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  1. Much better casting choice than Daniel Boringclffe IMHO M420s lol
  2. I'm still in it for the docking but gotta agree to disagree. While far from perfectly articulated, a lot of valid points there about the machinations of exploitation in the digital era.
  3. [Whisper volume] "This is IDM" Which is greater over the transfinite set of all Phil Collins? (Phil Collins)^(Phil Collins) OR (Phil Collins)! Asking for a friend. Also
  4. Taxes pay for civilization you greedy fuck. Roads, sidewalks, schools, parks, hospitals, fire departments are all there for the public good as they should be. Everyone ought to be paying in according to their means. Demonizing the state or "big gov't" is disingenuous. Sure there is plenty of inefficiency but the problems of poor allocation are not inherent, rather they are by way of unethical politicians and leadership directing revenues according to whatever political ideology holds sway. You know, the c*nts your fellow billionaire cronies prop up to do just that.
  5. Maybe Ukraine just likes to get fingercuffed, ever think of that brainiacs?!?
  6. Flashback to 8 y.o. bobdob watching Star Trek 2: the Wrath of Khan for the 1st time Thank 🪱
  7. Maxine a.k.a. MacCoon a.k.a. Mittens MacCoon a.k.a Makuna Frittata
  8. Thanks, one of them did work for me, but it was just a link to a free d/l of the release (I already bought the release). Really hoping they were NFTs of Sean's liner notes.
  9. 💯 Also for Digital Vinlys Positivity Kru only, The Black Mill Tapes comp can be had ofr a very reasonable price via our fronds at blerp: https://bleep.com/release/210009-pye-corner-audio-black-mill-tapes-10th-anniversary-box
  10. ^ this is somehow the only cassette I still have from my adolescence. Such raw production but they made it with barely any gear beyond turntables, records, and mics. It's all good but this will always be my jam - too bad fatboy slim came along and near ruined it
  11. definitely feels like somebody kicked up the 4d3d3d3 in here! Crypto-Computer, is there anyway to generate a nude chengo?
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