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  1. Awesome! How/what is that laughing/aquatic mammal call lead sound from the MPC at 2.11?
  2. Food

    Nord G2 Patches

    There are surprisingly no midi note sequencers in the patches on the g2 (some seqs for modulation). Pretty sure it is MPC that is handling that, or maybe live played in on MPC pads? Set list notes say the sliders on MPC are for patch vol and switching variations 1-8 (vars also include starting out muted in most patches) so they are being muted and varied that way. need someone with an MPC 1000 to dig into what is being sent out from midi channels 1-4. Or confirm that it is jammed live? yeah having a play now fizp is on slot A of the perf (note the capital) and var #7 is where it starts
  3. I love the sound of the Monomachine - I'll be listening to this heaps! Thanks for pulling this together!
  4. Any chance you still have the file around? The original link to the amni remaster is dead and I can't find it anywhere else https://we.tl/d5VFHmxruj LA 2008 amni remaster
  5. Yes certainly - dunno if all of them are (I only found out about this dude a few days ago) but that 1st track on side A is from archive vol1. But $2 USD so could be a good place to start if you're on the fence.
  6. legit trax filthy trax here's a cheap $2 USD digital tape you can purchase if you can't afford GBP <yet> https://crisisurbana.bandcamp.com/album/unearthed-tracks-1992-1995
  7. Dunno about the age of the tracks or if it's all a ruse, but I am still enjoy. Gearlist seems legit to my ears so I don't see why not re: age of tracks this track: - so gooooood (doesn't have a year) https://cejero.bandcamp.com/track/cds-90-x3r-trk-4
  8. Just heard 14 SXII90 Side A - Trk 3 on his soundcloud. Don't think I have ever insta-bought anything so fast in my life. sweet 202 acid. lots of wicked early 90s ambient techno sounds on his bandcamp if you aren't into this jungle style or physical releases.
  9. Midiverb II is my favourite piece of gear. super lush by default. most of my tracks demonstrate copious amounts of midiverb II Quadraverb has a completely different sound, (at least from presets). I have not made friends with it yet. https://soundcloud.com/ov-mountains
  10. Food


    Dublin is an anomaly. It is the only set with some super hi freq stuff going on that sticks out against all the others (you can hear the difference from the first bit of music) or from the 8 min mark on that track that is on all the sets, there is this high pitch hit. (watch the eq to see it stick out). Or the little 50:03 bit is almost a ventolin homage it is so piercing. (but kinda cool) I thought it was mp3 atrifacting at first... wierd
  11. This arrived. I like this direction. First impression sounds like monolith collaborating with photodementia with a slight wink to the analords. I will be playing this lots.
  12. very cool. the timbres are quite drukqsy. reminiscent of afx/subtle audio/steinvord which is nice. you prob could have got away with pretending to be afx dumps on a new SC page if u wanted to fool some of the slower users.
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