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  1. i couldn't tell what aphex track you covered
  2. how about instead of the pledge of allegiance, we take it up a notch and have every student line up and deep throat the flag until the flag ejaculates red white and blue cum all over their faces.
  3. ah yes i do remember people saying that
  4. i'm almost wondering if this is a ruse. i get that danny carey probably still uses the same mandala drum pads from the lateralus era, but the drum groove seems to be almost exactly the same form and tempo as 'reflection'. sounds like a cut and paste job from lateralus/10k/APC scraps. same with the other tunes on youtube. not offensively bad, but utterly forgettable. AI generated tool song
  5. like the other new songs i heard on youtube from the live recordings, this sounds totally uninspired and lacking in imagination. sounds like neutered lateralus warm up jam. drum part sounds exactly like 'reflection', vocals sound like APC or porcupine tree. i don't know why they stopped using dissonance in their tracks after Ænima. everything sound same. boooo
  6. fuck taylor swif. this is the only 'shake it off'. Mariah, baby. i just want to bury my face in her ample bosom while she gently strokes my hair and sings those high whistles like a mama bird
  7. cheeseburger, have you considered gay sex therapy? it is where a man puts his penis into your butt.
  8. your compositions continue to inspire me. the raw energy in "The God of Love" is like a lightning bolt of invigoration delivered straight from the hand of YHWH
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