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  1. This speaks more to nonexistence of affordable housing in the U.S. imho A libertarian-leaning friend of mine used to love shitting on Bernie because "oh he just bought a half-million dollar house in VT" or something like that at the time. How much do you think a fucking half-decent house costs?
  2. Indeed I have, though thank you for the reminder that this exists! The omitted track is good in and of itself, I might have listened to this version once or twice but still go back to the original since it's the one I fell in love with back in the days where available music was a finite commodity. This of course having been ingested and imbued through subjective experience; not sure but I believe this is the part of the response where I type "YMMV": YMMV. Thanks, gonna fire up winamp and pretend madonna is still relevant, then maybe draw an picture of her listening intently to the 18
  3. Most of this anniversary rehash cottage industry is TBH. Perhaps only in the perceived reality in which this self (or bot, I'm your brony, jabroni) exists, the recording Since I Left You is perfect as-is. Be it residing within the pits and lands of a compact disc purchased long ago and sitting on my shelf, untouched for years having long been extracted for its PCM data, or through perceived free will, selected as aural input for my conscious self, triggering - as anticipated, perhaps self-fulfillingly - neurons and axons to glow and flicker in some region of the electromagnetic spectrum
  4. mmm Nikitaventures: from Milan to Minsk is a personal favourite When spoken out loud, is it Mario "Brothers" or Mario "Bros" (as in broskis)? I have an important dinner party with a potential client (same night as my son's bassoon octet recital no less) and want to avoid any faux pas since it might come up in conversation.
  5. If you can survive the first minute it actually turns into a solid slice of choonage
  6. Some pr0n for my commode comrades: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-56632958 Getting OT so yeah fuck these NFT ppl gently with a chainsaw
  7. I always think of the Eric Andre show where Hannibal is chubbing up to play the title character in "Precious 2: Precious with a Dick"
  8. Yeah I'm having trouble following, by the logic posited in that there tweet what's to stop anyone with a single generic/indistinct dick pic (probably of a small dick for best effect) from extorting some John Doe this way. That's some cumthievery level threat right there
  9. Hmm, feel like I oughta instantly do something
  10. Track's nice alright but not buying that promo copy's circle-of-creation fluff. Placing bets that it'll sound like Faith In Strangers and Too Many Voices (as this track already does). Even the cover says so. Also Mother's back in the mix, so start warming up your euphoniums dudes (doots)
  11. No better way to celebrate a piece of wank than to gather around for another circle jerk
  12. Danke for the concise distillation m8 I still think they're nada butt tulip futures, but hey prove me wrong kids, prove me wrong
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