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  1. Just ask them if they want to fight, that usually cracks the ice
  2. This is the bad boy in question and no ingredients list in sight (we're thru the proprietary formula looking glass mon ami) and while I'd love to try this, my edumacation stopped well short of applied inorganic chemistry. Plus cleaning cymbals is a dangerous game, they're these nice, expensive instruments, and it's easy to take a wrong turn, wander down a road paved with best cleaning intentions only find you've made shit worse. Thankfully I've learned this through online horror stories rather than mistakes of my own and I plan to keep it that way! 404 FWP not found. I didn't know this until recently, but apparently there are Russian Jehovah's Witnesses, and they proselytize hard in this one park here in Providence with a trolley that I can only assume is the Cyrillic version of yours, which is weird b/c the Russian community in the area is quite small to begin with. I know y'all are connected through antimatter Jesus so can you ask what their deal is?
  3. That sucks bro. Ages ago the wife had a college friend who worked for Santa Cruz (or whatever parent company) and gave us like $200 in free (as in real estate) product coupons. Lived the hi life for a few weeks but man the comedown was hard. Related FWP, Paiste has discontinued indefinitely their cymbal cleaner polish, which makes no sense b/c it's the best out there and has kept my *redacted* cymbals looking great for years now. I'm down to a 1/4 bottle, and every couple of months I suffer the indignity of a google search that eventually leads to page 16 of some thread on some drummer's forum (not unlike this one) only to find out no, they're still not making it.
  4. Love this project. Every time I think I've tired out and moved on, they always seem to come along with something that drags me back in!
  5. Hey MAGAs choose your fighter: "Outspoken heavily-armed black guy" VS "charging klan lynch mob (but really democrats)" Also, as WATMM's Rhode Island represant (and assficionado) I'm down with Sen. Mack, esp. if it gets attention to the issues she's trying to address. As much as an affront to basic human/women's rights as it is, a (and arguably the) key objective in overturning RvW / criminalizing abortion is to keep the poor and disenfranchised poor and disenfranchised. Aside from that our state politics are insane (think Dem rat-nests like Albany and Chicago, only dumber), and completely different flavor of insane from national politics. It's vive le difference every day mon amis
  6. For anyone under 40, there was some dumb watmm-IRL crossover relationship docu-drama series, back when you'd order it off netflix and they'd send you the DVDs, wild. Forum naturally obsesses over the virtues of female lead. All other main characters have since gone on to fellate their own man tits.
  7. Easily one of the most roundhouseable faces of our times, and a Fascist's Quarterly's Top Pick for 2024
  8. Wow it's almost as if a certain ideological faction discovered an exploit in the whole 3-branch-checks-and-balances scaffolding, and after spending decades chipping away at it in plain sight, has suddenly decided to go full blowtorch. AND an extra special BobDob FU to the Pelosi and the rest of her useless DNC clique for doing fuck all cuz they thought still think they can have it both ways, catering to the oligarchs, lip service to the people. Stick to the insider trading and paid pep talks to Goldman Sachs, you know, things you're good at. #FTGE
  9. I think we can all agree that the objekt that makes these singles/eps is much better than the one that makes objekt albums
  10. This is really good, thanks for sharing. I like how it takes aesthetic cues from the ep7 and Chiastic era album covers and does a bunch of cool twisted shit with them.
  11. Too rich to be true... sigh. https://www.truthorfiction.com/telegraph-money-kyle-tweet/
  12. lol @ Arsenal lol @ Spurs now controlling their own CL destiny needing only to win or draw... at last-placed Norwich
  13. You forgot about the coked-out broads twisting his 'stache, and everyone going "aw man cya machinedrum" Should be in the watmm post hall of fame imo Love u Travis OOF
  14. Just wanna leave this here, love Ronny and yeah so many stupid bug-features with our money systems here. The wife and I lived & worked in Dublin for 2 years and it was ridiculous how simple taxes, health care and so much else was compared to the US. Income taxes are the fucking worst too. I hate that in modern 'merica there are all of these systems that are so fundamentally and blatantly broken (tax "code," electoral college, term limits, health care, student loan protections, corporate citizenship, etc. etc. etc.). But we can't go fix them that b/c it would infringe on the vested mega-interests buttering their bread on the status quo (and also their freedom to hoard more bread and butter).
  15. I member that day when they awarded both the 2018 and 2022 World Cups hosts, and and thinking damn, this is some next-level openly corrupt-ass shit, even for FIFA. Gonna try to stick to principle and keep my patronage 0 and viewing minimal (it will probably be unavoidable at points but w/e). Worry not comrades since Alan Partridge will always have us covered for World Cup '94!
  16. Coldcut Solid Steel (the broadest beats)! I realize it is (was?) a radio show and not a station per say but the depth and breadth of guests djs and styles over the years is just this. I've got a GBs worth of downloaded/streamripped shows stretching back to the oughts, like books on a shelf that you've read but mostly forgot bud don't mind because which one you pick up is like a new adventure you know will be great. I'm impressed these shows still exist. I member listening to them on Winamp circa Y2K. Monkeyradio still seems to exist too which is wild, I owe he/them a lot of credit for exposing me to a lot of great electronica then at a time when there weren't many other ways to tap in. Even better it opened my mind/ears to the idea that there are worlds of music ever further out to explore, and just how limited a the music available to a kid growing up in 1990s suburbia was.
  17. Cool question: having already bought the 4-track EP digitals, maybe like a discount or summat so as to not have to buy again?
  18. Gods work right there Keep irradiating unconditional Miller Lite
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