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  1. just logging in to say resident advisor is a gaping pungent asshole masquerading as music press
  2. speaking of, heard from the boys that they've found some archival stuff like their famed TRANSPORT mini lp
  3. best album of 2019 so far.. love the vox, as real & dusty as the instruments
  4. only one album I've given a shit about so far in 2019 and it's this avant pop masterstroke https://tendens.bandcamp.com/album/worldscape
  5. i have it on good authority rdj will smoke (queer) weed through his ass in new york in response to the president divisor article
  6. i remember when this came out... a motherfucking classic
  7. after already classics EOD Named and Dunal Dunal Chronicles II came out this year i didn't think it could get any better but boy was i wrong The Seneschal Arrives just dropped this 100% all killer no filler avant-pop masterpiece out of nowhere https://tendens.bandcamp.com/album/entranced-deceived-hunted-injured-captured-sacd-master
  8. dude https://www.juno.co.uk/products/dunal-chronicles-i/710565-01/ https://clone.nl/item53634.html heard they were in stock mental must buy
  9. DJ Solomon - Luv Potion CN - ?
  10. wow a lot of nonsense posting here 1) i know the cunz fellas well but i'm not behind all these projects, did some dunal for a laugh for them though... 2) that labyrinthine release is not by retape in other news, dunal is creating exciting new opportunities soon
  11. oh i would enjoy a physical copy too, but if that ever happens it'll be a good long while into the future (years) and a lot more than 13 usd i'm afraid
  12. does redeye still have it in stock? pretty much everywhere else is sold out, i'm wondering if they actually have them or not
  13. art thou kidding? 13 bucks for 17 tracks is already a good deal. pressing these would require at least 4 records, you reckon that would cost just a little more than 13 bucks?
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