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  1. I think KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell are all owned by one company. Sometimes in food courts and such you can find one small stand with all three, we used to call them KenTacoHuts.
  2. Damn, I'm hoping to retire in the PNW in about 15 years or so (preferably somewhere on the sound north or south of Seattle). I hope things get better.
  3. Just finished this beast. It was really fun to build and also fun to drive around and operate. It has something like 6 or 7 separate motors and two motor controllers.
  4. I had a choice in that I could look around to different places and start the appointment process to see which vaccines they were giving out. It seems that all of the people who experienced the clotting adverse events with the JnJ vaccine were female, ages 18-48. Could possibly be hormone related? I'm hoping that in the FDA meeting tomorrow they will decide to continue to allow males to get the JnJ vaccine.
  5. Just got a cancellation notice. I wonder what the incidence levels of clotting were for the other vaccines... Now, should I wait a little and see how long the investigation will take, or sign up for a Moderna / Pfizer? Probably shouldn't wait, but I was really hoping to get JnJ.
  6. I have an appt. for JnJ vaccine tomorrow, haven't heard anything yet. I kind of want the JnJ vaccine, why couldn't they have waited 2 days to pause?
  7. NJ recently opened it up to "overweight" which they define as BMI > 25 (lol) and I'm 25.1 so I'm getting my shot (JnJ) on Wednesday. No appointments in central NJ but tons in south jersey where the population is more sparse & republican.
  8. Homemade kale pesto pizza with one of my favorite beers.
  9. Agree about frontier psychiatrist. Also, the version of extra kings from that old documentary has some extra vocal samples that sound amazing:
  10. The thing I like most about the Zomba version is the "War" flute sample in Summer Crane & Extra Kings. Can't listen to the original versions of those songs anymore.
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