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  1. Anybody see this? I saw it over on Twoism... https://youtu.be/Tv70Nm4XTo8
  2. Loving what's being called the "Brooklyn track." That was definitely a highlight for me during the set. The chord stabs track is also pretty awesome, reminds me of PAPAT from Syro
  3. As a giant Seinfeld fan, I loved this
  4. Awesome set!! Got there right as he started, moved towards the back of the house next to the soundboard. Awesome visuals, really sent up NYC
  5. Getting to the venue in like 10 minutes. Also wish they were selling the NYC poster
  6. On the bus to NYC, see you guys there!
  7. yeah this one: again, I forget the ripoff but there was a commercial with something incredibly similar
  8. Seems pretty blatant. I don't remember the exact source but there was a commercial a while back that was a pretty shameless nic of a Bibio's "Lovers Carvings"


    And don't forget the classic Exai sweater from The Office (US)
  10. YELLOW

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    Frick it, bought all of them. Had the money in my paypal. Listened to Portsmouth so far, pretty awesome. I remember talking to the boys after the show and they had very positive things to say about the sound system there, and also how terrible the sound was in NYC
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