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  1. i only used king double ceramic knives
  2. knives are sick. you know what is also cool? big knives. like machetes. i got a big one that i keep in my car. sometimes i get mad so i string up a veal shank and chop that shit up
  3. -the other bill now that i remember was one to allow you to vote for any candidate regardless of your registered party affiliation.
  4. i know because the same thing happened to me but instead of ignoring them, i said "yes" because i am a registered voter. they need x-thousand physical signatures by January-something for the bills to reach the floor.
  5. pretty sure they were people trying to get campaign finance transparency lawss & more oil taxes on the 2020 ballot. sounds like you fucked up.
  6. just listening to this soundtrack for real after only having vague memories from watching my cousin play because i was too frightened as a kid to even touch the controller lol. brilliant shit. this is next level:
  7. pretty sure it's a fake video but god i love the fucking lady snatching the box from the child
  8. Salvatorin


    they are adding a number of nether biomes.
  9. northern new york glazier's red hots w/ corn relish dogs from Stewarts & a six pack of mountain brew makes Happy Salv.
  10. burial is fine for what it is. i will always love choons like southern comfort: burial is four tet tho, just to let you kno
  11. i can't control my inner stinks. fartin real deadlies on the reg
  12. Salvatorin


    i wanna get a watmm minecraft server up n runnin again once the new update comes out next year. who's with me?
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