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  1. portland tix are on general sale now. grabbed two
  2. i guess the portland wonder ballroom tickets are on presale but i dont know the promo code 😞
  3. i will say i love double figure and have had it on vinyl since high school. however i do find the last 3rd or so to be somewhat boring.
  4. played my untilted mp3s at work today. my colleague was tapping his foot but im still on the fence about this whole thing. that on top of the price fixing conspiracy going on.
  5. pretty sure it's cornfed, grant's gaff, daft 2020
  6. the issue is that this is the last autechre album that is available on vinyl that i dont own on vinyl. its also my least favorite autechre album, which is why i never bought it in the first place. but when one is so close to completing a collection (though i still need some eps), i might convince myself i like it.
  7. tracklist plzzzzz whatever was ~35 minutes in with all the fft drum styles was dope
  8. im still not convinced.
  9. but i could buy an older record, LP5 for about half that ? https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/30811?ev=rb Still not making sense to me boys.
  10. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/426323?ev=rb vinyl prices for this album are insane. can someone explain this?
  11. i'd agree that idm is healthily in its dad-rock phase with this one. seems like everyone is noodling on their modulars these days. that being said, i think there is a nice emotional quality to this release and i like how the timbre of the songs are quite different but it still sticks together as a whole. main complaint would be that its too short. we've been playing it in the office quite a bit and its a nice thing to work to.
  12. Enjoyed it. Thanks for the link. Tried to imagine the vibe hearing this in a club and couldn’t wrap my head around it which was cool
  13. avanti is back in stock on bleep. just got avanti and massimo in the mail. super psyched!
  14. thats almost enough sounds to make a richard devine track
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