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  1. if you're going to make library music, don't be upset when it gets checked out
  2. seinfeld. i also have a working theory that (nearly) every major plot point in curb was a plot point in seinfeld.
  3. i got the email too. woke up in the middle of the night, went right to the computer to purchase and it was gone. still hitting refresh to this day
  4. Kind of surprised this isnt in the forum already. I'm not really familiar with Herva but I checked the previews and it sounds pretty dope. Not to be overly reductive but definitely in the generative vein similar to william fields, some AE-esque karplus/delay textures. worth a listen imo. I'll pick it up if/when it shows up in the local shops https://bleep.com/release/324397-herva-seez
  5. ugh i hope this dumbass review isn’t the reason we don’t have more brothom 😞 i could see it being pretty deflating, especially in that time period, to work so hard and get signed to warp and then just get sunk by some dumbass hipster on what at the time was one of only a handful of places most people got info about music online
  6. ah yep... and this is the episode https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9812706/?ref_=tt_mv_close
  7. I can't vouch for the facts on this one but I believe there was at least one episode of the Crown or maybe some other movie that covered this info. Therefore I believe it to be true without question
  8. RIP https://cdm.link/2022/09/ni-has-retired-absynth-soft-synth-after-22-years-heres-a-statement-from-its-creator/
  9. vinyl on demand repressed most all of their catalog. the box sets are probably sold out but there are probably individual records floating around still
  10. im not familiar with this group, but upon listening these bandcamp previews sound like low bitrate mp3s, or maybe went to town with some noise removal plugin.
  11. been gassing over this pretty hard. honestly it would probably wreck my workflow and super expensive but tape delays have been on my wishlist forever and it seems like the ideal version https://echofix.com/products/ef-x3-table-top-chorus-echo-with-bbd-analog-chorus-spring-reverb
  12. shoegaze is eternal. fuck that guy oddly enough, i also worked (interned) at a studio where tony robbins did some recording. This was in SF around 2009. He was nice enough but he did come in with a big group of handlers. What I remember from it was him saying some stuff, pausing not sure what to say and then a bunch of his people yelling various things at him to say and then he would resume and keep going. I've never actually listened to him outside of that.
  13. parts of it sound to me like a spectral morph/convolution crossfade between some elements. maybe that is driven by an lfo. cool stuff with the spectrograms!
  14. listened to the whole thing. the guy unwittingly described the gantz graf video, honed in on the out of phase mod techniques, karplus tones and how ae likes to play hide the salami with their melodies. seemed like a good all first try at analyzing a track. there is part of me that wishes he’d been given a differently track but it would be hard to say which
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