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  1. I haven’t used the H6 yet. I have a zoom H4N and I love it. It’s definitely more limited than the 6 but apparently it also has an auto-record function, though I haven’t used it.
  2. https://www.redbubble.com/i/skirt/Anthony-Fantano-by-gree007/16046614.MUCKM
  3. They definitely had ozzy licking the urine. what is interesting is that the band members all are credited as producers but they are portrayed like a bunch of idiots. It’s a bit spinal tap-ish
  4. Started watching this show tonight. So far, very entertaining. I’m in.
  5. I just did the same watching the Netflix Dahmer series. Granted, I had barely gotten into the second episode but that show in particular leaves a residue. I feel a documentary about dahmer is one thing (which I watched) but why does the world need a dramatized series about him? Something about it just seems wrong. Kinda actually had the same experience with 1899. Dark was great up until the end but this barely grabbed me. Again, episode two and I’m asking myself what is the point? Next.
  6. I rather enjoyed watching ECU hand Qatar their asses. Also, got to pull out my Wales sweater, pom-pom hat & flag today. Glad they tied. Fucking USA is so boring. What a lackluster, pointless group of fans. Full disclosure, I’m the farthest thing from a sports fan. I just love the World Cup and all things Welsh. When I lived in NYC, it was by far the best place to watch the cup because you could find a different bar for each country at play. I miss that.
  7. In the embed in your original post, the video title reads “Elon Musk: Massive Bitc…” What first comes to mind isn’t “Bitcoin”.
  8. 1899. I’m 2 episodes in and not sure I care enough to keep going. Dark was good but this is a bit meh.
  9. As a former Crüe-head, I’m happy to say I finally watched this. Kinda interesting to see how they dramatized all of those familiar stories and fit them into 2hrs. Definitely cheesy at times. It’s also interesting how rather than avoiding the more obvious sexism of their reality, the filmmakers choose to celebrate it, as if the movie was to watched with the fresh eyes of a bygone era. Very raunchy indeed, but that was probably tamer than the truth. I thought the acting & editing could have been better but it got me in the end.
  10. Sometimes I think I actually like it more than loveless, but I also like Isn’t Anything a lot more than Loveless. (Please) Lose Yourself in Me is the cut. 💖
  11. I found an OG copy in a record store maybe 5 years ago and held it in my hands for about 10 minutes but didn’t buy it because it was $70. It was one of my “white whale” LPs. I’ve since almost completely stopped purchasing vinyl (except if dungen, RDJ or Ceephax has a new release) but I am really considering buying this one. This comp and the On ep were the first tracks I’d heard from warp or RDJ back in the day - tho I didn’t immediately know that The Dice Man was also RDJ - so lots of special feels stuffed in there.
  12. I hated the aphex twins until I found out people liked them a lot here, now they’re my favorites
  13. Sophie’s choice! For me, boxenergy4 by a nose. It’s really hard to pick between these two, tho. I associate both with a creative peak of Richard’s (one of many creative peaks) and both are perfect examples of his technical mastery. That drop after 4:09 in boxenergy4 tho. So fucking massive. Hardly anything in the world compares… until 5:17
  14. Man. This is really good stuff. It’s definitely the kind of thing that I was hoping for after Congratulations (which I was a massive fan of) that we didn’t end up getting. Everything after has been cool but a bit meh, imo.
  15. This new season of white lotus gets better and better.
  16. Golden-era madness 2hr mix from one of my hometown heroes. 🔊🔊🔊
  17. I think Andy stayed fucking rad and Tom got more and more boring/pretentious.
  18. I guess there’s a thread about this in the ceephax subforum but I’ll leave this here anyway. As far as his campaign goal to press the vinyl goes , it’s happening. Jump in if you got ears connected to yer brains, y’all. https://ceephax.bandcamp.com/campaign/baddow-moods
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