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  1. can't those guys work a little faster?!?!
  2. for a pedal you might want to look into the H9 Max- https://www.eventideaudio.com/products/stompboxes/multi-effect-processor/h9 Richard Device uses one pretty extensively in his setup. My main reverbs right now are the SSL Flexverb, UA BX 20 Spring reverb and Eventide's Blackhole.
  3. mc303 sucked really hard but it was quite popular. seeing a classmate in high school jam with one was what made me realize that electronic music was something i could do as well. before that I had no idea how to get started. A couple years of begging later and I had an MC505 and altered the course of my life quite a bit. another friend of mine in HS got an mc303 as well. that being said, jamming around in a coffee shop like that is just asking to get jumped.
  4. reverb.com made this 1.4GB drum sample collection free- https://reverb.com/software/samples-and-loops/reverb/3514-reverb-drum-machines-the-complete-collection got the link via CDM
  5. not going to go as far as saying this is sample because there are some tonal/quality differences that throw me off here but these two bits sound very similar to me! around ~1:06 from the top:
  6. you can buy portland tix here https://www.startheaterportland.com/event/9760035/seefeel-debut-north-american-tour/ just did woooooo please dont cancel again
  7. come to portland argggggg you're so close
  8. what happened to fazolis with my babe. is that part of the dying?
  9. I received my back vinyl in the mail. There are some acid tracks with luke vibert type chord pad things. things fit ok for me
  10. Yeah Confield vinyls on rotation this morning
  11. yeah those dynaudios bm15as sound amazing!! i got a pair from guitar center for a few days but unfortunately got some weird radio interference on them and the tweeter was just faintly playing back a radio station non stop so i had to return them. the sound was so good i had to think about it.
  12. thanks for the heads up on this. considering the number of records in this box it seems like a reasonable price
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