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  1. By the sound of it I was quite lucky getting my tickets. Pulled over in my car at 9am in the queue for 2 mins and booked them within 5. The site lagged in a few spots ordering. Really gutted for others that couldnt get any :(
  2. Finally, Ordered the 12" and Cd from norman Records and the Tape from bleep and it went though no problems, 2 hours spent refreshing.... wonderful afternoon.
  3. https://www.normanrecords.com/records/172227-aphex-twin-collapse-ep They have the 12" and cd NOT the tape. But it is WAY! faster and less stressful
  4. Wow so i managed to sign in a get the stuff in my basket, after waiting forever to get to check out i accidentally closed my tab!!
  5. Wow this is really cool, thanks!
  6. Seemed like a great set, but i were their and that camera man was shoving a lens in my face throughout that would piss me off so much,
  7. RIP! I kid you not on bbc news this morning "George Micheal dies at age 53 of heart failure" they show a montage and play wake me up."You put the boom boom into my heart..." Don't know if they knew what they were doing or what.
  8. Thanks sheathe, i think im going to get the midisport as it seems like it will simplify my midi setup. I had a quick look at making the master as Ableton, but it seems to have knocked off the control for my midi keyboard (Korg k25) so that needs looking into.
  9. Hey all, I've recently had the urge to make some tunes again (It comes around every 3 years or so!) My set up in the past has always been out from hardware and into a mixer and then an amp no computers connected. This time around i'm trying to plug into ableton to have a bit more control with what i'm doing. I've downloaded the trial version of ableton and acquired a midi to USB cable, this is where the problem comes in. Korg - EA-1 Midi channel 1 and 2 Korg - ER-MkII Midi Channel 3 connected together the EA-1 is the ext master and the ER is the slave, they trigger toget
  10. No ads on HBO, that should be the actual running time. That's cool then. We don't have hbo here so when americans normally say an hour episode its 45mins here depending on the station it's played.
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