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  1. QBLA


    I think I'm ready for 2023.
  2. My son has friends from Europe, Australia, and South America that usually come to San Diego for Scooter and Skate events and they are like "WTF is wrong with you people?" Some of them were afraid for their lives when they went to Lake Havasu and saw trumpito flags as far as the eye can see. They thought they were gonna get shot up. They said that they feel safer in South Central L.A. when they went to skateparks there.
  3. Sorry I'm late to the game. I remember hearing about his passing last year and how heart broken I was to hear the news. I didn't know a double cassette was released in his honor. I went ahead and ordered one.
  4. I voted MHTRTC, but I've been listening to Geogaddi a lot lately.
  5. What's up everyone! Haven't been here in a minute. The last 2 years was pretty rough with getting employment in order and moving. My son competed in World Skate Games in Buenos Aires Argentina about 2 months ago. He competed in the Jr. Pro Street Scooter division and he brought home the gold against other competitors from around the world! Excited to see what the future holds! https://www.instagram.com/p/Cjq8dQKp-pl/
  6. I don't acknowledge that I lived in Florida for 2 years.
  7. Yes... I'm good now. I still have cancer that's dormant in a lymph node. I check in for CT Scans and appointments with my hemotologist every three months to monitor it. But right now, I'm healthy AF.
  8. My latest album 'Unruly Souvenir' is out now on Bonding Tapes. This is the second album from my post-cancer diagnosis recording sessions. Available on Cassette and Digital. https://bondingtapes.bandcamp.com/album/unruly-souvenir
  9. Thanks for your support! You're one of the Day Ones! Check out our latest by Torito & Jumbled 'Music For The Rapture'. Underground Hip Hop, Lo fi Beats. Raps on Side A, Instrumentals on Side B. https://bondingtapes.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-the-rapture
  10. Asymmetrical Head - Vos Tak EP Contains a variant version of Vos Tak and other tracks from the post cancer, covid sessions.
  11. X RENDERED is Asymmetrical Head's fifth studio album. Inspired by Isolationism caused by COVID-19, civil political unrest, Black Lives Matter movement, and his personal battle with kidney cancer makes this his most personal album to date. X Rendered is filled with meandering melodies, technical hip hop beats, and alien yet earthy organic soundscapes. This album is a further extension of Asymmetrical Head's ambient, idm, techno roots. Out now on Bonding Tapes. https://bondingtapes.bandcamp.com/album/x-rendered
  12. Another track from the upcoming album.
  13. Around this time 30 years ago? I was on leave from bootcamp. I remember really being into Jane's Addiction 'Ritual de lo Habitual' album. Public Enemy 'Fear of a Black Planet'. Happy Mondays, Charlotan's UK, Soul II Soul. That's what's jumping out right now.
  14. From the forth-coming album 'X Rendered'. Will be available on Bonding Tapes 1/19/2021. Cassette and Digital.
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