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  1. It is pretty dope but can be a resource hog. Some of the ui is not intuitive and I feel like the modular amount sliders are a little to extreme, it takes some work to add subtle modulations in there. That being said, I think it's leagues ahead of Kontakt, which is pretty long in the tooth these days. one thing I really like about it is how you can assign (most) effects to a selection keygroups but then edit the parameters on each keygroup individually. This can get computationally expensive though, and I think its probably preferred to add effects/filters etc to a layer, which is a group of key groups. I find myself maxing out my relatively well equipped machine a lot from doing keygroup specific effects chains on 100+ samples. Its also really nice to have standard sampling along with pretty good granular sampling and the ircam stretch processing in there. The stretch processing is also a resource hog and I find myself bouncing out samples a lot of I'm using really slow speeds.weird that there is no demo though yeah
  2. im all for sampling and samplers but between uvi falcon, kontakt and max/msp, i would never need a hardware sampler except for live use.
  3. meanwhile on my computer i can take the same sample and turn the frequency spectrum completely upside down, rearrange the entire sample an infinitely number of ways and turn it into a 20 minute ambient track if I want. But lets obsess over the hi frequency rolloff and subtle bitcrush of those old akais.
  4. also the suggested videos at the end pretty much sums up my life right now-
  5. anyone got any idea what album/track he was talking about being mind blowing? apparently it's not "song of the children"
  6. i already got the box set but noticed today that the vinyl reissues are up individually on blargh - https://bleep.com/release/194796-pole-1 https://bleep.com/release/194797-pole-2 https://bleep.com/release/194798-pole-3 nice way to spend your last euros
  7. im liking it but i feel like the drums are too prominent in the mix. i have to crank it quite a bit to hear all the lush pads and whatnot and then theres just this snare in my face. that being said i've always found drexciya's drums a bit grating as well so maybe it was on purpose or just me.
  8. it does sound like a lot of these are standard, classic breaks with some eq/compression on them. i could be wrong and cant be bothered to go find matches
  9. some tracks can now take up to 3 days to do.
  10. will they be relevant in 2021 tho
  11. i somehow bought this on preorder, late one night in a daze. im not even sure how i came across it. pretty dope
  12. i hope afx doesnt sue for that sample aphex lifted
  13. synth nerds. idm nerds.
  14. I'm sure Obama would rather wait for Joe to do it anyway.
  15. oh yeah, i'd say the build quality is good. I dont worry about breaking it. I think its a limit of the chip, but I find the shape of the envelopes to be a bit fiddly. It's easy to go from really long decays to what to short, so I have to be careful there. I have noticed on occasion I have to move a slider around a bit to get it to 'catch', but I think this is a common issue with digitally driven synths from analog style controls and not too far off from my experience with using some midi controllers on softsynths.
  16. I generally agree with out, FM synths are digital and there are plenty of great FM soft-synths out there, or other synths that do FM on top of other type of things. In the case of the MegaFM, the chip has a specific character that I think would be hard to duplicate exactly. It's pretty lo-fi but since there are two chips and some cool detuning options, it can be quite lush at the same time. So far I like it a lot. I'm only a week in to having it but I'm trying to pull as many sounds from it as possible right now. I managed to get some good kicks, snares, and hats out of it with some tweaking. I'm going to be mostly focused on getting some leads and pads over the next few days. It has a good preset save/recall system, but I'm also sampling it into Logic with the new multisampler, which is pretty sweet. The character is pretty distinct, so unless you are doing chiptune music, I dont think you would want this to be your only synth. However it sounds so unique that I'm quickly satisfied with sounds I get out of it, even when they were relative simple to put together. That being said, given that there are 3 lfos that can be assigned to anything (including which FM algorithm is being used), that the lfos can modulate each other and be sync'ed via midi clock, means I can get some pretty wild long sequences of sounds out of it. I spent some time jamming around with those kind of things and I need to cut them up and whatnot. I havent really played around with the arpeggiator yet but it seems nifty.
  17. I bought it through their site on a preorder but I don’t think the price has changed https://twisted-electrons.com/product/megafm/
  18. Been playing with the megafm and it’s pretty dope. 12 voice polyphony to boot. Being able to modulate the algos with lfos is a secret trick for sure
  19. nah , you can tell its a behringer cause the 2db bump at 3k. total farce
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