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  1. POV is awesome, some of us ackshulally rate it a notch above TROG! Horses for courses but it's not to be ridden off m666!
  2. I should've been clearerer, it is thru VPN and TBQH it is relatively fast; only having a single monitor (as opposed to 2 in the orifice) is probably the bottleneck. That and being so easily distracted!
  3. Working from home now, optional since office is still open. Doing most stuff via a remote connection to my work computer, which for graphic-intensive programs like CAD and GIS is slow AF.
  4. Making/updating your guillotine list is a great way to pass time! If you're just getting started, here's some fun Friday fodder: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-51976484
  5. D'yalike scatchin? yeah WATIZIT
  6. Give yer balls a tug titfuckers!
  7. I never knew they made a video for this in the day, but it's great
  8. No worries @Nebraska, 'ave at it maetl. It's all a rich tapestry of fuccuppedness at this point. Lorde willing orange DICK'EAD will go tits up / face down in his own covid faeces.
  9. ^ I had quietly assumed the G was "Get Coronavirus anyway"
  10. Man that sucks so hard. I really hope that that the silver lining to this corona shitshow is exposing just how our shitty the state of health care / public health is. Yesterday during dinner a sizeable chunk of the porcelain crown on my molar broke off, got in for an emergency exam with my dentist this morning. Got a talking to like I'm and 8 year-old because I hadn't bought and worn a night guard ($480 piece of plastic) and that this break was a consequence of that. Also, our insurance covers neither the guard nor replacing the crown, which is gonna be like $1,200.
  11. Pretty sure Coronavirus got you covered blud 😂 I feel like I'm on the way end of some Celiac spectrum. If I accidentally ingest gluten I have no GI distress/pain at all (maybe if I housed a baguette but I'm not about to find out). Not counting the anemia the led to my diagnosis, the only real symptom I've ever had is DH, which is where your epidermis somehow gets tRiGGeReD by gluten and results in a rash (usually on elbows and/or knees). This is me to a tee, thankfully since I've been strict GF for a couple of years now it's quite rare I get it these days (usually the result of a fuckup on my part) and when do it's really mild and unnoticeable.
  12. Awesome and unexpected, happy Fila Friday fellow fuckers!
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