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  1. This guy is a fucking turd. I can’t imagine a shittier fuckwad of a human. I hope he slips in the shower and breaks his neck.
  2. Feel free to dive in my Spotify link (above). I’m disappointed that they don’t have the 4 bonus tracks from “Girls in Peacetime...” on Spotify. Easily up there with some of their best tracks, imo. Especially these two...
  3. Here’s something to enlighten yourself with... https://open.spotify.com/user/jefferoo/playlist/102FXHMtgdk2qMP3VjM3v2?si=vys8uMWoTy-6L1QMCMMA-w
  4. I forgot to amend my post with “haters can fuck the fuck off”. ❤️
  5. I discovered this band late into their career (just after "Girls in Peacetime...") and got thoroughly obsessed. I never get tired of listening to them. My favorite album of theirs is Dear Catastrophe Waitress. Let's chat some more about these guys. *edit* haters can fuck the fuck off ❤️
  6. Has anyone seen this movie? It’s fucking brilliant. Definitely a must-see film for metalheads. So much gold in there that only headbangers can truly appreciate. It’s super funny too.
  7. My buddy (the biggest, life-long bungle fan I’ve ever met, by a mile) tried buying tickets in the Presale but it sold out to bots instantly. Fuck that.
  8. I’m rewatching The Haunting of Hill House. What a show!!! I loved it the first time around. This time, I’m picking up on a whole lot more details, such as the hidden ghosts and other tricks that are used. I wish every show was this good. Also, first time around, I didn’t realize that in episode #6 there are basically only 5 long takes that make up the entire episode. Pretty fuggin rad. Hidden Ghosts... https://youtu.be/nmE4M6puY-4 Episode 6 BTS... https://youtu.be/Gkhz2W2Gk4g
  9. I definitely remember it. I also remember coming back almost daily and the rush of excitement I would get when there was a flash of yellow in the column on that page when there would be Aphex Twin news.
  10. I think Richard put the thought of collaborating w/ ninja to bed and said something somewhere about not wanting to be controlled... or something along those lines.
  11. I just saw this tonight. I enjoyed it, as I enjoy every QT film. Lots of great scenes and great performances... as expected. Having said that, this may have been my least favorite of his movies. I’m too tired to outline exactly why, but just go to Rotten Tomatoes and read all of the negative reviews from the “top critics” and I agree with most of what they are writing ( except Rex Reed’s review in the observer ... don’t read his review, especially if you haven’t seen it yet. He drops some very reckless spoilers).
  12. Ty plays the 2nd kit for half of the songs. The other musicians switch instruments but many of the songs have 2 bass parts. The 2 bouzoukis are pretty rad. The acoustic one is basically doing the job of a clean 12 string guitar (really nice tone) and Ty plays the electric one with blistering solos. To my ears, the new material was probably more in the “classic rock” vein. I dug it.
  13. “... out August 2 via Drag City” https://pitchfork.com/news/ty-segall-announces-new-album-first-taste-shares-video-for-new-song-watch/ I’m actually just discovering this dude now. He’s pretty rad. I saw him live at a secret show last night and he played the whole new album. Of all of the recordings I’ve heard from him, none quite matched the power and intensity of his live show. His band is phenomenal. 2 bases, 2 drum kits, 2 guitars, 2 bouzoukis (one acoustic and one electric) and more. HUGE sound. If you get a chance to see him live, jump on it!
  14. Video caption reads... ”unreleased track, coming out lateron”
  15. Wut? I know it’s a controversial opinion but it’s true. I really only dig the first 4 FNM albums and of those, I’m a bigger fan of the 1st and 2nd. I listen to them MUCH more. Patton is great/super talented, but there’s just something raw about Chuck that I respond more to. I feel with MP, it’s more about pyrotechnics and showmanship whereas there’s something more vulnerable and real (though, admittedly, far less polished) about Chuck that I really love. Plus, his lyrics are a bit more personal. Also, I like that the style of the early songwriting is more rhythmic and primal. I’m not trolling or being purely contrarian either. *Edit* Case in point...
  16. Truthfully, I would really be into that collaboration. I’m actually a bigger fan of the pre-Patton FNM era.
  17. Not the smartest bet. Chuck Mosley recently passed away.
  18. Just saw The Last Black Man In San Francisco last night. Incredible movie. By far, one of the most original films I’ve seen in a while. Extremely well made. The performances were all excellent. Highly recommended 👍
  19. I just nabbed the vinyl at my local shop and 🤤 I’ve wanted this LP on record for a long time and it’s always too pricey when I find it. Considering, the 2nd LP makes it more than worth it! AND the second disc of new stuff is really great! Although, the second track on side c skips 😡 Anyone else have this problem? *Edit* I exchanged it at my store and the replacement copy still skips on the same track (though not as bad as the last one).
  20. Hey peeps! Up until now, I've been using my Zoom H4N as an audio interface with logic for multi-tracking, usually just for a single instrument. The preamp is surprisingly good and it takes up next to zero desk space. The problem is (besides being limited with the number of inputs I have) that I notice when I have both 1/4" inputs in use, there is a little hum that isn't there when using just a single input. I'm looking to expand my operation to about 8 inputs, max and would like to keep it small but with actual faders, as opposed to knobs. So far, this one seems to be a contender but I figured I'd ask y'all to see if you have any others you like.... https://www.guitarcenter.com/Mackie/ProFX8v2-8-Channel-Professional-FX-Mixer-with-USB.gc
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