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  1. Lots of awesome tracks in here! I've always been partial to this track of mine. Just nice, chill vibes. https://virtualurbanrecords.bandcamp.com/track/slow-machines
  2. Congrats, Rampage is definitely a pretty dense build. I love the middle section and all the EOC/Rising/Falling gate outs for interesting rhythms or triggering events.
  3. I totally bought one of these storage drawer things at least a year and a half ago and made a spreadsheet with all of my inventory at that time. Since then I haven't tracked hardly any of the parts I've bought or used. I also still haven't put a single fucking thing in that drawer and keep all my stock in the plastic bags they came in stacked inside a few little cardboard boxes that some of my first parts buys probably came in...
  4. Panels arrived for the Rollz5 and it's looking sexy
  5. It's just Synthrotek rack ears + rails w/ 2x8 as a frame. Four 1x3s run across the back for power distribution and I'm using the Trogotronic M15 DIY kit to power everything. All the lumber was off the cull-cart @ Home Depot so it was 70% off. [
  6. I have a cheapo "858D" hot air station I use for all my SMD stuff. I never tried building SMD w/ an iron as I knew I was going to fully jump in and wanted to make it easy on myself. There's lots of different brands, but they're all labeled 858D
  7. This is a recent photo of the area where I create stuff. Messy, but that's me. I'm searching for a solution to get a bigger/deeper desk to get my monitors off the 90° angle but I'm probably just going to end up building something. I need to move things around in the room to make some space and get everything out of the corner though...
  8. This thing is fucking great 😁 I really want to separate the outputs for better volume control and FX on individual voices. I need to get it running into the Octatrack for some great samples.
  9. First test of the Rollz-5 and everything seems to be working as it should. Not sure what's causing the high-pitched whine - maybe one of the ultrasound filters so I need to investigate there... edit: the 12V wall-wart I was causing the whine. A 9V one powers it silently. The front+rear acrylic panels I designed should be here Monday Wed. 😢
  10. Got most of the Rollz-5 built but ran out of the nice machined SIP sockets that I'm using to hold all the user-selected components for easy swapping. Sadly the power switch I got is the wrong size (miniature toggle that didn't state miniature anywhere) ☹️ I've got more SIP sockets on the way but I'm feeling like a moron trying to find a simple SPDT ON-ON toggle switch with the correct 4.7mm pin spacing. It's getting annoying with a ton of stock being sold out. I don't really want to drop $6 + s&h for a simple toggle. I figure I can just put a jumper across the connection for now and
  11. That's exactly why I haven't tried messing with DIY cables. I could easily make a jig for bananas out of some scrap lumber I have in the garage. Will certainly give it a try in the future 😎
  12. I had to put quite a bit of time to find all the pots I need of equal shaft length + knurled so I can use some knobs I ordered years ago on the Rollz-5. Not sure how long it's gonna be until supply comes back to normal Never tried DIY cables before @TubularCorporation - might have to look into it more for the future.
  13. I have put a small piece of heat shrink tubing on a knurled pot shaft to keep the knob from sliding all the way down the shaft and rubbing on a faceplate of a project before. Maybe try making a slot in the top of the shaft to receive a tail off the extending part and then using heat shrink tubing as the "tape"? Could work, but these kinds of things usually end up too fragile for actual use.
  14. Through all my research and reading on the rollz paper circuits I found out Meng Qi made a machine based off of them and ended up ordering a Rollz-5 PCB that should be here this week. Just bought everything for the build including banana cables (not cheap 😪). Hopefully can work on building this in a few weeks and figure out how to edit the svg case files for some changes I want to make.
  15. Hey webby, I just came across the idea of Quantussy cells while reading about some ciat lonbarde circuits. Thought you might be really interested in this idea since you're searching for maximum variation of a single generative patch: http://pugix.com/synth/eurorack-quantussy-cells/
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