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  1. I'll start by saying that I really wish I spoke another language, but I don't. I, and a lot of other Americans, grew up in a very rural area thousands of miles from any country that speaks another language. We had to take foreign language in high school, but only for 4 years. It's just not prioritized here for a lot of reasons (not as necessary, ego, you can get by with english in a lot of other countries, etc.), but I wish it was.
  2. Ok fine but I thought all the "patriots" were against cancel culture. And these yahoos calling themselves "patriots" is such a great marketing move and such bullshit. I do love how they capitalized "Patriots" in their sign, though.
  3. Liefmans sour ale aged for 5 years in my basement. It's good, more subtle than most sours I'm used to, maybe because of it's age. Paired with a homemade moussaka (not pictured) made with eggplant and tomato sauce from my garden, yum.
  4. Man, that sucks. I am kind of glad that I don't live in a red area. NJ is doing decently right now, thankfully. My area is 75% vaccinated (18 and older, 62% total). At my workplace, they're bringing everybody back to work on Monday and even making masks optional for people who are fully vaccinated.
  5. Oh I agree, I don't like having those thoughts but I have a personality type that is very empathetic but tends to rationalize destructive behavior under stress. Whenever I think of all the harm he's caused and all the people's lives he's ruined or changed for the worse, all the families he's fractured, I just can't help it. I think if he was killed I would feel bad and guilty in the end, I think ideally I would want it to happen that way without my knowledge, I guess.
  6. I'm not advocating a violent end for him, I would like it to appear as if he passed from some natural causes. Splitting hairs maybe, but we can't make him a martyr of course. And of course I would like to see him publicly held accountable for all of the shit he pulled, but can anyone really do that in a way that the people who need to get that message won't write it off as a "witch hunt"? Sure, he'll be held accountable in the court of history once we have decades of perspective and temporal distance, but I'm hoping we can have both. He passes on of "natural causes", Garland and SDNY release all the stuff that he would've been charged with, R public officials are no longer afraid of being bullied by him and are perhaps slightly more inclined to try and turn the R party back to possessing some semblance of decorum.
  7. If we do see more violence during / after the 2024 election, what would that look like? Attacks on D public servants, like the plot to kidnap the MI gov., or more small-scale attacks on state, county, and city leaders? Urban-area violence against people protesting shady stuff the Rs could potentially pull? More localized incidents like violence against someone living in a red/blue area who has a Dem/R sign in their yard? Caravans of 4x4s brandishing Trump flags who go out roaming cities looking to provoke violence?
  8. That article summed up the Trumpism situation better and more succinctly than I've seen before. I'm really hoping that some "adults" (as the article puts it) in the CIA or whatever have generated or are working on a plan to "get rid" of Trump (wink, wink) in an unsuspicious way. Believe me, I know how condoning something like that sounds and that going that route is a very slippery slope, but I think that in this case it can be argued that it is objectively better for the nation and world as a whole.
  9. I work for J&J and here's a little secret about Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages. They're all made in Brazil. All of them. Nobody says why we make all of them in Brazil, but everyone thinks there was some dirty $$$ involved. You wonder why your Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages are so expensive? Because everything that made up what's in that box was shipped to Brazil, sterilized, put together and then that box was shipped from Brazil to wherever you are.
  10. Cue the slap bass. (You can see LD on the fridge)
  11. Nothing better on a hot day than a Rodenbach caractere rouge with a homemade pizza with tomatoes & peppers from our garden outside.
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