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Community Answers

  1. Haven’t been on watmm in a minute. Good update.
  2. Some techno from the late '90s by Mark Broom and Dave Hill.
  3. I grew up in that area. Shit is crazy. I have friends evacuating. Tuesday night my good friend drove the 101 between Ventucky and Carpinteria right before the flames jumped the highway and hit that strip along the beach with the expensive homes. Stay safe peeps. Glad I moved to Oregon though this place goes up like a tinderbox every summer anyway.
  4. In my experience most open carry types aren't armed to protect themselves from the police. On the contrary, they're more likely to have those blue line stickers on their cars in support of the police. They're more likely to place blame on those shot by the police by saying they didn't follow police directions, etc. Similarly, at least where I live, small town sheriffs support the right to open carry. Granted, as Youtube demonstrates, there are plenty of instances of open carrying with the objective being confrontation with the police. The point seems more to simply express the right to carry, with the foundation being an over zealous sense of libertarianism and white privilege. I don't think there's anything functional about carrying them in public aside from identifying oneself with a political movement. In that sense they're more of a narcissistic 'douche totem.'
  5. I'm envious of you guys. I need to relocate eventually. It wasn't always like this around here.
  6. I see hand guns on people's' sides all the time. Rifles/assault weapons not as often. Places I've seen people with sidearms over the years: grocery stores, corner markets, the bank, 5-year-old's birthday party at a public park, Ross clothing stores, local burger joint, swap meet, Wal Mart, Subway restaurant, post office, randomly walking down the street. 99% of the time the guy carrying looks like the last person on earth you'd want to play hero in some kind of situation. Having grown up somewhere less insane than where I live now, it's still seems bizarre to me, rightfully. Sometimes I take a picture of theses guys to send to friends who can hardly believe it. This really is a strange country.
  7. Like it says, do you live in an open carry state? Do you regularly see people walking around with handguns or assault rifles? I do. What are your experiences?
  8. I'm still waiting for my Secret Santa gift from 2007.
  9. In real life all those people are staring at their phones.
  10. I started noticing this phenomena right around the same time I started listening to IDM music, so it's up there for me. Watching white blood cells move through the capillaries in front of your retina is certainly IDM. This phenomenon is not to be confused with its close cousin - the vitreous floater - which is still IDM in its own right.
  11. Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_field_entoptic_phenomenon
  12. Years back I had some releases on labels I like, which was nice. This included some vinyl and a full length CD, promotion and and mostly good reviews on Resident Advisor and some other places. I also did some live shows (which I didn't really enjoy to be honest). Realistically I don't expect to achieve anything else like that again, due to getting older, life's responsibilities, changes in the music industry, and my lack of desire to self-promote my music. I continue to make music for fun, but it feels a bit empty just posting it on Soundcloud. Down the road I'd like to master some tracks and maybe put them on Bandcamp or something.
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