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  1. I'd really like to agree with you but i'm not sure I can fit my head that far up my own arse. The praise was absolutely out of proportion, though. What we got sounds like older tracks dressed in slightly different clothing but much less engaging and a kind of apocalyptic narrative talked about in interviews that is like a necessary supplement to the music and is meant to prop it up and give some context, substance, fill the void. Some flavor or something. Shit's bland. The actual music doesn't have the muscle to carry it. It's kinda limp. You hear a track on here and it's like "yeah... no shit Boards of Canada... people are doing that a lot better." That's why lots of people don't like it. Australian ARIA Albums Chart 24 Belgian Albums Chart 7 Canadian Albums Chart 33 Danish Albums Chart 23 Dutch Albums Chart 19 Finnish Albums Chart 28 German Albums Chart 52 Irish Albums Chart 7 Japanese Oricon Albums Chart 27 New Zealand RIANZ Albums Chart 26 Norwegian Albums Chart 9 Scottish Albums Chart 4 Swedish Albums Chart 32 Swiss Hitparade Albums Chart 35 UK Albums Chart 7 UK Dance Albums Chart 3 UK Indie Chart 1 US Billboard 200 13 US Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums 2 US Billboard DIgital Albums 8 US Billboard Independent Albums 2 US Billboard Tastemaker Albums 3 http://www.factmag.com/2013/10/17/daft-punk-david-bowie-and-boards-of-canada-help-boost-uk-vinyl-sales-to-10-year-high/
  2. Automatic generated message This topic has been closed by a moderator. Reason: Troll If you feel the reason for closing it was incorrect, please report this post, and a moderator or administrator will reconsider it. Kind regards, We Are The Music Makers Forums Staff
  3. Warp don't hear the band's music until it's already being cut.
  4. These sorts of things are created from scratch by Boards, (there wouldn't be much point in just sampling it...)
  5. As far as I can see, this was a fake thread to make you think he had posted something interesting, and that the mods had deleted it.
  6. from one source both things were sampled
  7. Coming from a "Deadmau5" fan who was born in 1985.
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