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  1. I'm actually watching it on Univision, dubbed in Spanish. And I don't understand Spanish. It's quite a bit more entertaining.
  2. A real one this time, now that it's light outside.
  3. It's too dark outside to see anything right now, but the window's back there.
  4. Is the burger reaction like a "here, have a burger", or more like the old-school "I'm not even going to fix that burger"?
  5. Seems that they are going to turn in the ballots, not destroy them; their aim was to make it easier for (primarily) Republicans to cast their vote.
  6. My mail in ballot came in the mail a few days ago. Going to fill it out and drop it off at the drop box by my local town hall.
  7. I feel like you only look back nostalgically on old times because you're looking at it through the lens of your own living through it, so you tend to downplay the negatives because you already successfully navigated the challenge. You sound a lot like I was, I was always super serious about stuff and relationships when I was that age and as a result I didn't have nearly as much fun as others my age. Dude, you're young, give into your instincts and just have fun while you can because life does suck the more you get older. Sure there are positives, but all in all more responsibility m
  8. My first thought was pink eye from an expertly-placed cumshot by big T a few nights earlier.
  9. Everyone handles these things differently and feels these emotions to varying degrees, but... Try and stay busy. Doesn't matter with what, as long as it's not connected to whatever rejected you. Like in Swingers, it will hurt a little less every day until one day you just don't think about it anymore.
  10. I believe it's a lot of this, and in the past with Republicans it used to be dominated by gun rights, anti-abortion, and evangelical people who would vote the Republican ticket no matter what. However, Trump was able to mobilize a lot of the racist / populist and all around nasty people who would've just voted for anything against the Dems but didn't have a racist enough candidate to mobilize them to get out and participate in the political process.
  11. That's basically how I play, primarily drifting and using steer occasionally to center myself to hit a ramp or avoid stuff. In regular play mode the other drivers are just AI, but they use real names of other players. When you play in multiplayer mode, they're real live players. If you do multiplayer, make sure your phone and connection are up to snuff or the lag will make you fall behind in races.
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