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  1. I’ve got to put a vote in for the comp “Still in my arms” https://www.discogs.com/Various-Still-In-My-Arms/release/14744639 while a lot of the music on it isn’t new, it became the soundtrack to 2020 for me. I think I got my copy early in March and played it repeatedly over the spring and summer while processing the madness of this year. It summarizes the merk records/neo ouija “soft techno” sound so well and came out right at a time that cemented to me that era is long gone.
  2. I think I’m mostly agreeing with the direction of this thread. The thing that bugs me about this album is that it’s just so barely left field of pop music, and at the same time has so much signaling that it knows what contemporary pop music sounds like. It’s like if Andy Warhol got diamond grill or something.
  3. im expecting the opening act to go on too long and my feet will hurt and ill have to leave early cause of work the next day
  4. Go make another track and then come back. It’ll be dope as hell or the problem will be obvious
  5. He’s gonna be Junkie SM by the time that’s over
  6. my first synth was an MC-505 in ~1999. While it didnt have the greatest sound engine in the world, it was a great synth to learn on because it was all self contained. The sequencer was actually pretty good and it had an arpeggiator with all kind of weird patterns including a bucephalus bouncing ball type of thing. the other nice thing is that it was really easy to record controller movements for all the knobs. also one of the 8 tracks was dedicated to drums with built in roland drum sounds. the fader would change the pitch and if you pitched it down enough the samples would play in reverse.
  7. trying to understand how much power these vote certification people hold? can 4 people really decide if an entire city gets to vote?
  8. soundtoys are worth the money IMO. ive had them for a long time and use them on the reg. i would say mostly filterfreq/crystalizer/microshift and decapitator. on the right drum break, the devil-loc can do pretty crazy thing. they provide free updates from time to time as well.
  9. he mentioned doing some kind of album based on AI and sequencing via TidalCycles in an interview but I dont remember which interview it was.
  10. lol yeah. bought this and listened to it the other day. hits the spot.
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