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  1. It's been a few years since I last updated this. Check out the other top 10s from months past if you like. 1. Ethno Service - Elastan (Unizone)
2. Antoje - Gridlock 911117 (brrwd)
3. Squonk - s/t EP (Home Mort)
4. Blotchy Condos - Cleans (Self-Release)
5. Mumble Tide - Sleepy Heads Nothing Covered Version (Nothing Fancy)
6. Vesna Vesna - Kogda Ryadom Ogni (Belka Records)
7. Abaunz - Ilunpean Arnas Hotsa Entzuten (Jollies)
8. Awlnight - Some Tasty Dishes (Black Urban Tapes)
9. Bizarre Statue - The Polish Embassy / The Cane Field (Woodford Halse)10. SROS LORDS - SROS LORDS (Remove Records)
  2. I had a huge crush on Tisha Campbell back then.
  3. Even my youngest was all like "They are so holding their guns wrong!"
  4. This is me pretty much when I speak to someone from outside of America and they mention "Stupid Americans!"
  5. Watchmen, What We Do In The Shadows, The Midnight Gospel, Killing Eve, Star Wars Rebels. Watched these during quarantine and on.
  6. We've released Kibble's latest release 'Ethicacy' as a digital download. Check it out! https://bondingtapes.bandcamp.com/album/ethicacy
  7. My son has a couple of friends that went to the skate protest. I wish I went to it.
  8. 88? https://www.adl.org/education/references/hate-symbols/88
  9. Working at home was cool while it lasted. Boss lady wanted us back in the office since she can't figure out how to do things remotely. 😞
  10. Thank you so much JR. I'm feeling a lot better now than I did when I started this thread.
  11. I've known many latinos like this in my life. A lot of these that I've known are in my mom's side of the family as well. Growing up, my cousins on my moms side and a few of the uncles would poke fun at me and my sisters for having Black bloodline from my dad's side of the family (Puerto Rican). When I had a black girl friend in high school one of my cousins was like "Ew! Why?" They pretty much disowned their heritage to blend in with their white counterparts at school. Even my grandmother... rest her soul if you believe in that stuff... Favored my cousins over my sisters and me. There aren't many cook outs and gatherings with them the last 20 something years. The only cousins I talk to these days is my gay one and one that that snapped out of his "I wish I wasn't hispanic" phase.
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