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  1. Here’s what I came up with for me: Kalpol Introl, Further, C/Pach, Cichli, Corc, Pen Expers, V-Proc, Ipacial Section, Altibzz, Treale, recks on, c16 deep tread, violvoic, M4 Lema, lux 106 mod
  2. The TMZ guy that comes outta nowhere at the end was a little heavy handed for me. Although his helmet was badass. Looked like something out of a Daft Punk video
  3. Browsing everyday, post kinda infrequently though. Here since 07…
  4. Anyone here on letterboxd? I've been logging all my "films recently watched" on there for about a year
  5. Yeah, the way the drums start sparse and skeletal and then slowly start filling out the track in "nodezsh" is certainly a highlight of this album for me. "recks on" is a banger, similar in the way "V-Proc" is from Draft. "YJY UX" is one of my favorite album closers in their catalog.
  6. In case anyone missed this, new track called "Shoes For Dinosaurs" from the Phocus album debuted on this SKAM radio special. Maybe we'll see the new album before the end of 2022? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0019q26 Starts around 52 minutes or so...
  7. The Melbourne 2010 set is some of my fav Ae, so I am waiting with bated breath
  8. Met Sean and Rob back in 2015, very nice. Chatted outside after their gig and let me take a picture with them. Met Chris Clark after his gig and he asked me if I knew anywhere to find coke
  9. Not to be totally daft, but I don't know one thing about how Max / MSP works. Can anyone ELI5 for me? Or link to some basic videos? I thought it was more of a "sequencing" software, something you can say "if this, then that," but it seems I'm incorrect. Sean now does everything he needs to right in it without the use of hardware?
  10. Check the youtube comments, someone links to it
  11. Body Riddle through Totems Flare was an incredible run. Excited to get this remaster
  12. Communion (1989) Pretty bland overall. Walken seems like an alien from outer space at baseline so his descent into madness in this movie didn't seem too outlandish. I picked up on a Burial sample a few minutes into it
  13. I didn’t really know anywhere else to post this but does anyone recognize the song that starts at 2:03? Been driving me crazy for years
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