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    Draft 7.30

    i totally get that laboratory/watching objects thing... only to me it's a messy desk with scientific experimental stuffs that come alive and interact with each other over night when noones watching ... i guess that desk image stuck thanks to the woody sounds setting the stage
  2. jaderpansen

    Draft 7.30

    yes! this album is the pinnacle of their short-lived "musique acousmatique/"organic" sounds go(es) funky/hip hop"-phase to me over confield where it was introduced (at least on certain tracks). for the first since a long time a clear tendency in their musical approach seemed to stabilize (imho the only 2 albums that sounded as close to each other before that were incunabula and amber) and it was oh so much to my delight. i think that's the reason when untilted came out and took a complete turn in terms of sound design (as in lack thereof in favour for arrangement) i didn't welcome it with open arms at first (i still think it suffers a bit from the mix) and even had doubts its leak was real for a while... but anyway, back to draft: one thing pretty much impeccaple about it is the production: i think it has a very unique "tight" feel, intimate somtimes verging on claustrophobic. those "little", fragile melodies scattered throughout support that effect like in xylin room and p.:ntil, two of my favourites. but the cake takes without question "IV VV IV VV VIII"... i'm not good/creative in describing aural impressions in images/words so i won't bother trying this time, all i can say is that this is probably THE autechre track with the most narrative/cinematic appeal to me. i'd never want to write a list of my favourite autechre-albums as i think they pretty much all convey very different emotions and none could take another's place depending on my current mood... but if HAD to boil it down to maybe 3 tops this would be among them, fo sho. controversial: i actually think surripere is one of the "weaker" tracks
  3. golden axe & beginning of shadow = more winners!
  4. you must be blessed by the idm gods to get them merry oversteps-melodies... here are some of the NICER sounds I got so far lol: lachenmann.mp3
  5. jaderpansen


    i really laughed out loud listening to this, amazing serendipiy!! i use gens for years now and never encountered any similar "problems"... how did it get corrupted?! also just out of curiosity, what sonic tune got fucked up there?
  6. i figure you lot like going missionary on your ladies? *giggle* *titter* seriously: why would i be concerned with whatever anybody enjoys listening to. especially women with their cooties n shit
  7. do you have an account with them? you need an account (i only just got one an hour ago, so i don't have any invites yet) no... i'd gladly open one, but i see no link... i literally see nothing at all when opening the page, completely blank. i tried FF and IE, just the same :( ... is this site blocked in certain countries or something??
  8. umm, i keep getting a blank page with http://www.demonoid.com/ ?!
  9. All of the above points have persuaded me to grab this version now, despite being split into hour chunks ... at first i would've preferred it as one mp3, but to be honest it's easier to digest in chunks yeah, comparing that version with the tracklist's gonna be a bitch...
  10. oh and btw the first torrent seems to be off with the times in the doc file for about plus 5 minutes! so that version must be missing more than 30 seconds or is winamp fucking with me? the bos bos recording is louder than the 677mb recording. also the bos bos is at 96kbps, so i'm guessing that was actually from the stream? also means it's slightly smaller file size at 509mb. the bos bos recording does indeed seem to have the missing 20 seconds, but it is at 96kbps and is louder than the other recording cool, thanks! guess i'll be getting it then... 1 gig was a bit much for that quality anyway
  11. can anybody confirm already if that new bos bos torrent is more complete than the first one? meaning if it has those first twenty seconds? if so, i guess i'd just dl part 1 and edit both together for completion... mad props to everyone who recorded this thing, of course! :)
  12. pf, go home! right before i was made and my dad was cuming into my mom, a fart of relief left his sweating body sounding like the 6th track of their forthcoming album "ungaytled"... it's going to be avantonal, technical death metal played diagonally over samples of that sprite commercial soundtrack by raymond scott, all held together by their most complex beat yet, timed in floor plans of CERN/4 btw...
  13. granted, i'd have to be god to make that claim KNOWINGLY. let me put it more humbly: in my personal estimation this album couldn't have been made in amber times... BY AUTECHRE at least. why? because they only started using max on tri rep... lol, no. seriously tho, as twiddlebot pointed out i too think it would have been a technical challende. but even more so i feel they gained alot of freedom in their understanding of melodic development... i mean just compare the two. amber is a lot more linear. and while there are melodic lines on oversteps that could be considered "traditional" they always seem to take turns at some point where at least i go "wth"... like i tried to talk about my perception of O=0... it's hard for me to describe these things but it has an emotional ambiguity to me that's just magical, while amber is mostly clearly major/minor (i think). (nothing against amber btw... tho i prefer incunubula for 444 alone... any album with that track on it would be a winner to me) and why would you consider oversteps less self indulgent than anything else they've done?!
  14. but who decides what's "legit" in aesthetic choices? i don't mind criticism at all, and god knows i don't think everything they've put out it is gold. but arguing they should have sticked to what they did 2001-2005 because that'd still be more "cutting edge" or something is just bull. i think that's exactly what im NOT saying, at least trying to.. sticking to a particular sound is what autechre was all against, perhaps even unconsciously. putting confield, draft and untilted in the same bag is not knowing autechre well enough (not that im a super autechre geek, but i played the shit of those and chiastic slide and particular). I don’t think confield, draft and untilted are of the same cloth at all, but i think we can agree that they are the holy trinity of complex beat programming in their catalogue, the one thing people keep mentioning is sorely missing on the last output, so i just threw them together to argue along those lines. sure, the complexity of condraftled is awe-inspiring, but you can't just settle on that alone... it'd become a gimmick to please masses of fanbois screaming "amaze me, amaze me". I’d agree their funk-sensibility is something special, but i’d still not talk about „avantgarde“ because of that. (i think avantgarde is an early to mid 20th century phenomenon anyway and not applicable anymore to anything. „Avant-garde represents a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as the norm or the status quo, primarily in the cultural realm.“ Well if you just put it in a contextual way, you could say britney spears is avantgarde in the cultural realm of watmm. Also everything would be avantagarde somewhere so nothing would.) Now i understand you’re not saying that, but awaited something you DIDN’T await. thing is, personally i feel oversteps IS a step beyond and not conservative at all. This album hadn’t been possible in this form in amber-times, no way! Also, is this disappointment not somehow what u wanted, then? Also the step from quaristice to oversteps is bigger than from confield to draft, at least contrast between them is bigger, i think that’s quite obvious, but maybe you feel otherwise... i think in context of their own career it’s quite daring but still far from sucking up to the man (pop). Like i said in the other thread, it puts me places i never went before.
  15. but who decides what's "legit" in aesthetic choices? i don't mind criticism at all, and god knows i don't think everything they've put out it is gold. but arguing they should have sticked to what they did 2001-2005 because that'd still be more "cutting edge" or something is just bull.
  16. oops lol, i guess the last post would have made more sense in context to the discussion going on in the initial reactions thread... ah well they'll probably be merged again anyway
  17. i have no idea of music theory, all i know is i'm shaking my head in disbelief at how effortlessly O=0 (and various sections across the album) sounds sweet and bitter at the very same time. it seems alien but not at all forced/confrontative. maybe best comparable to "ethno" music from regions where different ideas of harmony than western evolved... "naturally" (like other people mentioned gamelan similarities etc). only in this case it's some kind of robot-civilization, long after humanity's gone from the face of this world. yes, i think this album still sounds totally futuristic and otherwordly, despite the fact that it may have references in sound-choices to how people defined "futuristic sounding" in the last 50 years. but so did condraftled... so there. i feel this album's as idiosyncratic as it gets, maybe even more "personal" in it's amalgamation of influences. i'll have to admit though that i'm not that familiar with most "IDM" artists so maybe i really can't judge it's generic-ness...
  18. yeah, in a similar sense i really quite like Xektses sql as an appendix. it may not seem that "developed" as the other tracks, but after the total destruction that is Yuop, how could anything bloom fully? last throes on the ashes. on topic: atm probably O=0 and Yuop, cos i'm such an emo cunt.
  19. yes. stop the pathetic contra-culture-isms. i DO like confield and LOVE draft but they weren't that "avantgarde" as some of you make them out to be and i'm sure them tekkers would agree. on the other hand oversteps is far from being "pop"... it's maybe what pop SHOULD be by now.
  20. hell yeah! especially in that track tension is massively rising up towards that point, weiird harmonics, then all of a sudden it's like "w00t, happy end!". lovely.
  21. vinyl is bigger. the end. ah, also taking it out, placing it on the table, putting needle on, turning sides etc... it's more of a "ritual", a kinda more conscious way to consume music. at least that's what making it preferable to me.
  22. i got this e-mail today: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: AUTECHRE - OVERSTEPS - Recently you pre-ordered either the CD or vinyl version of Autechre’s album ‘Oversteps’, including a free digital version as WAVs and MP3s. - We’re pleased to let you know that these digital files have been delivered to your Bleep account now, and are waiting for you to collect. - To access log in to your account on the store and go to the “Downloads” section of your account. - You will find either 16bit / 44.1kHz or 24bit / 44.1kHz WAVs (based on your preference when you pre-ordered), and 320kbps LAME encoded MP3s. These can be downloaded separately at any time. - Each of the 14 mp3s has individual artwork as chosen by Autechre. This track-by-track artwork is exclusive to Bleep. - Please be aware the physical release date has not changed. Go to http://bleep.com to download your copy of the album.
  23. PS: i love how they managed that pretty much every track has a "groove", be it with beat or without. some melodic layers are always also working as percussive elements.
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