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  1. Might you have a link to a story/article about this chickanery, perhaps from a reputable news source? (big ask in 2022 I know) (dickhead translation: "source?") I'm a civil engineer btw, and on the whole our profession is rightly perturbed about the current state of our infrastructure in the U.S. The ASCE gives out "report cards" to each state every few years for the condition/resiliency of various infrastructure (power grid, water treatment, highway & rail ports, etc.) and the grades are fucking atrocious. Just one of those things rich ppl don't wanna pay for cuz how does it benefit them?
  2. It's 11 pm and I suddenly realize there's a parking ban (what with the incoming blizzard 'n all) AND my wife's car is still parked on the street. So I find her keys, throw on my slides and go to move it. Start the car and the radio (as in FM) is on, basically b/c my wife is a music simp and will admit as much. Sound kicks on and it's "semi-charmed kind of life" by third eye blind. Instinctual at this point, no time to think. Didn't even trust myself to shut off the radio properly, just parked that shit fast as I could in the driveway. And by the grace of God, Robert A. Boobsa Dobblin managed to avoid the chorus entirely.
  3. I for one applaud her bold decision to remain in power at the single largest RICO entity currently operating in the U.S.* You deserve every single one of those insider trading dolla$ girl! * and yes the GOP is flagrantly more corrupted to the core, but there's fewer of them.
  4. Relate 100 Really tho I wish I copped on to Autechre circa 95 so I could send in a postcard from tri-repetae plus 10 quid for a vinlys of YR We R Y r we, except I was a kid in the american suburbs and had absolutely no way of knowing such things exaisted. Plus my foray into electronix/technos was also delayed by the fact that the ppl I knew in college into late-stage rave cvlture were total d'bags. AeneWAE haere's to overaenalyzing shaet
  5. Much better casting choice than Daniel Boringclffe IMHO M420s lol
  6. I'm still in it for the docking but gotta agree to disagree. While far from perfectly articulated, a lot of valid points there about the machinations of exploitation in the digital era.
  7. [Whisper volume] "This is IDM" Which is greater over the transfinite set of all Phil Collins? (Phil Collins)^(Phil Collins) OR (Phil Collins)! Asking for a friend. Also
  8. Taxes pay for civilization you greedy fuck. Roads, sidewalks, schools, parks, hospitals, fire departments are all there for the public good as they should be. Everyone ought to be paying in according to their means. Demonizing the state or "big gov't" is disingenuous. Sure there is plenty of inefficiency but the problems of poor allocation are not inherent, rather they are by way of unethical politicians and leadership directing revenues according to whatever political ideology holds sway. You know, the c*nts your fellow billionaire cronies prop up to do just that.
  9. Maybe Ukraine just likes to get fingercuffed, ever think of that brainiacs?!?
  10. Flashback to 8 y.o. bobdob watching Star Trek 2: the Wrath of Khan for the 1st time Thank 🪱
  11. Maxine a.k.a. MacCoon a.k.a. Mittens MacCoon a.k.a Makuna Frittata
  12. Thanks, one of them did work for me, but it was just a link to a free d/l of the release (I already bought the release). Really hoping they were NFTs of Sean's liner notes.
  13. 💯 Also for Digital Vinlys Positivity Kru only, The Black Mill Tapes comp can be had ofr a very reasonable price via our fronds at blerp: https://bleep.com/release/210009-pye-corner-audio-black-mill-tapes-10th-anniversary-box
  14. ^ this is somehow the only cassette I still have from my adolescence. Such raw production but they made it with barely any gear beyond turntables, records, and mics. It's all good but this will always be my jam - too bad fatboy slim came along and near ruined it
  15. definitely feels like somebody kicked up the 4d3d3d3 in here! Crypto-Computer, is there anyway to generate a nude chengo?
  16. It's an artifact coincident with kick drum pulse, which gathering by other recent posts is at or above 10Khz. Can't speak for the tinnitus crowd (as if they could hear me anyway), but generally seapunking it's p normal for sensitivity to higher frequencies to fall off quite significantly as we get older. I'm in my earlymid-forties and yet it still rustles my jimmies to Koln and back, in your case I'd take it as a win.
  17. oof / lol / wtf Looks like someone finally stumbled upon this page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mastering_(audio) Time to admit this whole gas resurrection, while not without its moments, is basically a cash in on faded glory. I'd say stick to the original canon of releases, but he's already redefined these a couple of times to sell yet more pricey box sets.
  18. ^ Whenever shit like this pops up my brain immediately goes Bill Burr - "that's not a family photo, it's an environmental disaster"
  19. No DAW expert here, but I do play the drums; and what this guy is doing here is mostly strings of short phrases in 4/4. What throws off and simultaneously intrigues the listener (myself included) is that he's constantly killing off each phrase, then unexpectedly starting the "1" of the next phrase (at a different tempo) to mesh with the dialogue. So if it's this type of thing you're trying to replicate, I'd think of it more as a several 4/4 passages of varying tempo, some of which are strung together with some very ungridded pauses inserted between the stop of the last and start of the next.
  20. Loving the Vibert mix. Loving them all in fact. Propers in order!
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