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  1. Mr. Oizo has been phoning it in ever since Moustache & Transexual / Patrick 122 - still a fan but everything after those releases is a hard hmmm
  2. may the wind always be at your back :~) I'm american by birth but lived in Dublin from '07-09, which after a bit of a bungled start ended up being 1 year of work and 1 year to get a postgrad degree from Trinity. There are definitely many aspects of life that I preferred there vs. here in the US and vice versa, and on the whole I'm nostalgic to go back and perhaps move my family there someday (my kids and I have citizenship through foreign births). Of course it wouldn't be easy starting life all over somewhere else, from what I understand property prices are still pretty insane and it's still a net-emigration country, so I imagine finding work would be challenging even though I'm pretty competent and work in a relatively essential field (civil engineering). Yeah, this. I think our family is doing okay during the pandemic (wife and I still have our jobs), but it's clear as fucking day that we're part of the shrinking middle class here in the USA that is getting sucked down the ever widening wealth gap. The costs of health care and higher education here are insane and unsustainable, and no one even talks about it, never mind tries to do anything about it, because these things work just fine as they are for the scumbags at the top (where the wealth is getting siphoned up to), as health care and tuition are drops in a bucket for these fucks. I literally have no idea how my kids get a decent education without leaving us dead broke and them saddled with nefarious debt. <-- tho, if anyone has tangible, good ideas, or pro tips, I'm all ears Plus yeah the economy and social fabric are collapsing around us so there's that too
  3. If it can derail the Herm Cain Train, it can get Fuckface Xenu pls
  4. That sucks man @sidewinder. If someone has (or could make) a tracklist w/ startimes I'll make a CUE file that you could then use to split the flac into individual tracks, and bam, 2k on your way Such wow, seems the exception proves the RULE
  5. Indeed! Let's embrace (at a distance, of course) the pansexuality of the unspoken rule (shhh) of (shhhit)posting on watmm (no homeopathy) @diatoms hope your sesh was enjoyable and that you had a good night ;~)
  6. Christ, back reading through these last posts reading like is whoah, chill dudes why cant we all louvre each otter? Getting blazed right now but it's killing me that I can't have my usual whiskey accompaniment since I have bloodwork tomorrow. I actually just had bloodwork done 2 weeks ago ahead of my annual physical and fucked up by having a few drinks the night before, completely forgot I had to fast for a whole 12 hrs prior, not just overnight. So tomorrow is makeup bloodwerk lol < also why is this emoji so large by default lol
  7. Justice for the Shitpiss 15
  8. Fucking Degens, they make no secret whatsoever about being the propaganda whores they are either.
  9. Yeah, Cosine is my fave trak of his and it's a 192k mp3 freebie from a couple of years ago (thnkx drn, FERDA) Butt im anal too and this feels kinda sacrilege, since Dj Kicks released it ass a single file/werk Thanks Stebe Harbee
  10. It's what you'd call Shoresy's catchphrase if you will, seems like something to say to a reticent cowboy holding his Anyway all love and nice werk Dae
  11. I really enjoyed on first listen and look forward to bumping this on the regular, give yer balls a tug @Hugh Mughnus
  12. Noice, forcibly in mono no less about to give the digital vinlys a spin on the hi-fi, thnx D!
  13. I was playing Monopoly (the board game) with my daughter and rolled doubles three times in a row, sending me to jail. All 3 doubles were snake eyes. The odds of repeating this are 1 in 46,656, so I don't think I'll ever see it happen again in my lifetime. In an infinite world, anything with an infinitesimal, but non-zero probability of occurring must occur infinitely often 💫
  14. Were you pahking cahs at havard yahd? I miss driving stick, it's gotta be close to 10 years now but I'm sure it's like riding a bike
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