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  1. Finally got my baby their first shot yesterday! If you don’t have kids, just try to imagine getting pregnant January 2020 and finding out a month later that your life is going to 500x trickier than the average conscientious individual for the next few years… then actually living through the pandemic with a newborn prior to available vaccines… then trying to be smart and protective of a precious little person by avoiding all risky situations in a wack-a-mole landscape of shitheads after vaccines are available and living like you are still in March 2020 for 2 years. Thanks to circumstances, my baby still hasn’t even met my mom. It’s been hard. We’ve missed funerals of loved ones, holidays, etc. I know little ones by and large aren’t as likely to get serious illness but there’s always a risk and I’m of the mind that if I can do whatever I can to keep my favorite person safe (especially if it’s doable) l’ll do that. We’re not in the clear yet but it feels good to almost be there. 🎆
  2. I’m sure it has something to do with the vast amount of images in each post but … when I try to view the dank memes thread by clicking the link to the most recent post, it always drops me somewhere in the middle of a post from a few days prior and then I have to scrollscrollscroll for eons until arriving at the actual most recent post. My guess is that this is just the tax we each must pay to bathe in the glory of the dankness but it would amplify dankitude to just pop on in at the right spot, if at all possible. If not, nbd (nuthin but dank).
  3. Just found out about this today and insta-bought the colored vinyl … https://dungen.bandcamp.com/album/en-r-f-r-mycket-och-tusen-aldrig-nog Gotta say, it’s the first release of theirs that didn’t immediately grab me by the ears and blow my socks off. I’m usually completely soaked in jizz by each new dungen LP but I’m shocked that this one hasn’t clicked yet. I’m going to have to give it a few more spins to be sure but something worries me that it may suffer from pandemic-related vibe shifts or something. Anyway, not a problem giving these boys my $35. They are fucking legends. 🇸🇪 🌳🦉🧙‍♂️🪬🍄
  4. Tamales… … and an apple fritter…
  5. Just started episode one after reading about around here. Can’t believe I haven’t heard about this show sooner. Glad I have 3 seasons to catch up on.
  6. French screen icon Jean-Louis Trintignant dies aged 91 https://www.bbc.com/news/world-61846894
  7. Just passed 10,000 points for the first time in Breakout: Boost (iOS). I never really wanted to play at Speed-10 until recently. I probably would have gotten a higher score if my wife didn’t have me included on a dumb group text. Trying to swipe away banner notifications while trying to control a tiny ball at lightning speed is stressful.
  8. Gee wiz. I remember back in 2003 or 2004 seeing a used copy of that extra long record box on a display shelf in Kim’s on St Marks (if you know, you know) sitting up there for like 2 years for like $50 and thinking “it’s just a little too expensive”. #kickme
  9. Agreed on all points but I really feel that the wrap up left one more season to be desired. That final scene was a bit wtf? Finished The Staircase. Good show / amazing cast. Definitely watch the documentary series first tho… 🦉/10 Watching Stranger Things S4 rn. It’s WAAAAAY better than that hot mess they had in S3. It is actually dark and fun again. Maybe not as good as s1 yet but I’m only half way in. Still, there’s some corny AF stuff. Also, the actress who plays nancy is way too skinny. Someone needs to give her a donut or something.
  10. Genuine lol 💯 … adding on another first world problem: The toilet in this resort has to be the lowest toilet to the ground I’ve ever sat on. It’s like you sit down and lower, lower, lower and your ass finally hits the seat just above ankle height. Then, because the basin is so low to the ground, the seat also is like an inch above water level so your cock and balls touch the fuckin water. Not kidding. If it were any lower it would be a hole in the ground like one of those Japanese squatty potties.
  11. Not quite so simple, actually. I have confronted the MIL and it made things worse. She gave me a fake-ass, semi-mocking apology and just ratcheted up her tactics. Regarding my wife, it’s not a new thing. I’d go into it but it’s too personal for public consumption. We’ve been working on it for years. Trust me. I’m aware. MIL will even buy plane tickets and show up for like 2 weeks without checking in (I may have mentioned that before, this time I put my foot down hard and we compromised at one week, which was actually a huge win for me). It’s nothing short of maddening. My wife can’t stand up to her. It’s like a strange form of Stockholm Syndrome or something. We’re trying to into couples’ therapy at the moment and I’m biding my time until I can get an objective third party to back me up on some of this shit. Hello internet, btw! Here’s all my baggage 😜
  12. Currently staying in a nice, cliff-side hotel with an ocean view… with my narcissistic mother in law. Naturally, neither my wife nor my MIL lifts a finger and I have to do all the packing, unpacking, driving, baby wrangling/cleaning/bathing/diapers, etc. Not exaggerating. I literally have to do everything. On top of this, my MIL is up to her same old schtick of constantly minimizing, and misinterpreting me to fuel her own distorted views of me in order to boost her raging ego. Meanwhile, the exceedingly few times I make a small requests in order to make me job easier (or to maybe enjoy myself, god forbid), I’m met with either immediate opposition, criticism, contradiction or just dirty looks. At least we are somewhere pretty. If we were back home I would just be constantly ignored or insulted in my own house. Good times 🤘
  13. Wait until they discover Wuthering Heights or Babooshka. I too pee sitting down. It’s more relaxing and worth the mystery of not knowing exactly when you are finished.
  14. Watched the first two episodes from the latest season of a very British scandal (or whatever it’s called) and it’s good. I’m usually unable to get into shows where every character is an asshole but something about this actually works for me.
  15. My neighborhood is loaded with macho bros that all have the biggest dumbest trucks on earth, most of which are sparkling clean and 100% not used for any sort of lifting, heavy or otherwise. My wife and I have been sharing a tiny Mazda 2 for 11 years and have no need or desire for a big truck (despite being told more than once by people who see my tiny car that I need one) but something in me wants to just get the biggest EV pickup I can get just to help motivate these tiny dick gorilla brains to get one. I’ll get a vanity plate that says “ha no gas” or something snarky like that.
  16. Hopefully more and more progressive state governments will start incentivize homeowners to install solar panels (particularly systems with battery features) so that people can plug in at home. We don’t have an EV unfortunately but we added solar panels last year and stopped short of the battery option because it was prohibitively expensive. It’s kind of a pipe dream at the moment for most eco-minded people to own an EV and then have the ability to change it at home. Would be nice tho.
  17. Alligator Kills Florida Man Retrieving Frisbees in Lake, Officials Say “The man was a ‘transient’ who made a living by selling the Frisbees to people who played disc golf at a course that runs parallel to the lake, and ‘he died as a result of an alligator attack… It appears that he went in before the park opened — unfortunately not a good time to be in any lake, but especially during alligator mating season” https://www.nytimes.com/2022/05/31/us/alligator-kills-florida-man-retrieving-frisbees-in-lake-officials-say.html
  18. Agreed. This one has some particularly tussy vibes.
  19. I think they would be “cool” once they are banged up and dirty. I had a pair of these bad mamajamas back in 91 or 92 (though I don’t remember them having a black tongue)…
  20. Something Weird Is Up With Obi-Wan Kenobi’s Editing https://www.forbes.com/sites/paultassi/2022/05/28/something-weird-is-up-with-obi-wan-kenobis-editing/amp/
  21. All of ozark is great. Definitely worth watching the whole thing… even though the final episode is a bit WTF.
  22. We have an aggressive bird that dive-bombs us when we walk through our front yard, which is at least 2 or 3 times a day. I’m guessing the bird has a nest somewhere nearby, given the time of year. When it’s not dive-bombing us we can see it from inside strutting around and lifting it’s wings like “whatchu gonna do, huh?” even when nobody is around.
  23. Thanks for bumping this. I forgot all about this track! Lush as fuuuuk. Serious cro magnox feels abound.
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