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  1. i used to like these guys but the clownsmanship is too next level. please do not patronize this establishment watmm friends
  2. I know a couple peeps IRL who know / know of Autechre. First was a kinda socially awkward but nice record collector guy that despite the aforementioned I often found myself in social situations with, and we'd eventually get talking about electronic music. I recall he told me he had the plain gold-cover LP by Aw Tek Ray and I was like cool I like that one too. I've been playing drums in a somewhat established local post-punk-art-noise-dance project for about two years now, and not one but two (2) bandmates familiar with Autechre. Our synth player is very much into Aphex, couldn't name another rephlex artist and doesn't like the 'chre for reasons you can easily imagine, but he's a few years younger so I cut him some slack. Our bassist is older and makes experimental electronica on his own with a pretty awesome array of analog and digital shit to programs and knob twiddle. He's quite good at it and it's impossible that he doesn't derive some influence from them, I mentioned the reverb on one track really reminded me of Oversteps and he was like yeah I like Aw Tek Rah. Anyway I'm doing my part by regularly blasting Warp Tapes (or the AMKS_1 skratchathon) TFO the whip at max vol whilst cruising the greater Providence-metro area.
  3. Imagine someone questioning your 'chre fandom bona-fides IRL, and being able to pull one of those badbois out of your bullwallet. As for tees I wish they'd go minimal and make (re-make?) the one that's just the iconic æ front-center. A Draft tee w/ no Draft artwork seems a bit daft. More like Daft 7.30 amirite? Were you able to contain it, and are you safe?
  4. And lo, apparently just this past Dec 27 they put up a 29-track release called "Solid State Compendium," which appears to be collected remixes, compilation trax, one-offs, &c. https://phoenecia.bandcamp.com/album/solid-state-compendium Not sure if this flew under the WATMM radar (or just mine), but whoa.
  5. I get what they're trying to do, I just wished they'd kept the original artwork, and dunno, maybe put these new interpretations on the back cover or inner sleeve or summat. Seriously y would you fuck with this? If you check out the one they did for Harnessed the Storm, you might change your mind
  6. Holy shiiiet I was gawdawnest caning this as I read your post (It's ackschually Physics N' Tricks - Meridian (Remarc Remix)))
  7. Nah makes sense totally, Confield is just the deepest of 'chre dives and (IMO) one really needs to be in a certain headspace to appreciates it. I went w/ Chaistic cuz it's where it all "clicked," yadayada, &c. and it's a close second favorite to LP5 which if you look behind you is busting thru the fucking drywall. And Nvane. key nell m88s. The bros squeezed the entire heat death of the universe into the 2nd half, mental
  8. I don't like them either, but have gradually accepted them as a necessary evil in knockout competitions when there has to be a winner. If they've slugged it out for 120+ minutes and there's still no winner, then yeah the reward for both teams is a complete crapshoot. The psyops, nerves and dumb luck of it all is amusing in a way. Ordinary league football has draws (ties) which are IMO a completely acceptable outcome, esp. when nowadays for league table (standings) both teams come away with only 1/3 of the spoils rather than splitting it. I'm old enough to remember when the NHL had ties. They'd play a 5 minute OT and neither team would try since they'd both be satisfied taking the point.
  9. Yeeeeeah I just introduced the flacs to my virgin ears, lush AF. Would willingly hook B1 to my veins if possible. Love this project and whatever forces are behind it
  10. I do this every night with your son Cya in the 2nDD world homie
  11. (Edit)s are in... and... they're compact! And my mans, still eschewing stereophonics! Now Darren (pls) summon lopez with the haterade and the cycle will be complete
  12. Yeah that what has me confused, I'd'a though this kinda fuckery would be a major turnoff around here but apparently not so much. I'm with @cern on this one, Echospace are f'n sketchy. Way before the outright scamming I caught them gaming their release ratings on Discogs, everything they put out was getting like a 4.91 / 5 or something which made no sense. Turns out they had a bunch of lackeys who'd rate all 5 "versions" of a particular release (the vinyl, the promo, the wav, the mp3...) as 5/5.
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