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  1. Movie made from videos a Russian soldier had on his phone when he was captured, has eng subs:
  2. saw this recently, was interesting, a bit much aphex fanboyism maybe but some cool insights nevertheless
  3. Reaper has parameter modulation which works with audio input And you can also do some stuff with it from midi input
  4. A cow with wet nose that I met by the road.
  5. New version out. Renoise 3.4 and Redux 1.3: ARM support for MacOS (on Apple Silicon) and Linux (Raspberry Pi), MacOS Metal rendering, Windows WASAPI driver support, Ableton Link support (all platforms). https://forum.renoise.com/t/renoise-3-4-0-redux-1-3-0-released/66685
  6. Been seeing these kinds of mixes on youtube labeled as breakcore, kids seem to like that word a lot. Interesting
  7. I think it`s great, awesome mood! The only thing I dislike is that dry hihat, makes no sense to me.
  8. something i did for fun song is called work work https://app.box.com/s/2tithxj3d742thyhz3icpfk0v64m4zdf
  9. Cannot wait for that 20/20 hindsight vision while reading this thread some time later. Hope to be alive to do it.
  10. All I want is comparison of how many people died last year on the same day overall/ with flu + and same for this year/day with extra column for corona. For each country..Just sick of people shitting themselves all around the internet without any clue. Just so much hype, fuck this shit.
  11. I love mgmt and somehow I`ve never heard this song before. 14 minutes long? Amazing. Thanks for posting it!
  12. Weren`t they made with Sony Vegas? I remember you posting tracks on the old vsnares msgboard. I was very impressed, probably still have some of those tracks on my old computer...eh, memories
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