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  1. Discord sucks because once you end up on like 5 or 6 different servers and people are constantly chatting, you can't keep up on anything. I became overwhelmed with it and eventually got rid of it.
  2. Could you use a Thru track on T1 -> Cue Out -> Flex live recording T2 and work from there?
  3. By running track 1 into the recording buffer of track 2 you can grab the audio from track 1 and further mangle it via track 2 (reverse the retrigged glitch that happens randomly or whatever). A neighbor track is only adding extra FX to your chain ( track 1 fx + track 2 fx vs just the 2 available via track 1) and doesn't allow you to change Rate/Start position of the audio among many other things.
  4. Format should be a cookie tin full of reel to reel tape (not on a spool, but all tangled up) or wax cylinder
  5. After seeing this in action I wish I had an iOS device to get into the beta. I signed up for Android access once it's going. You jam with people in real time by building little loops and it passes off to the next person or something.
  6. I finally got around to devoting time to my OT after nearly 2 years of mostly using it as a MIDI sequencer when I rarely did use it, and now I'm in love. Paired up with my modular 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  7. I've had it for just over a year, but have spent much more time with my eurorack stuff than programming anything with the OT. It's powerful, but I haven't given it the time it deserves to be comfortable with it and not have to think about the process to achieve what I'm trying to do while using it.
  8. I'm super tempted to put my Octatrack up for sale after seeing recent prices... I bought an MK1 for $695 when the MK2 was announced and retailers were dumping their supplies. Saw MK1 going for like $1000+ on eBay recently o.0 I haven't given it the proper attention to learn its intricacies and wonder if I would immediately regret selling it.
  9. The top 3 rows are my current rack. The Abstract Data 3x VCA is the only non-DIY module I have.
  10. If it helps ease your mind, all my modules are home made as well. It saves a ton of money to just build them yourself. I'll finish the case eventually, but the sounds are more important than how it looks, gnomesayan?
  11. It used to be my primary mobile-music listening machine before the days of iPods and then smart phones. Now it's just for field recordings and collecting dust.
  12. Approaching the limits of my desk once again.
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