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    but also when he pulled his hand out of the box, he looks at it and is surprised that its fine. i think it was articulated fine.
  3. saw dune in the theater today. i thought it was great in that in was basically how i imagined things in the book when i read it. first time in a movie theater in about 2 years as well. i forgot the surreal feeling of walking out of a long movie into real life. kinda wish i’d seen it on imax though
  4. this last one is interesting because its a new recording based on a score and a previous recording. for this kind of music i have mixed feelings about it but it does sound quite good
  5. take a polaroid and keep it in yer wallet. show it to your coworkers during friday mingle time
  6. that interview sounds much better with the reverb/delay. big props to whoever went to the trouble. really captures the vibe of not understanding wtf they're doing
  7. i'm in a similar situation when i crawl back to where i came from. also saw this on huffpo. dont even know what it means really...
  8. i take it not much to do in florida
  9. That was the cover for the christmas album they put out in '05
  10. and preferably also an “Im with her” t-shirt
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