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  1. 0 points babby I dunno dude, this sounds more like a dramatization IMO, from what who member he was a serial shitposter and defiantly on some spectrum or another. There was a period of several months (years?) where he'd start 10-15 new releases threads a day with no commentary, opinion or insight whatsoever - anything beyond a hyperlink was excess. Diluted the shit out of the subforum. And just when you assume its a cheap viral marketing bot he becomes a mod (again wtf) and the new releases scatology persists. After that there was the troon 1.5 that started deep/derp thoughts threads in genban, also insufferable. gotta agree with the pez dispenser on dis one.
  2. lol ~~~ I usually do the weekly food shopping for the fam, but this week Mrs. Dob took the reigns cuz she needed some extra shit for a potluck or w/e and as a teacher she's on summer break. On our list was "pears" (a lunchbag staple of mine), and she comes back with Bartlett. Not Bosc, not Anjou, not those boss red ones; fucking Bartlett. It's Wednesday and I've had my 3rd, they're like a detour around Flavortown through the hamlet of Bitter-Fiber.
  3. Re: cringe, gotta love how the hypocrisy of US campaign finance "laws" are on full display there "NOT AUTHORIZED OR PAID FOR BY ANY CANDIDATE OR CANDIDATE COMMITTEE" But totes OK for dickhead-in-chief to re-twat on his flappyspittle account QFT
  4. Well, this is certainly going to test the limits of our two-tiered justice system!
  5. Fuck yes do it, including the quotation marks if possible "Jumbo Yum Yums" has entered the room! Man I totally forgot about nocturnal emissions, those were great
  6. ^ These "ppl" can go fuck a duck. They're like sexual deviants who need to own the libs to get off, only in this instance they can't, so cue the blueballed hissy-fits. Flol I thought this only happened in the Naked Gun
  7. K, American here and this shit is bewildering. Firstly, I consider myself to be a relatively liberal and open-minded person, and this is the first time in my 40+ yr life that I've ever heard a whiff of the original 13/13 flag being offensive in any way. Someone has one hanging on their house about two block away. At some point fools be going out of their way to be offended. At the same time fuck Nike, fuck flag-waving c*nts, fuck nationalism. Kapernick is a weird dude, on one hand I have massif respekt for what he's done, but get in bed with Nike? CTFO, a core part of their business model for the past 30 years has been exploiting black people. Lastly, lol at the dumbfuck kneejerk reaction from Cruz 'n co., they and Nike can go pump each other.
  8. Still no digital vinlys huh? Keeping in anal-ogue... on bandcamp
  9. First things that come to mind are the vinyl only / long OOP stuff - would love to be able to buy decent quality versions of PIOB Mix Two (beatless version of the one on Garbage EP, seem to recall is came with some magazine, record says promotional only/not for sale), Silversub (similar deal) and definitely We R Are Why Seconded, I love this mix to pieces! I will have you know however that the A/C unit in my office building fell through the roof and two floors, then lumbered down the hallway, dismantled the door, and came by my cubicle to tell me that you're wrong and that the best Keynell is clearly Keynell 2. Are you thinking 6852?
  10. They totally mixed it themselves. Mixing is child's play, 1-d chess to Shan and Ren. Doubters check out the '08 BBC Experimental MAH mix. I thought part of the story with Inacoonadavida was that there was pressure, either explicit or implied, for the release to fit in with the aesthetic of the greater Artificial Intelligence series, no? Maybe warp were hands-on, though I think it's just as possible that the 'chre wanted to go with the tide of their new label in order to keep a good thing going. IIRC to one of them mentioned in AAA that if it wasn't for whatever coin they got for the Buck-Tick remix, the whole operation would've gone tits up. Knife's edge shit right there. I too am oddly fascinated at how both dese mixes clock in at exactly 1 hr (to the 1/1000 of a second), much like how all 4 NTS sessions were precisely 2 hrs
  11. ^ lol meetwo motherforking shirtballs, thanks again Shah and Raj!
  12. Squarepusher an his massif (including those whomst've written TJ off several releases ago, like meself) would contend that his was the MVP set of this xperxienxe and I cannot disagree. The Ae was fantastic of course, like 2+ hrs new cumworthy Lego Feet basically.
  13. ^ F# yeah I think we've shattered and taken a dump on the werp looking glass at this juncture; dunno whois orchestrating this R&S tribute (NTS?) but will be on it fo sho
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