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  1. Actually fuck it, I will make up my mind early - I'm really digging this - it's quite brilliant in context of its intended concept.
  2. I don't think any OPN has gelled for me first listen (or even first few listens), not even the earlier stuff which was easier to digest.
  3. Normally with a new release I'm hyped for (and I'm obsessed with OPN) I'll play the shit out of any early singles/songs in advance of the album coming out. And then subsequently ruin that track in context of the album because I've heard it too much... I still skip Reach For The Dead on BoC's Tomorrow's Harvest for example due to this (and it's a plenty fine track) and how long ago was that released now? 7 years? I knew this album was coming out but I haven't had ANY time to listen to anything... too busy at work. Have listened to this now a few times and I'm enjoying it - I'm able
  4. I'm surprised at the 'meh' responses this is getting. Thoroughly enjoying the album, reckon it's is best solo album yet.
  5. Five or so listens in, quite enjoying it. Interestingly the tracks I like are ones others in here don't seem to.
  6. Dishonored 2 is a big improvement over 1. Both are good, but some of the levels in 2 are insanely innovative. the recommendations for Dishonored were great. finished 1 and the expansions, now onto 2. is quite an excellent series.
  7. i'm disappointed none of you lot have written down all the text that appears in the video yet :P
  8. Pin Signal Direction Comment 11 TCK Input JTAG Signal 1 TMS Input JTAG Signal 3 TDO Output JTAG Signal 7 TDI Input JTAG Signal 9 TRST Input JTAG Signal 8 /PORST Bidir Directly connected to ECU /PORST 10 /RDY Output JTAG Signal 12 /STCON Input Debugger Detect Signal 16 RSV1 Input Reserved Input 5 RSV0 Output N.C. 13 BRKIN Input N.C. 14 FLMD0 Input Mode pin 15 /BGRANT Output Bus Grant 2 VREF Output Target supply for sensing 4; 6 GND Power Signal Ground
  9. I had no idea people were still using this. The site has been broken for nearly a year, but I thought nobody cared anymore so didn't bother to fix it. Looking at the access logs there have been hundreds of people trying to log into it over the past few months (and AFX's user tried around 11 months ago)... which surprises me... I've just fixed the site, it's now working. Looking at restoring the streaming & waveforms using archive.org mp3's.
  10. of course I'm gonna fixate on this - but that was the whole point of the voting thing - he said the intention was to master and release the tracks everyone liked after letting them gestate for a few years. he lost interest in the voting site tho at some point, assume because of the soundcloud-esque thing Warp built (which totally missed the mark IMO - I had other plans but lost enthusiasm). I assume if there's gonna be a box set of the best soundcloud tracks released, he's probably used youtube playlists or such to figure out the tracks people like the most. ... or maybe nothing's gon
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