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  1. something i did for fun song is called work work https://app.box.com/s/2tithxj3d742thyhz3icpfk0v64m4zdf
  2. Cannot wait for that 20/20 hindsight vision while reading this thread some time later. Hope to be alive to do it.
  3. All I want is comparison of how many people died last year on the same day overall/ with flu + and same for this year/day with extra column for corona. For each country..Just sick of people shitting themselves all around the internet without any clue. Just so much hype, fuck this shit.
  4. I love mgmt and somehow I`ve never heard this song before. 14 minutes long? Amazing. Thanks for posting it!
  5. Weren`t they made with Sony Vegas? I remember you posting tracks on the old vsnares msgboard. I was very impressed, probably still have some of those tracks on my old computer...eh, memories
  6. I like it a lot, feels like an album should, strong mood all the way through.
  7. ⚪Pretty excited about this! A bunch of songs already out:
  8. It is free though, that buy button is kinda donation thing or smth https://www.discodsp.com/obxd/ My favorite probably is sq8l http://www.buchty.net/ensoniq/
  9. Blood got on my shoes but I didn`t meet anyone on the way home so feeling good.
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