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  1. Haha same. I was like, is this a cheeky link to an Oversteps soundboard or something?! Nope.
  2. Amber. Incunabula has a little bit of that 'compiled' feel that I think hinders MHTRTC in the same sorta way.
  3. First watch tonight for this one. It remains kinda obscure despite the names attached to it, but it’s on HBO right now. The “trivia” says that Aphex played at the party scene at the end, how true do we think that is…
  4. Chiastic gets my vote. Confield hasn't quite "unfurled" for me yet and I'm not trying to rush it along
  5. Possible sample from “Seen Enough” from this trailer: 1:18 “Time is running out”
  6. Chungking Express (1994) Ethereal, dreamy, lonely. Every single frame of this movie would look right in a photography exhibit
  7. Warp just posted this, potentially a reissue? Maybe it’s a whole new compilation? Discuss!
  8. I'm finishing up my "spooktober" here pretty soon, one movie every day this month. This year these have all been first watches for me. Here the list so far: Halloween 3: Season of the Witch The Stepfather (1987) The Frighteners What Lies Beneath Maniac Cop Return of the Living Dead 3 Tower of Terror (the Disney one with Kirsten Dunst) Hocus Pocus 2 The Glass House Idle Hands 976-EVIL The Mist Urban Legends: Final Cut Tales From The Darkside: The Movie Curtains Practical Magic Stephen King's The Shining (the 90s miniseries) The Video Dead TerrorVision My Bloody Valentine (1981) The Brain Crawl The Craft Ticks Possessor The Curve (also known to some as Dead Man's Curve) Barbarian
  9. Was watching The Brain (1988) this past weekend and noticed some samples from the “Rent Responsibly” track from the Video Club EP. at 1:07: “what if I told you that Dr. Blake wasn’t human…but he knows what’s good for us. He’s here to help you. You can’t possibly win. You can’t even control your own mind.” at 1:23: “watch me” at 1:53: “join the wave of the future” All these come from a scene in the movie at about 1:12:30 according to my streamer.
  10. the infamous Pro Radii "break"
  11. Aphex x1 Autechre x2 Massive Attack x1 Clark x3 Stars of the Lid x2 Radiohead x1 Squarepusher x1 Mogwai x1 Com Truise x2 Machinedrum x1 Plaid x1 Had tickets to see Kraftwerk, Stereolab, and Squarepusher but all were cancelled during the pandemic, womp womp. Would really love to see MBV if they ever tour again
  12. Jealous of you Barbican lot, sounds like it was amazing. Had my first listen of the Helsinki flac this morning and it was unreal
  13. @amni was the one who did a lot of “mastering” work on some of the live shows a few years ago
  14. Insert video of Buffalo Bill's mirror dance but set to Gantz Graf...
  15. Here’s what I came up with for me: Kalpol Introl, Further, C/Pach, Cichli, Corc, Pen Expers, V-Proc, Ipacial Section, Altibzz, Treale, recks on, c16 deep tread, violvoic, M4 Lema, lux 106 mod
  16. The TMZ guy that comes outta nowhere at the end was a little heavy handed for me. Although his helmet was badass. Looked like something out of a Daft Punk video
  17. Browsing everyday, post kinda infrequently though. Here since 07…
  18. Anyone here on letterboxd? I've been logging all my "films recently watched" on there for about a year
  19. Yeah, the way the drums start sparse and skeletal and then slowly start filling out the track in "nodezsh" is certainly a highlight of this album for me. "recks on" is a banger, similar in the way "V-Proc" is from Draft. "YJY UX" is one of my favorite album closers in their catalog.
  20. In case anyone missed this, new track called "Shoes For Dinosaurs" from the Phocus album debuted on this SKAM radio special. Maybe we'll see the new album before the end of 2022? https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m0019q26 Starts around 52 minutes or so...
  21. The Melbourne 2010 set is some of my fav Ae, so I am waiting with bated breath
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