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  1. Thnx YosepH Still playing catch up and only heard 1/3 of the rave trilogy so far, but by the sounds of it I'll have to check out the new hotness
  2. This Alright aaaaaaacid is off the chainz bros Is this unreleased, new or some ting I just missed on some b side? Luke y u so prolific m1010?
  3. All I'm sayin brony (and I ain't your brony, jabroni), is that the antichrist is everywhere these days, don't just limit yourself to France mon ami Bonuse protip: keep yr n00bian comportment here on the straight and narrow, lest the Shlitz-Obel brute squad smite thee, and thou shalt be smoten, deadass.
  4. For what was the profit of man, who gained the whole world, but suffered the loss of his own soul Also, drugs
  5. BobDobalina

    Rob pls

    Alas PPPP (puff puff pass protocol) suspended indefinitely during covid All I know is that those 'chre bros better not be mixing any tobacco in their weed
  6. Not an out-&-out solution per se, but I recommend the 1996 comedy Swingers starring up-and-comers Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn. The whole movie is about coping with rejection, also is pretty damn funny and within reason has aged well. As corny as it sounds there are some bits of wisdom packed in there about dealing which are spot on.
  7. Wow, instabuy. Happy Friday fellow Fila fanclub fuckers!
  8. C'mon Herman Cain train - doot, doot! Also some good-morning music for all you happy netizenz!
  9. Correct. Time to wake up and realize these entities have basically both become crime syndicates, locked in a turf war to serve the needs of their constituents oligarch backers. In this game anyone with 1/2 a moral compass has to back the lesser of two evils, and there seems to be no bottom to the depths of depravity the Rs are willing to go. We're all just slumming up in the projects where the turf war is going down.
  10. Christ this fucking "debate" http://www.youtubemultiplier.com/5f73dcfd2a43c-fucking-goddamretardedflaming-bag-of-shitshow.php
  11. Yeah totes, love to see the artists I love putting out new choonage, and yet it seems as I've gotten older, the library of music available continues to approach infinity while my time to consume/enjoy continues to dwindle... So yeah a slow drip suits just fine so long as properly hooked to my veins And don't glitt'r wrong, I'm excited af for new VHS. In the meantime all his material up to now hasn't not not failed to deliver, so they're always a gas to revisit on a healthy basis
  12. It's pretty fucking sad alright. Our whole system of governance / constitution has long needed major, basic overhauls since the advent of the information age and global inter-connectivity, but I'm afraid it's too late. If those of us with half a brain have learned anything, it's that it's just a system, and all systems are vulnerable to exploitation, especially those doggedly kept in locked in stone (like that c*nt Scalia's jerk off fantasy), all that founding fathers bullshit. The electoral college, no term limits, lifetime judgeships, corporate personhood, archaic tax codes, etc.,
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