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  1. an idm thesis is about as serious as it gets imo. better cross your eyes and dot your Ts if you know what i mean
  2. Stumbled upon this - https://bleep.com/release/54676-andy-stott-faith-in-strangers https://bleep.com/release/39613-andy-stott-luxury-problems My copy of luxury problems (bought used) is super warped so happy to see this
  3. and that blurb is right above the streaming previews. 😐 I dont own a cd player anymore. if i did i would consider buying this.
  4. how much do we gotta pay to get these banners to disappear permanently after we click the x
  5. I like his work but it all sounds the same to me. I cant tell the difference between this and the other albums I've listened to. That being said I'll probably buy it.
  6. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/01/10/deltacron-variant-prompts-doubts-among-experts-as-possible-lab-error.html
  7. found the ignore button. i'd suggest others do the same.
  8. dude, it is a really weird waste of time trying to get your antivax propaganda going all the time for the couple hundred idm nerds in this forum. you arent going to change anyone's mind here so maybe just shut the fuck up already. im sure you can get an much higher idiot-to-viewer ratio in reddit. or have you tried cold calling people? or putting your head in an oven? just a few suggestions.
  9. This doesn’t tell us anything with regard to how it behaves. For all we know it could be milder and less contagious
  10. Appetite For Disctruction was my jam in high school
  11. yeah, plenty of interviews state that quaristice was at first an attempt to record their hardware live jams from the untilted tour. Those turned into their own thing. Oddly, Untilted has a much more 'hardware' vibe to me. It feels like a lot of the sounds are more static, vs fluid/fluctuating sounds on Quaristice.
  12. As the president of the united states, he told everyone for months that the election had been stolen, that our democracy was coming to an end and that stopping the certification of the votes was the last possible thing we could do to save the United States. If you yell fire in a crowded theater and people get trampled, you will be held responsible. I don’t see how this is any different, regardless of the exact phrasing that was used that day.
  13. black corporation FB page. i'd like to think they mentioned it in the mixlr chat last year, but i dont remember for sure. also just sounds like it?
  14. i’m sure spotify is thinking long and hard about this upset
  15. how can someone walk away from idm?
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