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  1. Yeah I get it, I'm just lamenting this fact and wishing that the sane people would be the power hungry ones.
  2. Why are sane, level-headed, caring people not the ones all gung-ho to hold positions of power, why is it always these morons?
  3. The burger probably originated from the "i'm not even going to fix that burger" broken burger tag era, and may have been intended to mean "i'm not even going to fix that post", but it's obviously taken on a life of its own which is great.
  4. Did you have to fix that burger?
  5. I've asked about this before. Didn't it originate from the burger tags always messing up and "I'm not even going to fix that burger"... or am I wrong about that? So sometimes I use it as a positive reaction as burgers are a positive thing in my life, and sometimes I use it as "I'm not even going to fix that burger" to a bad / misguided post.
  6. My grandmother (Slovak descent) used to make Pagach, which is kind of like a "pierogi pizza". I wouldn't call it a pizza but it's such a Slavic dish. Basically you bake some dough, then stuff it with a mixture of mashed potatoes and cheese (some people add cooked onions). I didn't think I'd like it but damn was it good and filling.
  7. That's because there's a huge wall of 25,000 national guard troops in the blocks around the building.
  8. Donald J. Trump Presidential Memoirs, chapters 1 - 10 already finished!
  9. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1253959 Maybe it was Pence?
  10. https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2021/01/14/secret-service-bathroom-ivanka-trump-jared-kushner/?outputType=amp
  11. I wouldn't be so sure. Mitch hasn't said one way or the other, he said he'll listen to the evidence (lol, shouldn't he do that every time?). I read somewhere that one of the biggest motivators to convict in the Senate is because the Rs have recently lost a lot of big / corporate donors, and they think that if they convict Trump it could bring some of that money flowing back in. It's just crazy enough to work, having money be the only motivation for impeachment.
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