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  1. I meant that they were saying that the leaker was just trying to sell them to anyone who would buy them, not asking for a ransom from the band in return for not leaking them.
  2. The group who originally transcribed all the timestamps keeps updating the google doc with info regarding the story behind the leaks. They say that there was no official ransom to the band, but the leaker was asking $500 a track and $50 for each live version, which when added up is where the $150k came from.
  3. i'm still working my way through these, but yeah OK Computer came out at one of the most important parts of my life, so i will always have a love for this material although it is kind of strange to hear the "behind the scenes" stuff that we really weren't meant to hear. i do remember searching forever for some of these versions of true love waits and lift, so it's really great to have versions of these that aren't shitty live recordings. i wonder how these were stolen / leaked in the first place. the google doc mentions a rumor about an intern stealing them but i'm too old to be connected to the internet rumor mill nowadays.
  4. It really depends on your region and how the power is generated there. Somewhere in WV or rural PA, it might actually be worse, although it is much easier to capture / scrub emissions from a few power plants compared to a million point sources (ICE cars). In states which use a lot of hydro, solar, wind, etc. it can be substantially better. Of course, when you take into account what to do with the heavy metals in the battery once it's dead, you open a whole other can of worms. I own an electric car (Chevy Bolt) and I absolutely love it. Didn't really buy it for the environment, just thought it was a cool, fun car to drive. Going to take it on vacation this year and test out the fast charging infrastructure along the mid-Atlantic.
  5. Just biked in here to post this but was beaten to it. I wish I understood this stuff but it really seems logical that a math that describes everything should really be more simple than complex...
  6. It's definitely one of my favorites of all time. Now that it's truly summer, I've been getting into my go-to summer beers, victory kirsch gose, rodenbach, and rodenbach fruitage.
  7. randomsummer

    The EU

    How long until someone puts a server farm in space or on the moon to avoid any kind of regulations and charges a ton to host there?
  8. Haha, Michigan. Now that I'm thinking back, I even had a milkshake from a street vendor in India, which I found out later is a risky proposition. However, I have had food poisoning twice, both in the US (fuck you, papa john), so my rule is just enjoy and whatever happens, happens.
  9. Lol, but true. I try to drink the "tap" water wherever I travel, while I'm still relatively young. I was afraid in India, but surprisingly I was OK.
  10. The view from my hotel room on Copacabana beach, Rio http://i.imgur.com/oBXVGS6.jpg
  11. Truth. I spent some time in India and I went to a friend's house in Mumbai for a few days. They were wealthy by Indian standards, and when I went to manually flush my turds down the toilet, I heard the waste splash out into the gutter at the curb behind their house. Definitely made me appreciate things more and complain less about my stupid problems.
  12. My electric car. Chevy, not Tesla, I'm not that rich.
  13. i also love the geuze boon, and i wasn't so sure about orval the first time i had it but i am really coming around on it. i've seen it more down here (in grocery stores even) than i've seen up in the states. the sierra nevada is there because i wanted to try their geuze and i guess i had to go to brazil to try an american geuze lol.
  14. In the same vein, it's interesting how you can only travel south from the north pole, and vice versa. But, if you were able to stand at the center of the earth, which direction would you be travelling if you started to walk directly towards the equator?
  15. Haven't read any links posted in the thread, but I think that magnets are created by starting with a metal that can be magnetized and hammering it over and over (or rubbing a thin piece). Adding energy like this allows the many magnetic "monopoles" to line up in one direction. Like lots of tiny arrows pointing in one direction, where they all started off pointing all directions. The magnet then points in the same direction as the "arrow" of the earth's field. The way they are pointing determines the N and S poles, I think. And I think that nobody really knows what a magnetic monopole is, in that how many times can you divide a magnet and still have N and S poles from the resulting magnet.
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