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  1. ^Doesn't really seem like too big of a deal does it? Let the dude post his album that he worked hard on. This album is awesome! Some seriously great tracks on here. I definitely recommend it.
  2. LOL Dreadlock guy was a few rows in front of us right before Aphex started. They were playing Kraftwerk before RDJ came on and me and my buddy were quietly singing along... "Trans... Europe... Express..." and he turns around and leans back through another row of people and says to us, "You know it's no accident that they are playing this!" haha looks like he was groovin.
  3. Hautle I saw you out back at Prefix and was gonna say hello, but didn't get a chance and assumed I would run into you at some other point over the weekend. Didn't end up happening, but hope you had as good of a time as I did!
  4. Adieu I was originally planning leaving early to go to Bjork, but Tom was going in so hard I couldn't bring myself to leave. I'm glad I stayed. It was the highlight of Sunday for me.
  5. Shout out to the guy who past by me after the set and said "DEEPEX!" I didn't get a good look at you, so I don't know who you were but it was nice to meet you LOL!
  6. He needs to enable the download on those uploads! Yeah, the Audio Telepathy recording is the best I've heard yet.
  7. Adieu, it sounds like our Aphex experiences were very similar! I'm glad you had such a great time. Best time of my life. Dude, it was fate that we ran into you at Clams Casino. We almost didn't push further in and end up behind you guys. If we hand't we would not have heard about the Aphex record which we ended up getting JUST IN TIME. We came back in and told Goiter Sanchez and Zander One about it and they darted for the merch booth immediately and JUST missed it! We got so lucky, so thank you man.
  8. Did anyone else notice that they sound checked a bass guitar? I was sure he was gonna whip out the bass! Still a fucking fantastic set. I was up front and center with bubbhasdance. Not Aphex good, but it was one of the highlights of the fest for me for sure.
  9. What an absolutely amazing time! Best weekend of my life. Aphex Twin was everything I had hoped for and more. I can't believe that I got a copy of the record too! It was great to meet those of you that I did. The Defunkt after parties really were a nice addition to the festival as well. I'm still processing everything that I just took in. Watching the recording over and over. The recording is taken from almost my exact vantage point. At one point he pans over and I can see my friends and I getting down. I can also definitely hear myself wooing at times through out! haha Sorry for archival purposes, but we were so damn excited. I'm calling off work again today. I'm not yet ready for real life haha.
  10. WATMM FAM // I AM SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS. I haven't posted on here in a quite a long time, but if any of you guys want to meet up IRL I'd love to link up with my WATMM family.
  11. This track has been a staple of my live set and now I've uploaded it to Soundcloud for free download! // Check it out and let me know what you think. :diablo:
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