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  1. Certainly right up there with vLetrmx21
  2. I'm kicking myself for selling my Switch last year when I really wasn't using it because I'm dying to play Metroid Dread, it looks awesome
  3. I feel like you could easily think about it too much and find a zillion plot holes, but the actual movie is well done, well shot, and it's got a good soundtrack/score. I like it!
  4. I visited the Overlook a few years ago! It’s the Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood. Me and a buddy played the Shining soundtrack as we drove up the road haha, it was epic
  5. John Carpenter's The Fog (1980) Atmospheric as hell. Loved the coastal vibes. Now I want to live a secluded oceanside life being a lighthouse keeper/easy-listening radio DJ The Many Saints of Newark (2021) I really enjoyed it! It's a Dickie story first and foremost, not Tony. It shows us some events that lead Tony to becoming the Tony we know. I think peoples expectations for this may have been too high but I thought it was well-crafted and pretty effective
  6. The non-American LP5 CD is pretty gorgeous in it's simplicity. I've always loved these photos of it: http://www.hardformat.org/4346/autechre-lp5/
  7. Petition for mods to change the thread title to "Chiastic Slide / LP5 Reissues"
  8. 777 is my jam. Straight thumper Official now: https://autechre.warp.net/lp-reissues?fbclid=IwAR0BLwLRbvWQvlhPHWFjbp1k-m0_7DjsvfWuKSbiyHylRWXlu9AcLw8RGzs
  9. I like Creepshow 2 more, it’s only 3 stories instead of 5 but I think it just works better
  10. Chiastic Slide 2021:
  11. Surprised I haven't seen this posted here. Supposedly the Spotify artwork for LP5 has been updated, and here is an up close picture of the front sticker. Wonder if this bodes well for Draft, Confield, Untilted...
  12. Think we'll see anything in spooktober...?
  13. I think it was like the third line in the movie, the mother goes to the daughter: "I cant wait to hear your singing voice when you're older..." My eyes rolled so far back in my head
  14. Saw for the first time at a drive-in last night. So wonderfully bizarre! Great production design and effects
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