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  1. I wonder if these people would look at a liberal gathering / conference, with all these people trying to be inclusive and making plans to help the disadvantaged, with the same kind of befuddled incredulity in which we see this.
  2. Thanks. To be clear, it's more like infertility due to medical malpractice. Getting to deal with the US healthcare and legal systems at the same time was quite a frustrating experience.
  3. Oude geuzes were made for summer...
  4. I joined in 2005 when I was in grad school. At that time I guess I only wanted to end up with a good job, I had no plans on how to get there because I guess that's not how my mind worked back then. I tend to just go with the flow. Never thought I'd get married but I met a great girl at grad school and we got married. I graduated and found some cool post-docs which caused me to move around the mid-Atlantic and Northeast US a bit while she finished school. Was super lucky to get a great job by an online application, didn't even know anyone in the company. 11 years and I'm still at that job and I've been able to make a little niche for myself in an area of expertise that is needed but that almost nobody else understands. I feel like I'm just hitting my stride right now in my job and I'm really excited about the stuff I'm doing. I guess the only part that didn't turn out as expected is that I expected to have kids at some point. That didn't happen for a reason that I covered in a post on here several years ago, but the Mrs. and I are still happily married. I'll be 41 this month and I am trying to plan for retirement. Because of no kids and some money resulting from the incident that took away our ability to have kids, I'm trying to figure out how to best invest our money so that we both can retire as early as possible (shooting for 55, fingers crossed). Mutual funds are total shit so I'm pouring it into S&P500 ETFs. Hoping to retire to the Pacific Northwest and buy a nice, small house on a hillside overlooking the Puget Sound.
  5. Let's keep going then... Picoplastics? Yoctoplastics?
  6. All of what you're saying is true, but where I see a distinction is that while violence is a part of their platform, it has always been so in a more indirect way. That's to say that violence exists and their policies on guns just amplifies that violence. They can say BS like "guns don't kill people, people kill people", and that the violence exists outside of their policies and that the freedom to own guns has nothing to do with gun violence (lol). I see a distinction if the violence arises solely from a support of Trump. They can't dodge that one as easily. If Pence would've been captured on Jan. 6 and roughed up or beaten or worse, how could they have dodged that and still supported Trump? If Trump is indicted and his supporters start performing small scale acts of violence against local, state, and fed. gov't around the country, how are they going to dodge the question, "why do you still support Trump and cater to a base that acts like this?" Maybe I don't want to know the answer to that... Your last point is super valid and also scary. If violence does erupt, I hope law enforcement and citizens as a whole can remain calm enough to not let things get too out of hand.
  7. Sad to say but I kind of hope that he's indicted and that there's "major violence". I don't want to see anybody get hurt, but we need something, some event(s) drastic enough to force the Rs in Congress to publicly break with him and his base en masse. Apparently, Jan. 6th wasn't enough, although it was enough to make them avert their gaze from the replaying of evidence during the impeachment trial (fucking cowards). The insurrectionists came so close so many times, I kind of wish that they would've captured Pence or a Congressperson (with no serious harm done, of course). I feel this would've forced more Rs in Congress to take a stance against Trump as opposed to this whole line of, "well nothing really bad happened in the end so I don't have to denounce it".
  8. Shit I totally forgot that he played Miles... And ffs Virginia Madsen was hot.
  9. Well looks like the Italians have made it to Mars, there goes the neighborhood!
  10. https://www.newsweek.com/gop-vote-nazi-white-supremacists-military-police-1724545
  11. Is Musk's Twitter profile pic really a giant space-x (burnt) rocket dick? That he would choose that pic tells me all I need to know.
  12. I feel like Musk's objective with Twitter was not necessarily to buy it but to use the whole bot / misinfo thing to his advantage. Making the offer to buy was the only way he could get inside info on how much is really going on. Now that he's backing out, he can be all like, "LoOk, ThEyRe HiDiNg StUfF! ThE iNfO tHeY gAvE mE wAsNt CoMpLeTe!" and discredit Twitter. Whether or not Twitter deserves this is another story, but I feel like Musk was never really interested in buying it, he just spent several billion dollars to try and discredit Twitter.
  13. Do they mean "indoctrinating" them with knowledge and critical thinking, and with the ability to see through the R's bullshit?
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