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  1. smetty come back 



  2. in all seriousness, and i gotta get serious now, I am really going to miss your decidedly white, banal, monotone comedy shticks.
  3. Yeah so this forum is the depths of post-post ironic meaninglessness. Music discussion is mildly worth something; everything else needs to die a horrible death. This forum provides nothing decent or nice or positive anymore. Eat a dick
  4. Good denizens of watmm, I am to leaves. I loveyou all and I bid you no ill well. It is time for me to move on. You have given me fun discussion. But you have given me none interest discussion. You r boring. This is fact. I must leave. I luve u all. Plz keep me in yur harts Bret harts eat shit n die -SR$ this is it i am goodbyed forevar
  5. You mean he originally would have been riding her d. That she's really your cister. (sorry i've been wanting to use that pun since i thought of it a couple of days ago, and you just gave me the perfect opportunity. thankee) Will watch vid when i awaken. Not mentally prepared to think about something so depressing right now. Despite the cister pun, which I completely and willingly do not understand, I must say that Abby's look on her face when her big brother talks about his project is completely heart melting. Robbie, I'm not sure how you two compare age wise, but she had that look of ultimate respect and concern for her big brother written all over her face. She really wanted you to get your points across. *heart melts* EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT GODEL SAYS SOMETHING THAT NO ONE GIVES A FUCK ABOUT
  6. Quite a beautiful metamorphosis. thank you. quite honestly, other than adieu i have always found you all to be ignorant fools unaware of your own cisgender and cisweighted privileges. maybe its time you think about all of those. #foodforthought
  7. nah fuck off for real, the greatest moment in my life was when i realized that rich people owned me. since then i've voted their way, and did what they told me. never once regretted it, and eventually for my good service i will be rewarded their stature in heaven when i die in return for my obedience. this life=a life i would never regret. edit: i understand that people thought my initial response to the thread was fake and trolling. i gotta be honest, stuff like that NEVER happens in real life. im just privileged to work in a normal white-dominated middle class town that makes its money off of weaponized chemical industries. its just time that people get real and do what they love.
  8. lived for a bit in an inner city where i was super priviledged taught at an inner city comm. college. best experience i ever had. learned a lot from my students. probably far more than they could have learned from me. but some of them told me good things regardless. so i check my privileges everyday....and work to improve myself for the better of all
  9. me tooo cept here we call them Republicans LOL
  10. yo chen you need to check yr cisweighted privileges
  11. do you stand for any of that?
  12. the Scottish and decapitations need to be involved. otherwise this is a complete waste of time.
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