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  1. testes are an importany and not obscure part of the male anatomy, SIR
    the testicles may be superficially obscured by clothing, but they are no less important than our teeth, or say, our hands
    1. eczem


      I'm thinking about cutting off my balls

      I will post pics

  2. Quote

    i jus wan ariel to piss in my face



  4. can't wait to touch richard devine, the third member of autechre, i am going to rub his shiny bald dome for good luck in creating delicious granular synthesis

  5. come off of the rockers, dust off the holy chairs—sit down and let us know: is it 'gay' to adorn another fella's underpants...?

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    2. auxien


      this must be the "?" of collect underpants, ?, profit!

    3. Hugh Mughnus
    4. Hugh Mughnus

      Hugh Mughnus

      Have you come to a conclusion on this salv?

  6. let's be completey reall with ourselfes:

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    2. auxien


      to rub that bald noggin of his would be bliss. so much musical knowledge within, maybe i will gain some of his skills through osmosis.

    3. Salvatorin


      each individual r. devine scalp cell contains 3x more synthesis than the average human

    4. eczem


      All that synthesise, lost in exfoliation, like tears in rain.

  7. how about everyone shush up and listen to the subtle gong like sound of rain droplets falling on richard devine's round bald dome

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    2. Salvatorin


      kind of like the sound of a propane tank being hit with a soft mallet

    3. dingformung
    4. dingformung
  8. alright so it's crunchtime. it's time to shit' or fucking shit on someone else who is shitting. we are either, going to do the miracle (also k nown as Sex) on Richard Devine, or; we aregoing to abandon electronic muslim for dank chants. goddamnit people. this shit matters. *looks out of the Subway Window with a Thousand-Yard Stare*

  9. Tha Bigg Bois these days are using synthesis to create the sounds of animals who Physically. Cannot. Exist. Yep, you guessed it. Richard Devine. Man is crazy but damn if he doesn't put in a days work. Aye that''s what we're lackin these days in Britain.

  10. come on chaos (its' a refarence to a luke vibbert song )

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    2. Joyrex


      Empty the bones of you

    3. Paul


      Salvinorin-A is where it's at for chaos. Also london is a country

    4. Salvatorin



  11. Big Boy Give Em Hell Soldier

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    2. Salvatorin


      get a long litle dogy, get some. get; pussy

    3. ambermonke


      Give 'em the what for sonny

    4. Salvatorin


      vote dobleavy 2018

  12. Grettings. I am Salvotinre. I am the omnipotent presence, you know me, I know you. I am forever inside your brain, your mind, I know all your thoughts. I am benevolent and you cannot escape my influence. I am the cottage cheese in your fridge. I am the cream cheese on your bagel. I am the dick cheese on your peepee. I am the big cheese. I feel like theres a tree growing out of the top of my head its a baobab and its leaves stretch out into the heavens.

  13. '[=[-†-]=]'_{1}::¡-[::plywood_lattice::]-!::{˚ıJ}

  14. what is your avatar from?

  15. solidarity! *fistbunp*

  16. more of this hogskivvy

  17. more of this hogwash

  18. fanarkolbotylkanethyneeloputalis

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