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  1. insides is their best imo. though these days The Box gets on my nerves a bit (loved it as a kid). check out their track belfast and halcyon. those are complete classics
  2. https://www.amazon.com/Electronic-Music-Systems-Techniques-Controls/dp/0697036022 someone is doing a repress eventually, also there is a pdf on the net if you google for 5 minutes. i own a copy fwiw
  3. i bought the black vinyls. just seems appropriate
  4. yeah they often look nice but aren’t really great movies overall. that creature from the black lagoon movie sucked real bad
  5. could just be an out of control ego + unbelievable wealth
  6. you all are completely missing the "indie rocker from 2008" market that this is geared towards
  7. Max 8.3 is out and it looks like a buncha dope new toys in there https://cycling74.com/products/new-in-max Wish i didnt have to work right now so i could go play with this
  8. also I think elon may have just spent 44B to be able to read Grimes' DMs.
  9. ive spent more time thinking about whether to buy a synth than this guy did on whether to buy a social media platform.
  10. if that isnt proof, i dont know what is
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