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  1. For anyone under 40, there was some dumb watmm-IRL crossover relationship docu-drama series, back when you'd order it off netflix and they'd send you the DVDs, wild. Forum naturally obsesses over the virtues of female lead. All other main characters have since gone on to fellate their own man tits.
  2. Easily one of the most roundhouseable faces of our times, and a Fascist's Quarterly's Top Pick for 2024
  3. Wow it's almost as if a certain ideological faction discovered an exploit in the whole 3-branch-checks-and-balances scaffolding, and after spending decades chipping away at it in plain sight, has suddenly decided to go full blowtorch. AND an extra special BobDob FU to the Pelosi and the rest of her useless DNC clique for doing fuck all cuz they thought still think they can have it both ways, catering to the oligarchs, lip service to the people. Stick to the insider trading and paid pep talks to Goldman Sachs, you know, things you're good at. #FTGE
  4. I think we can all agree that the objekt that makes these singles/eps is much better than the one that makes objekt albums
  5. This is really good, thanks for sharing. I like how it takes aesthetic cues from the ep7 and Chiastic era album covers and does a bunch of cool twisted shit with them.
  6. Too rich to be true... sigh. https://www.truthorfiction.com/telegraph-money-kyle-tweet/
  7. lol @ Arsenal lol @ Spurs now controlling their own CL destiny needing only to win or draw... at last-placed Norwich
  8. You forgot about the coked-out broads twisting his 'stache, and everyone going "aw man cya machinedrum" Should be in the watmm post hall of fame imo Love u Travis OOF
  9. Just wanna leave this here, love Ronny and yeah so many stupid bug-features with our money systems here. The wife and I lived & worked in Dublin for 2 years and it was ridiculous how simple taxes, health care and so much else was compared to the US. Income taxes are the fucking worst too. I hate that in modern 'merica there are all of these systems that are so fundamentally and blatantly broken (tax "code," electoral college, term limits, health care, student loan protections, corporate citizenship, etc. etc. etc.). But we can't go fix them that b/c it would infringe on the vested mega-interests buttering their bread on the status quo (and also their freedom to hoard more bread and butter).
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