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  1. Apparently Dragoon owes rent to Hannibal Burress and is on the run from goons (hired goons)
  2. Also, fuck the PL, fuck the super league, fuck uefa, fuck fifa, fuck xhaka, fuck VAR, fuck City, etc. Fuck it I'll probabyl watch anyway, go handsome football men!
  3. "Don't be scared, it's perfectly fair" - Hose B. Madd
  4. To be fair I've never cracked a profit from steaming either, could never get that Upstate NY recipe right
  5. "Some people don't think it like the is but, be it do" - I.M. Pei
  6. If you're single, and she's single, and the vibing is still there after a few more appointments, then you should go for it. Life's too short not to take chances like this. Like we all seem to agree it can't be in the job setting though, that's why you need a change of venue. Drop something nonchalantly like "me and the boys are going to [thing] this weekend (some farmer's market/flea market/free concert, w/e)". Gauge the reaction and follow up with something like "you should totally check it out," if and when the moment's right. This is not shooting for a date or anything romantic just yet, only to get the conversation outside of the professional confines. who knows? you could end up with a great meet cute story like Wil Feral in training Day: Just a suggestion of course.
  7. I hate to see you go, but I do love watching you leave.
  8. And... which of his several, well-documented live show hired impostors is that? just joshin'; love and miss the supermuthafuckinvillain (super like 1A)
  9. I dig it too vocals 'n all. Could very well see it as a go-to anthem for my love of politicians. Also everytiem I see this thread pop up I think of the Chubb Rock choon of the exact same title (and still slappin)
  10. Can believe I forgot about this, please accept my belated love borger
  11. ❤️ appleblim, Life in A Laser was great Also note to other artists/labels catering to the physical release fanbourgeoisie like a purity test, it is possible to also release digitals (thx blim).
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