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  1. i pick #3 Read more Isn’t that effectively handing a vote over to the republicans? I've thought about this a lot, and my original position was to do a write-in, but I've changed my mind and would vote for Biden if he got the nomination, but not be happy about it. My original position (write-in) was to give the Dems the finger because they didn't nominate who I wanted, and if enough people did that, maybe they'd change, but I realize now that that's pretty stupid. However, I now think that it's much more important that people get out and vote in the primaries if they wanna effect change in their party. If their candidate didn't get the nomination, they could still feel better about perhaps voting for the lesser of two evils.
  2. I love lambics in the first place, but this has to be my favorite. Usual sourness and bit of funk perfectly balanced by a little bit of brown sugar sweetness. It's amazing how consistently good it is with wild yeast.
  3. what happened to thejacketloose
  4. Trying to drink up my sours before the weather gets too cold... Man this one started off with such a funky smell that it scared me a bit. It calmed down quickly, though, and turned out to be a great geuze.
  5. I haven't tried the Java Head stout, but I did get a stout that I knew was good in CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout, brewed with coffee and chocolate and aged in bourbon barrels that had just aged Michigan maple syrup). Take a gander.
  6. I have to host the in-laws and extended family for a Christmas dinner party. Only good thing is that I get to choose the beer. They better enjoy drinking some Troegs perpetual IPA, mad elf, java head stout; founders CBS and blushing monk, and victory sour monkey. If not, then I am still stocked for the holidays. Win-win.
  7. Then there are also "LPN"s, licensed practical nurses, or as they can sometimes be called, "let's pretend" nurses.
  8. Eat some greasy southern food, then 8 - 12 hours later this movie will premier in your toilet. Private screening, hopefully.
  9. Nice, looks fully electric but I don't think that glass is bulletproof, might be golf ball-proof.
  10. I heard someone say that the ideal corporate tax scheme would be based on what is produced. Companies that actually manufacture tangible goods and services would be taxed much less than those that make money just by moving money around or collecting interest etc. Nice in principle but too difficult to successfully implement without loopholes. Not to mention that it could never possible be implemented considering how much power the financial lobby holds.
  11. Listening to this now at work, some really great stuff, thanks! I am so glad that people like you are out there curating things like this so that newcomers to the genre like myself can have touchpoints from where to start exploring.
  12. I agree that they're very competent and quality vehicles, but around here I see them only being driven around Princeton by wealthy housewives, which is what I can see happening a fair bit with the cybertruck.
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