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  1. oh wow, thank fk they're doing a HD version of Twilight Princess. that game has not aged well at all.
  2. ^^ what bitroast said (probably helps i was at the same show). i know the visuals are meant to be cheesy, but they *very* actively subtracted from the experience. i went in hyped as hell for OPN, was moderately disappointed with even going until i closed my eyes. first show i've ever been to where closing my eyes meant an exponentially greater experience. really not a fan of boyce's visuals at all. and yeah holy shit, how amazing was robin fox
  3. oh, cool. grogatron is my soundclog user ye previous top30 votes have been restored - let me know if you don't see them
  4. what username? I can restore your last votes... Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  5. appreciated, but not looking for praise! just be nice to know why it was deleted :) i can probably host the mp3's myself on the hosting site and rejiggle things so people can still play them but no idea whether that'd be OK or not
  6. second edit: and the vote site isn't going anywhere, it still works, people can still vote, and i'm still seeing several new signups / votes per day, every day, since it was launched.
  7. Hmm, seems I missed that the tracks were deleted. Means the play button no longer works on the voting site. Deeply disappointed. It is what it is, I guess. :( edit: and in context, I'm still damned grateful that this even happened *at all*. can't complain too much about 200+ unreleased tracks and the chance to work with the man himself on something, even if only briefly.
  8. Haven't seen this posted here - another dude made a neat visualisation of the votes: http://www.afxvis.io/ The coolest part about this is I had NO idea about this until somebody else sent me the link - hooray for JSON. Have since gotten in touch and we've got plans for historical vote stuff.
  9. I made a stupid thing to compare your in-game Steam playtime against your friends - http://peerpressure.us/ I wanted to know how much Fallout 4 I'd played compared to my friends - couldn't find an easy way to do it, looked easy enough to make something to do it. Ended up spending 10 hours on this instead of playing Fallout 4. Priorities.
  10. have to agree. GoD is a pretty incredible album, but after blasting it for a couple of weeks after it leaked I'm not really going back to it too much; it absolutely becomes fatiguing. I became obsessed with OPN's earlier works when I discovered it and I haven't stopped listening to it regularly ever.
  11. still yet to receive my pre-order CD from Bleep. figured it'd be sent to arrive on around or a bit after the release date.
  13. uggh i hope he isn't overwriting existing tracks with new ones, that's totally going to fk up the vote tool (it scrapes based on the unique soundcloud id)
  14. i don't know what i just watched.... but vaporwave was just handed a new set of parameters edit: not implying the album is vaporwave, but you watch a bunch of vaporwave artists now incorporate many of these aesthetic elements
  15. My friends dad is actually struggling with this right now. He's got about 25 years of experience in IT but without the degree he's finding it difficult to find work.that genuinely surprises me. many talented people in the tech industry don't have a degree related directly to their job - any employer who has half a clue should not make this mandatory. it's an incredibly poor way to vet candidates. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  16. I'm in! oh and I'm fine being matched to somebody overseas, I'd just order something local to them online. not sure that can be returned as cost effectively tho (buying things here in oz is expensive... we all buy from the US anyway haha)
  17. you absolutely can have a job you love. I have one at the moment. the problem most people make is attributing their self-worth directly to their income, which results in making decisions which optimise finance but don't optimise fulfillment and deincentivises taking a critical look at ones long term career path. disconnect them. money is important, but its def not everything. I'm also speaking from the admittedly privileged position of working in the technology industry; I feel hard for artists and other careers where it's very hard to make any money. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  18. https://www.reddit.com/r/synthesizers/comments/3pyljg/richards_dx9_patches_converted/
  19. here's a fun thought - remember back when the boc/afx fake leaks happened and a bunch of us mused that it'd be pretty hilarious if the artists intentionally released fake leaks to throw us off? Daniel seems like the sort of dude who would actually do something like that and it'd fit right in with the way the ARG was going (fake band). It's also odd he hasn't acknowledged the leak at all given he was vocal as hell when R+7 leaked. I seriously doubt this is the case, but oh man Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
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    i never heard the old ones! wish i did
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