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  1. I raughed Sir, this is an Arby's drive-thru.
  2. ^ don't forget the butthurt that ensued when the stereo channels were switched on the Hi Scores re-release! As if Marcus through the left channel or GTFO On the other end of the spectrum you have folks that'll take the Ae NTS Sessions, use software to emulate pitching them down from 45 to 33, and listen to them that way. To quote Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer: "Your world frightens and confuses me."
  3. Nice, I've always loved sporks and have been getting into dgoHn recently, so win-win.
  4. Illy Jo could choon with the best of 'em
  5. Also sounds like is Rosie Perez too, and now I can't listen to the track without thinking of the #1 cray-latina-GF trope of 80s/90s movies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ajBHZKoKYbU
  6. That and jpeg compression! Jah bless sine. Keep jammin like the 'chre 🅱️
  7. His boiler room set is 🔥 too. That thing he unleashes during Bad Wires is dangerous son! Only listened to Zebrajams a few times and it's pretty good alright, gonna let it simmer on the front burner for a while. I'm a bit cynical so pardon if I don't buy the pitch that this is some sort of return to the form of his much exalted diptych; the sound's never left IMO, just tweaked to accommodate whatever broadening of the palette he's been up to (vocals, ambient, R&B, etc.) on the past couple of albums. Yeah faith in strangers is probably the least of the lot (#bassoontruth) but I've always found revisiting these albums to be a worthwhile experience.
  8. BobDobalina


    If you ever wanted to swat yourself, well here's your chance!
  9. That the last readable line on that butthurt twit starts careening into the Clinton Foundation...
  10. Here's a feel good story for your Wednesday! Virginia elects woman who gave president the finger: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-50315490
  11. Thanks dude, I will most definitely be copping this on bandcamp. You need to get on Brazilification stat! Not only is some of their best work is on their remixes, but the way they self-mix the tracks on this compilation is almost magical - the transitions into "Freedom" and out of Lamb's "Cottonwool" still give me the chills. This is an unmixed version (image is unrelated, weird bwoy does not appear to have anything to do with Fila or Lamb) PM to claim your prize, two best-rolled Ls! Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead. Ha! I listened to Monkeyradio way back when too! Creepy how similar my foray in into electronica was to yours. Fila were definitely part of the gateway drug scheme, but I especially liked how they and other Pork artists pulled the sound in a much different direction. Condolences bran, I've had old threads of mine passed over like a two-bit whore too. Just kick off your shoes and pour yourself some cognac m8!
  12. I fucking love fila brazillia. You're spot on about the many styles bit, I loved the way they perfected their alchemy of the electronic and the organic in a way that was so definitively theirs, and yeah, hella fun. Their first remix collection, Brazilification (featuring that great DJ Food remix you mentioned) is by far my favorite thing of theirs (B2 is decent as well but can't compare). Maim, Power Clown, and Touch of Cloth are go-to albums but they're all great. If I ever change my watmm moniker it'll be to Lieut. Gingivitis Shit! Where can this live album of which you speak be acquired?? I wouldn't mind seeing them get back together, but the older/wiser part of me understands how seasons change, and besides, they had an amazing run of it. Sad I didn't get to see them live when they were a thing. Also, I was a fan of theirs for like 10+ years before it finally dawned on me what the track title "a zed and two l's" means!
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