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  1. Caught embedding squids up the arse, Rixhard D. Gear style, that's what.
  2. I hear ya compadre, I'm a fellow family hombre but still toke like an o.g., would do edibles more were it not for the celiac and diabeetus, which makes it kinda tough these days. Before all that tho holy fuck the space cake in Amsterdam would send me to the next dimensional plane. I remember that late 90s era pretty well to as it was my transition from binge drinker to stoner and yeah, ice bong hits were all the rage then, good memories alright. Then someone turned me on to using red wine for the bong liquid, which to be fair is smooth AF, only shortly later to be told by a paramour (whomst
  3. Genuine question, what is ABV? I've never heard of the term here in the states except as an abbreviation for "alcohol by volume" in beverages. Anyway it would appear you have what scientists call a "fuck-ton" of it Lorde knows I've tried but I've never been able to get into vaping either. Just boils down to being to much of a hassle. Without fail, actually with plenty of fail, the system would always break down in some new creative way, the heating coil burns out on this one, battery won't charge anymore on that one, cartridge gets stuck, cartridge arrives cracked, gets goo on anyt
  4. loool Bitcoin: Newport man's plea to find £210m hard drive in tip https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-wales-55658942 looks like someone needs to kick up the 4d3d3d3
  5. Nice schwag porn @dcom Have you ever worn this Autechre pin? Would go great on a North Face Jacket IMHO Agree that the typography looks circa LP5/EP7. It's such a quizzical item, not bizarre enough to be made ironically like, say Aphex logo toilet paper yet begs the question how did it come to exist? If the internets and whattum haven't shed any light on it maybe your only option is to go the the 'chre bros themselves. About time Papa reeled them in for another AAA
  6. https://twittfghfghfghfghfghfghfghfghfghfghfghfgghfer.com/therecount/status/1349042080451072001?s=20https://twitter.com/therecount/status/1349042080451072001?s Fucked up alright
  7. Completely medically accurate, it's alright but both have done a lot better His Dr. Who Dat and Shape of Broad Minds albums still hold up really well and are worth checking out. Dunno if he's retired these projects or not, they reminded me a lot of Madlib back when (dude plays/produces virtually everything on them) while still being fresh & unique.
  8. BobDobalina


    Sublimit has entered the room You have been kicked from the Chaet
  9. Geocities, YaHoO! groups, and [email protected] just suspended him too, so can we can finally stick a fork in this donut?
  10. Jerry Sandusky Jerry Seinfeld Tom & Jerry Ben & Jerry
  11. Fuuuuck, RIP ZLX, either unmarked or engraved hey who's to say Operation Doomsday is like a 17-mic album
  12. Shit, I totally forgot that he did this to Concept 1, thx m8, will have to track this version down. I'll sill regularly cane Brinkmann's Studio 1 Variations album, which is some hypnotic screwed techno funkee ish.
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