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  1. It’s UVI falcon. There is a YouTube video of them using it extensively somewhere. You can script it using lua and they built a bunch of apps for it. Apparently some of them are up on some uvi falcon share site but I haven’t looked into it
  2. Since Max 8, it's ridiculously easy to make an FM synth with 1000 oscillators using the MC (multichannel) wrapper. Outside of that, I totally agree with what you're saying. I've spent a good amount of time in Supercollider and it is very powerful. However, one of the things that brought me back to using Max was how you could be 5 levels down in a patch and quickly create a slider or a knob and use the inspector to set the proper ranges for it and start tweaking and tuning a sound. Doing this in Supercollider isn't terribly hard, but its definitely enough thought that I'm switching from
  3. i will say that by the time discovery dropped, my tastes had gone leftfield enough that i didnt even consider them to be the same band and was pretty bummed about the whole deal. iduno though i pulled out homework yesterday and its still got it. a few years back i was biking and passing this guy who was playing a daft punk homework track on his bike. i said "is that daft punk?" and he said 'no i think it mu-ziq' and then he looked and verified it was daft punk. i think theres some common roots there but for sure the later stuff is full on pop.
  4. i have this on wax. every once in a while i stumble upon it and think "j.p. buckle, wtf is that?" and then decide to give it one last listen before i trash it/sell it/whatever. then i realize its pretty good and i wanna keep it
  5. would be quite sad if the aphex twins broke up
  6. that being said, homework was the album that got me into electronic music. in 6th grade i had a big crush on a girl at school and her older sister made her a copy of a tape of homework. she made me a copy and it completely changed my life. as a computer nerd (way before it was remotely cool), the music spoke to me and i spent countless nights listening to that while making websites on tripod/geocities.
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