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  1. im a big fan of reflekzionz as well, got a copy of that on vynes. would pick up bioprodukt if i saw it in stores
  2. this reminds of something, i was listening to recks on the other day and i have a theory that its named that because it's inspired/kinda sounds like a take on a Req track
  3. watched that video. donkey rhubarb vibes at the end there huh
  4. i guess im familiar with him primarily from all the product demo videos he has on youtube. just feel like im being sold something when they come by but his finger drumming skills are quite good. havent listened to his albums
  5. mad zach is a tool, i think thats what that meant
  6. sounds good. i think the drums could get some reverb going though to have them fit into the amber-era vibes im hearing here
  7. nikisoko

    Ae in C#

    i think that image depicts an alliance between musicians and programmers in calling it 'C Sharp'.
  8. i think i was just teasing but honestly thought the tracks were joke tracks and thought the thread was in general discussion and then later i realized the moz was for real
  9. i put the track in my sig in case people are afraid of links
  10. i've been messing with fxpansion's Cypher which has that Transmod setup and a simple sequencer. It is pretty flexible and easy to get into uncharted territory with it. I could see how a beat production all with it would be cool. your track doesnt sound like the demo video though so i think maybe you're doing it wrong
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