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  1. I'm as big a FBoi as y'all and yet was hereto unaware this existed... In tracking down what this appeared on, I just noticed that they have 244 remix credits on Discogs... damn. If all that licensing shit wasn't a chore they've got material for like 6 more Brazilifications at least! As far as Fila goes I really didn't feel this track at first, in part b/c a lot of it felt way too simplistic, especially that pad part... but that's Fila for you, take the time & you'll find the beauty seeping thru crevasses everywhere, like a fractal pattern you can zoom into infinitely. Black Market Gardening is a triiip!
  2. Ayyy well let's just agree to disagree then, I made that post literally 9 minutes after the OP and twas just the first thing that fired through my THC-addled neurons (and probably just that happy pling-plong melody in the beginning at that). It just sounds plaid-ish IMHO, no burden of proof on these slouchy shoulders. Pretty much everything you posted there is right, I agree that the 'chre Bros and Plaid Pals approach composition and structure very differently and that it's reflected in their respective sounds.
  3. Yeah love Thundercat, was on the fence for a while but Drunk sealed it, fantastic album. Saw him play at Newport Jazz Festival last summer and it was dope, hope he tours for this one - see the man live if you can!
  4. 👍 Stop Look Listen from We Are Reasonable People comp surely
  5. Tuyrns out I have the 6 Parallel World tracks, plus Cosine and Miami Retirement Condo: https://we.tl/t-WLQ4JKTqCX Maybe someone else has the others? Hope he come out with something fresh soon!
  6. I defiantly have the 6 Parallel World tracks at home and can upload them tonight, not sure about the other ones but I might have a few of those as well. IIRC some of these freebs are dude just plain fucking around on gear, and not proper tracks per se. OTOH there's "Cosine" which is for bumping out your '06 Camry stock system while your dummy thicc techno GF rolls Ls in the shape of mobius strips.
  7. I'll tee up a meeting between my people and @whosebrians and see if we can leverage some cross-platform vertical synergy. And thanks to habitual overdosing on dank memes lifestyle, some of us only know it as the Zucc
  8. this might be the final straw that pushes me to finally making my custom t-shirt idea happen Can't decide whether it should be zucc or "the zucc"
  9. Yeah Chet from Wierd Science is arguably one of cinema's greatest assholes. is Chet a nickname for Chester? That's a shit one too.
  10. lol @ bleeps and bloops tho, have you used foobar? In addition to being a great music player, it's really powerful with tagging, organization & management of files, playlists, and as music database tool. I don't do much mixing in ableton anymore but when I did I'd use foobar as an aux app for keeping shit organized. Now go spark joy muthafucka!
  11. Yeah but this is a CAT thread tho (If you want to make a separate bunny thread go hog wild m8)
  12. Merry Xmas WATMM! Once again the Onion crushes it: https://entertainment.theonion.com/trent-reznor-ruins-31st-consecutive-holiday-season-by-t-1840541088
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