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  1. i never understood the idea that doubling the amount of meat in a burger makes it twice as good. flavor is not cumulative i that way. insanity
  2. gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme
  3. i was listening to this track but then my speakers blew out like halfway through
  4. what did they do? also i think it has changed hands again? i think it was run by some australians for a little while and was not doing well and now is run by some guy in the NE US who has run a synth shop for a while and is reputable. im not sure, nor do i have strong opinions either way. also this is tiptop audio in collaboration with them, who i think is also pretty respected. im not a huge modular head (software ftw in this regard) so i dont know
  5. i have no room in my life/house for this but will say it looks dope and affordable https://tiptopaudio.com/buchla/
  6. lots of ways to interpret what i wrote but i’m not sure fear of getting old is entirely it. i think it’s more about being stuck listening to what is my generation’s version of a classic rock figure head. i’m going to be whatever age i am but that doesn’t mean i have to keep listening to a band that peaked in the late nineties. ….i’d rather be listening to tod dockstader
  7. ah ok. i did a search for damirat but nothing came up. good to know about the discount
  8. came across this because i'm following scanner on bandcamp and checkout what he buys. these people seem to have the ep7/cornfed sound down pretty well https://dingndents.bandcamp.com/album/ankersteng https://dingndents.bandcamp.com/album/iraer-tiaroe
  9. coming late to this conversation but i think you are describing wave terrain synthesis? Here is a csound link http://www.csounds.com/jmc/Articles/Wts/WTS.html
  10. radiohead is good but every time i listen to them i feel like im turning into my dad listening to Pink Floyd or something so i have to stop
  11. i picked up a copy of Singularity a while back at a record store that wont be named and the owner told me '10 out of 10, album of the year'. Let me tell you it wasn't. But yeah hopkins plays this weird role thats kinda like tim hecker for total softies in terms of bridging over the pitchfork crowd. they wouldnt last a day in these threads tho
  12. It's not a deal breaker - 2 second gap between tracks that is only really noticeable on the segue between rupt and vex. Also a glitch one minute into monastic. i ended up buying all these already 🙂 i did notice some visible warping on one of the records but it sounds ok to my ears. the glitches are there too. oh well! its been nice to become familiar with these records since i mainly listened to quique and the polyfusia cd
  13. pr0drd and yes, i do own a mini disk player
  14. also that mc303 is the size of a small desk
  15. RIP. Journey was a standout track on the Braindance Coincidence comp. Definitely made it clear that Rephlex wasn't offering exactly what you expected, but instead what you needed.
  16. crazy that was on mtv. different world, and a better one 😞
  17. yaaaass rerelease all the things
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