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  1. still waiting for the sc1 patches. i have everything set up
  2. there is a stage in space harrier 2 named "yees land"
  3. fuck, i listened to it today. what a great fucking set. thanks chre
  4. does anyone else love the bass in characi? its probably one of my favorite things on that EP
  5. sorry, it started a bit late than what i have marked. it properly starts here https://youtu.be/dW7NO0RpE-k?t=1320
  6. so, i was listening to an early dj shadow mix tape and found it over there https://youtu.be/dW7NO0RpE-k?t=1297 didnt find it at the rare afx blog is it shadow's or someone else? thanks
  7. salvakkpooo


    oh, no. music gets obsolete over the time. its like cpus
  8. max(math(e ws)) - millerS(puck(e tte))
  9. https://acidwaxa.bandcamp.com/album/slide-blinders
  10. oh, thanks for that. that guy seems to emulate rdjs early tracks sounds pretty well
  11. at 37:35 sorry if its jazzband but couldnt find by searching
  12. Sounds pretty much like the ep7 hidden track specially at 8:48
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