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  1. Got my 2x12” in the mail yesterday and gave it a proper listen. The album slaps. Galahad stands up there among his greatest.
  2. Been out of work for about a year and a half and been stay-at-home-dadding for almost 11 months of it (which has been great) but my unemployment just ran out and my wife lost her job. A bit scary 👻
  3. I know this much is true… binged the first 5 on the plane. It’s not a “feel good” show by any stretch. Honestly, if it wasn’t for mark ruffalo, I’d probably have jumped ship way earlier. It’s a bit relentless with what is heaped on him. Still, really well done.
  4. Spent the last 2 weeks in Cardiff Wales for a work project. Very little masking happening there. Lots of coughing everywhere. Because of the tight restrictions on international travel (at least with the airline I’m flying on), I’ve had to test multiple times and log the results so that I can fly home without quarantine. It’s been interesting… Cardiff is fucking great btw. Flying out from London tomorrow (currently staying near Heathrow) and it doesn’t seem a whole lot better here either. I’m almost clear. On my trip out, people were pretty good about masking but fuck me if every little kid or baby on that plane wasn’t sick as a dog. Not looking forward to the next 10 hours on the plane tomorrow 🥴
  5. OMFG. I binge-watched the entire thing a few days ago on a plane and found myself uncontrollably laughing like a fool multiple times. S2 is WAY better than S1, IMO. So fucking great. Can't wait for more.
  6. She’s a local “celebrity” in LA. Anyone who’s lived in LA for the past 20 years or so has either seen her driving her pink corvette or has seen the billboards she’s paid for that promote herself. As far as I know, she’s not an actor. I think she’s just REALLY hungry for attention.
  7. Totally unrelated… at some point didn’t some folks organize the dump tracks into groups of eras / unreleased albums? I was just hunting for those but couldn’t find them.
  8. Missed opportunity with that track selection. They could have at least gone with this one… (@2:16)
  9. Anybody have a good recommendation for a pizza stone that can be used on a gas grill?
  10. Started watching Reservation Dogs (co-created by Taika Waititi) last night. Not bad! It’s really interesting to see a story set on a Native American reservation with virtually zero white people in it. Super scrappy and lovable characters. Definitely a great change of pace from the norm. I wish more shows / films told stories with underrepresented viewpoints like this. Worth a watch.
  11. Last year it got to 118f/48c where I live and it was no joke. My house didn’t have air conditioning and it was an oven. Every indoor surface was hot. The bag of potato chips was hot. Pills inside bottles were hot. It was fucking insane and my wife was pregnant so we had to cover ourselves with ice packs.
  12. Been listening to a bunch of stuff for my 9 month old baby to try out lately.
  13. Shit dude. I remember when I started raving back in Chicago in 96 Paul Johnson was the main dude on the house scene. Must have seen him spin 20 times. Only DJ I ever saw at a rave spinning from a wheelchair as well. so sad. Also, fuck covid. Wear your masks and get your damn shots. 😭 https://www.google.com/amp/s/chicago.cbslocal.com/2021/08/04/chicago-house-music-dj-producer-paul-johnson-dies-battle-with-covid-19/%3famp
  14. You still have too much Autechre
  15. Trainspurting Three Men and a Dildo Mission Inpussyble Raiders of the Lost Dong Who’s Afraid of Virginia’s Snatch Spread Poet’s Society Moneyballing Bottom Gun
  16. We know a couple people who have gotten covid after being fully vaccinated. It’s scary. I guess delta is extremely contagious because it stays in your mouth and nose for a while before moving into your respiratory system. This means people can catch and spread it easier before experiencing typical covid symptoms, I guess. Wear those masks, y’all. Although I have been incredibly careful about masking, distancing, etc, my wife and I have occasionally eaten outdoors since being fully vaccinated (but definitely not before). Tonight, we took the baby (not old enough for a vaccine but getting some antibodies from breast feeding) to a outdoor brewery for an early dinner. There were tons of people in large groups without masks. A dude with what seemed to be his extended family had his 2 clearly-way-too-young-to-be-vaccinated kids with him and at some point we started chatting small talk from a distance (picnic tables about 8-10 feet away from each other) about our babies. Nothing too uncomfortable except for when he picked up a toy our baby dropped from the chair she was strapped into and handed it to her but I reached in and grabbed it and he stepped away. When we were getting ready to leave I strapped the baby in the stroller and got up to throw out some trash but when I turned around to return to the table the dad and his 2 kids were gathered closely around the stroller and both of his kids had hands on the baby. The unmasked dad was kneeling within 2 feet of the baby telling his two kids to “kiss the baby” and my wife was just letting this happen. I rushed over and pulled the stroller away and said “I’m sorry but we are being very careful because of covid”. It was super awkward and my wife later told me that she just froze and that’s why she didn’t pull the baby away. We actually got in a bit of a fight about it. FYI, we live in an area of the city with one of the consistently highest case counts, practically double the average. This made me feel like I shouldn’t even be going to outdoor restaurants until at least the baby is vaccinated. This shit is maddening.
  17. I disagree. As a fully vaccinated parent of a baby who can’t be vaccinated, it’s maddening to live in the USA with an unwavering 50-ish% vaccination rate. My life and my families lives are going to be severely impaired by a vast amount of selfish fuckstains for the foreseeable future. Beyond that, my wife has a compromised immune system and the vaccine may potentially not be as effective for her. So fuck that. Mandate everything, imo. Let’s actually end this fucking thing already. It will keep on mutating and getting weirder the longer people give it the chance to.
  18. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/226634/thing-infection-outpost-31 This is a super exciting game, even if you aren’t familiar with the movie. The goal is to escape from the base but some of the players are secretly infected and are sabotaging the other players efforts. Lots of bluffing. Unfortunately, I think it goes for $300 on eBay. We played with a good friend who is a hardcore board gamer. He also introduced us to Catan, as well as a few other bangers over the years… https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/46/medici https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/30380/cuba
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