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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Disklavier#Mark_II.2C_Mark_IIXG.2C_Mark_III "During the Mark II and Mark IIXG era, various models of uprights were introduced that included a silent system. When the silent system was engaged, the hammers were prevented from hitting the strings and the instrument produced no sound acoustically. " Hammers still move, keys will still clunk but no strings will be hit. https://youtu.be/2LhLB8fb3CE?t=2m50s
  2. New UK release day for records Sorry, new global release day for records... http://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/friday-confirmed-as-global-release-day-for-new-music__8203/
  3. oooh, a wee bit of thievery, heh. this is one for the older heids...featuring a nascent http://youtu.be/Gh0k4jdkV9E?t=1m1s (sorry if jazz) won't embed ffs oh well...it's the end credits of TV show Rainbow, from the 70s Start at 1:01 ;) In an old FM interview - one with Phillip Glass - I'm sure he mentions he's done some jungly stuff (before HAB dropped) and a bunch of remixed kids tv themes, always thought MFM was related so not thievery, just a remix :P
  4. 1977/snow/computing/amateur footage/beards/synthesizer all close encounters related?
  5. dampboy

    Rare AFX Blog

  6. I would imagine a lot of it is sampled sounds (banging metal gates, percussive hits and sounds from analogue synths etc). Around the time I would say a typical sampler would operate at a 32Khz sample rate which would result in the highest replayable frequency being 16Khz.. so nothing missing just never there in the first place.
  7. dampboy


    true...but allegedly he had never heard of the aphex audio company when he came up with it.
  8. dampboy


    It's by prototype 21 isn't it? Simon Parkes? Anyway it's an 'A' with a 'p' on it's right leg and an 'h' rotated acting as the line off the top. You could try and take it further and read an 'E' and an 'X' from it, but I think that might be stretching it a bit too far. Relates to where the Aphex name came from mentioned in the back of an old Future Music issue. 'A' is for Acid 'ph' is for the level (ph level being a measure of acidity) 'ex' is because it sounded good.
  9. rephlex release getting offical mp3 download? that's big news isn't it?
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