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  1. Damn I used to drive over that bridge once a week when I lived in Pgh.
  2. Apparently he was suspended and is on paid leave. He doesn't have to teach the viral vector cocksuckers and he gets paid. Mission accomplished. Edit:. My wife got a kick out of this, she's a professor who is being forced to go back to work this week to teach a bunch of dirty college students who aren't required to be vaccinated because college gotta make money.
  3. Since I'm in Jersey, there's prob a high chance that if you're in the US your trash is already within a 100 mile radius of me.
  4. Thinking about adding some more rolling stock to my LEGO train. One car that I see a LOT of here in NJ is the "trash flatcar" hauling garbage from all over the USA into New Jersey. I will post pics once I've ordered the pieces and built a couple.
  5. Most people who have the letter "Z" in their last name are strange on some level; it's a law of nature. People who have last names that start with "Z" are extra-weird.
  6. long covid, short covid dick. prefer to get neither but is one worse than the other?
  7. I used to wonder why our government couldn't get anything done, couldn't agree with each other, couldn't compromise to get stuff done. Bit by bit, congressmen and women have been replaced by people like this fuckwad, and imagine trying to get anything done having to work with a critical mass of morons like that guy.
  8. America is not detached from reality, there is just a different standard here compared to the European standard. Is that OK for you? Sure in America as a whole, the "center" of politics is probably far more conservative compared to Europe, but within the American political landscape, NBC is more "left-leaning" compared to our center. Dunno how many times I have to say that.
  9. Ok, tovarishch, while you're not wrong from a global standpoint I meant left-leaning for the US or Democratic party-leaning, but I think you already knew that and were just being a troll. Imagine that.
  10. The media has to change, too. I was watching some congressman being interviewed by NBC (left-leaning show). He was something like the only R member of the house to be openly critical of Trump or something. He was making valid criticisms of the left and right and saying stuff like we need to get back to civil discourse in Congress instead of escalating, but the host was just hammering him to try and get him to say bad things about Trump and the right in general so that they could get a juicy soundbite.
  11. This shift in traits displayed by leadership is certainly sickening, but it us up to us to stop it. These morons who are supporting Trump didn't just appear out of nowhere, they've been living in our neighborhoods all along. It is my read on the situation that they haven't participated in politics in the past for whatever reason (anti-gov., lack of trust in gov., general apathy, etc.). But Trump and his ilk have awakened them, and the internet and social media have allowed them to coalesce and organize and have a somewhat common and deafening voice. In the US, leaders are elected by the people who participate in government, and often who participate the loudest. These morons have come out of the woodwork and have solidified themselves as a powerful voting bloc. It's no wonder there are leaders who are catering to them. The only way to beat them in the short term is for all of us reasonable people to stand up and participate in government and try to be "louder" than they are. We can't be quiet. Demand that our leaders be reasonable. Long term, I dunno, maybe implement critical thinking education at young ages.
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