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  1. not sure if this been posted already but i´m 100% this guy is the inspiration behind the "got a light persona" http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2614788/Is-dirtiest-man-Europe-Homeless-Czech-decided-burn-owned-year-ago-live-pile-ASH.html
  2. Yeah that is maybe the coolest use of phase I've ever heard in a song. It sounds like the microphones were actually being physically moved rather than it being a plugin. First time that thought has ever occurred to me when hearing a phase effect. I'm sure it's been done though. It's something I've always thought about doing but never got around to. i thought that too, first it sounds mono and far away then it gets "nearer" or bigger, also this moving microphones around in the studio has been a bit of trend the last years for many artists, not sure why .
  3. so confused by this track, from 2:00 onwards i thought wow that next track is badass 60 sec later it ended. that guitar riff combined with the phasing/flanging effect on the guitar is sick!
  4. really laughed out loud when i saw this live
  5. they have that gleam in their eyes since 1966 ; )
  6. fuuu iran is out, really enjoyed their playing
  7. how is the Spain Morocco game ? i can only watch the Portugal Iran game which is a bit weird, ronaldo missed a penalty , iran just hit one and now its 1:1
  8. New record by Raster Noton Robert Lippok, concept might be a bit dull but his music is always worth checking out. http://www.raster-media.net/detail/index/sArticle/1031/sCategory/9
  9. saw him live last month, mindblowing futuristic music that takes you to another dimension some previews https://soundcloud.com/30drecords/30d-006-30drop-meets-arpanet-phases-ep
  10. big difference there m8 calling a trans woman "a guy in womens clothes" is pretty shit, I wouldn't consider it to be a "meme" by any stretch of the imagination ok i will keep this in mind didnt even know what a trans woman is but sorry again and thanks for the explanation.
  11. ok i see sorry i didnt want to sound mean or so i just dont get the differences anyway its also hypocritical when others are making the weirdest memes of artists on these forum and its fun and ok but commenting on a "transgender" creates immediate outrage.
  12. same here but its pretty old stuff from 2002 and so
  13. impressive beyond words but sadly no new tracks still the same live show for the last few years https://www.instagram.com/p/Bj7GA3pHUNk/?tagged=squarepusher
  14. SOPHIE isn't a guy sorry i meant a guy in womens clothes
  15. one of my fav. threads at the moment discovered so many nice tracks
  16. after 30 years of absence the presumed dead electronic duo Boards of Canada are going to release a new 4 track Ep
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