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  1. Do they still use that old Four Tet track for segues? I like Four Tet even, yet that shit got real tired real fast. It reminds me of years ago when I'd occasionally tune in to a morning sports talk station *shudders* and they'd do this news banter segment every day, during which the instrumental of Korn's Freak on a Leash would be playing at low volume in the background, every day. Day after day without fail. Made me wonder whether the jocks had to endure it as well or if it was just for the listeners. Anyway your second part is spot on, I don't listen to NPR much anymore but the news coverage definitely feels neutered these days. Like how Fox made the transition to hardcore pornography so gradually that I barely noticed.
  2. ^ dat beat tho by Metal Fingers
  3. QFT, home ownership sucks but so does renting so IDK. Entropy ftw m83 In my early 40s and am on the more hirsute side of the spectrum, so I speak from experience - just come at it with whatever tools you have, tweeze or trim or w/e. Part of getting older has been switching from "must destroy" mode to ok manage.
  4. Last Sunday bassment had a bit o water in it (innit), turns out our sewer line out was clogged and shit came up thru the lowest fixture (toilet in basement). Shit only got worse in the time since, got the roto rooter dude out here today and lo, the thoroughly rooted 80-y.o. clay sewer pipe out the house is fubar, needs to be replaced, and is 8 feet below grade in our front yahd. Looking at $5-6K easily, fml
  5. I'd been bummed at how shite we've been in the run in (lack of depth is costly innit) but this more than makes up for it. Any ting can happen in a final buoys!
  6. What is this total reputation thing and how does it work Should I have been doing more brofisting this whole time?
  7. Yeah crosswords are great, essential mental floss for some of us. I've never thought of them as a thing everyone loves though. Sudoku OTOH is pretty boring
  8. No vvorries MVIII, I thought we were referring to a certain aural shitstain that rode roughshod over the already fecal bespecked warp20 circlejerk. There, I've already said too mvch *books lashing appt with dominatrix* Fun fact - if you want to completely ruin everything you've ever enjoyed about Happy Cycling, listen to DJ Food's Blech 20.1 mix. (Blech 20.2 mix is actually really good though)
  9. I don't get this fascination with base 10, but yeah bet on a 2-CD / 8-LP boxset of Born Ruffians remixing all the warp classics. No, really. Tread lightly, for that which I cannot say cannot be unheard
  10. This is just fantastic, thanks for the heads up Extra & watmm cru Was rinsing this last night and had to repeat Track 4 immediately, that ending is too fucking good. talkt'metalkt'metalkt'metalkt'metalkt'mebouthafuturrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre
  11. Rly? I've always thought (up to now at least) that in the scummy world of file hosting that sendspace was benign-ish enough. At least it has been here using Firefox w/ uBlock. Any recs for alternative?
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