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  1. HOLY BALLS that melodic stuff that comes in after 2minutes. I about shit myself. FUUUUUUUCK.
  2. Thank you gentlemen. You guys are the stuff of legends. Sooooo friggin' awesome.
  3. Realistically, if the rumored second "green" album has been written (as Sookie alluded) and manufactured/pressed (as some dude's mate said he worked at the place and saw it), when are we thinking it's coming out? I truly hope it's not another Move of Ten or L-event, but rather its own thing. Not that I dont like SIGN. It's truly beautiful. And I'm glad they gave a whole album to this approach. But if the next album is just more of this or this is the new normal moving forward, I'd be a little disappointed. I'm seeing the casual fan/average music nerd really digging SIGN, but the diehard
  4. So what's the overall opinion as to whether this will be released digitally afterwards? Since it will be practically unavoidable, I'm guessing Slam and Ribs wouldn't want anything below 320 circulating around as the official leak.
  5. Really, really love this record. It gets better each time. Solid 9/10. Team Invincible all the way.
  6. Wow, this is certainly different than the other live sets we've gotten recently. Makes sense seeing as there's practically 3 years between those and this Dublin show. Appreciate you sharing this. It's exciting to think how much new material we've gotten is actually OLD for them. Heck, this show itself was practically a year ago. I'm of the camp who thinks their last real release was Exai, so I'd be excited if they put out a proper studio album again some time soon. Not that I don't enjoy these process oriented long form experiments, but they seem to meander a bit too much for my liking.
  7. gl0tch


    Friendly reminder that we're pulling our puds over a set that is 4 years old. Can't even imagine what they are working on now. On one level it seems like over saturation of "new" Autechre, but I'm guessing elseq, NTS, and these live sets are all from the same body of work. I can not wait to hear their actual new NEW stuff – things they've been refining over the past 3 years that hasnt even seen the light of day yet Boner. Time.
  8. Curls reminds me of Sufjan Stevens' "The Only Thing"
  9. gl0tch


    What blows my balls off is that this material is like 4-5 years old now right? I can't even begin to imagine what they are working on currently.
  10. gl0tch


    I'd be curious if Seth and Roger had a favorite of their own. Plz?
  11. gl0tch


    Ok, so is it too soon to determine or is there a general contentious that a few of these sets are complete standouts for some reason? If these are all subtle variations of the same set, I'm not sure I need to pay for all of them, but would definitely be interested in picking up the better ones (if that is even possible to know). Instinct would suggest that if they're always improving on the set, then the last one would be the "best" ? I know I'm looking at that the wrong way, but is there any of these where they just do something way more insane than the others or out of the norm? (I
  12. Not at all. S/T > Colour... > Overgrown > Assume Form. "If the car beside you..." had so much promise. He literally dropped the ball. Sometimes there's albums where I'm meh and then it grows on me and I eventually love it. (latest meWithOutYou). This is definitely NOT one of them.
  13. You're generous. I'd give this 1 or 2/5. I actually sucks.
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