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  1. the composition on the preview tracks sounds a lot more focused than older stuff. i liked them a lot,, pr0rd3rd
  2. i was on friendster way back in 2001~ish times and then moved over to myspace for a bit. i remember hearing about facebook when it was just for specific colleges and you had to provide some person info to create an account etc. i had a facebook account for literally a month when my nosy relatives started pinging me to friend them or whatever and then i deleted my account. really glad i did because it seems like so many people are living in a parallel universe that sucks even worse than this one. that being said, i really miss the days when you could easily gather information about upcomin
  3. https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2021/05/arizona-republican-audit-bamboo-ballots-china.html guessing the bamboo is also a plant
  4. would but they’re not nfts so prolly just get the vinyl
  5. i'm going to have to agree that the dandelion was a plant
  6. been playing my kid spatula records today- Full Sunken Breaks & Spatula Freak. both quite good. i have weird fantasies about playing these records on the radio. just would be nice to come across on the radio. but i dont listen to the radio
  7. dude loves working on the floor
  8. https://www.muffwiggler.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=247767&sid=87cd5108943ff857b056b44a360795ae feeling validated right now. also, i pulled this thread up by searching for “plants”
  9. nikisoko


    still hoping for hello everything repress with bonus disc of acoustic bass bach fugues
  10. nikisoko


    oy. i just plunkered a chunk of change on a fmwt vinyl. that being said i hope it’s a repress. i just assumed there was some reason it hadn’t been repressed yet 😐
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