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  1. Apparently Dragoon owes rent to Hannibal Burress and is on the run from goons (hired goons)
  2. Also, fuck the PL, fuck the super league, fuck uefa, fuck fifa, fuck xhaka, fuck VAR, fuck City, etc. Fuck it I'll probabyl watch anyway, go handsome football men!
  3. To be fair I've never cracked a profit from steaming either, could never get that Upstate NY recipe right
  4. "Some people don't think it like the is but, be it do" - I.M. Pei
  5. If you're single, and she's single, and the vibing is still there after a few more appointments, then you should go for it. Life's too short not to take chances like this. Like we all seem to agree it can't be in the job setting though, that's why you need a change of venue. Drop something nonchalantly like "me and the boys are going to [thing] this weekend (some farmer's market/flea market/free concert, w/e)". Gauge the reaction and follow up with something like "you should totally check it out," if and when the moment's right. This is not shooting for a date or anything romantic just yet, only to get the conversation outside of the professional confines. who knows? you could end up with a great meet cute story like Wil Feral in training Day: Just a suggestion of course.
  6. I hate to see you go, but I do love watching you leave.
  7. And... which of his several, well-documented live show hired impostors is that? just joshin'; love and miss the supermuthafuckinvillain (super like 1A)
  8. I dig it too vocals 'n all. Could very well see it as a go-to anthem for my love of politicians. Also everytiem I see this thread pop up I think of the Chubb Rock choon of the exact same title (and still slappin)
  9. Can believe I forgot about this, please accept my belated love borger
  10. ❤️ appleblim, Life in A Laser was great Also note to other artists/labels catering to the physical release fanbourgeoisie like a purity test, it is possible to also release digitals (thx blim).
  11. This was circa 99-2000 and my mates and I were proper pregame boozing before going out to the bar/club. One of them, let's call him Alan, was going harder than the rest of us and was already into full gleeful mayhem mode by the time we were en route, slurring words and yelling out the car window to anyone on the street who'd engage with him, etc. (Later that evening he and another mate got kicked out of the club for trying to steal the bartender's fruit tray, which I got to watch unfold and was fucking loltastic in and of itself.) So we're cruising thru downtown Providence I'm riding shotgun and Alan is in the back seat behind me. We get to a stoplight when another SUV pulls up next to ours. It a mom driving with what I can only gather is her teenage daughter. So there's Alan leaning halfway out the window probably going into something like "how much for your daughter, I want to buy your daughter!" shit like that, that is if you could even understand what he was blabbing at that point. Mom glances over for a second, then goes immediately goes to the straight-ahead stare. Light is taking forever and he's still blabbing and she's having none of it, I may have also been dishing it out at this point as well. Suddenly and with no break in Mom's forward stare, all the old-school push-pull knob locks on her SUV (which you could see thru the windows, but which I hadn't noticed til this point) shunt down at once. Pretty sure I peed my pants.
  12. U.S. sprinter and Women's 100m Trials winner Sha'Carri Richardson has been DQ'd after testing positive for marijuana. And will miss the Olympics. https://www.bbc.com/sport/athletics/57692193 This hurts my brain and there are not enough Picards in the local intergalactic group
  13. BobDobalina

    Second Peng

    I'll pass that on to myself from 13 years ago thanks He says nah this still slaps (this after I explained to him what slaps meant) He was also like hey, this type of layered mixing is literally Rob Hall's modus-fucking-calling-fucking-card-fucking-operandi, so we ride or die, and then pushed the barrel of his bop gun straight to my temple. gonk casual my friend
  14. Um, that's not what u posted yesterday in the LTM Nice Dicks thread 💈
  15. RIP Gift. This album was one of the best of its time and will live on as a testament to his genius and spirit.
  16. It definitely/defiantly did not say pre-order when I first visited this morning. Reckon they must've fixed the glitch as you suspect.
  17. Soz I was just going off the sample track. I thought the others were listenable but apparently not I also might have to walk back that comment about the album being available for download now, will know for sure when I try to buy it this evening from heimcomputer. It definitely doesn't say anything about a pre-order, nor are they unwilling to take payment.
  18. 1. n00b 2. Aphex Twins 3. Flahblub 4. Unfixed Burger 5. 128kbps MP3 6. Funboy 7. Funboy Plus 8. Chicken Tendies 9. Soggy Neckbeard 10. Lvsh M8 11. 117,342,644 Confirmed Kills 12. Shitpost Self-smeller 13. Ultra Limited Cassette 14. Supreme Dingus
  19. Pretty sure the grey dots were just a reflection of your post count, like you'd get another one when you'd hit a milestone number of posts like 100, 2K, 10K, etc. They got harder to get the further you got on, hence the aura of prestige that would come with a sixth or even seventh dot. but hey what do I know I'm just a Elite Forum Grand Wizard Sergeant-at-Large (43/42) with a 100 Pizzazz badge
  20. This looks and sounds badass. For all my fellow digital vinyl cyberpunks out there, it would appear that this is out now! Oh and what a sassy cocktease putting up 15 ltd white labels too
  21. only if pitched down from 45 to 33!!!!
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