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  1. I've opened record sleeves/packaging plenty of times but never the records themselves... knowing BoC I bet there's something really cool inside! Blood soaked pics pls!
  2. It's an EP track titled "6.07", also the opener on the bonus disc of the US version of D'nB for Pepe technique freaking occurs just past the 4 min mark
  3. Yep, if anyone's interested just send me your WAVs and I'll burn each set to a CD-R with limited edition sharpie art and a hand numbered plasti-sleeve, each imprinted with a quote from one of the 'chre bros. PM me for details and pricing.
  4. Don't forgert Born Ruffians, Diamond Watch Wrists, and that cringeworthy singsong cover of Autechre!
  5. Christ, watmm and physicals. Sad sometimes how there's are forums and subforums dedicated, you know, to music discussion, only for thread content to be more like the comments section of an unboxing video. The 'chre made 2 killer mixes from their early warp tapes for the NTS radio sets, then had the nerve to upload the WAVs. For free. Also during the NTS radio marathon, SP burst through drywall to announce that yes, he's still the fucking daddy. Some bloke was kind enough streamrip the whole thing and - clutch your pearls Ae NTS Vinyls - I actually love re-listening to this set in all its 128kbps glory. Will definitely be getting the BoC digitals for sure just for XYZ. Wasn't is a sample clearance thing that prevented it from being on the original release? Would've been cool if they included the "bad day" version of Happy Cycling as well (was it the version broadcast on the JP show?) even though it was a pretty rough mix.
  6. Just biked in to say that I really like this album (been a real nice summer > fall grower), much better than Yr Dead or Quiet Cummies (IMHO/TTFNBBQ)
  7. Honestly , beyond second generation stars, at least those with enough of the necessary material in their planetary detritus facultative to organizing into more complexity (i.e., carbon, oxygen, and other heavy elements), I have no idea. We only have the one case study (ourselves) to glean from, and biological evolution took billions of years. We have no idea whether this the norm, a relatively short (or long) time, if evolution of a species to a level of consciousness is inevitable or just a freak occurrence. And with that I wish a good night to you and everyone else on watmm except diatoms
  8. Great choon! This appears on DIALP as " Live Birmingham 1995", right?
  9. Ugh let's just agree to disagree. I put cards on the table in my earlier post so not much more to say.
  10. How could a civilization have arisen from a first generation star? There weren't even elements heavier than lithium yet!
  11. You didn't decide to take a trip to Italy, free will is an illusion
  12. Did you even think to post examples, like from when they'd do this game on "who's line is it anyway?" ?
  13. The map (and WATMM 🙌) needs more Gay Head
  14. Vic Borger's new best of jimmy fallon... christlol
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