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  1. Offline Masturbating Horror Stories
  2. missed the first few hours, too... oh well.
  3. Autechre "lol plugins" Autechre "are you mad" smells like sean. this is just my hunch.
  4. Autechre : ok i need sleep. but will probably do this again at some point, when i'm not doing tracks. which will probably be soon because i have just not been in the mood lately ... yay / oh dear. anywhoo, that was nice. thanks again.
  5. that covorc track ❤️
  6. well, there was a tour announced for q3/4... so who knows.
  7. oh my fuck!12112 AND I'M AT WORK.
  8. apparently several nazi leaders achieved genius-level scores at the nuremberg trials... i think it just shows there's actually no discrepancy between being highly intelligent and a moron, much less an asshole.
  9. i guess there's quite a bit of discipline and a considerable dash of serendipity in the mix, too. whatevs, not really my concern as normie scum. @feyman: dunno, he probably just rly loved what he did... maybe he was just über at analytical thinking and rather mediocre otherwise? who knows... but there's probably a reason the learning technique named after him involves explaining shit on tard-level.
  10. you're right. i guess it was the "no prob" that made it seem somwhat of a bold claim.
  11. so what kinda nobel prizes were you working towards lately?
  12. he shoudlnt eb posting ewatmms he shoudl amke cure for coronancer nm shit!1 😧
  13. ye, might be worth a shot *ba dum tss*.
  14. also looks like merz is getting away with mild symptoms. fuk dis. (semi-j/k) also-also what the shit: the retirement home i work at is still accepting visitors. just some half-assed stipulations going liek "only one per resident at a time and only for 1 hour each", like anyone's actually gonna control this shit. today they even held group activities and the fucking cafeteria in our foyer in was open... while regular ones out in the street had to close. dafuq? the cdu's main electorate is at stake after all!
  15. jaderpansen

    Rob pls

    rob pls thread slowly but steady catching up with sean pls thread. proud of you, rob pls thread. @rl rob (not thread): be safe pls. (sean too.)
  16. 666. wasn't available, settled for 5, fav+ digit.
  17. yeah. i'm pretty indifferent on the "issue" (it's none for me, whatevs floats yer boats) of poly- vs. monogamy, but i don't get that particular line of reasoning: not supposed to be this or that... humans aren't supposed to do shit, since they're not designed by anyone... i think. :3
  18. still receptionist in the same retirement home since the last thread of this kind. what can i say? it pays the rent, albeit barely. working hours are all over the place, mostly late shifts, tho. shouldn't be all too exciting in the near future. i feel bad for our residents, lots are socially distanced anyway.
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