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  1. that wouldn't be difficult in max if you know how to use the pattr family and all the data storage objects. of course the entire patches would have to be of wondrous intricacy. so quite plausible.
  2. kanye west. with a lot of owl samples. and kim kardashian as the android to seduce harrison ford.
  3. rst

    SDS Drop

    no windows version??? pls help me renew my rytm love and get me out of the depressing inspirationlessness of these sad days of mine. with a windows version!! srsly though: this is really great stuff! wish it were on windows...
  4. huh! i actually thought it had sth. to do with the SQL crash since that happened like a minute after i posted... anyway, thx for the fix!!
  5. download links seem to be broken?! anyway, thx for doing this in the first place! and for repairing it ;)
  6. wow, i'm only 5 min. in, & already this is great! thx a bunch for recording & uploading!
  7. "seantradamus proven wrong - AGAIN!"
  8. feeling stupid for posting twice in a thank you thread (what's more to say really?). however - ae, you inspire me when i think i'm beyond inspiration. you tear my mind apart so i can reset it again. you make me wanna make my own musics even when i only wanna listen to your musics. you let me forget about grammar, the black and the white keys. you, sirs, are good people. thank you, bro'n'sane o'teh 'chre! grammatically yours, rst
  9. müesli with low fat curd cheese, yoghurt, a squashed banana, a juicy ripe pear, chia seeds. nuts.
  10. rst


    late to the party. had to come by to say this: now at last quarter of utrecht. can't take this. cerebral overloa*greatness* this is almost too great. wow.
  11. oh and thx for giving us the 31st letter of the icelandic alphabet. - norway wouldn't be the same without it!
  12. thread made me remember it's been 17 years since i first encountered ae: lp5, 777 brilliantly shooting question marks in between headphones in an otherwise boring record store. (i had skipped the 1st track bc of seemingly 'random' intro, noob that i was lol) how strange that the same feeling comes up today when i put on my headphones listening to new stuff, again thinking (positively electrified ) "WTF is going on here this is great!" not much in life one cherishes this long... so -- thank you, sAm+norbErt !! seriously though and never mind the austrian english: thanks for making music. yours is the best!
  13. how can you listen to anything but the soundboards these days?
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