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  1. i really like the fear ratio but i definitely enjoy dirty breaks and atmospherics so maybe im a sucker. got TCBS spinning at the moment and enjoying it quite a bit
  2. yeah the musique concrete stuff is probably my favorite part of the whole thing. This was dope as well - https://www.discogs.com/Asmus-Tietchens-δ-Menge/release/196684
  3. rob plays it straight, then sean shuffles it 33.33%
  4. nikisoko

    Rob pls

    oh that makes more sense
  5. nikisoko

    Rob pls

    rumor is that rob has a boss
  6. spreadsheet says Westside Gunn Messhall Talk Willie The Kid Cabernet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aMTijoJQOXrbPfS8z9pI94WA8hgK-pvA1JbCykdYRuM/edit?ts=5e7a2c0b#gid=722019951
  7. saw this thread got hot and was excited but it was just this
  8. i was banking on my copy of cornfed for retirement 😞
  9. I think you’ve been cooped up too long.
  10. just want to hop in and say that it seems like richard devine is a super nice guy and also extremely talented, though he does seem a little goofy and every interview hes ever done has been the same interview. i think he deserves respect though, there are not a lot of people who've mastered the modular stuff the way he has.
  11. they're going to run down the spring breakers 😐
  12. nikisoko


    u might want to double check
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