HAR HAR DID YOU NOTICE HIS NAME IS IN THE SEGA [email protected] WHAT A FUCKING MASTER OF [email protected]# he's gotta be the official guns-n-roses/photek of the IDM world nowadays... i mean how long has this LP been in the [email protected] it's like, i remember photek had to make sure every single snare hit was like vessel-of-god type righteous manifestations of the ultimate form of electronic music and then he got lost in perfectionism existing only in his own head, just like axl rose with chinese democracy, and like, the result is now this is really more of a joke than anything else. honestly i can't remember anything by jega so i'll have to warez his LPs again and re-listen tehn come back and tell you why he sucks... but this is just kind of... eh. did the guy work at a supermarket whilst he was making his magna opus here, or like, is he so fucking artistic that whatever label is putting this out spotted him 100 grand a year to make sure that the world gets the full extent of his artistic [email protected]
  20. well i'm certainly flattered, i tell you what... now that fnords are attaching themselves to my songs i feel like a real part of the world
  21. oh yeah you know it's gonna be horrible thuggy and the whole nine yards
  22. sini's guide to new york city: i live around the mecca of civilization known as chicago, and whilst i profess ignorance to the southside (basically, once you go beyond comiskey park/35th street i'm ignorant. anything north of that i know pretty damn well) i know the city well and had much experience there in all walks of life (wide-eyed suburbanite kid, savvy weekender with cool friends to show me interesting places, homeless guy sleeping on the trains, jaded well-post-hipster fed up with teh yuppification of everything he enjoyed ~8-12 years ago, etc etc) so going to new york was an interesting juxtaposition with all that i thought that i knew about metropolises. manhattan island is a trip. it's like downtown/whatever-they-call-where-the-big-buildings-are-in-your-city but it's bigger and it's everywhere and there's all of these neighborhoods slightly different but all feature cruella devilles walking around and model/actresses going there to be in the mecca of civilization and it's so damn formal and this and that it's laminated. manhattan is genetically engineered to take your money, especially if you're more touristy, cuz like, odds are that you're not going to want to deal with teh subways when you've got a bunch of cash and can drop $10 on a cab and not deal with it. hell, the subways occasionally do fun things like not really mention they're running on another train's line until you're already on it, then by the time you find out you're like 16 blocks away from where you're going so you get the fun of paying for a train AND a cab and it's yeah. everything is expensive as shit, especially at "convenience" stores and the like. cigarettes were $9-10+/pack long before places like illinois added absurd taxes, a sixer of 16oz budweiser cans will run you that same $9-10, and just about everything you can think of costs a little bit more. there's all kinds of restaurants and bars and things everywhere and beautiful people abound but barring a few slick places that i'm sure you can look up or find someone else to tell you about, you're going to pay for it all. so basically it's a whoa-inducing-place even to someone with big city experience the first time there, and much like brooklyn it's this mix of people who were born and raised and live there versus like, the coolest motherfucker from armpit idaho or maybe a beautiful girl from cornhole ohio who decided to escape their nowheres and come to the place where they can MAKE A NAME FOR THEMSELVES. as such, especially on manhattan, everyone is full of themselves and love talking about new york city like it's the greatest thing ever because it is and you don't question it because where do you think everything your city does came [email protected] (tell them europe and look at the looks on their faces: priceless) and yeah, it's a very crowded place why if you want to swim through a sea of humans go by penn station (34th st/7th-8th aves) around 5pm and just walk around aimlessly. it's a bonafide trip cuz this place is mega-crowded. i didnt have as much experience with brooklyn, tho i got to spend some time in williamsburg which is your typical post-industrial hipster breeding grounds... there things are cheaper and dingier and thriftier but like anywhere there's nice areas, and many people often try to live in brooklyn since it's cheaper than manhattan, where you pay shit-tonnes of money for a big ol box in the sky and rah rah rah so on and so forth, and as such there's more hipsteriffic bars (as opposed to the glorious yuppie/post-yuppie/trust-fund-kid/wall-streeter bars around manhattan) and that's where you get more of your idm/artistic-snob-type-peoples and it's the same fun mix of indigenous people and those who came from toecheese, indiana and now cop and ego like they're the greatest thing in the history of the world because they made it to new york where on the surface they succeed wildly but in reality are having more problems than they'd ever want you to know and somehow survive despite alwyas being close to moving back home. in terms of music and art and things, oh yeah it's a mecca there's tonnes of shit there and it's a notch up and better from a place like chicago, where being in the midwest can work against it when some westcoast artists do tours and dont make it this far, same with the eastcoasters... basically any national tour will go there, there's prolly more local acts per capita than just about any city short of maybe a london paris or LA or something, and you'll always find ways to entertain yourself. it's just to me not the be-all end-all of civilization, like someone said before it's the mcdonalds/disney/hipster version of what you thought it was, and i suppose your mcdonalds/disney side will be the really touristy parts of manhattan, and the hipster parts are more brooklyn... i've never been to staten island but i hear it's guidoiffic, i like harlem for what it is, and short of yankee stadium i havent really been up around the bronx, as i'm saving it for next time, cuz in all of my trips out there i either stayed in suburban long island or lower manhattan, or once in queens, so well, i've been focused on manhattan and brooklyn as destinations... basically go tehre be on your pimpgame talk yourself up praise new york nail a model/actress or jaded late 20s/early 30something who is successful yet somewhat lonely and miserable, what with your promise of infinite potential cuz you havent been there long enough to have realize your dreams are naive fantasies and yeah you'll be ok. wow this was pointless and stupid i'm ignorant =D
  23. so everyone in new york is a pussy? go up to the most italian looking motherfucker with 2 days unshavenness that you can find and ask him if he's a pussy. the results will surely entertain, if not temporarily uplift you.
  24. alright friends foes and anonymous people alike, here i am in the cradle of civilization, the skokie public library and as i'm doing odd internet things i feel a very familiar rumbling in my midsection all the way down to my arse... i've got a pretty serious shit coming, seeing as this is yesterday's shit that didnt quite feel ready to join us on this plane of existence this morning when i wake up (as i get in better and better shape, i often have to take 2-3 shits within an hour or two of waking up so my body is empty for the physically challenging days i've laid out for myself here. it helps when you wake up at 6am and run 3-5 miles etc etc) so anyways this one was latent and needed about ~40oz of coffee to really spring it into action and now i feel like i've gotta let it rip and as i type this i hate myself for being so longwinded but i need your immediate attention to ask: where should i take [email protected] home is approximately 3 minutes from here and i can have a cigarette along the way to calm my nerves, as i'm usually nice about this, but i wonder if i should give back to the world in a way that only i can... do i let it drop [email protected] you can make the world a better place. or a worse one. it's entirely your choice
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