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  1. Listening to this now at work, some really great stuff, thanks! I am so glad that people like you are out there curating things like this so that newcomers to the genre like myself can have touchpoints from where to start exploring.
  2. I agree that they're very competent and quality vehicles, but around here I see them only being driven around Princeton by wealthy housewives, which is what I can see happening a fair bit with the cybertruck.
  3. Ummmmmmm, Halliburton/oil/$$$$$$$ ??????
  4. Check out the VW ID.3, the specs look pretty nice. I actually wish they were coming to the states.
  5. Yeah I consider those big, expensive trucks rich people vehicles. 😛 Given the performance specs of the cybertruck, it can probably cross categories between rich truck people and rich sports car people. I think there will always be a subset of people who will just want to drive it because of how unique and different it is, and those people tend to have the disposable income to spend on a truck like this. That's really what I was trying to say with my post, I guess. These big trucks (and SUVs) are the legacy automakers' bread and butter. They had better be afraid of the cybertruck; I think I saw that a few of them were announcing their own EV trucks but they aren't nearly as ahead of the EV game and as agile as Tesla so I'm afraid some blunders will inevitably occur.
  6. That price point is assuming that when this goes into production, Tesla will have its next-gen batteries which will supposedly be lower cost. It's likely that the production will be delayed and the price increased, based on Tesla's history. However, the specs at that price point are a great value. Regarding the appearance, it will look slightly different when they add side mirrors and a few other things to it. I think most people probably think it's ugly, but that won't stop people from buying it. I was amazed that anybody bought the mid-1990s RAM pickups or the Pontiac Trans Sport or those ugly expensive boxy Mercedes SUVs. There will be plenty of rich people who will drive one just to say, "look at how rich I am, I can drive around in a car that's expensive AND butt-ass ugly."
  7. Box set is amazing, so much material! "Dune" might be one of my favorite Underworld tracks ever.
  8. Growing up in the pseudo-midwest (Ohio), I was subjected to some pretty shitty pizza, mostly of the rectangular and too-doughy variety. Best pizza I've ever had was at Frank Pepe's in New Haven, CT Awesome white clam pie as well
  9. The show was really awesome, aside from the 2 girls who walked in 10 minutes after the show began and were arguing loudly with the usher because they couldn't find their seats. We were nearly front row and the experience really was amazing from start to finish. I also have had Riceboy Sleeps on steady rotation since the show.
  10. Thanks for the great explanation. It seems that I do prefer the guitar-based looped drone which I tend to call "ambient / drone", hence my post asking if there was a sub-genre. 🙂 I am familiar with and do like the other artists you mentioned under that umbrella.
  11. Thanks for your response! It's hard to explain what I mean by more "hardcore" drone, because I was never trained in music and I really don't know the terms, I only go by what my ears tell me, which is subjective of course. I guess a lot of the suggestions I've heard in this thread sound more "harsh" and don't have as much shifting around (to my ears) as opposed to the artists I referenced earlier. I've found that I prefer "drone" music that is a little "softer" with more shifting and perhaps tonal layers(?), if that makes any sense. If that's still considered "drone" and not some sub-genre, then so be it! It's interesting that Hakobune, one of my favorite drone artists, is also in a harsh noise band.
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