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  1. rearranged thread title gives: autechre is for difficult people. so, why to like?
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L'Hôpital's_rule#Other_indeterminate_forms i used l'hopital a lot, btw. there are some examples when you have the form 0^0, and the idea is to use the formula u^v=exp(v*ln(u)), then shift the limit to the exponent, and then use l'hopital on the exponent. of course it depends on what functions are in question, but it just shows that the answer to the question of how much 0^0 is, is a relative one, in a way.
  3. weirs is up there with sosw and incunabula when it comes to 1993 stuff
  4. he's inspired by squarepusher's "50 cycles". that means 48 more to go
  5. 1984 collab with grant wilson claridge pls
  6. boc will release a hanukkah-theme album in a few days
  7. yugo folk at its finest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MI6mq8cw0uw
  8. Initially my least favorite AFX album, but now I consider it (along with SAW2) his best work. Dense, concentrated tracks that say everything there is to say within a couple of minutes. My favs: So yeah, HBD.
  9. this is serious guys. this new methbookverse will fuse with neuralink and we'll all become borg
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