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  1. i even made a little educational series of photos to help all of you out there who aren't aware of the tuck & billow method. tuck, and billow. tuck, and billow.
  3. buy it, bitches. i bought it despite the fact that i'm just going to use it as a dishrag. but i support my people. that's why you should too this has been a salv PSA
  4. i want the star wars prequels moment when the republic officially transitions into an empire, with jar jar binks and shit
  5. disclaimer: i am an idiot, but okay let's do this. *takes off mickey mouse gloves* to quote a wise poster who i shall not name out of respect, i've started to feel a sense of dread about what seems to me will be the inevitable pop of the 'optimism' bubble that has been inflated by recent gains in county and state politics for progressives. despite approving, as a matter of principle, in the kind of no-nonsense goal-oriented ethos and strategy that some of the 'insurgent left' have adopted (note- i'm talking about methods, not necessarily their particular agenda). i think they have deluded themselves into thinking that this 'wave' can possibly face up against the established order in federal politics. i think they've duped themselves into believing in the possibility of electoral reform on a federal level, and with that the implementation of any of the large-scale programs they are promising. i've started to bristle at the tenor of Bernie's campaign with its teary-eyed sentimentalism and assurances of change. there are very clear differences, but i see parallels to Obama's 2008 presidential campaign—this time playing out in a field with a widened 'overton window'. except the economy has not entered a crisis (yet) and as much as the demand for change on the ground from the electorate may seem real at town halls and such, in the broader public (as far as i can perceive), the pressure to meaningfully influence DC politics simply does not exist yet. i fundamentally agree with 'refusing to play ball', but the progressives do not have the leverage they are claiming, therefore, — "if Bernie wins he has already lost"— and the implications for US politics at large are not immediately clear to me. caveat: UK politics and US politics are not analogous. with that said, it seems entirely plausible, if not likely that a full-scale demoralization of the progressive movement will happen within the democratic party somewhat akin to what happened recently with Corbyn and the Labour Party. now, if i seem to be repeating verbatim the 'warnings' issued out ad nauseam by centrist media sources, it is because i am. but for me it is not because i believe that moderation and incrementalism are meaningful in the slightest because i fundamentally regard the priorities of those who preach it to be those of unimaginative dullards who have disturbingly low awareness or are in outright denial about what is at stake in the near and long-term future— for this country and for the future of humanity. i can't help but envision a spectacular crash and burn of the Sanders campaign and associated movements resulting in their relatively non-radical ideas being hard-wiped from the noopolitical sphere, at least in the immediate future. now here is where i start to feel like i am falling off the deep end. it is entirely possible that the next couple of paragraphs will come off as if i have become some sort of wingnut or am just generally confused and misled. i fully recognize my interpretations may seem outright irrational, paranoid, 'doomer', 'blackpilled', (<--fuck these gay ass terms) and that i am embracing eschatological thinking (which i have a tendency toward)— but i think that a complete destruction of our nebulous concepts of 'left' and 'right' are close on the horizon. this is because i believe we have been, in the USA and many other countries, a kind of slow-burn crisis for a very long time and no matter how much each camp wants to define itself as unique, all responses are reactionary — from nu-lefty utopianism-lite to nu-conservative nationalism to the overwhelming, suffocating technocratic placations of the center. none of these positions are poised to properly address the issues that face us now, but more importantly, they aren't suited to deal with the pressures that are to come. there isn't one clear beginning to the crisis nor is there any one defining feature of it, but when i attempt to use realpolitik to analyze our situation, i have trouble seeing a future that doesn't feature a hard turn towards strong central government and authoritarian tendency at the federal level. the 'pressures' i mentioned that aren't quite there yet— they seem highly probable to arise, eventually, if not soon. and the kind of politics we will see evolve in response will not fit easily into any one quadrant, but will most likely coalesce into the hard authoritarian right. but even that will be confusing because the policies of Sanders will no longer belong to the left once the pressure increases. borders are more likely to become hard. fortress europe, fortress america, fortress any nation-state that recognizes its need to basically imprison its citizens — economic participants kept captive to keep functioning the economic model we have grown into. i say all this to essentially state what will easily come off as some 'edgy teenage bullshit': this election does not matter. progressive politics have become myopic and limited in their scale and whether or not we tidy up our country to try and elevate our infrastructures to some scandinavian ideals (which won't happen), the real fucking problems are global, and our politics are like molasses in their response to issues, and no one we put in office can face up against the political machine in DC that is categorically opposed to any kind of large-scale restructuring. for now. Bernie is not FDR and we are not yet in an analogous moment. But the pressure is coming, and instead of rationally planning, this country and many, many others have sat on their thumbs for decades, and change is going to come — but not because we have the ability to envision a better world. it will come out of necessity as the complex systems we rely on get close to their breaking point. and it won't be fun for anyone. i almost welcome another four years of trump because i relish seeing chinks form in the armor of american imperialism. but there is no better solution, no better state actor. except maybe xi jinping lol. fuck the democrats. fuck the republicans. fuck bernie, trump, all politicians. we need internationalism more than we have ever needed before. we need immediate, decisive action on a global scale. unfortunately, it's just not going to happen. so keep enjoying the shameless pageantry that is this whole political spectacle if you want, but know that this won't continue for that much longer. savor it i guess. things are not going to be casual in the coming decades. this has been another salv PSA, thank you for your attention, bye.
  6. ironically you are probably amongst the least delusional here, despite your naiveté
  7. you guys are delusional, just across the board. at this point just pick any topic and the majority of you are all living in a simulacrum of your own making. this has been a salv PSA
  8. ok yeah i'm gonna need you to fax me over one of those
  9. except for the weird algae you put on it for some reason
  10. okay i just have to say that facepalm reacting is a pussy ass bitch move. fuck all of you who do it. you know who you are.
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