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  1. ah yeah thats the same people. there used to be this awesome web-zine called kaliber10000 (k10k) back in the late 90s. they started putting those comics up at some point. theres some screenshots in this archive page - http://www.cubancouncil.com/work/project/kaliber-10000
  2. i was expecting a sax solo in that one
  3. if you just realized how good this is, you're too late.
  4. https://www.vod-records.com/RELEASES_2015_2017-1-432.htm
  5. i got my copy in the mail today. came in great shape. I'm listening to 76 14 now and it sounds great. I'll need to compare it with my MOV copy to see what the real differences are but no complaints!
  6. nikisoko


    Just wait until they do Dune Messiah
  7. Watched that whole interview. Seems like a really humble guy. I didn’t discover b12 in full until a few years ago when the reissues came out. I have to say that I put on time tourist a lot. It sounds exactly like some ideal version of techno. it was interesting to hear about how the move towards more complex music from his peers at warp was part of the reason for him to walk away from it. It’s pretty sad in a way since it seems like there’s room for all kinds of styles and I don’t think something like b12 should have gone in that direction anyway. Glad to hear he is still making stuff. I’m going to check out brain fog here shortly
  8. oh man this thing is slow to load in the west coast of the US
  9. the cover kinda reminds me of this - but more metroid and less sonic waterfalls? anyway, cool stuff.
  10. forget devo, his soundtrack work is amazing. i was sad to hear this but happy he's ok. hopefully no long lasting complications.
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