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  1. Yeah, and US markets reacting positively to his decision which will hopefully signal to him that doing best by his people and not what he thinks is best by the economy will be best for everyone in the long run.
  2. I heard somewhere (can't remember where) that a lot of airlines are just flying ghost flights because they have to keep a certain schedule of arrivals / departures at airports to avoid fees due to contract obligations or something like that. It's crazy that their contracts make it so that it becomes cheaper to fly empty airplanes around than just leave them on the ground and pay the fees. Edit: Also heard somewhere that they're re-purposing some of these would-be commercial flights to cargo.
  3. Exactly. The places where the virus has hit hard so far (Northeast, west coast) are generally pretty blue. We'l see what happens once the traditionally red states become severely affected. It's ironic that in the unlikely scenario that the measures being taken in the worst affected areas have an effect in slowing the spread, the effect will have been very disproportionate across blue / red states, with red states being much less affected and thinking that Trump's strategy was the reason they got off lightly.
  4. Was watching the NJ governor's address this afternoon and some fuckwad gun lobbyist asked why they decided to deem gun stores non-essential (thereby temporarily closing them), saying that the people have a right to buy guns to defend themselves at a time like this. The gov couldn't comment because apparently this dude's group sued the state over their decision to close the gun stores along with almost everything else. WTF is wrong with these people?
  5. The call is coming from INSIDE the house!
  6. I'm from Ohio and my family there says that they're impressed by how the gov. is handling it. NJ gov. declared that everyone stay home as of last night at 9 pm. "Essential" businesses are staying open, but it's unclear how that applies to my job (R&D at a healthcare company).
  7. No, just for the "important" ones among your own people.
  8. This is the second time this week I've quoted this thread: It's sad, 10 years on and we still don't have a workable fart chamber.
  9. I'm at work today; we're supposed to work from home and come in only to support business-critical projects. They've implemented a schedule so that only a certain number of people are allowed on the site at any given time. I came in today to get enough data to work from home for a while. Even though there's hardly anyone here, I'm still turning off the lights in the lab and pissing in the sink because I don't want to use one of the communal restrooms.
  10. And a load of babies in 9 months..
  11. randomsummer


    Why have you not come back to answer the above questions?
  12. Chose this morning to buy more S&P, though I doubt we've hit the bottom yet.
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