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  1. did anybody ever figure out who the brainwaltzera sc was? some of the tracks up there are still tops
  2. re all polls on one page, the original design was exactly that but it was quite confusing to use IMHO. this has turned into quite a fun but big project, I've recruited a work colleague (also an aphex fan) into helping me refactor the frontend. I'm in the middle of breaking out the various bits of the site into individual actionable bits and would love help. If you're a developer (css/js/react frontend or Python/django backend) Iget in touch! and ya, have historical data of votes. seeing how votes trend over time is an important part of this (but I still need to code the visual representations fully)
  3. holy crap haha. time to refactor the entire voting app
  4. been running 10 insider builds most of this year. haven't really had any issues. that said i tend to run beta everything... i like to live dangerously (sunglasses)
  5. Yep, already have code for that. Do people care? Was really going to do it as a hidden page for rich but if you guys are interested in how votes might change I can make it a public page (for the top30)
  6. the track is incredible but i can't listen the track without getting shitty at the yapping.
  7. Hmm, depends when you saw him. Those commissioned pieces were all for individual events, so unless you were at the Magnetic Rose showing in Manchester, Red Bull event in Tokyo, etc., it won't be so similar to what you might have heard live. If you went to see him open for NIN, you may have gotten a very unique experience judging from the videos of his set; he hasn't really released anything like that before, and I can only really compare it to TCF. If you saw him just on his own, it was probably reworks of R Plus Seven material, which will likely never be released. When I saw him last year at Big Ears, it was all reworked R+7 stuff; pretty interesting but the bass sounded terrible. I feel like 0PN live is more about hearing unreleased material PLUS watching Nate Boyce's amazing visuals. Long story short, listen to the commissioned works; "Commissions II" may be similar to what you heard live if you saw him fairly recently, given that it's his most recent material. OR (!!!) you may have heard his newest tunes, i.e. WARPLP2. What did it sound like? I saw him in March 2015 at some random little show at a school near me (Arizona State University). Most people there were small talking about how they only went for school credit for a class before the show it was kind of annoying Anyway yeah he played some abstract videos kind of like 3d models of vases and shapes. I don't remember the music distinctly except that it was loud and abrasive and metallic. Very spl9 and gantz graf like to be honest. It was great to listen to but there wasn't much to latch on to in terms of melody or typical music stuff. After he was done he said "this is the weirdest show I've ever played" or similar and sort of chuckled. I shouldve videod. This concert was actually free so I'll defo be buying this next LP as repayment so to speak. Fuck why didnt I record I saw him in Melbourne, Australia late last year. Huge fan (borderline obsessiveness when OPN 'clicked' for me), but wasn't really digging the live set until I closed my eyes and it was then incredible. I know the visuals are probably meant to compliment the music + in a way that has been thought about by clever people but I genuinely found it actively distracting to the point where it cheapened my perception of the audio. Never would have thought I'd say "it was better with my eyes closed", but there you go. I get why Autechre do gigs in the dark now given the complexity of their music. edit: I should probably clarify - I do like Nate Boyce's visuals. i'm not saying the visuals are crap. I just think they negatively detract from the experience of hearing OPN and in a way which is certainly not subtle.
  8. I've already got code that lets the voting site supply downloads of all downloadable tracks, including making a zip file of the top 30 (appropriately tagged etc) at any point, but haven't made it live as somewhat questionable about copyrights etc. I guess it probably beats not having the files at all though. I also wouldn't jump to any conclusions about SoundCloud yet either. Even if they are going through financial troubles the site as-is will have high value - somebody else will buy it or invest or something. It's be highly unlikely for it to just disappear.
  9. I've just made a little tweak to the website to show you guys some more stats (total voters like before - renamed for more clarity - but also shows total individual votes cast + total accounts signed up in the sidebar).
  10. are these rx101 tracks anywhere? keep hearing about them, want to see what the fuss is about
  11. I find it absolutely hilarious that a mechanism implemented to thwart piracy can be used to identify legitimate leaks - almost like the exact opposite of its intended purpose
  12. I really don't think there's any more to this than Richard wanting to share his tunes + engage with the fans. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Occam%27s_razor
  13. There's been several hundred new accounts per day signing up (most haven't voted yet) since those articles, so thankyou, definitely had an effect!
  14. anybody got any contacts? i wouldn't even know where to start approaching those places
  15. Just hit 1001 votes on the "top 30", and 1668 total accounts on the system. (There has been a ton more votes if I count vote changes... the 1001 refers to total people who have voted). A little disappointed this isn't higher - there are 70K followers on soundcloud and there has to be a gob of aphex fans who want to get involved. Is it that people don't know about this thing?
  16. ^^ considering it's currently the most votes for track, probably
  17. my next project: make a soundcloud clone easy, right? be done by tomorrow lunch.
  18. xfxf


    oh man i haven't listened to legowelt in at least 6 years. why did i forget how great he is?
  19. delaying the update emails is intentional - don't want a ton of people slamming the site if there are problems! re comments above - I bought the pro account because we were all panicing when he was reaching 30 tracks or whatever limit the free account had. I figured $140 or whatever it was, was worth a couple more tunes... never in a million years would I have imagined we'd end up with over 220. Best ever. I'm not doing the vote site thing in some attempt to get a mention on an album cover - I'm doing it because doing a poll in the usual way would suck for this, I really hope this is setting a standard for other electronic artists and building a platform that lets a sounddump become way more useful (hence playlist options) is appealing. I hope it will get used beyond this dump. Plus every time I've met somebody famous who was highly influential on me I end up vaguing the hell out and being useless, which is bizarre considering I did a lot of event promotion / video streaming work for fairly well known artists when I was younger. This is a satisfying project because I'm able to actually do and provide something useful beyond the usual "omg thank-you so much".
  20. iirc the rt patches for the kernel are heavily an x86/x86-64 architecture thing, not as well supported on powerpc. modey with an old g3 I'd be running OS 9 and music apps from that era, trying to get modern Linux music apps running on it will probably be more pain then gain
  21. i haven't yet - was intentional, wanted watmm to test everything before blasting out an update to everybody (there's over 1500 accounts signed up now) i've just updated the site with a couple of small fixes, including fixing the search bar. let me know if the site is doing anything wierd for anyone.
  22. yo jsmcpn - good ideas/feedback. i don't know if i agree with using playlists for global rank, though - that seems a very over-complicated solution to the problem and i don't think it's going to be that effective (only a small percentage of listeners are going to make playlists). i also don't know if i want to change the 'top 30' style vote now, either - people have already voted using it, messing with that seems like i'd annoy a lot of people. also not sure i'm for random list ordering either for the playlists - i strongly like the feeling i get from flow of an album, having it determined by rank seems like it wouldn't be too enjoyable to listen to? that said, i'm not 100% on any of the ideas i've put forward yet, either. that said, i'd like to experiment with ideas, only thing really prohibiting me is available time. can throw the codebase at others if they're interested in getting involved. i'm probably going to add another tab for 'experiments' or something, give it a slightly different colour scheme, and do crazy new shit in there. i'll probably implement A in a fairly simple fashion (playlist import, share/vote/comment on playlists) to see how it goes. some ideas are best iterated on once implemented.
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