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  1. not sure if this been posted already but i´m 100% this guy is the inspiration behind the "got a light persona" http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2614788/Is-dirtiest-man-Europe-Homeless-Czech-decided-burn-owned-year-ago-live-pile-ASH.html
  2. Yeah that is maybe the coolest use of phase I've ever heard in a song. It sounds like the microphones were actually being physically moved rather than it being a plugin. First time that thought has ever occurred to me when hearing a phase effect. I'm sure it's been done though. It's something I've always thought about doing but never got around to. i thought that too, first it sounds mono and far away then it gets "nearer" or bigger, also this moving microphones around in the studio has been a bit of trend the last years for many artists, not sure why .
  3. so confused by this track, from 2:00 onwards i thought wow that next track is badass 60 sec later it ended. that guitar riff combined with the phasing/flanging effect on the guitar is sick!
  4. really laughed out loud when i saw this live
  5. they have that gleam in their eyes since 1966 ; )
  6. fuuu iran is out, really enjoyed their playing
  7. how is the Spain Morocco game ? i can only watch the Portugal Iran game which is a bit weird, ronaldo missed a penalty , iran just hit one and now its 1:1
  8. New record by Raster Noton Robert Lippok, concept might be a bit dull but his music is always worth checking out. http://www.raster-media.net/detail/index/sArticle/1031/sCategory/9
  9. saw him live last month, mindblowing futuristic music that takes you to another dimension some previews https://soundcloud.com/30drecords/30d-006-30drop-meets-arpanet-phases-ep
  10. big difference there m8 calling a trans woman "a guy in womens clothes" is pretty shit, I wouldn't consider it to be a "meme" by any stretch of the imagination ok i will keep this in mind didnt even know what a trans woman is but sorry again and thanks for the explanation.
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