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  1. this guy does a 20 minute review of the SSL eq button and never hits or event mentions the parallel button. cringe!
  2. its a weird cognitive dissonance that the 'artist' decided to put trump in a buff body suit but still gave him his fat face. not sure what that means, prolly up to the scholars to analyze
  3. found this via discogs https://amplify2020.bandcamp.com/album/piece-for-amplify2020-quarantine-parts-i-ii
  4. so should i not buy the vinyls if i see them in store? how bad are these glitches?
  5. nikisoko


    ugh i want to see this in the theaters but now worried about all the delta variant biz and whether its worth the risk. also scared that little timmy is going to be all grown up by the time the 2nd half gets made and we wont recognize him
  6. yeah i would say this guy committed crimes and then bragged about it years later. it's a bit different than your run of the mill middle/high school bullying
  7. you gotta watch this- https://m.imdb.com/title/tt3966544/
  8. is it weird that im getting AE vibes from this?
  9. n5MD has been knocking it out of the park lately
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