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  1. (Edit)s are in... and... they're compact! And my mans, still eschewing stereophonics! Now Darren (pls) summon lopez with the haterade and the cycle will be complete
  2. Yeah that what has me confused, I'd'a though this kinda fuckery would be a major turnoff around here but apparently not so much. I'm with @cern on this one, Echospace are f'n sketchy. Way before the outright scamming I caught them gaming their release ratings on Discogs, everything they put out was getting like a 4.91 / 5 or something which made no sense. Turns out they had a bunch of lackeys who'd rate all 5 "versions" of a particular release (the vinyl, the promo, the wav, the mp3...) as 5/5.
  3. WATMM halp a'member a'member, was it Modell or Hitchell that sold a bunch of pre-orders on bandcamp and failed to deliver the goods? I don't recall how that panned out other than the A+ meme @prdctvsm honored it with And TBH, at some point a while back all of the Deepchord started to become a lil samey. Not bad, just the same (albeit lush) playbook. Curious whether this one has any new angles to offer.
  4. Aw hell yeah. I never gave in to listening to the rip of this on yt, so it's gonna be like opening a present guaranteed to be 🔥
  5. Thanks for this, I was almost about to plunk down for this album but also realized there's a lot of back material of his I've yet to hear. Where would u recommend to dive into releases instead?
  6. Currently this 7-minute epic, dunno why it gets looked over so often when it's one of the best things they ever made.
  7. Sorry but I already have a low tolerance for audiophiles, and even smaller one for those who zealously enjoy fixing the unbroken burger, so feel free to draw the Venn diagram however you want. I prefer just to cane Autechre, and this set slaps.
  8. To each hir own, but I'll never understand the urge to twiddle knobs after the 'chre have put their stamp on it. Into the fan fiction bin it goes with stereo differences, 45>33 versions and lush nulls Wonder if this clown even stopped to consider for a second that whatever "sounds much better" (to him) might not apply to others, might just have something to do with the playback system/environment, or that his mastering abilities might not be superior to whoever did it for Shah/Raj-approved release.
  9. All aboard for the shit show!
  10. Sorry not sorry but this album fucking delivers, don't sleep
  11. Ayyy, comment made fully aware of this. Unless there's a critical mass of fanbois running shit-hot IDM pirate radio from their mom's basements (and pressed for time at that, lol), I don't get the point for (edit)s on an Actress EP. Bro is just padding the runtime with 53% new footage.
  12. Yeah totally digging this, stoked for some proper Actress But srsly fuck is the point of having an track and also track (edit) on a fucking digital release tho?
  13. Just gonna drop this here cuz it's a 90s trip-hop jam, fits the bill, and that baseline still slaps It's straight 4/4 as its should be, and not gonna spoiler (cuz I ain't no snitch), but the thing they do leading into the bridge (~2:08 >) - and then <pregnant pause> out of it - is so fffresh
  14. None of the appliances here have an OOF setting this large I already get enough tail in the old folks home, these would just put me over the top
  15. I need a new pair of [dj] kicks and I just learned both of my go-tos for like the past 20 years - Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81, Saucony Jazz Low Pro - have been discontinued. I just want fucking easy sneakers, FucKk
  16. Jeez, RIP. Just saw him on YT like a week ago - he was a judge on Jimmy Kimmel's annual (clickbaitish) bellyflop contest - and I honestly thought he looked pretty good.
  17. + Now let me just sign these other 5 documents" "3, sir"
  18. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/6589-the-singles-collection-03-05/ What I vaguely recall is that he had some preexisting beef with Pitchfork (probably over something said in an earlier P73 review), so they decided to go full diarrhea on whatever he put out next. Also that cringe achilles/tortoise autechre one.
  19. Me: so you mean humanity is a steaming pile of shit responsible for its own imminent demise? Other spacewalking astronaut behind me: Alw-
  20. ^ esp. the end ostinato, just hook it to my veins
  21. Been here since round '05, came for the BoC, stayed for the 'chre. I 'member there was a member Rook (replete with Archie Bunker avatar, wat) who always kept the threads in the Ae subforum lively. Wish u all the best wherever yr Confield-fellating mofo ass is
  22. Aaaand someone else can't line up an acapella to the beat. RIP DOOM shouldn'ta done ya like that
  23. Not even gonna fix this burger. Brah your shitposting is rank amateur so for love'a Pete holster those tendencies brotendo, exercise that filter Also have some empathy for the OCR impaired FFS. I have a handi-capable version of Acrobat at work computer that I can feed the file if the case is still open tomorrow.
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