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  1. uhhh no crime is ever proven when there is an indictment since the trial hasn’t happened yet
  2. sounds like guilty pleasure music for sure. gui boratto filled that role for me back in the day though it sounds dated to me now. i’ll have to check this one.
  3. thank you. may i please have a brochure?
  4. https://balmat.bandcamp.com
  5. … edit i was thinking of these so never mind https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/CA500R8--cranborne-audio-500r8-usb-audio-interface-and-8-slot-500-series-chassis nonetheless sorry for the loss
  6. ooof the cranesong 500 racks are very highly rated. i’m afraid to go down that road but now fomo might take over. also rip
  7. Larry 'Bucket Man' Hunt died. RIP https://sfist.com/2023/03/01/drum-playing-union-square-street-performer-larry-bucket-man-hunt-has-died-at-age-64/
  8. started playing the game since watching this show. haven’t played a zombie style shooter since doom/quake days in high school. is rather intense
  9. i read that they axxed most of the monetization team…who is responsible for making money 😐
  10. this video explains pretty much everything about the past 6 years
  11. when you do a new game after beating it the first time, you keep your build. i was a level 220 by the end of it. some parts are still hard but i wasn’t spending days on a single boss like the first go-round
  12. i beat elden ring again. going to put it away now
  13. got my copy in the mail the other day. havent had a chance to play it through yet, but its real!
  14. this was a brilliant articulation of why skrillex sucks
  15. i’m still convinced that “recks on” is a req reference
  16. was just re-reading this old interview where he talks about that stuff https://www.factmag.com/2018/10/06/mark-fell-signal-path/
  17. revoke what? i missed it. was just joshin anyway.
  18. didnt know we had so many normies on here
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