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  1. there is a tribe of ravers that heard this back in 1990 and decided that they couldn't go back to real life so they moved to africa with some synths and play this kind of music in a remote forest as their religion
  2. i'm fuckin my bitch to this right now
  3. shut up bitch edit: @brian trageskin
  4. it's because it's normal. it fills a void in all of our jaded souls.
  5. that's so weird. i remember it as "dilembna".
  6. yeah fuck this new thread come on unlock the old one. i went back and read every page of it. it needs to be pinned for posterity.
  7. testes are an importany and not obscure part of the male anatomy, SIR
    the testicles may be superficially obscured by clothing, but they are no less important than our teeth, or say, our hands
    1. eczem


      I'm thinking about cutting off my balls

      I will post pics

  8. since i posted this thread, i have been deeply pondering the implications of being a bitch-ass ho. if you like, you could picture me as Socrates, wearing a toga, sitting on my chair, chin rested on my fist. i then went to urbandictionary and found a remarkable piece of prose on the subject:
  9. i'm imagining that right now. wow, this is so easy to imagine.
  10. i'll hold you to it, my anglo friendo. do not disappoint me.
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