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  1. Love that stare down from the Kangaroo after the punch.
  2. I see a huge influx lately of middle aged guys and girls frequenting the skate parks as of late as well.
  3. 6 years has passed... My son still scoots and has become well known in the community. Places in competitions and is one step below pro. Covid-19 has stopped competitions but he still goes to parks and has been getting better. He skateboards for fun but can't seem to keep from breaking boards since he loves doing stair sets and rails. Love it when we roll up to a skatepark, some skater boy with basic skills talks shit, my son walks up to him... takes his board does a couple of tre flips and rails, and gives him back his board without saying a word.
  4. When or lose, we're stuck with this imbecile cunt for years to come. I will never forgive america for this.
  5. My wife brought up the idea of moving to another country yesterday. I was like... I'm down!
  6. I had Suicidal Tendencies 'Institutionalized' in my head while watching this.
  7. This compilation was originally released on digital format in March. Now available on cassette. https://bondingtapes.bandcamp.com/album/quality-time-vol-3
  8. It's been a few years since I last updated this. Check out the other top 10s from months past if you like. 1. Ethno Service - Elastan (Unizone)
2. Antoje - Gridlock 911117 (brrwd)
3. Squonk - s/t EP (Home Mort)
4. Blotchy Condos - Cleans (Self-Release)
5. Mumble Tide - Sleepy Heads Nothing Covered Version (Nothing Fancy)
6. Vesna Vesna - Kogda Ryadom Ogni (Belka Records)
7. Abaunz - Ilunpean Arnas Hotsa Entzuten (Jollies)
8. Awlnight - Some Tasty Dishes (Black Urban Tapes)
9. Bizarre Statue - The Polish Embassy / The Cane Field (Woodford Halse)10. SROS LORDS - SROS LORDS (Remove Reco
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