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  1. i was pretty fat in my 20s so i hope not. i want my 31 year old self in the magic sky kindom, hangin, eatin donuts
  2. i mean its effectively saying they're a racist POS, i'm really not sure how there is any other interpretation also i wish for clarence thomas to eat a big greasy burger every day until his tummy is real full
  3. it’s music for teenage girls
  4. got my wax in the mail. It was nice they did a bochum-welt style inner sleeve. Honestly I'm not a big fan of some these alternate versions.
  5. that’s a rerelease tho edit - i’m wrong
  6. i’m assuming this is par for the course
  7. it happened. he said something about how at first they sound like standard acid tracks, but if you know what’s up, you know they aint brown wave
  8. welp, i guess it's time to start my 2 year henry cow binge. see y'all later!
  9. I came here to post this, having just read about his passing elsewhere. Sometime around 2009 I applied for a QA position at Cycling 74. I had an interview with Darwin, Andrew Pask and a few other people.Everyone was super friendly and I really enjoyed meeting them all. I ended up getting passed for the position. Sometime about a year later I ran into Darwin at an AES meeting. i approached him to say hi, and had no bad thoughts or even a desire to bring up the interview. He remembered me though and was (as far as I could tell) sincerely remorseful and empathic that I had been passed up. Not in any way lamenting who they hired, but he just seemed to honestly care how I felt about the situation. I was really struck by it and it stayed with me up until now. Outside of that, his articles for Cycling 74 have been tremendously useful and the podcast was great. RIP
  10. hmmm that’s odd because there’s a part in the first segment where he says he liked it but never released anything with it. i see, i guess it was a rob track then, my mistake.
  11. also they used fm8 on oversteps 😵
  12. sean did mention that they didn’t release any sunvox tracks, so that rumor is squashed
  13. - edit - ok i found them here https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1495352194
  14. seems like on the mobile version there are a few older videos i can watch but i cant see them on the desktop version. i dont have a twitch account and would rather not give up my phone number. 😐
  15. hoping there is a recording of this. late to the party 😞
  16. do they have a team of assistants now? just plug in your usb cord and goooooooo alternatively please tell me its an interpretive dance troupe that will surround them the entire time
  17. https://www.politico.com/news/2022/06/01/gop-contest-elections-tapes-00035758 “Come election day you create massive failure of certification” in Democratic precincts, Penniman said. “The real hope is that you can throw the choosing of electors to state legislatures.” Pretty well freaked out at the moment. 😐
  18. i'd recommend a DAW and a decent midi controller. Something with keys and few knobs. Most any DAW is probably fine. I'm partial to Logic, which is extremely cheap for what it does if you own a mac already. Ableton is great as well and might have less of an initial learning curve. You can make albums and learn a lot just using the stock stuff. I would start there. Just put yourself in a bubble with whatever comes with the DAW and make stuff. You could easily do this for years without needing to look around for more. The trap is getting the feeling like you need more stuff so just avoid that and focus on getting better with what you have. That will take a long long long time.
  19. I'm not sure what's hard to understand. The only way for Americans to be free is for all of us to hide in an enclosed facility guarded by heavily armed police. Seems obvious in retrospect.
  20. is there a meme for when you’re five minutes into scrolling through memes only to realize you scrolled through them yesterday
  21. personally, I'd rather see Elon do great things and help people and not act like a manchild. I think SpaceX is amazing, and making electric cars desirable is a noble effort as well. But I'm embarrassed to say anything positive about those companies in public because they are run by this fucking goon who can't control himself.
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