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  1. That's weird and sad. Guess they'll have to lay off all those workers packing downloads into zip files. Q: Has there been any recent ghost box release that you'd deem noteworthy or remarkable? The last thing I really rated as Advisory Circle - From Out Here and I now realize that was 2014, yikes
  2. Can we rescript the Romanov reboot to include this Prince niBBA & Devos? This whole episode of 'muricah (my life to now) has been a gradual erosion of what constitutes basic ethical behavior in our society, and good people standing by doing nothing, because they're tethered by trappings of modern capitalism or fear that a "something" would be arguably worse. The latter being completely valid since whatever something it is, it's immediately denounced by the bootlicking soothsayers as even more egregious than thing. I'm non-religious and yet I see this very well as an inflection point in struggle between good and evil. The BFP is that for every reality there's only one truth for every billion or so falsehoods, and the forces of evil exploit this informational entropy with great enthusiasm and effectiveness.
  3. They were both north of $20 USD when I was eyeing them years ago, but w/e, I shouldn't be making excuses. Looking forward to buying this instead and seeing the communication knights get a proper cut of the action Tom pls
  4. You won't be doing yourself a disservice, that's for sure. I've had 76:14 on cd for ages, but only privateered versions of the 2005 reissue bonus disc and Remotion since both go for absurd secondhand prices on discogs. So to say I'm defiantly buying this is an understatement, never even heard Pentavarate Mononucleosis in its entirety either so stoked AF for that. Sets?
  5. Take it off the rack, if it's wack, put it back I like the whopper, fuck the big mac
  6. I digs the jungle, the roy ayers, and the machinedrums, so I hate to say this doesn't work. SMDH at the comment about it being better than the original.
  7. Thanks, I had those 2 dudes mixed up. Looks like T++ was involved in polygon cities and gravity, good stuff the both of those
  8. Yeah, if you try to make sense of Florida your gonna have a bad time. My home state (Rhode Island) is predominantly left-leaning, sprinkled with some conservative pockets in - wait for it - the rural fringe communities. Our state legislature has a Democratic hypermajority, which from afar might look seem interesting and perhaps even promising, but - wait for it - the establishment here is a corrupt cesspool of cronyism and incompetence. Recently, when a sizeable contingent of progressive female reps had established a caucus within the party to advance things like good government reforms (in the vein of Katie Porter & AOC), the RI democrats basically rewrote their bylaws to ban them from doing so. Ironically we're still considered a "union" state, i.e., you need to get/stay in the good graces of labor unions to stay in office. The democratic party on the whole is shite. Maybe not as bad as the repubs, but that's a fucking low bar these days. Also, our electoral college votes haven't gone to a non-democrat in like 60 years (Mondale even got us lol), yet another one of the many reasons the electoral college sucks.
  9. Yeehaw, Model 500 - Sonic Sunset had managed to sneak by my radar up to now, but no more! (UFOs)
  10. My favorite track on the album (illuminated displays is great too, as is the whole thing). @ PSN hardly come sloppy so I'm guessing it's on porpoise
  11. ❤️ monolake The middle and later albums are right good but I still go back to Interstate and Hong Kong the most (I think it was RH w/ T++ on both those but one of u nerds feel free to correct Annika) Also, Liumin by Deepchord/Echospace is a good album but I think I liked it better the first time when it was Hong Kong by Monolake
  12. shhh you guys are gonna summon diatoonz with that kinda tomfuckery
  13. pls & thanku, Seaen (it is, and it do)
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