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  1. There's no difference to a lot of white folks. I corrected a dude once who called me Mexican.Told him I'm Puerto Rican. He said what's the difference. I then cold clocked him and got suspended.
  2. Actually sounds good! Looking at the thumbnail I thought you were posting something about the zoot suite riots from the 40s(?). Wouldn't consider this as something going on in America though since most of the american population look down on Chicano Culture.
  3. Most of the watmmers i've met are gone. SPD DJ Mike Haggar / Pabs Theocide Brian Ellis (although he was really hi and out of it) Dr. Science Snafu Octave Kitten mik someguy / guy Lion was around when I first met Theo but I didn't get to meet him. I'm sure I'm missing a couple more.
  4. My wife you can say that again also, she's currently cooling her heels at the los angeles fbi building My wife runs a mobile boutique and she is always hit up by these 'influencers' on instagram. They basically say stuff like 'Send me a few dresses... I'll post about them and you... You get more followers... etc. My lady never responds... but she's had some show up when she's at an event and they would interrupt while she's working with a 'Paying' customer.
  5. One of my son's friend came over wearing that shirt. We basically maddogged him the whole time.
  6. https://soundcloud.com/philhendrie/episode-1366-the-new-phil-hendrie-show I'm posting this for the segment from 33:55 and on. This is a satire show that I listen to from time to time... Anyway... Although this is satire, this is pretty much sums up Trump supporters. At least the few that I know appear this way.
  7. Every conservative I know listens to either classic rock or country. Classic Rock I can handle... Country not so much.
  8. I always liked the dude that sat there with headphones in that video.
  9. I was once given a McDonald's gift certificate for christmas and I was pretty offended! I don't even remember what I did with it.
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