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  1. Pre-loafed the downorder, and need to give first props to the original. must've hard it in at least a dozen mixes before to now so nice to finally recogni$e. The 'chre remix is ace too, sounds like they ground/encased up the original into a hotdog and threw it down a Quaristice hallway
  2. Without fail it's always the absolute worst when you go out to eat at one of those casual dining restaurants like Chili's, Applebee's etc. Like this gigantic turd I had the displeasure of running into:
  3. The Largest Autocracy on Earth Facebook is acting like a hostile foreign power; it’s time we treated it that way. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2021/11/facebook-authoritarian-hostile-foreign-power/620168/ Worth reading if you have the time. Also, Fucc Zucc
  4. lol, Cypress Hill still being the go-to soundtrack reedonk/extreame gonjage stunts in 2021
  5. Nice. Narkopop and Rausch were just okay but I'll go into this with optimism that the Wolf is due, just like the Washington Generals
  6. Make a separate thread and let us know how it goes Pls
  7. *Not in the video, but desantis is is a sure thing to upset Zodiac Son's 10 years of dominance in the Most Punchable Face category
  8. That mem is just trolling for pissbait or whatever + is Morbidly obese Aphex crew indahouse! (as if they could get out through any of the doorways or without a forklift)
  9. If only that rage could be channeled towards personal injury lawyer adverts. Also if you pause the video in the right spot all those ads are for okcupid, which as part of its capitaliste' prime directive is trying to capture as much sexual orientation spectrum / market share as possible. And the one rusting her jimmies has two tongues shoppe'd into a single conjoined entity.
  10. Yeah near the tip it tapers down to a single photon IIRC, quite pointy indeed!
  11. Just a grizzled old stoner opinion, but whatever you can/could get out of already-been-vaped product isn't gonna be worth the time and effort expended. Of course eating it requires neither so have at it, mmm! Special FWP crossover post: Just cleaned my glass pipe yesterday and it was disgusting with salsa sludge. Letting it soak overnight in rubbing alcohol is essential, but even then it's still getting hands-on with stuff that's sticky AF and smells godawful. It'd be a shame if my pipe has an "accident" right before I have to clean it again...
  12. having lived it I can confirm that's defiantly a sample of an aluminum public school bleacher fart circa 1997 Keep keeping techno weird blawan
  13. Still couldn't pay me to click the link, but did Panama make the list? If not serious omission IMO
  14. lol did Elvis make the list? Also can you believe this didnt make it, the nerve
  15. This goes back to when OPN made actually compelling music before jumping in the deep end of a vape-infused-nihilist-ADHD-Stranger-Things-PC pool Hard to pin down the 1 at the beginning but once the low-end swells start to build it reveals itself quite nicely. Even though we've grown apart I still love you Dan for stuff like this
  16. Frosting McQueen is my spirit animal 🎷🧻🎈🐲🗿
  17. Cross-post from New Releases, all credit cringe to OP @thumbass! Just listening to this once has forced me to re-examine what I'm doing with my life, but in no way having to do with the content itself
  18. It's ackshually Johns Hopkins, great med school, lacrosse team, and emotech programme
  19. Big tiddy moth You simply must make acquaintance with our dear @diatoms m'lady Lettin' the ol stank out are we?
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