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  1. Wow, first time watch and absolutely loved this flick. Laugh out loud funny, Jennifer Jason Leigh's performance is amazing, and the production design/miniatures are wonderful! Reminded me of "Brazil" and "Being There" Ya know, for kids...
  2. This should be arriving by the end of the month, pretty excited!
  3. Chatmm group pic in North Faces please
  4. First time watch of this, I thought it was pretty awesome. Seems like most people didn't like it. It hasn't even gotten a bluray release
  5. My two favorite tracks from the album, PAPAT and XMASEVE, don't sound like great mixes to my ears. Admittedly, I'm not an engineer or anything, but something like the Rushup Edge EP sounds amazing
  6. Their best album for sure. MHTRTC feels/is too compiled, Geogaddi is cohesive and perfect
  7. Records have since sold...
  8. He had a short looping track/video on his myspace forever ago I think called "Telegraph Twirl" that I really liked. It was just spinning around a telephone pole. You honestly might have luck reaching out to Stephen, we used to send messages back and forth on Youtube
  9. And the award for the most pretentious album description goes to… jk, I’ll check this out
  10. I posted a few pages back that I was bummed I sold my Switch pre-quarantine because I really wanted to play Metroid: Dread... Well my good friend let me borrow his system and copy and I gotta say, I really REALLY loved this game! I wasn't too keen on the EMMI sequences at first, but once the game got going and I started to figure it out, they were pretty easy. I felt like the Chozo soldier fights were a little reminiscent of Bit and Byte from the Mega Man X games where they would just pop up. I think I preferred just regular bigger bosses. Now I'm loving looking up all the speedrunners, the sequence breaks, the easter eggs, etc
  11. Been on my "watchlist" for a while, guess I gotta bump it up and watch it soon
  12. Gremlins at the drive-in! Great experience, a favorite movie of mine. There was actual snow falling on the way to the theatre
  13. YELLOW

    elseq 1-5

    Foldfree Casual is certainly one of my favs from the whole output
  14. YELLOW


    I've been thinking about biting the bullet and re-buying the dvd box set. I had all the individual seasons but then did a physical media purge a few years ago, and now the Netflix aspect ratio drives me crazy
  15. Nvm, found it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ysam7396tpn-C6QrKkH2QXR2zdckcACY/view
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